IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2017-03-09

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bencohhmm, looks like even no longer pings ( )13:55
jonwilBut do any of the IP addresses given in that post actually answer SUPL requests anymore?14:00
jonwilThe address does seem to be answering SUPL requests14:02
bencohI don't think any of those still answer14:05
Sicelouh oh14:24
jonwilThe address seems to be answering to SUPL requests for me14:26
jonwilIf I put that into /etc/hosts14:26
Siceloyes that one is working for me too (wondering for how long .. )14:41
bencohworks with supl-client indeed14:55
jonwilAll I know is that at this point I can get fast accurate GPS lock15:02
jonwilwhich is what matters to me15:02
jonwilI can get that lock in both maps and fahrplan :)15:03
jonwilIts unclear exactly what its doing (tcpdump capture shows no packets sent to the address but that doesn't necessarily mean anything) but hey, it works so who cares :)15:07
jonwilObviously at some point a new supl server is needed, one that wont go away.15:07
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Siceloor if we are somehow able to make Google's work used to work some long time ago15:21
sixwheeledbeastI hope that could host one.15:23
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bencoh$ cmcli -c common-ca -v
bencoh1ad16dd494e161abd39bd94ed94bf8eafe4ede28 Verification failed: self signed certificate15:51
bencohusing in /etc/hosts15:51
bencohthat's ... strange?15:52
KotCzarnythat 52... ip is old one?15:52
bencohsupposed to be, yeah15:52
bencohwas symantec CA removed at some point?15:53
bencoh        Issuer: C=US, O=Symantec Corporation, OU=Symantec Trust Network, CN=Symantec Class 3 Secure Server CA - G415:53
KotCzarnymaybe it expired?15:53
bencoh            Not After : May 15 23:59:59 2017 GMT15:54
KotCzarnywill fail in 2 months anyway? lol215:55
KotCzarnyi would start migrating from nokia's infra to something current15:55
bencohwe don't have "something current"15:56 should work as well, btw15:57
bencohapart from the unrecognized certificate15:57
bencoh(same issue as google I think)15:57
KotCzarnyor start nudging infra guys/council to create our own?15:58
bencohit's not that simple16:00
KotCzarnynudging IS simple ;)16:00
bencohmeh :)16:00
KotCzarnyxes: *poke*16:00
sixwheeledbeastit may not be simple but it needs addressing somehow16:00
bencohwe'd need to sync ephemerids/almanachs from relevant sources, find a way to parse it, and serve it in a suitable way16:01
bencohplus I don't know of any complete opensource supl server, so one would have to write it (supl-client/supl-proxy could serve as a base / reference)16:02
xesKotCzarny: ?16:02
KotCzarnyxes, do you know who should we poke regarding new service on ?16:02
xesKotCzarny: warfare and me. Are you talking about supl server?16:03
KotCzarnyshould it go through council or not necessarily?16:03
warfareI don't think it should go through council if it is something small like a supl server.16:04
xes... we have to evaluate how manage all the data collected by the server16:04
warfarexes: easy: disable logging ;)16:05
KotCzarnydo you guys know of any already available servers or it would have to be written as bencoh's suggested?16:05
xeswarfare: this no logging must be clearly declared16:06
KotCzarnyor just declare that data stored on server is only for service needs and user agrees to it by chosing to use it?16:07
warfareKotCzarny: none that I know of and a quick googling revealed none.16:08
xesKotCzarny: i remember some supl proxy tool, but i don't know any other complete supl server16:08
KotCzarnyhmm, i have great idea, let's make the coding regatta winner code one! ;)16:09
KotCzarnyas a token of appreciation16:09
bencohyeah that's the supl-proxy I was talking about16:16
bencohbut it's far from being a complete server16:17
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bencohhmm, that's crazy16:29
bencohcan't we force ssl or maemocert to just add an exception for a cert+domain?!16:29
freemangordonbencoh: what is the problem?16:32
bencohfreemangordon: I just fetched certificate from (using openssl s_client -showcerts), added it to maemocert using sudo cmcli -c common-ca -a result.pem16:33
bencohcmcli -c common-ca -L |grep sony shows it16:34
bencohbut then cmcli -c common-ca -v still fails16:34
bencohhmm, woops16:34
bencohI might know why actually ...16:35
bencohcmcli -T common-ca -v works16:35
bencohfunny how -T common-ca -L doesn't show cert16:35
bencoh-c common-ca -L shows it16:35
bencohlooks like a cmcli bug to me16:35
freemangordonthe question is - does supl works?16:35
bencoh65d16a388a3264df9d6624c9ac7f273a49644346 Verification failed: unable to get local issuer certificate16:36
