IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2017-12-28

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* timeless looks for someone who understands systemd :-(02:28
* varu hands timeless a pristine copy of goldie's 1995 album bearing their nick, a pie, a carton of eggs, several rolls of toilet paper, and poettering's home address02:35
* timeless goes off to figure out why a directory that only needed 40GB on one volume needed 50+GB on another02:41
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vahehi #maemo
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sicelovahe[m]: what's that?09:27
vahesicelo: I wanted to know something, but not necessary now)09:33
vahecan help to install matrix for pidgin? ))09:34
vahesicelo: )09:35
vaheor tell me how how to use the matrix
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bencohvahe: pretty sure you already asked for that .... I even built the purple-matrix plugin back then ...10:51
bencohno idea whether it should work, nor how10:52
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vahebencoh: Yes you are right I asked but as if this thought gives me peace :(10:55
CatButtsinteresting, bencoh11:04
CatButtsdo I dare try them without instructions?11:04
bencohI think you can11:05
vahebencoh: sorry ,my friend, i did not understand a bit, what do you suggest?11:22
vahepurple-protocol-telegram_1.2.6-1_armel.deb I see there is a plugin for telegramm11:23
vahemaybe it's possible?11:23
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vahebencoh: you mean
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bencohvahe: yes, and it doesn't work12:35
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bencoh(I tested it a few minutes ago)12:35
vaheaha thanks12:35
bencohjson-glib misses json_path_query on maemo12:37
bencohwhich leads to undefined reference when trying to load/bind the plugin12:37
bencohfunny thing is all this stuff stayed open for months in a screen on my server :)12:38
vahebencoh: can I ask you what repo are you using now?12:43
CatButtshey guise, I'm bored, what fun thing should I do to justify my N900's existence?12:43
CatButts I tried drawing, but that didn't work out too well12:44
KotCzarnyor whatever it was called12:44
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CatButtsexpensive tossing brick :P12:45
bencohCatButts: some TMO user was pretty skilled with drawing on n90012:45
CatButtsyes, the myPaint thread12:46
CatButtsI am just a drawling at the moment12:46
CatButtsalso, I never got along with myPaint12:46
CatButtsso I have this butchered-up Shi-Painter12:46
bencohhmm, I was referring to the "look what I draw" thread12:47
CatButtsthat one12:47
CatButtsI am going back in time in it12:47
CatButtsoh, that reminds me12:47
CatButtsis PenPen opensource?12:47
CatButtsit's an infinite canvas vector draw tool meant to replace N900's sketching app12:48
CatButtsit's cludgy, but I feel that with a few adjustmentations, it will become competent application12:49
CatButtsThere's also sheepdraw12:51
CatButtsbut it has sever offset problems for stylus input12:51
CatButtsI wonder if thread uploader still works12:52
CatButtsI'd like to necro the sheepdraw thread12:52
CatButtsfrom within the app12:52
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CatButtsit will have been a crowning achievement12:52
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vahetell me how to reinstall the OS without father data?12:54
KotCzarnyfather data?12:54
vahedon't want to lose photo video )12:54
KotCzarnyyou mean 'without losing user data' ?12:54
vaheaha yes12:54
KotCzarnyi think you flash vanill without emmc12:55
vaheI'm a little broke OS :D12:55
KotCzarnybut best is to just copy your data onto sdcard12:55
KotCzarnyor computer (via usb)12:55
vaheyeah, it's just not included the phone12:56
