IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2018-01-04

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OksanaIs N900 affected by Spectre attack?
* Oksana is making waves about all familiar ARM devices; don't care that much about Intel01:32
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sixwheeledbeastCortex-A8 is listed01:57
sixwheeledbeastAh you already seen this01:58
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: well, I guess n900 is safe from at least Variant1 with KP and modern kernels, as because of thumb errata BTB is flushed on every context switch.03:11
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freemangordonsorry, it is Variant2 that I meant03:15
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CatButtslet's hope my N900 will be more resilient than a Dell laptop :P12:49
CatButtsthe peripheral power block on my laptop(usb, ethernet. etc) kicked the bucket12:50
CatButtsand to hope I will get many years of service from it12:50
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sixwheeledbeastI find Dells pretty solid.13:31
sicelowhat is usual bandwidth usage for multiplayer games (even LAN only). i've never played any, but might want to try one13:48
KotCzarnydepends, from few kbits to tens of kbits13:48
Hurrianor even a few dozen Kbyte/s actually13:48
KotCzarnybut ping is the most important13:48
Hurriannetcode is surprisingly efficient, to get it in as few packets as possible13:49
KotCzarny(also keep in mind that saturating your uplink will actually kill your ping)13:49
Hurrianyeah, to reduce ping13:49
sicelocool. i'll try it with a friend sometime soon13:50
sixwheeledbeastIt would depend heavily on the game. Are you concerned about upload (hosting) or download, total usage?13:55
sicelojust speed :-)13:56
sicelowe'll actually be doing it over 2G/33G13:56
KotCzarnywork your ping baby, work it13:56
KotCzarny2g is bad expect 100-200ms MINIMUM13:56
KotCzarnywith 3g you might get to ~20-30ms13:57
KotCzarnywhich is acceptable13:57
KotCzarnybut heavily depends on network status and additional routes13:58
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siceloi'll test and inform how it goes14:04
sicelofirst have to decide what game we'll use ... maybe battle for wesnoth14:05
KotCzarnyoh, so turn based? not fps?14:05
KotCzarnythen its usually miniscule amount of data14:06
siceloshooter? i don't like shooting games. i can play racing though, e.g. torcs or whatever else is available/good14:06
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brolin_empeyI doubt that anyone really cares but to follow up on what I said I should do when I am back at work: Apparently the D-Link DUB-E100 hardware version D1, which seems to be the current version, still uses the same USB vendor and device identifers (2001:1A02) as the hardware version C1, which was current in 2013.  Consequently, no change to the asix Linux driver is necessary to support the hardware version D1.14:49
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brolin_empeysicelo: There are driving/racing mods for some FPS games, such as Quake Rally for Quake (original) and Q3Rally for Quake III: (Team) Arena.14:53
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sixwheeledbeastI believe Doom and Quake should be kept separate from the more modern murder simulators.15:05
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brolin_empeysixwheeledbeast: Are there many crows in a murder simulator? ;-)15:24
sixwheeledbeastAre there many crows in a murder?15:25
KotCzarnyat least one, if murder is good.15:25
brolin_empeyThat was a pun.  A group of crows is called a murder, like a school of fish for a group of fish.15:27
brolin_empey“a murder of crows”.15:27
sixwheeledbeastBeing serious tho, shooting "aliens and monsters" is completely different to simulated people.15:27
KotCzarnywhat about people that are monsters?15:28
KotCzarnybtw. if you think of murder of crows, imagine that:
brolin_empeyOr persons that are illegal aliens in a political sense?15:28
sixwheeledbeastAnd yes the pun was so subtle I didn't see it until you mentioned.15:28
brolin_empeyOr even legal aliens, I suppose.15:29
KotCzarnylong reading, but read it15:29
KotCzarnyand imagine the scene15:29
brolin_empeyIs a lawyer who is an illegal alien a legal alien?15:33
brolin_empeyOr an illegal legal alien?15:33
sixwheeledbeastillegal alien with a law degree?15:36
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luke-jrguess I'm not giving up on N900 just yet after all XD17:37
luke-jrwait, N900 is vulnerable too :<17:47
luke-jrbut at least it isn't in pieces on my desk17:47
KotCzarnyit isnt, according to fmg it's errata prevents it17:47
luke-jr* my original N900 is, but not my backup N90017:47
luke-jrKotCzarny: what?17:47
KotCzarnyyou are talking about speculative fun that hit media recently ?17:48
luke-jrSpectre, yes17:48
luke-jrhits everything since 1994 IIRC17:48
KotCzarny02:11 #maemo freemangordon> sixwheeledbeast: well, I guess n900 is safe from at least Variant117:49
KotCzarny with KP and modern kernels, as because of thumb errata BTB is flushed on every context switch.17:49
KotCzarny02:15 #maemo freemangordon> sorry, it is Variant2 that I meant17:49
luke-jrnot sure that means it's immune entirely17:50
luke-jralthough, N900 is single-core?17:50
luke-jrmaybe that gets the other piece of the puzzle17:50
freemangordonluke-jr: IIUC it is not about the matter of cores, but the way those cores work17:51
freemangordonspeculative execution, branch prediction, etc17:52
luke-jrfreemangordon: IIUC, having multiple cores can be used as part of the exploit17:52
freemangordonbut, IIUC, having single core does not prevent it17:52
luke-jrbut single core plus what you said *might*?17:53
freemangordonhowever, the info I hit so far is too fuzzy17:53
luke-jrhow's Devuan looking? or is there any other reasonably updated OS for N900 these days?17:53
freemangordonluke-jr: by devuan you mean maemo-leste?17:55
CatButts[13:31] <sixwheeledbeast> I find Dells pretty solid.18:02
CatButtslooks like mine wasn't18:02
CatButtsor maybe my chingchong powerbrick killed it18:02
CatButtsno DRM chip18:03
CatButtsthe DRM chip in the charger talks to laptop and allows charging18:04
CatButtsthe third wire18:04
CatButtsI took cable from defunct original charger and soldered a barell connector on the other end to plug charger18:06
CatButts*to plug 3rd party charger18:06
bencoh17:49 < KotCzarny>  with KP and modern kernels, as because of thumb errata BTB is flushed on every context switch.18:06
bencohyay for ARM erratas :D18:06
bencohbut, err ... running js code in microb is way too slow anyway18:07
bencohand n900 is mostly a single-user phone18:07
bencoh(and there is no real security between apps)18:07
bencohso .... who cares? :)18:07
CatButtsjust get a Palm TX, problem solved18:09
* CatButts hides18:09
sixwheeledbeastI have several 10+ year old dell laptops with no issues myself. I know of plenty other people who have more modern ones with no issues.18:13
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CatButtsDell Latitude E640018:57
CatButtsthen maybe my wonky powerbrick killed it18:58
CatButtsafter the main one died, I used multi-voltage brick18:58
KotCzarnycheap one buys twice. or ten times18:58
KotCzarnyi hate those noisy pieces of sh*t18:58
CatButtsby noisy, you mean electrical noise18:58
CatButtsor coil whine?18:59
CatButtswould it be no surprise if powerbrick killed laptop's innards?18:59
KotCzarnyit's better to buy used originals than those cheap replacements19:00
CatButtsit was what was at hand19:01
CatButtsand I stuck with it19:01
KotCzarnyread some pages on dissecting phone/laptop chargers19:02
KotCzarnyit's really convincing to see how they behave under load and sometimes even in idle19:02
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