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sicelorah: maybe tell the channel what you want to do exactly? you'll probably get easier help with your specific needs :)12:45
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WikiwideNever thought before I would say this, but... MyDocs are 95% full. Checking if there is something useless to throw out.13:54
Wikiwide17774MB is 17GB, right? This english wikipedia backup has to go. Evopedia...14:06
Wikiwide93% in use. Looking further...14:11
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Maxdamantus17GB sounds outdated.14:20
MaxdamantusMy version from september is 20GB.14:20
Maxdamantusactually, 21GB14:20
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Vajbit seems that my n900 screen is dying. Touch recognition on top let corner is somehow mixed. If i just press it, it starts to scroll down. I have to swipe down to get it recogniced as normal press. Tried calibrating, didn't help.15:09
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enycVajb: hrrm i wonder if iit could just be baid contact on connector, rather than screen itself at fault16:19
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Guest85092I've experienced a bug in Messages/Talk/however it's called. It's my guess how does it happen. When a message log with contact is big enough, the app stops working correctly which is: 1. stop receiveing delivery confirmation 2. long response to sliding messages and  opening sent message 3. cannot open incoming message 4. when in the list it doesn't show user name and last message is the last which came without problems 5. on restart18:28
Guest85092some incoming are confused in time18:28
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Guest85092After about an hour of this odd behaviour everything is back to normal without doing anything. May it be that system archived or removed first messages to make some space?18:40
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VajbGuest85092: i think that is known bug. You can try locating ev1.db file and rename it. Then just reboot. Should fix the issue.19:24
Guest85092For all the time or just by now? I would love to see source code for this app :(19:27
Vajbtry searching for info. My memories are vague at best.19:29
Vajbbut i think as always19:29
Guest85092I couldn't find any source for this app, looks like it's closed source19:33
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infobotwell, closed is or, or, or
Vajbmaybe it is mentioned there20:53
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WikiwideResistive display lacking pressure sensitivity?
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CatButtsI remember Nintendo DS having pressure sensitivity22:43
CatButtsresistive touchscreen22:44
WikiwideWell, it does have pressure sensitivity, see MyPaint.22:46
* CatButts has yet to get used to MyPaint22:47
WikiwideJust, Wacom users apparently don't know it. Probably lack of good software?22:47
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WikiwideSurprised that live is pronounced as l-eye-v. My variant of pronounciation probably fits "liv" spelling.23:11
MaxdamantusThe -V-C-‹e› pattern in English orthography usually denotes a diphthongised version of `V`23:25
pkill9live can be pronounced either way and they have different meanings23:26
MaxdamantusSo "line", "live", "brine", "mike", etc all have the same diphthong in the middle.23:26
MaxdamantusYeah, it also has the other pronunciation when used as a verb, but the noun pronunciation is fairly regular.23:27
MaxdamantusBefore the great vowel shift, that pattern usually denoted a long version of `V` (hence why they're sometimes called "long vowels" in English)23:27
WikiwideNoun is "life", I knew it goes like l-eye-f.23:50
WikiwideAdjective live and verb live are pronounced differently? Interesting...23:51

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