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Juestoanyways, what i am looking for is source/deb packages of ported maemo x86 packages00:00
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or, or
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Juestolooking at repositories02:58
Juestotrying to somewhat figure out what i can do with repositories02:59
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JuestoShould work fine with Leste?04:18
Juestoespecially x8604:18
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Juestothe OS included in the dev sdk vm is ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx not 9.0404:43 is too old04:46
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Juestorepositories for maemo sdk 4.1 diablo "install" link is 40405:01
Juestoactually nvm about working with leste05:02
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Juestoi just installed bora and diablo sdk06:04
Juestoran diablo06:06
Juestobut seems bora doesnt run06:06
Juestohow do i rename targets06:13
Juestoin scratchbox that is06:14
Juestohello? oh well06:31
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Juestothis is what i get when launching bora sdk07:43
JuestoStarting Maemo Launcher: maemo-launchermaemo-launcher: died loading booster module: ' cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory' start failed.07:43
JuestoStarting Sapwood image server07:43
Juestosapwood-server[3479]: GLIB INFO default - server started07:43
JuestoStarting Matchbox window manager07:43
Juestomatchbox: WARNING: failed to load /usr/share/matchbox/mbnoapp.xpm . Disabling icons.07:43
Juestomatchbox: failed to load keyboard config07:43
Juesto(just the relevant part of errors)07:43
JuestoDiablo is very minimal btw07:46
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sicelobencoh: i believe i got patched mupdf from you ... mind sharing your patches to make it receive keyboard input instaed of that going into xterm?13:31
siceloI am using Maemo Leste , and  the devuan one also does not get input. surf2 also has the same issue13:33
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pkill9is it possible to run newer android on nokia n900?16:31
sicelomost probably not. why?16:33
KotCzarnybecause he is too cheap to buy some second hand android phone16:35
KotCzarnyand clueless what is n900's target audience16:35
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pkill9thanks KotCzarny16:37
KotCzarnybasically android is not worth it on n900, lack of drivers16:38
KotCzarnywhich means you are left with mostly tablet like functionality16:39
KotCzarnyand that is better server by any kitkat era phone16:39
pkill9i should find a moto g5 phone16:39
pkill9i just found one with a cracked screen but otherwise fully functional for like 30 pounds, might get that and then  in the future replace the screen16:45
pkill9screw it, i'm just gonna run an emulator16:47
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pkill9ther'es only a few communication apps i want to use that's only available on smartphones16:48
pkill9apparently you can convert APKs to chrome extensions
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sicelopkill9: whatsapp, and what else?17:04
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pkill9mostly just that, possibly snapchat, and possibly tinder17:17
Wizzupwe plan to add anbox to leste17:19
siceloMLwonder how that will run on N900 though :-)17:20
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WizzupsiceloML: just as well as normal android would, without the driver problems ;)17:23
siceloMLwon't N900 CPU & RAM be unequal to the task?17:23
Juestowell... siceloML, why do you think scratchbox was there for?17:24
Juestooops wrong chat17:25
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Juestolol fremantle sdk broke :(17:39
sicelowha happened17:39
Juestoweird stuff17:41
Juestoclock stopped working properly17:41
Juestoand timezone17:41
Juestoalso known bug17:41
Juestowhen you switch themes17:41
Juestoyou cant access desktop menu's menu anymore17:41
Juestoi had to restart it to get the desktop menu working again17:42
Juestowell, until qt is ready, enjoying a very basic black and white calculator lol18:17
pkill9emulating android is far easier than i thought/remember18:21
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KotCzarnyyes. in 1.3.321:05
KotCzarnyerm, wrong chan21:05
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Vajbandroid works well enough in VM22:46
Vajbhave also Lineageos in galaxy tab2, but some apps run a bit slow in it. I guess 1ghz dualcore isn't enough...22:48
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