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MaemoButtsis there anything still working for playing youtube videos on the n900?10:59
MaemoButtsI remember trying a bunch off applications from HAM with not so good results11:00
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MaemoButtsi'll try that again, though I remember it not working well11:01
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MaemoButtshmmm, funny thing11:07
MaemoButtsHAM tells me it is unable to install a package11:07
MaemoButtsbut package still installs11:07
MaemoButts"broken but updatable"11:18
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luke-jrI've completely abandoned N900, so I guess I should wrap up my presence here..11:52
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bencohluke-jr: :(11:55
bencohMaemoButts: you should probably move to cssu if you haven't yet, btw11:56
KotCzarnyluke-jr: people abandon, people come back12:00
KotCzarnyeven after 4-6 years12:00
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MaemoButtsI already have cssu12:27
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ShadowJKluke-jr, what are you up to these days?13:01
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MaemoButtscutetube2 gives me a lots of 'stream not found' and 'cannot play video'13:04
bencohmake sure you use latest available version (it might be available only in extras-devel)13:06
bencohand see related TMO thread, iirc you have to update another package (libsoup I think)13:07
bencohthere should be a link/attached file there13:07
bencohyou might want to ask freemangordon about it, he posted that file13:07
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MaemoButtsregarding the dudeguy that says he abandoned n900 and make his last presence here13:26
MaemoButtsI suppose13:26
MaemoButtshe failed to find sufficient use out of his N90013:26
MaemoButtskinda what I'm feeling at the moment13:27
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MaemoButtsIf I get off me bum and become motivated to write code, diy drive me forward13:29
MaemoButtsI see two things for now13:29
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MaemoButtsSDL + C and (sic)J2SE13:30
MaemoButtsthe currently available OpenJDK package for N900 is rubish13:31
MaemoButtsSun J2SE is the way to go13:32
MaemoButtsJ2SE embeded13:32
MaemoButtsproprietary or not, it's what works properly13:34
MaemoButtsthis looks like the one, bencoh14:03
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MaemoButtsI don't think I uttered the incantation right14:15
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KotCzarnybtw. google recently started denying older yt clients too on android14:22
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CatButtsFelis Navidad!16:29
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CatButtsnew fix20:55
CatButtsworks meow20:55
CatButtsunfortunatelly, player chokes on videos very easilly20:55
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CatButtsvirtually unusable21:02
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CatButtsthis is tempting21:27
CatButtscould it be that this is the answer?21:27
CatButtseven 360p and 480p vids are unusable for me21:28
luke-jrShadowJK: Bitcoin development still; but in terms of handhelds, my Pixel XL + GPD Win has entirely replaced the N90021:31
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VajbI have strange feature in Panucci. It works well untill i answer a phone call. After the call it somehow clips or pauses the sound frequently. After i restart Panucci it works as normal. Is anyone else having this? And what might be the reason?21:40
KotCzarnynever had that with stock player or oscp, so must be something panucci related21:41
Vajbyes, Im having that only with Panucci.21:42
Vajbsomehow i think that some process gots stuck or it is some priority issue21:43
KotCzarnyor evilaudio breaking it21:44
Vajblike Panucci doesn't get as much processor time as it wants21:44
Vajbbut Im just guessing here :)21:44
siceloi doubt it's using the mafw framework ... and that would very likely explain a lot of your issues21:49
KotCzarnysicelo: oscp doesnt use mafw21:49
sicelooh ok21:50
Vajbi see. Probably one of those "wont fix" thingies21:57
CatButts that's kinda hot!22:02
trumeeluke-jr, what is GPD?22:10
luke-jrtrumee: a company that makes the GPD Win22:11
trumeeah, GamePad22:12
luke-jrGPD Win is ;  Atom x722:13
trumeethat looks interesting. What does it run?22:13
CatButtslooks like windurs 10, from up here22:15
luke-jrships with Windows22:15
luke-jrworks good enough with Linux22:15
trumeeluke-jr, nice22:15
luke-jrincluding open source GPU drivers22:15
trumeeluke-jr, what distro?22:16
luke-jrI run Gentoo22:16
mkzI run Gentoo22:16
trumeeme too22:16
trumeeluke-jr, you compile on it?22:16
trumeeor cross-compile elsewhere?22:17
bencohCatButts: 360p used to work well .... but maybe they changed their encoding profile22:21
CatButtsused to?22:28
CatButtsso it's not just me22:28
luke-jrtrumee: yes, sometimes with distcc to help it out22:42
trumeeluke-jr, what window manager do you use with it?22:43
trumeeluke-jr, and is there something (hardware wise) which doesnt work at present?22:44
luke-jrI didn't bother to make sound work, but supposedly someone else did23:09
luke-jrit's just one speaker anyway23:09
luke-jrthe battery charger doesn't really work with linux-laptop-tools, but that's easily hacked23:09
trumeeluke-jr, thanks for the info23:24
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