CatButts yeah, I don't think I am going to be posting in the 'look what I draw' thread anytime soon :P12:56
vaheKotCzarny: where you can now download OS?12:57
infobotit has been said that maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing12:58
vahe ~lazyflashing12:59
infobotmethinks lazyflashing is
vaheKotCzarny: that is, to install only vanilla?13:01
KotCzarnyas i've said, backup data to sdcard or computer to be sure13:01
KotCzarny(and it's always good to have a backup)13:02
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vaheKotCzarny: and then I told you but if the phone is not included?:)13:03
vaheonly RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin yes?13:04
KotCzarnytry writing your original question in google translate then pasting the result of translation here13:04
KotCzarnybecause i didnt understand it13:04
vahedoes not turn on13:05
vahesorry )13:05
KotCzarnymaybe it's just flat battery?13:05
vaheno, I inadvertently ruined a reset kernel13:06
vaheI accidentally)13:07
KotCzarnymaybe then: ?13:08
KotCzarnybut that wont work if you had power kernel or cssu13:09
vahecool idea13:09
vahenow I'll try13:15
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vaheKotCzarny: thanks man13:21
KotCzarnynow make those backups13:21
vahethat's for sure13:22
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vahe sacred place for owners of Maemo :D15:42
vahelook at all interesting )15:43
* CatButts rubs his eyes15:43
KotCzarnyno, you think about everything on maemo.org15:43, wiki.maemo.org15:43
vaherescueOS what is this OS?15:57
infobotrescueos is probably
sixwheeledbeastMaybe this is more informative
vahesixwheeledbeast: thanks) rescue solution? anyone have a screenshot of the video ?16:03
vaheI have 2 N900-one want to do a clean LinuxOSis it possible? without chroot, direct connection , that's why they are interested in rescueOS16:08
KotCzarnyyes, but you will have problems with gsm(voice) part16:09
sixwheeledbeast"clean LinuxOS"?16:09
KotCzarnyswb: i suspect he wants some generic distro without maemo16:09
vahesixwheeledbeast: for example debian os16:12
vahegentoo os16:12
vaheI'm a fan of Maemo, but I have 2 and I want to do with Linux16:13
vaheI'm also a fan of gentoo16:13
sixwheeledbeastclosed blobs on the device make it difficult to have full functionality16:14
vahesixwheeledbeast: well, at least some , for example I need only wifi and OS16:15
vaheit is clear that completely impossible, but I need to surprise friends :D so I will limit myself to at least half of the functionality16:15
vahethis link is working as you think?16:16
sixwheeledbeastIt's possible look at as one example.16:16
vaheThanks sixwheeledbeast , and thanks to all who helped me) I today goal day test my knowledge and phone16:18
vaheonce even almost killed the phone )16:18
vahethere is a good community , good luck to all )16:19
CatButts so close, yet so fart16:22
CatButts NSFLWIDT16:25
CatButtsusable if you don't plan on ever erasing any stroke16:25
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bencohvahe: you can run devuan with a mainline kernel16:34
bencohthere's a wiki page about it16:35
vaheaha thanks bencoh i need read that16:36
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vahebencoh: console only ?16:39
bencohI suppose you can use Xorg with omapfb or omapdrm as well16:41
bencohI think it should work16:41
vaheaha ok16:42
vaheI have a stupid question ) for example16:43
vahe`I first cloned mainline (or rather stable) kernel: '16:43
vahethis process is done in the phone ? or on my PC16:43
vahebencoh: * :)16:43
freemangordonvahe: there is devuan jessie n900 image17:40
CatButtsmemory tels me it is CLI only, yes?17:43
freemangordonyes, but repos are enabled so you can easily install lxde or xfce or whatever17:44
freemangordonor leste ;)17:44
vaheI was hard for all of this , I don't understand how it all works17:45
