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ds3Mmmm android on LXC02:43
ds3that should be the default all all the phones02:43
DocScrutinizer05how about coding a wjatsapp virus to bring that abomination down for good, so people learn to avoid "free" apps that simply rob their contact data and thus make those silly users deliberately-ignorant accomplices of data thieves02:51
DocScrutinizer05ds3: indeed that was one of the very (too) late rescue concepts for a way ahead for all Nokia phones, when it became obvious that Elop just sold Nokia to M$02:54
DocScrutinizer05linux as host OS and whatever Symbian or maemo or windows-CE or $younameit in a VM or container or sth like that02:55
DocScrutinizer05if only they had started that concept a 5 years earlier02:55
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ds3DocScrutinizer05: I was thinking more that as a way to keep android in check02:59
ds3I been wanting to do android in a container for a long long time but never got around to doing02:59
ds3another option is UML but UML on arm doesn't seem to work03:00
ds3Not sure if LXC has changed but OpenVZ was a stronger container03:00
ds3even within pure Maemo, LXC'ing the browser seemed like a good thing but no one here seems to think so03:01
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OksanaaAnnoying... Somebody tries to get us to use Viber; do they have an app for feature phone ( from South Korea, unidentified OS ), Keon ( Firefox OS ) or Nokia N900 ( Maemo 5 )?03:45
OksanaaOr Nokia N9, for that matter...03:46
OksanaaFor Symbian would be interesting too, for that matter, though we did not figure out how to insert SIM card into Nokia 5230 properly.03:48
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fishbulbI hvea an external DAC/headphone amp that works with android 4 and above04:10
fishbulbit's plug and play in linux too04:10
fishbulbI can't find how to change the sound output to this thing with the n90004:10
fishbulbor whether it's connected or not, how would I find the driver if one is needed? what linux kernel does the n900 use?04:12
OksanaaHuh... Good question. First, which part of Linux speaks with it? Like, is an additional driver or something needed for it? Second, how does N900 differentiate between different things inserted into it, like headsets and headphones?04:12
fishbulbnothing has needed a driver so far, my arch or debian installs or my android tablet04:12
fishbulbit is an external DAC04:12
Oksanaauname -a gives Linux Nokia-N900 #1 PREEMPT Sat Apr 6 11:59:23 UTC 2013 armv7l04:13
OksanaaOn my N900 ^04:13
fishbulbincorporates a headphone amp, you can plug the dac into the usb port of supported devices and it works04:13
fishbulboh. 2.6 sounds pretty old compared to... now04:13
OksanaaSo USB driver needed, probably, for dac...04:14
fishbulbandroid 4.0 doesn't need it04:14
OksanaaAbout newer kernel, ask04:14
infobot[fptf] the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
fishbulbI dont' think I need or want a newer kernel04:14
OksanaaCurrently, no. Alpha-stage, it may be atm.04:16
Oksanaa/me searches for dac usb site:maemo.org04:17
OksanaaFishbulb: do you have power kernel installing? It allows to install h-e-n and use N900 as USB host04:21
OksanaaNext step would be installing smplayer (ALSA-friendly), because PulseAudio is way too difficult to reconfigure properly04:23
fishbulboh shit I forgot you have to enable host mode04:23
fishbulbyeah of course I have kernel power04:23
fishbulbpower kernel04:23
OksanaaHoping it helps. is a very good thread.04:24
fishbulbthe thing doesn't need power, it contains it's own battery04:24
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Vajbkerio: telegram already does that webclient, standalone client and mobile client. Didn't try linux client yet, but going to at next week. Windows client works well together with purple telegram.09:17
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jonsgerif I connect my N900 through usb with my PC, there is a folder mount name "Nokia N900". where can I find this folder on the N900 (Busybox shell) itself?15:32
ShadowJK~/MyDocs I think16:04
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ceenehappy new year guys!20:31
KotCzarnyhappy arbirtrary cyclic sun orbiting festivity20:32
* ceene pesters KotCzarny last time in the year about open sourcing oscp20:32
KotCzarnyoh, right20:32
KotCzarnymy laziness is huge20:33
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VajbKotCzarny: how is imgur client coming together?21:27
Vajboh and will it be open source21:28
KotCzarnysurely, i was looking into it and apparently it uses something old, very old, or even just linkscraping21:30
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sicelo-hi jonwil. 2017 already in your world :)21:59
jonwilyeah :)21:59
jonwilLets hope 2017 brings good things for the world of Maemo :)22:03
sicelo-looks like .. seen latest video from FMG?
jonwilI am more interested in good things for people using a N900, not good things for people who want to use Maemo bits on other hardware :)22:13
jonwilThe N900 is still the best phone that exists (at least as long as the Neo900 doesn't exist in full final hardware yet :)22:14
sicelo-i won't have the other hardware for sure :-/22:14
KotCzarnynever say never22:15
sicelo-so i'm also looking forward to keeping them alive as far as possible22:15
KotCzarnythose allwinner tablets are dirt cheap22:15
sicelo-not here :)22:18
sicelo-anyway, cheap is one part of the equation ...22:18
jonwilIf you could create a top-5 wishlist for 2017 for Maemo, what would that wishlist be?22:18
sicelo-in addition to buying the AW, there's the low level work .. which might be harder on the tables, because the hardware might vary greatly. all N900 are the same (mostly, discounting those mysterious hardware IDs)22:19
KotCzarnywell, in the case of allwinner most of the job is already done by community22:20
KotCzarnybut no hurry, it will take a bit for maemo to mature enough to be usable for end users on generic linux22:26
RST38hYou mean, Maemo is not mature enough but will definitley mature?22:40
RST38hAnd you mean it not as in "ossify"?22:41
RST38hOr even "petrify"?22:42
KotCzarnyyou might say it would liven enough to find new hosts22:54
sicelo-wow. firefox just ate up all 8GB of RAM and 9GB swap on my pc23:26
KotCzarnyhe he he.23:29

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