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jonwilFinally getting somewhere with this transport app :)02:00
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jonwilNow I just need to spend some time reading the networking chapter of my QT4 book :)02:10
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jonwildamn, I cant get this networking to work :(05:11
jonwilNetworking in QT is a pain :(05:11
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jonwilyay, I found out the solution and I can make requests and get data back.06:42
jonwiland I now know how to change the SSL version of QHttp on Maemo from the default of Sslv3 to TlsV1 :)06:43
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ceenejonwil: i did something back later regarding that09:49
ceenei think i even sent a patch09:49
ceenebut i don't know why it hasn't reached the masses yet09:50
jonwilYeah support for newer versions of TLS was added and the default was changed09:50
jonwilbut in my case I want it to work without needing to change QT09:50
ceeneyes, that was it09:50
ceeneit seems it got applied09:50
ceenei also had some patches almost ready to use newer openssl version09:51
ceenebut i left it half baked, i think09:51
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ceenethis is the branch i got applied (just that one top commit)09:57
ceeneand i was implementing this thing09:57
ceeneto allow it to use newer TLS versions appearing on newer openssl versions09:58
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ceenei also pulled openssl version from debian sid10:06
ceeneand modified so it compiled on scratchbox10:06
ceenei verified that it worked too10:06
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princefakhanHey #maemo10:13
KotCzarnyhey you10:14
princefakhanI was thinking of reviving my N900. Will install cssu-thumb. Anything I should know since the repositories were taken down?10:15
infobotsomebody said maemo-repos was
KotCzarnyyou can use mirrors10:15
princefakhanThanks. Any other developments?10:18
KotCzarnyask specifically10:18
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infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss13:07
infoboti heard jrrepos is
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xesmaybe someone else is playing with sms / pdu and python...
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DocScrutinizer05Wizzup: could you share a pointer ot chanlog?17:40
DocScrutinizer05btw a HUGE THANK YOU to Marius Gedminas (mgedmin) and the "programmers of vilnius" for years and years of providing awesome flawless chanlog17:41
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WizzupDocScrutinizer05: uhm, yesterday17:45
Wizzupyou were in that same conversation17:45
DocScrutinizer05well, my guessing skills totally fail to find the refrenced statement(s)17:54
DocScrutinizer05yesterday's first: [2017-02-27 Mon 08:53:19] <Vajb_> well, one can never know what those closed blobs do.17:55
DocScrutinizer05last: [2017-02-27 Mon 22:39:27] <Pali> hi!17:55
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DocScrutinizer05was there a netsplit?17:56
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sixwheeledbeastthere was something18:00
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DocScrutinizer05so maybe I didn't even receive the devuan-amprolla-related stuff wizzup referred to?18:16
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xy2_hey salamisami21:02
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