CatButtsis it usable by chroot switch or do I have to do the... errrrr... what was that thing called17:45
freemangordonvahe: just grab the devuan image and write it to uSD card17:45
vaheI don't understand, where or what to copy17:45
CatButtsrescue OS?17:45
vaheokay, I have a 2GB SD card, free phone for testing17:46
freemangordonhmm, not sure if 2GB will be enough, don;t remember the image size17:47
freemangordonbut it might be17:47
freemangordonvahe: you would need to install u-boot on n900 (in maemo) as well17:47
vaheand my operating system of my laptop is funtoo OS  (gentoo)17:47
vahehow it can be installed directly in 32GB Nokia? :D17:47
vahesay direct connect17:48
freemangordonvahe: should not matter, any modern OS should be capable of writing image to uSD17:48
vaheok :)17:48
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freemangordonvahe: you can't install it to 32GB internal flash17:48
freemangordonat least not easlily17:49
vaheready downloaded17:49
freemangordonit is prepared to boot from uSD17:49
freemangordonok, boot your n900 in maemo and install u-boot (from Application Manager)17:49
freemangordonin the meanwhile write that image to uSD card17:50
vahei want try 2GB if not 4GB buy tomorrow17:50
vaheu-boot, done17:50
CatButtswhat is size requirement for the image?17:50
CatButtsI have 2gm17:50
freemangordoncan;t remember :)17:50
freemangordonshould suffice17:50
CatButtscan it be mounted as an image file directly?17:51
freemangordonno, it is 155MB compressed17:51
CatButtswithout writing to SD?17:51
vahe162mb :)17:51
freemangordonit has partition table, etc, so it can be mounted as loopback device17:51
freemangordonvahe: this is compressed size17:51
freemangordonuncompress it to see the real image size17:52
vaheuncompress 162.3mb17:52
KotCzarnydecompressing xz on n900 isnt fun, so use your pc17:52
freemangordonyes, on the pc17:52
* freemangordon is downloading the image17:52
vaheimage done17:53
freemangordonhow bit it is?17:53
vahe162mb uncompress17:53
freemangordonvahe: don't you have GUI on that PC?17:53
vaheyes mate-desktop17:54
freemangordonthere is a tool called "disk image writer" under ubuntu17:54
CatButtswhat precautions should I take with u-boot?17:54
freemangordoncan't help with gentoo or whatever it is :)17:54
freemangordonCatButts: ?!?17:54
vaheI can write with dd17:54
CatButtsI have cssu-testing and power kernel installed17:54
KotCzarnyit's nice because it also verifies writes17:54
CatButts*precautions with installing u-boot17:55
freemangordonKotCzarny: not really good idea for uSD writes17:55
freemangordonCatButts: usual, don;t if you have no clue :)17:55
KotCzarnyfmg: you should talk to tkaiser one day, would be fun :>17:55
CatButtsTOO LATE17:55
freemangordonKotCzarny: about?17:55
KotCzarnyabout etcher, and i guess embedded in general17:56
vahedd if=devuan_jessie_1.0.0_armhf_n900.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=64K ; sync17:56
KotCzarnydon't mind me, it's humorous (he is very vocal expressing his views)17:56
freemangordonshould do the job I guess17:56
KotCzarnyin armbian they have had lots of people with sh*tty sd card and sd writers17:57
freemangordonKotCzarny: I vaguely remember seeing that nick, but can't really recall in what regard17:57
KotCzarnythat's why he is stuck on etcher vs dd17:57
freemangordonwell, I tend to always buy expensive (and presumably quality) cards and expect the others to behave like that :)17:58
KotCzarnyhehe, try kingston class 4 one day, or some fake ;)17:58
freemangordonI doubt I will buy kingston for the next 10 years17:59
freemangordonsammy or sandisk only17:59
freemangordonand even then you should be careful17:59
KotCzarnya1/a2 class are interesting nowadays17:59
KotCzarnyfor running os from sd17:59
KotCzarnysequential read often suck, but random io isnt bad18:00
