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Oksana>> <KotCzarny> one can try different solutions,but when single photo can take tens of megabytes, it really sucks on low mem device << Large photographs are usually the ones user wants to see, in high resolution (though 800x480 may be enough). Small things are more annoying though. I do hope that web-browser doesn't load msapplication-square310x310l04:15
Oksanaogo image, and disregards all apple-touch-icons , too04:15
OksanaHow difficult to get this working on maemo? GTK+ is 2.14.7 on Maemo 5 (right?), not 2.18. gLibc is confusing, too (do we have 2.17?). Other than that, dependencies are fine.04:28
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bgl_does somebody using double power battery on n900?06:45
sunshaviOksana: libc 2.5.1 on my device07:08
OksanagLibc and libc are the same thing? Then yes, it's a dependency problem, too07:10
Oksanabgl_ : not me07:10
bgl_how many days your phone will last with one charge ? Oksana07:12
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OksanaUsually one day, recently lasted two days on one charged battery07:16
bgl_with normal usage or mostly idle ?07:18
OksanaNormal usage. As in, about one or two phone calls a day, half of the time connected to WiFi, checking email, browsing the web about an hour per day, cellular on all the time...07:21
OksanaAnd it's not the best uptime it's possible to get. I am sure that my huge (60MB el-v1.db) database of calls-and-SMS-and-IRC  plus 3k of images plus 600+ of photographs use a lot of RAM and make tracker fairly slow?07:23
Oksana600+ of audio files * ^07:23
Oksana3k of images (including photographs) ^^07:24
OksanaUse a lot of RAM => heavy swapping => probably drains battery, no idea if it is so07:25
infobotthanks, Oksana07:25
bgl_do you use sd card to swap ?07:25
bgl_what kernel do you use?07:25
OksanaNo, I haven't set up any swapping and I don't have any microSD card inserted. This device in particular is pre-owned, so it came with power kernel07:26
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bgl_Hmm I think using microSD drain battery a little bit08:17
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bgl_Oksana do you use cssu ?08:20
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bgl_on the battery meter, how much mAh on full charge ?08:35
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OksanaCurrently, it says 832/1277 mAh. But does it make any sense when I have half a dozen of different batteries? How does it know the capacity of the battery?08:37
jonwilUpdating the root CA certificates is easy :)08:46
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bonggieTutorial please :)08:48
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bgl_Oksana i'm using BNF apps to check capacity battery. But the value is different from CSSU battery. From BNF I got 2000mAh but from CSSU battery only 12xxmAh08:50
bgl_I tried to calibrate but still don't work, and sadly, now my battery detected as 15xxmAh08:50
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jonwilUpdating the root CA certificates is easy :)08:51
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buZz05:08:48 < antonok[m]> yeah, why don't we all just throw away our old android devices and get N900s instead :D11:09
buZzfrom #postmarketos11:09
KotCzarnywhat android devices? i only have 3 n900s and one n911:09
WizzupN900s - is that the small version of the N900?11:09
KotCzarnybuzz, i'm still remembering about you, pity my self organization sucks11:10
KotCzarny*still remember11:12
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buZzno rush11:20
buZzalthough my main n900 recently died in a cocacola bath ;(11:20
KotCzarnyi've misread as 'cocaine bath' and was wtf?11:20
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sicelo(gpsrecorder works very well for what i wanted to do in connection with my question yesterday)12:19
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ceenehi guys!12:45
ceenei'm back from holydays :)12:45
KotCzarnyand hi12:45
ceenei consider them holy12:45
ceenethere's anything holier than being on vacation :P12:46
KotCzarnydid you make the sacrifice?12:46
ceenei sacrificed my well being by coming back to work12:47
bencohwelcome back :)12:52
