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Wikiwidehildon-mime-summon has no bin, just "documentation". What is this package?09:36
Wikiwidedbus-switchboard is a pain... Python, reboot after install, and reboot after each change of settings.09:43
WikiwideJust trying to figure out which one universal command in X Terminal would be sufficient to open a file: image in Photos, audio/video in Media Player, and html in Web.09:48
KotCzarnymake own script?09:48
Wikiwidesee from mime-support package doesn't seem to work, for whatever reason.09:48
bencohWikiwide: I think that would be xdg-open, although for some reason we don't have it on maemo09:49
bencohyou should check where it comes from on debian-like distributions09:50
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ShadowJKbrolin_empey, I had a a Compaq Prosignia server, that had a small 4.5V Varta alkaline battery. The thing about alkaline batteries is that they will leak when they're empty. Luckily I got to that one in time and changed it to 4LR12 battery ... which probably has leaked by now :D11:59
KotCzarnylet's promote 'change your alkaline batteries day' ?12:00
ShadowJKIt says on the packs .. don't store empty batteries in your device12:04
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brolin_empeyShadowJK: OK.  In which year was that server made?  I have little experience with actual server computer hardware as opposed to client computer hardware used as a server.  We have a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server computer at work that we use for software builds but it is powered on only when actually needed because the fans are too acoustically noisy.12:15
ShadowJK1994 1995 sometime12:17
KotCzarnychange the fans?12:17
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brolin_empeyKotCzarny: I mean I think the fans are healthy but they are too loud.  Loud fans seems to be a common complaint about this model of computer.12:19
KotCzarnystill, change the fans?12:19
brolin_empeyKotCzarny: There may be some way to quiet the fans (is “quiet” a verb?) but no one has spent much time researching it because it is a low priority because this computer is usually no longer needed so the simple workaround is to leave the computer powered off.12:22
KotCzarnyusually the way is to install quiet fans (there are plenty available on market)12:23
brolin_empeyShadowJK: OK.  Is it an x86 computer?12:25
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brolin_empeyShadowJK: OK.12:32
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WikiwideRemember ? The black wire detached its soldered end from green PCB, delayered it, wavers up and down, making the circuit extremely unreliable (working only when ants are patiently pushing it to connect).12:47
WikiwideI soldered a wire to connect this pin to the rest of the circuit, replacing a thin bridge-trace on the PCB with yet another wire. In process, more damage was incurred: one of the two thick wires connecting LEDs to PCB came detached. In attempt to solder it back onto PCB, the two black wires became soldered to each other.12:49
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WikiwidePlacing + and - to be neighbours is recipe for disaster, especially where home-soldering is concerned.12:50
WikiwideLong story short, we attached the LEDs string to two AA batteries directly. No solar panel charging, no on-and-off flashing, no waterproofing... But at least, it seems to work.12:52
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WikiwideI just wish we knew how to remove the solder metal (tin? flux? Not good with terminology). We don't have professional wick around here.12:53
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KotCzarnyby letting it stick to something else?12:53
KotCzarnythere are solder suckers too12:53
WikiwideSoldering tool sometimes eats and eats this metal. But it's difficult to remove all of it - it has soldered together two neighbouring points, creating a short in the circuit.12:56
WikiwideYes, we may have solder sucking pump around here somewhere... Came with the solder tool.12:56
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Wikiwide/me thinks that the eight legged spider in the circuit is quite unnecessary, for flashing at least - it may be useful if it helps with solar panel12:57
ShadowJKOr just get some random wire12:58
WikiwideOn-and-off flashing should be easily doable with analog circuitry12:58
ShadowJKneeds to be multistranded though12:58
WikiwideHuh... We do have some multistranded wire. Painful to solder to something, at times - one thread is soldered, others aren't.12:59
KotCzarnyrecently i've found most important tip in soldering: 1/ heat the soldering tip, 2/ put elements to be soldered together, 3/ heat them for 1-2s, 4/ add solder and let it melt and fill spaces it needs, 5/ remove solder, 6/ remove soldering iron13:01
WikiwideHmm, neat, thank you. Would require eight tentacles of an octopus, to hold: 1) the tip; 2) element 1; 3) element 2; 4) additional solder - each with two hands.13:03
KotCzarnythere are tools called 3rd hand, usually come with magnifier too13:04
WikiwideWe seem to have misplaced the solder somewhere. Had a huge roll of it "recently", now cannot seem to find it.13:04
KotCzarnybut often you can just bend the wire on the other side so it wont try to get out13:04
WikiwideNice, have seen such third-hands in makerspace but it's closed for holidays.13:05
WikiwideThe hook trick, yes, that's what we did by the end.13:05
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Wikiwide/me should take a photograph, probably tomorrow13:06
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WikiwideGood night :-)13:07
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varubooo the solder job i did on the USB connector didn't hold16:26
varuthe connector stayed in place, but the data lines started acting up...16:26
KotCzarnycold joint?16:26
varupossible, i'll need an even finer tip as there's extremely little room to get in behind it16:27
varui guess i could also tinfoil the area & go at it with the hot air reflow gun16:28
varuall to be done later16:28
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ShadowJKThe trick about soldering is having more than 2 hands17:47
Prissy_Tonkinese indeed!18:12
Prissy_TonkineseI was looking for clipart of squids soldering, but found this instead18:12
varupositioning the connector & soldering the grounds wasn't bad, it's mostly the 5 pins in the back, there's very little clearance between the connector & some other component on the board18:34
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hocесть кто живой?19:22
KotCzarnywrite in english19:22
hocnfc not working on n9 after flash19:24
KotCzarnymost people here have n90019:25
KotCzarnyi would check talk.maemo.org19:25
varufrom topic: N9/harmattan related questions please in #harmattan19:25
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