freemangordonwhich is better than the opposite ;)18:00
KotCzarnythis is benchmark of ~12usd sandisk a118:01
KotCzarnysee 4k random writes18:01
freemangordonyeah, not bad18:02
CatButtscan't install uboot18:03
freemangordonCatButts: why?18:03
CatButts"!!!U-Boot with kernel 2.6.28-omap1 breaks the 3rd party package policy"18:04
vahe :D my phones18:04
freemangordonCatButts: install u-boot for kernel-power18:05
* freemangordon checks18:05
freemangordonCatButts: install kernel-power-bootimg first18:06
freemangordonand u-boot still refuses to install?18:06
CatButtsmaybe I need reboot18:07
freemangordontry with apt-get -s install u-boot-flasher u-boot-tools and pastebin the result18:07
freemangordonh,, where is Pali18:07
freemangordon~seen Pali18:08
infobotpali <~pali@Maemo/community/contributor/Pali> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 57d 18h 36m 36s ago, saying: 'ok'.18:08
KotCzarnytime flies..18:08
*** MaemoButts has joined #maemo18:10
freemangordonI don;t see a problem here18:13
freemangordonare you sure you're on kernel-power?18:13
freemangordonmay I have your uname -a output?18:13
*** sunshavi has joined #maemo18:13
MaemoButtsuname -a18:14
*** cyteen__ has quit IRC18:14
CatButtsI think that misspasted18:15
CatButtsuname -a\nYada yada yada18:16
MaemoButtsLinux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Wed Dec 10 13:52:39 UTC 2014 armv7l GNU/Linux18:16
freemangordonlooks ok18:17
CatButtsso why is package yelling at me?18:17
freemangordoncould you try to install it again from HAM and pastebin HAM log?18:17
CatButtshow do I get hold of HAM log?18:17
freemangordonfrom HAM menu18:17
freemangordonthere is "Log" in there18:18
CatButtsgot it18:18
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CatButts hold this while I tinker18:20
CatButtsthere's not much to it18:22
CatButtsapt-worker: u-boot-flasher breaks 3rd party dependencies policy:18:22
freemangordonwhat next18:24
CatButtsdoesn't say anything after that line18:24
freemangordondid you have uninstalled stock kernel modules by chance?18:25
freemangordonhowever (re perfect tense)18:26
* CatButts scratches head18:26
freemangordoncheck in /lib/modules18:26
CatButtswhat am I looking for?18:27
freemangordonor dpkg -l | grep kernel18:27
freemangordonCatButts: do you have kernel-modules installed?18:29
MaemoButtsI do18:31
freemangordonMaemoButts: hmm, it is weird that you have kernel-flasher installed, I don;t have it on my device18:32
freemangordonalso, I don't have "kernel" package18:32
MaemoButtsit is a mistery18:33
freemangordonmaybe because I have kernel-cssu installed18:33
freemangordonand iirc it replaces kernel18:33
KotCzarnynot a mystery, you did bad things to your device and the result is unstable18:33
KotCzarnyextras-devel and cssu-devel come to mind18:33
MaemoButtsI have both enabled18:34
* MaemoButts hides18:34
freemangordonMaemoButts: well, byte the bullet and install with apt-get18:35
freemangordonah, yes :D18:35
MaemoButtsI am tempted to go ahead with uboot ins... read my mind18:35
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freemangordonKotCzarny: I guess this is some kind of developer's weirdness, dealing with bytes all the day (and most of the night) :)18:36
KotCzarnyfmg, yeah, english is unnecesarily complicated18:37
MaemoButtsuboot flashed18:37
MaemoButtswish me luck on the reboot18:38
*** MaemoButts has quit IRC18:38
KotCzarnybets on him needing to reflash, anyone?18:38
freemangordonCatButts: did you set default kernel to KP?18:38
CatButtsdunno, will check18:39
freemangordonjust in case:18:39
infobotmethinks maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./; or see ~flashing-cmdline, or see ~lazyflashing18:39
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KotCzarnyshucks, he lives18:41
CatButtslooks like, curiosity didn't kill the cat18:41
CatButtsdefaults to stock kernel18:42