bencohnevermind the -T part, it still fails16:36
bencoh(works on though)16:36
freemangordonwhat happens if you try to openns connect?16:36
freemangordon*openssl connect16:36
bencohdoesn't work16:36
KotCzarnydid format change somehow? some newer revision in supl?16:36
freemangordonKotCzarny: he is unable to connect :)16:37
bencohbut ... I suppose openssl s_client doesn't use maemocert anyway16:37
KotCzarnygood ol' n900's cert fun16:37
freemangordonbencoh: :nod:16:37
freemangordonbencoh: are you on cssu?16:37
bencoh-stable, but yeah16:37
freemangordonwell, it is not "yah" because your openssl is old16:38
KotCzarnygo thumb, it gives you quite a bit of free mem16:38
bencohOpenSSL 0.9.8zf 19 Mar 201516:38
bencohnot that old16:38
freemangordonhmm, should be ok then16:38
bencohso ... cmcli does verify
freemangordonbencoh: could you try to connect via openssl wit dumpcerts option and pastebin the result16:39
freemangordonI suspect we're missing some sony root cert16:39
bencohwe are16:39
bencohmy question is, why adding cert (since I dont want to add their CA) doesn't work?16:40
freemangordonlooks like this is how it should be :)16:41
freemangordonall the chain should be trusted16:41
freemangordonand you're missing the root cert16:41
bencohand we're back to my first point16:41
bencohwhy can't we add a per-domain exception?!16:41
bencohwhy should I trust Sony's CA?!16:41
bencohit's a system-wide trust ...16:42
freemangordonbencoh: because root certs are system-wide AFAIK16:42
freemangordonbencoh: OR...16:42
bencohwhich is why I'd like to only add the domain cert itself, but...16:42
Sicelobencoh: any reason you don't like to to trust sony's? :)16:43
freemangordonwe should add sony's root CA the same way we did for those insecure symantec certs16:43
bencohSicelo: issuer=/C=SE/L=Lund/O=Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB/OU=Sony Ericsson Secure E2E16:43
bencohare you willing to widly trust this?16:43
bencohfreemangordon: how did you add it?16:43
bencohfreemangordon: are you referring to the CA used to sign
freemangordonbut, root cert, not the intermediate one16:44
Siceloquestion is though .. does sony's supl provide data in a way that Maemo understands? bencoh <<16:44
freemangordonjust add sony's root cert in etc/certs/location-proxy/16:44
bencohfreemangordon: I don't have that here (since -stable)16:44
freemangordonyes, it is new16:45
bencohso how comes it's still able to verify it?16:45
bencohdid they fix their chain somehow?16:45
Sicelobecause iirc google's doesn't work due to something related to alamanc data being sent or not sent16:45
freemangordonbencoh: at some point supl become broken for those using cssu-devel ;)16:45
bencohSicelo: that's actually what I'm willing to check16:45
bencohfreemangordon: I'm not using -devel :D16:45
freemangordonSicelo: we'll understand once we're able to connect to it16:46
bencoh(well, only importing a few packets here and there :p)16:46
freemangordonbencoh: and this was the fix, that will go into the next -testing16:46
freemangordonthe commit ^^^16:46
freemangordonbut you could use it as an example on how to add a root cert used only by location-proxy16:47
freemangordonand not system-wide16:47
bencohI suppose location-proxy automatically uses the location-proxy store then?16:47
freemangordonbencoh: got it?16:47
bencohthen I should be able to add sony root using cmcli16:47
bencohthe thing is ... I don't have the root cert16:47
freemangordonbencoh: it uses common-ca and appends location-proxy store16:47
bencohit's missing16:47
freemangordonbencoh: yes, that's normal :)16:48
bencohit's absent from the cert chain16:48
freemangordonwe should find somebody woth a sony device :)16:48
bencohI guess we could do that16:48
KotCzarnyor browse old firmware images?16:48
freemangordonor ask google :D16:49
bencohyou might be right16:49
freemangordonbencoh: yes, we know Sicelo might be right, but we can't be sure until we try it16:50
Siceloi'm busy with somehting for the next few hours, but am on -devel and willing to test (with some guidance perhaps) ... if someone finds the sony cert let me know16:52
xeswarfare: it seems we were searching for the wrong words... "RRLP server"16:54
xesfreemangordon: have you any idea about how is current RRLP implementation in the N900?16:55
freemangordonbut I was wondering - can't we buy a commercial product?16:56
bencohxes: nice16:57
Sicelohmm, isn't RRLP something different? that's basically location via cell id17:05
bencohSicelo: not exactly17:05
Sicelowhich makes sense to be related to openbts ..17:05
infobotRRLP is the Radio Resource LCS (Location Service) Protocol as specified first in GSM TS 04.31, or
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bencohhmm ...
