IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2016-12-28

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enychrrm still blocked on ;-(10:50
enyc"Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist."10:50
enycfrom  on legacy internet  ( doesn't have AAAA record)10:51
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auenfis that a proxy you are using?11:58
enycauenf: no11:59
enycauenf: isp-private (now) nat64 gateway12:00
enycauenf: report would suggest after that change, issues stopped12:01
enycwould like un-block on please, if there are ongoing issues happy to push up chain in (genuinely responsive) aaisp support12:01
enyc(also, can just get working AAAA pointer ???? )12:01
enychappy to help with this etc12:02
enychildon-foundation needs an ipv6 route from upstream?12:20
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auenfnot sure who needs to fix that, maybe just a removal request on stopforumspam ?12:22
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chem|stenyc: yeah techstaff is the right address for this12:28
enycchem|st: mailed there already12:30
enycmaybe they're all on holiday until 2017-01-03 ;p12:30
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xesenyc: please retry20:22
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