CatButtsI need to fix this18:42
CatButtsso I installed 'power kernel' for uboot18:42
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vaheguys, so, I installed u-boot, kernel-power "linux-kernel for power" and  "linux kernel user (boot image for U-boot)"18:43
CatButtsuname -a18:43
freemangordonCatButts: yes, it defaults to stock, you need to tell it to use kp by symlinking something in /etc/bootmenu (or similar) as default18:44
vaheLinux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Wed Dec 10 13:52:39 UTC 2014 armv7l unknown18:44
vaheCatButts: *18:44
freemangordonvahe: did you reboot after installing?18:45
vahesomething wrong?18:47
vahefreemangordon: * :)18:47
freemangordonok, power the device down, insert uSD card with devuan image, open the keyboard and poer it up18:47
freemangordonwhen you see u-boot menu, choose u-boot console18:47
freemangordonthen type "run sdboot"18:48
infobotN900 uBoot is a siamese twin binary [uBoot+stockMaemoKernel] that resides in kernel NAND partition /dev/mtd3 aka "kernel". You can't uninstall it, rather you'll nuke it when you flash/install another kernel like stock maemo kernel or powerkernel. To start other than stock maemo kernel via uBoot, you have to provide the according kernel image files, or
CatButtsmmmm, siamese18:48
CatButts found the fucker18:49
CatButtsln -s /etc/bootmenu.d/20-Maemo5-kernel-power- /etc/default/bootmenu.item18:49
vahefreemangordon: power button and up? together?18:49
freemangordonvahe: no18:50
freemangordonjust power it18:50
freemangordonCatButts: yep, that one18:50
vahejust turn on Maemo18:50
freemangordonyes, but with keyboard open18:50
freemangordonyou should see u-boot menu18:51
*** MaemoButts has quit IRC18:52
vahestrange still turns on Maemo18:52
freemangordonthen you don;t have u-boot installed correctly18:52
freemangordonor rather - at all18:53
vaheaha possible18:53
CatButtsmy date reset18:55
freemangordonCatButts: removed battery?18:55
CatButtsdon't remember doing so18:56
freemangordonvahe: how it is going?18:57
vahedon't know yet :D19:00
vaheright now, I'll try again19:01
vahefreemangordon: maybe img is not correct , but still should appear a menu right?19:01
CatButtsfucker is still booting stock19:03
freemangordonCatButts: you should execute u-boot-update-bootmenu19:04
vahekilled OS :D19:04
freemangordonvahe: hmm?19:04
vahetoday for the second time19:05
freemangordonwhat has happened?19:05
vaheno matter I have already copied to the computer19:05
vaheI removed the kernel and rebooted ) I'm an idiot :D19:06
CatButtswhat kernel version is this denuvan?19:06
freemangordon4.10 iirc19:07
vahethought stores stock :D19:07
freemangordonCatButts: for sure it is 4.x, might be 4.8 or 4.919:07
freemangordonvahe: do you see u-boot menu?19:08
CatButtswhat's missing in terms of hardware support?19:08
vaheI killed the operating system has reinstalled the OS19:08
freemangordonCatButts: not sure, however, in upstream almost everything works, besides bluetooth, DSP and cameras19:08
infobotdsp is, like, (Digital Signal Processor) A DSP is a microprocessor designed to work with analog signals such as video or audio that have been digitally encoded. The DSP then takes these digital representations and performs operations on them. DSPs are used in video, sound, and modem technology. Intel's MMX instruction set is basically an attempt to make the Pentium processor line capable of DSP operations. This follows Intel's theory of putting all the ...19:09
CatButtsdoes that mean sound output?19:09
freemangordonDSP is DSP19:09
freemangordonit means DSP19:09
freemangordonCatButts: in omap3 DSP is
CatButtsno, I mean19:10
CatButtslack of support for it doesn't exclude sound output, yes?19:11
freemangordonyes, those are independent19:11
CatButtssoftFP or hardFP?19:11
freemangordonthis is about userspace, not the kernel itself19:11