bencoh(found on blog in another rrlp article)19:25
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KotCzarnydrat, i love debugging obscure errors20:03
KotCzarnyfor a future reference, remember to compile sublibs with the same cflags. /me nudges  -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=6420:04
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bencohhmm, looks like cmt-reset (as root) really works on maemo ... it does resets modem properly20:08
bencohincluding GPS, since location-daemon then fetches SUPL data back from server20:08
KotCzarny'does reset' or 'do resets'20:08
bencohthat's pretty handy to help debugging A-GPS20:08
bencohdoes reset20:09
bencohbottomline is, really works20:09
bencoh(for now ...)20:09
KotCzarnywhy it wasnt working before?20:10
bencohI wasn't sure it worked before20:10
bencohnow I know for sure20:10
bencohjonwil said he didn't see anything in tcpdump so I had to check ... hence cmt-reset20:10
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bencohwell, at least I do see packets going through20:12
KotCzarnymake sure those aren't 404 ;)20:12
bencohwith no enabled data connection it doesn't get a proper fix20:14
bencohit does as soon as I enable gprs data :)20:15
bencohregarding having our own server, looks like we can easily get "live" ephemeris/almanac data and use the openbts rrlp server, but afaiui we're still missing the supl<->rrlp glue20:17
bencohnot sure though20:17
KotCzarnyyay! it works, muahahhahahahhahaah20:20
KotCzarnyspent almost whole day debugging miscompiled library20:20
KotCzarnyat least it works now :)20:21
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Enrico__Hello, I am trying to install NITDroid on a Nokia N900 from here:21:13
KotCzarnyunsupported, risky, wouldn't work21:14
KotCzarnyif you really need android tablet with kb there are better options21:14
Enrico__What do you mean?21:14
Enrico__Is there anything for the N900?21:15
KotCzarnywhat will you be doing with nitdroid?21:15
Enrico__Well, I just would like to install some apps which are not available for Maemo.21:15
KotCzarnybut would telephony work?21:15
Enrico__Why not?21:16
KotCzarnybecause i have never heard of nitdroid supporting telephony on n90021:18
KotCzarnyalso, n900 has 256M of ram, which is TINY when it comes to android21:18
Enrico__I understand. Are there better options?21:18
KotCzarnyso just grab yourself some old native android phone with physical kb21:18
KotCzarnysome people were experimenting with apkenv to run droid apps on maemo, but it's not satisfactory as well21:19
Enrico__In any case, I would like to try, just for the sake of knowledge and to see what happens.21:21
KotCzarnyyou like to hurt yourself, won't stop you then21:21
KotCzarnybut keep in mind that even old gingerbread on htc hero (380MB of ram) was slow21:22
Enrico__No problem. It's kind of a game. But I'd need to understand some things to try.21:26
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KotCzarnyif you want to play with android innards, better grab some development board (ie. one of allwinner ones). they are much more hacker friendly (more connectors, unbrickable, uart exposed etc)21:30
KotCzarnyor allwinner tablet (similarly unbrickable)21:30
KotCzarnycheap too21:31
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Sicelo009Nnice find bencoh, re - cmt-reset22:15
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DocScrutinizer05~tell Enrico__ about maemo-multiboot23:17
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, nitdroid is Nokia Internet Tablets with android OS. Support on nitdroid is provided in the channel #nitdroid and #nitdroid-help and Nokia does not officially support owners with android OS on their tablets. For more information read here: If you have bricked your N900 device and have installed nitdroid, flash with both eMMC and fiasco.23:18
Enrico__Hello, my N900 is not bricked any more.23:21
Enrico__I have u-boot working and Maemo as well.23:21
Enrico__Just playing around with NITDroid.23:22
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