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dottedmagHow does one unsubscribe from "Maemo Coding Competition 2016 voting" and similar e-mails? .procmailrc is fine and dandy, but it's way better to nip unwanted e-mails in the bud instead of dealing with them post factum.09:03
Sicelotry your profile on ..09:11
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DocScrutinizer05dottedmag: change your email to something pointing to nowhere. Do _not_ delete your account before you did that, since account deletion doesn't rpopagate through maemo's several databases10:58
DocScrutinizer05this been implemented to avoid disasters deleting all userbase when a component of the distributed account handling fails10:59
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dottedmagDocScrutinizer05: Sicelo: Thank you!12:09
dottedmagHmm. I can log in to, but profile there is useless: it only allows me to see my "karma", I don't see any way to change it. I can't login to talk.maemo.org12:17
dottedmagNice touch: "Member Since 1970-01-01" :)12:17
dottedmagHmm, I have changed e-mail via, not sure whether it will propagate everywhere.12:26
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xesdottedmag: that way should work propagating to midgard at next sync13:07
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dottedmagxes: thanks15:08
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L29AhThe Maemo Coding Competition 2016 voting time has started!17:25
L29Ahfucking lyers17:25
L29AhThe voting period for the specified election starts on 2017-02-16 23:59:59 (UTC) and ends on 2017-02-28 23:59:59 (UTC). It is not possible to vote now.17:31
L29Ah[x] report spam17:31
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bencoh23:59 utc17:39
bencohit's still 14:40 utc17:40
L29Ahbut the mails say the vote have begun17:40
bencoh(err, 15:40)17:40
bencohaah, right :)17:40
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sixwheeledbeastIt's probably part of the default voting template.18:27
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Siceloi like how this article begins: "Apple is closer than ever to the no-home-button phone."22:27
Sicelois it that difficult? /me thinks .. N9 in 201122:27
Siceloanyway, Apple will invent it evidently in 2017/1822:28
keriohistory will look favourably on github for inventing version control22:49
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warfareITYM centralized distributed version control.22:57
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