CatButtsthe above denuvan19:12
freemangordonBTW, it is "devuan" ;)19:12
CatButtsmethinks 2gb will be woefully little for anything19:13
CatButtsI need a beefier SD19:13
freemangordonCatButts: you can use arm-sdk to build your own image19:13
CatButtsnot that hard into DIY yet19:15
CatButtsI am a windows peasant19:15
freemangordonah, poor you19:15
freemangordonactually building image with arm-sdk needs time only19:16
freemangordonotherwise it is a matter of 3 shell commands19:16
*** Pali has joined #maemo19:17
bencohtelephony doesnt exactly work, it ... "works"19:23
bencoh(well, the kernel part works at least)19:24
*** CatButts has quit IRC19:24
freemangordonbencoh: yes, the question was about the kernel19:24
vaheI'm going to sleep the night will continue tomorrow)19:24
vahethanks freemangordon19:24
vahethanks all19:25
*** vahe has quit IRC19:25
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CatButtsI think I've sorted everything19:35
CatButtsso, 2gb card will probably, somewhat maybe perhaps be usable for above devuan distro19:36
CatButtsso I just dd partition file into SDcard and pray I dd-ed to the right device19:40
freemangordonyes, though it is not a partition file, but disk image19:41
CatButtsmkay, I'mma go the lazy way without loopfiles19:46
CatButtswhat format is the partition in?19:46
CatButtswhich ext19:46
freemangordonCatButts: toldya, it is not a partition19:46
freemangordonit is a disk image containing too partitions19:47
CatButtsis one swap?19:47
freemangordonno, it is FAT19:47
CatButtsand the other?19:47
freemangordonext3 or ext419:47
freemangordonmost probably ext419:48
CatButtsah, not gonna be accessible by my tool, then :P19:48
CatButtsI mean19:48
CatButtsaccessible by my driver in windows19:48
CatButtsthen I can run some decent applications, finally19:50
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*** r00t^home has joined #maemo20:11
*** xy2_ has joined #maemo20:14
CatButtswhere do I write my hdd image with dd?20:32
CatButtsdd if=myimage.img of=*********20:34
*** drcode has joined #maemo20:42
CatButtswith a bit of luck20:45
CatButtsI didn't set fire to anything :P20:45
*** drcode has quit IRC20:46
freemangordonCatButts: not /dev/mmcblk1p1, but /dev/mmcblk1, assuming it is the correct device20:48
CatButtsoh shit20:48
CatButtsso I stop it now?20:48
CatButtsstarting over20:49
*** eMHa has joined #maemo20:54
CatButtsdoes maemo have pv?20:57
CatButtscan't check now, sadly20:57
CatButtsshould have piped dd into pv20:58
CatButtsso I can see progress20:58
KotCzarnykillall -USR1 dd20:58
CatButtsno way20:59
KotCzarnydo it.20:59
*** eMHa has quit IRC20:59
KotCzarnyjust do it.20:59
CatButtsI demand an explanation20:59
siceloit will do what you want21:00
varuprints a progress bar, put it in a while loop with 'sleep 1' and enjoy21:00
CatButtsah, derp21:00
* CatButts stops dd21:00
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:00
siceloso i take it the devuan image contains the kernel within itself?21:01
*** msbot has joined #maemo21:02
CatButtsE: Unable to write to /var/cache/apt/21:05
CatButtsE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.21:06
*** xy2_ has quit IRC21:06
*** eMHa has quit IRC21:06
*** eMHa has joined #maemo21:11
*** xy2_ has joined #maemo21:14
CatButtsno 'pv', no fun21:22
CatButts[20:59] <KotCzarny> killall -USR1 dd21:22
CatButtsdidn't work21:22
CatButtsor I used it improperly21:22
CatButtsah, I see21:25
CatButtsit requires a 2nd terminal21:25
varuyeah, output spits out in the one where dd's running21:25
*** r00t^home has quit IRC21:29
CatButtsah, so it does that WITHOUT killing dd21:29
CatButtsI see it meow21:32
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo21:32
Wikiwidehildon-mime-summon is an interesting project. It has source code and Makefile, auto-builder didn't fail it, and yet compiled package contains only documentation, not the binary itself. Could some Makefile knowing person take a look at it?21:34
