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OksanaT9 keypad has some nice features which aren't usually available with qwerty keyboard. Such as, speed dial, besides obviously easy entering of a phone number; one-press switch to silent mode, or out of it...07:42
OksanaQwerty is better for two-thumb text typing, I guess. And T9 for one-hand number-typing.07:44
KotCzarnythere are more sophisticated one finger keyboards though already07:45
* Oksana laments lack of truly pocketable mobile phones, especially smart ones, in the recent years. Flip form-factor protects display from scratches better, and there are better ways to notify about incoming call than just one notification LED-dot - light effects isn't something commonly used...07:46
OksanaMore sophisticated one finger keyboards? Which ones? :curious: Because I find it clumsy how letters are alphabetically placed on T9 keypad.07:47
KotCzarnycheck out swiftkey (though it might be only for android/ios)07:48
OksanaABC: just look at boat vs coat, bat vs cat...07:48
KotCzarnywrong name07:48
OksanaThis one is interesting, and was made open-source?
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KotCzarnydarn, cant remember the name, but it was a small box with letter flying predicted by some algo07:52
OksanaMulti-tap I know, it's good for typing abracadabra freely. Wonder what kind of predicting adaptxt does...07:52
KotCzarnyhah, found it 'dasher'08:16
KotCzarnyand it's opensource too08:17
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sicelothat dasher looks interesting, and weird too :-)09:49
KotCzarnyany takers to make frontcam+dasher input plugin for n900? ;)09:50
siceloi vote for KotCzarny :)09:52
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bencohKotCzarny: eyetracking with the front cam? good luck10:06
KotCzarnywho said it has to be an eye10:06
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kristianpaulpocketchip owners around?17:52
KotCzarny/me looks at the topic.. now on the question.. now on the topic again.. no?17:54
bencohKotCzarny: aww, pfff17:55
KotCzarnyif it has allwinner chip just go to #linux-sunxi though17:55
KotCzarnyfunny thing is nokia built similar setup almost 7 years earlier, and it had more features and was more pocketable17:59
KotCzarny(yes, n900)17:59
kristianpauli know what a n900 is, what is your point KotCzarny ?17:59
KotCzarnykristianpaul: that n900 is better device in my opinion than pocketchip18:02
KotCzarny(specs wise too)18:03
KotCzarnyone thing that p-chip has is mainline support. but it's only thanks to the hard work of the community18:03
kristianpauloh sure, (better specs)18:08
kristianpauli always wanted a n900 back then, just couldnt affor it :(18:08
KotCzarnyyes, a13 is single core18:08
KotCzarnyand n900 is overclockable to a13's speeds18:08
kristianpaulyeah, and thats horrible18:08
KotCzarnynow you can, i bought my spares for ~20-30usd each18:09
KotCzarnyin working conditions18:09
kristianpaulebay or ?18:09
KotCzarnylocal classifieds site18:09
KotCzarnyit was quite popular here, so many of them are available18:10
KotCzarnyif you are new to the allwinner, you should also read wiki18:12
KotCzarnylots of useful info18:12
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kristianpaulI'm trying to get some real value from the pocketchip.. just tought maemo has a great env for that18:14
KotCzarnymaemo is much more than just window manager and few themes18:15
KotCzarnyand while there is opensourcing going on (ie. porting it to a33 based tablets and mainline in general), it's still far from plain user's usecase18:16
KotCzarnypocket makes great mobile hacking/devel thingy18:17
KotCzarnybut you should first think what you want to do, not the other way round18:17
* sicelo has just the chip sbc. haven't found enough time to play with it though18:19
KotCzarnysicelo: h3 or other?18:19
sicelothe $9 one, C.H.I.P18:19
KotCzarnyahm, c.h.i.p. not chip18:20
siceloafaik pocketchip is C.H.I.P with just keyboard and display integrated?18:20
KotCzarnyand i think battery18:21
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bencohkristianpaul: battery-wise I understood back then that they still have to work on power management18:31
bencohie the thing is a real guzzler in idle18:32
bencoh(but I suspect it's a software issue)18:32
kristianpaullol yeah18:32
KotCzarnyon allwinner they arent really power efficient18:32
KotCzarnyexpect 100mA in idle18:32
KotCzarnyor more18:33
kristianpaulbut i've have it on for 4 hour straight18:33
kristianpaulidle is not that bad tbh18:33
KotCzarnyho hum18:33
KotCzarnymaybe a13 is frugal18:33
KotCzarnymight be, it's cut down in all areas18:33
bencohfrom what I remember they only wfi, without gating cpu/soc (or even downscaling pll)18:33
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CatButtsmy files seem to be magically vanishing21:36
CatButtsever since I formated MyDocs to ext321:36
CatButtsvery spoopy21:37
KotCzarnyself inflicted failure?21:37
KotCzarnymount ext3 with better journal option?21:37
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CatButtsoh hey, I sorted my mistery file dissapearance acts22:34
CatButts1. ext2fsd for win + ext322:34
CatButts2. folder permissions on the n90022:35
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