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jonwilbah, still no luck finding a way to do SSL/HTTPS from my code that isn't super-complicated :(02:37
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jonwillooks like libcurl will work for what I need09:01
freemangordonjonwil: :nod:09:10
freemangordonthis is what FB plugin and co use09:10
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freemangordonjonwil: or, you can RE feedservice2 and use network_utils_XXX functions :)09:11
freemangordonjonwil: see
jonwilfeedservice2 looks like its tied to glib09:13
jonwilwhich I want to avoid since I will probably end up writing the UI for this thing (when I get to it) in QT09:13
jonwilcurl works09:13
jonwilso I am going with that09:13
freemangordonQT is tied to glib as well09:13
jonwilalso feedservice isn't installed to the device by default but libcurl is :)09:19
jonwilI dont have feedservice on my device at all09:20
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jonwilhmmm, now I need something that can parse JSON data...11:28
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dmth|intevationjonwil in which context?12:22
jonwilI have a char * buffer that contains JSON data and I want to parse that and then manipulate the results.12:26
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dmth|intevationjonwil: Sry. Can't help you there.12:34
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Sicelojonwil: for the transit application?13:37
jonwilTurns out the official journey planning web page is powered by JSON (and JavaScript on the client). Managed to figure out the right URL and the right set of fields to include in the POST data meaning I get parseable JSON I can fiddle with and use13:45
Sicelois this AUS-specific, or when your program is live, we can all use it? :)13:46
jonwilThis is specific to my transit operator13:47
jonwilThe web page itself is 100% usable on the N900 (probably all that JavaScript, hence the desire to write an app13:47
KotCzarnyjonwil: webscraping can be unreliable, unless they use their own api13:48
jonwilwebscraping content can be unreliable13:48
jonwilbut webscraping JSON data should be more reliable as its less likely to change just because of a web page design change.13:49
jonwilworst that happens is that I find the form inputs it wants or the JSON data it emits have changed and I fix my app :)13:49
KotCzarnyworst that can happen is you moving out to different country and app losing mintainer ;)13:54
jonwilI cant see myself changing cities anytime soon13:54
KotCzarnyor obfuscating js13:54
KotCzarnythat's the worst13:54
jonwilThe JS being obfuscated doesn't matter since I dont need to worry about the JS13:55
KotCzarnywith sessions, hashes, secrets etc13:55
KotCzarnyby js i mean that post fields would be generated to avoid unauthorized uses13:55
jonwilI feed inputs into the form and use the Mozilla Web Console to see what the variables passed as POST are and I see what the returned JSON is and go from there13:56
jonwilAs for obfuscation, this is a government web site13:56
jonwiland its not the sort of agency that would intentionally obfuscate things just to stop people using it (they do use the usual shrink tools that remove all white space, give identifiers the shortest possible made-up names etc to reduce bandwidth use but nothing beyond that)13:57
jonwilThey provide all sorts of open data (including GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds)13:57
DocScrutinizer05jonwil: did you ever look into Fahrplan app?13:58
DocScrutinizer05I don't know if it uses JSON but it has whole the framework needed, otherwise13:59
DocScrutinizer05and still works great for me, here in Germany13:59
DocScrutinizer05after a tiny patch a year or two ago13:59
jonwilWhere can I get this Fahrplan thing from?14:00
DocScrutinizer05you could even just extend the app, since in app config there's a dropdown select for backend/farend/whatever14:00
jonwilOooh, that might be interesting14:05
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NotKithow does hildon-desktop handle rotation?15:23
NotKitdoes Xorg screen get actually rotated or it's faked in some way?15:25
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DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: ?17:15
DocScrutinizer05Sicelo: could you cite please? I got "hide join/nick/part"17:16
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buZzyw ;)18:21
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freemangordonNotKit: iirc it is rotadet via clutter18:30
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