IRC log of #maemo for Saturday, 2018-01-27

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Oksana is still offline, "Diese Präsenz ist derzeit nicht verfügbar."03:49
JuestoOksana: why we would be interested in such situation?04:00
Juestosorry for repetitiveness but i feel it is not the right place04:00
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MaxdamantusCool, didn't need to poweroff device to replace screen.15:01
Wizzupsounds like a recipe for disaster15:03
KotCzarnymight work, but might also fry something15:04
MaxdamantusThough still no slide detection. Guess that's on the motherboard somewhere.15:11
KotCzarnysome magnet probably15:11
sixwheeledbeastcertainly doesn't sound like a good idea.15:43
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r34t1phi all! ) Can someone share the links for n9 & n900 flasher tools & images?20:02
infobotwell, maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing20:03
r34t1pthere is only flasher for n900...20:06
KotCzarnytry in #harmattan ?20:06
r34t1poh yes, harmattan... ))) thanks! (20:07
r34t1pi mean )20:07
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pkill9Wizzup: what do you mean by this?
Wizzuppkill9: Have you worked with flasher or 0xffff before?22:51
infobotrefer ~flashing; (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):; list of filenames/md5sums:, or
pkill9no i haven't sorry for my noobiness22:51
pkill9do I flash the mawmo-kawai.img file?22:53
Wizzupjust use flasher with the exact command I mentioned22:54
Wizzupbut if you wait a day or two more we can hopefully fix the powervr issue that causes this22:54
Wizzupbecause clearly this is not optimal :)22:54
Wizzuppkill9: I think you turn off your phone, start the 0xffff command, then plug in the cable in the phone22:55
Wizzupthat should be it22:55
Wizzupbut do read up on it a bit22:55
Wizzupflasher allows you to flash the emmc (don't!)22:55
pkill9ah ok22:55
Wizzupbut you can also use it to change watchdog flags and other things22:55
Wizzupor just have it boot a kernel once, etc.22:55
Wizzup0xffff is a flasher replacement22:55
pkill9so it flashes the firmware which comes with the device? so the boot process is nokia proprietary firmware > bootmenu (installed via vanilla maemo) > kernel ?22:57
pkill9i'll just wait, don't wanna mess anything up, i don't know much low level stuff22:58
Wizzupsure, just wait :)22:58
Wizzupthe command I gave you doesn't change bootmenu or maemo, but yeah, it's fine :)22:58
pkill9mind if I copy this convo into the github comment for future reference?22:59
MaxdamantusI'm not familiar with bootmenu, but aiui, it's still something that runs in userspace under Linux.23:01
Maxdamantusunless you mean the boot menu in u-boot.23:02
pkill9ah nvm i'll23:02
pkill9wrong chat23:02
pkill9oh yes i mean u-boot23:03
pkill9i'm mixing up the name, there's a backup utility called bootmenu23:03
pkill9which yeah runs in userspace23:04
MaxdamantusYeah, u-boot basically acts as a Linux kernel as far as the Nokia bootloader is concerned.23:05
Maxdamantussince it knows how to load/start a Linux kernel, u-boot is compiled so it can be started in the same way, so it's written to the kernel partition instead of an actual Linux kernel.23:06

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