ceenethanks! :)12:54
ceenehow's everything?12:54
ceeneanything interesting this last month?12:54
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DocScrutinizer05ceene: well, you missed a bit around neo90014:14
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ceenewhat happened?15:49
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Tr4sKHey here :)17:25
Tr4sKJust got N900 back into my hand. Some of you are still playing with it?17:26
KotCzarnyall the time17:26
Tr4sKNice. I got really nostalgic about it few month ago. Decided to get some back17:27
KotCzarnyyou know the flashing drill or need reminding?17:27
DocScrutinizer05I'd not call it "playing"17:27
infobot[#maemo lazyflashing]
KotCzarnyyou could've waited for the answer before barging over17:29
bencohTr4sK: welcome back then :)17:31
bencohfreemangordon: have you tried hildon-desktop with llvmpipe?17:32
bencoh(on arm, that is)17:32
Tr4sKAfter upgrading the system I got a bootloop on my n900…17:33
KotCzarnyhow did you do it?17:33
Tr4sKapt-get update&& apt-get upgrade&& reboot17:33
KotCzarnynever do that17:33
KotCzarnyupdates should be always done via app manager17:34
KotCzarnyanyway, reflash and go into cssu17:34
bencohalthough upgrade (as opposed to dist-upgrade) might work17:34
KotCzarnybencoh, depends, as we saw, it's tricky ;)17:34
Tr4sKshould I run the lazyflashing?17:34
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infobotmethinks cssu is, or (Community Seamless Software Update)17:35
DocScrutinizer05~tell Tr4sKabout jrtools17:35
DocScrutinizer05~tell Tr4sK about jrtools17:35
bencohTr4sK: assuming you don't care about the data17:36
KotCzarnyhe/she said it's new one17:36
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Tr4sKAny other distro than maemo still available?17:42
Tr4sKI remember some pentesting distro, clean debian…17:43
DocScrutinizer05not updated since ages17:43
DocScrutinizer05all the tools there are genuinely available for maemo too though, afaik17:44
DocScrutinizer05maemo basically _is_ "clean debian"17:44
DocScrutinizer05just with added goodies17:45
DocScrutinizer05and a slightly different init system17:45
Tr4sKGreat :)17:46
DocScrutinizer05pwnie express been the name17:47
DocScrutinizer05pr pwnphone17:47
DocScrutinizer05intriguing: watch the procimity sensor flashing IR17:48
DocScrutinizer05shows the OS isn't optimized, shouldn't run as long as there's no point in knowing about proximity (when screen blanked anyway)17:49
DocScrutinizer05those are the little diffs between maemo5 and a generic debian/whatever distro17:50
DocScrutinizer05or maybe I'm mistaken on that one17:51
DocScrutinizer05meh, indeed N1540 optical switch aka proxy and N1530 aka ALS share a plain uncontrolled/unswitched V25 VCC17:57
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Tr4sKHey, so I flashed my first device without issue. The second one crashes on Finishing flashing... done18:22
Tr4sKProgramming CMT:   9%Sending request 0x12 failed: No such device18:22
Tr4sKsorry, flashing RX-51_2009SE_21.2011.38-1_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin (NOLO, rootfs, modem-fw) failed with errorcode 018:22
KotCzarnyhuhu, bad flash by previous owner18:22
KotCzarnyor simply dead modem :/18:22
bencohdoesn't sound cool18:23
Tr4sKNope doesn’t18:23
KotCzarnyi think it should still work, just as a pda18:23
KotCzarnyor portable linux machine18:24
Tr4sKShould I try to boot ?18:24
Tr4sKI don’t plan to put any simcard inside for now18:24
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Tr4sKReboot worked18:35
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Tr4sKI would like to do SSH on my N900 via USB18:55
sicelowhy not wifi?18:58
siceloanyway USB possible too .. works fine. see wiki18:58
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DocScrutinizer05>>failed with errorcode 0<<  is that a fsckup in my lazyflashing script?22:40
DocScrutinizer05I admit I didn't test the error cases22:40
KotCzarnytest flashing broken modem22:41
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* DocScrutinizer05 should practice more shellscript22:43
DocScrutinizer05bash should be a lil bit more like c22:44
KotCzarnythere are c-like shells22:45
KotCzarnysimplest example being csh22:45
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