*** r00t^home has joined #maemo21:35
WikiwideIt could be something as simple as "failed to put binary into /usr/bin/" or something21:35
WikiwideOr "didn't put make into list of builddepends". I am too rusty to actually figure out the problem with
WikiwideActually, even source package does contain binary file in weird snx subdirectory, so here I go...21:42
WikiwideYay, it works! Works!21:44
CatButts this is hot21:44
CatButts[21:44] <shibiZdn>  Figure 2.2 shows variation of tensile strength for solder thickness in a21:45
CatButts[21:44] <shibiZdn> standard butt joint. Interestingly tensile strength of butt joints is greater than21:45
CatButts[21:44] <shibiZdn> that of bulk solder (3.5 kgf mm-2), also shown on the graph for reference21:45
*** msbot has quit IRC21:47
Wikiwide/me objects to "solder a wire to PCB" on principle. Have seen it torn out way too many times, painful to connect back. Better to have some kind of reusable connection.21:48
WikiwideAlso, don't just chrome paint a metal, it doesn't last. Green rust grows, chrome paint peels off...21:48
CatButtsmy phone appears to have locked up during dd operation21:55
Wikiwide/me doesn't consider dd to be a routine operation21:55
WikiwideCan you ssh into it?21:55
*** r00t^home has quit IRC21:56
WikiwideSometimes, GUI freezes, but everything else works. But there are many different kinds of lock-up...21:56
*** Wikiwide has quit IRC21:57
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo21:57
*** drcode has joined #maemo21:58
*** msbot has joined #maemo22:00
*** drcode has quit IRC22:03
CatButtscan't ssh into it22:03
CatButtsbecaue it's not connected22:03
CatButtsrebooted, lettuce try once more22:10
CatButtshopefully, on 5th try, I will have whole damned thing written to SD22:19
CatButtsinb4 I've written to wrong MMC22:20
*** Wikiwide has quit IRC22:29
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo22:29
*** msbot has quit IRC22:30
*** TheKit has joined #maemo22:33
*** NotKit has quit IRC22:36
CatButtsthe fucker finally finished writing to SD22:39
*** Wikiwide has quit IRC22:44
CatButtsgot into it22:45
CatButts>devuan login22:45
CatButtsis it blank or is it a specific password?22:45
infobotdevuan literally mirrors debian in realtime ("all the same") except replacing packages with systemd-dependencies, and it introduces its own themes and branding. Also see factoid (~/!)amprolla22:47
CatButtsI am a butt lost here22:48
Enrico_MenottiCatButts Hello, I wasn't reading until right now. I just happened to step here. I see >devuan login. Are you trying Devuan on the N900?22:55
CatButtsI fired it up through uboot22:55
Enrico_MenottiOh did you follow the instructions on the Wiki on If you use uboot, maybe not.22:56
CatButtsI followed this chat here and my intuition22:56
CatButtsnow I am staring dumbly at a login prompt22:56
CatButtswhat's default usee and pass?22:57
Enrico_MenottiOk, that's perfectly fine. If you want, there's a page on the Wiki where some months ago I tried to report my trials with Devuan.22:57
Enrico_MenottiAnyway, try root/toor.22:57
CatButtsthere we go22:58
CatButtsbut, being root all the time22:58
CatButtsdoes it come with an unrooted user account?22:58
Enrico_MenottiI don't think so.22:58
Enrico_MenottiYou may try to ask on #devuan.22:59
Enrico_MenottiWhere did you get the system image?22:59
Enrico_MenottiAnd the kernel?22:59
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo23:00
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo23:00
CatButtsfrom here23:00
CatButtsthe embeded n900 one23:00
Enrico_MenottiOk, probably the reference person for that is parazyd .23:01
CatButts[17:40] <freemangordon> vahe: there is devuan jessie n900 image23:01
CatButtswell, my first step is to get apt running23:02
CatButtsthen install a graphical interface23:02
Enrico_MenottiSo? freemangordon, as far as I know, was working on porting some Maemo things to Devuan. It was parazyd who was building system images.23:02
* CatButts shrugs23:03
Enrico_MenottiBut it's some time since I've been here. Things may have changed.23:03
Enrico_MenottiAbout apt, I don't remember whether I reported something related on the Wiki page, but I suggest you have a quick look at it. There's a lot of useful info.23:04
Enrico_MenottiAbout the graphical interface, this actually was taken care of by freemangordon , as far as I remember.23:04
Enrico_MenottiHe was porting the Hildon to Devuan, if I'm right.23:04
CatButtsI first need to connect to Internet23:07
CatButtsvia wireless23:07
Enrico_MenottiAgain, read the Wiki. Lots of info about this, if I'm right.23:09
CatButts>apt-get install firmware-ti-connectivity23:14
CatButtshow to download23:14
CatButtswithout internet123:14
CatButtshey Enrico_Menotti23:17
CatButtshow do I Internet?23:18
*** cyteen has quit IRC23:18
varumanually download the package, usb it over & and dpkg -i it in?23:18
*** cyteen has joined #maemo23:18
*** cyteen_ has joined #maemo23:19
CatButtsare you speaking from experience, varu?23:19
varuin terms of manually installing packages on debian-based systems before, yes lol23:20
CatButtsdoes this image have n900 stuff already prepared?23:20
varuwith the n900 you have quite a few ways to get the package on there too23:20
varui haven't tried devuan on the n900 though if that's what you're asking23:20
CatButtsah, bummer23:20
varun900 shenanigans on my end are put on hold until i get around to properly soldering that usb port back on.. the job i did didn't hold, need better tools or a better approach23:21
WikiwideHow do I tell ls to display not just filename, but full path to file?23:22
*** cyteen has quit IRC23:23
*** Wikiwide has quit IRC23:24
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo23:24
Enrico_MenottiCatButts You can boot to Maemo, right?23:33
CatButtsfrom uboot to either Maemo or Devuan23:33
Enrico_MenottiSo I think the easiest thing is to boot Maemo, download the package, put it in some shared place, boot to Devuan, and installa the package.23:35
*** msbot has joined #maemo23:36
CatButtsI have to ask first23:36
CatButtsis it already on there or not?23:36
CatButtson the image23:36
CatButtshow do I check23:36
CatButtswhat package to check for?23:36
Enrico_Menottiapt-cache policy firmware-ti-connectivity, maybe?23:36
CatButtshow do I Internet23:38
CatButts*connect to Internet23:38
*** Elleo has quit IRC23:39
*** Elleo has joined #maemo23:40
*** Elleo has quit IRC23:40
*** Elleo has joined #maemo23:40
Enrico_MenottiOk, so that package is installed, right?23:44
Enrico_MenottiNow try to look the Wiki page. Many details to check.23:45
Enrico_MenottiTry lsmod first.23:47
Enrico_MenottiThis should show the loaded kernel modules.23:47
Enrico_MenottiThe required kernel module should be wl1251_spi.23:48
CatButts>can't type pipe symbol23:50
CatButtsI wanted to try less23:50
Enrico_MenottiHa, that's a problem, actually.23:50
CatButtsholy shit, I found it23:51
Enrico_MenottiAh, ok. On the Wiki there's also some info about how to setup properly the keyboard for your national layout.23:52
Enrico_MenottiSo could you check the kernel module?23:53
CatButtstell me a command that outputs lots of text23:53
CatButtsa few pages23:53
CatButtsI have vague feeling less is not working23:54
CatButtsoh, I've got nano23:54
CatButtsthat's good23:54
Enrico_MenottiDid you try lsmod?23:54
CatButtsfuck it, I'm gonna pipe lsmod to a text file23:54
Enrico_MenottiBut less should be working. You're on Devuan console, right? So it's bash, right?23:55
Enrico_MenottiAnd more? Is that working?23:56
* CatButts bashes head23:56
*** Vajb has quit IRC23:59

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