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DocScrutinizer05hey folks, the hackers of you might be interested in details about ECI:  ECI*17:26
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newbieAlertHello, chroot inside SFOS is not working. I have copied /etc/resolv.conf to chroot. Chroot is able to ping devices over wifi but not over internet. Any solution, please help.20:28
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Vajbim starting to get pretty sure that the guy who maintains imgur program isn't going to make it work again. Last update on github is from 2011 and it's been 4 days since i emailed him.21:31
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siceloVajb: fix it yourself? :)21:57
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Vajbsicelo: i would if it were some mechanical device like car engine, but with these languages i can barely read (not understand) im lost21:59
KotCzarnymotivate/pay someone to do it?22:00
KotCzarnymake a thread on tmo?22:00
KotCzarnyteach your kids c and make them do it?22:02
Vajb1. I've dealed without till now. I think i'll manage still. 2. Good idea, but i thought this is the source of most instant replies. 3. I don't have kids and im not planning to have them and probably our cats wouldn't learn. 4 thanks for good ideas, but sorry that i ruled them all down. Merry xmass nevertheless :)22:05
Vajbhmm and i think it should be dealt.22:06
KotCzarnyi would've done it, but i'm not using n900 as a sharing device22:06
KotCzarnyit should be easy though22:07
Vajbwell me neither since yappari died22:07
Vajbi can still upload to facedesk via web uploader22:07
KotCzarnytry nudging me in the nearest days, maybe i'll take a look22:07
Vajband besides who knows if i just happened to pick a week to mail when maintainer is having his well earned holiday in thailand22:09
KotCzarny5 years is a lot in IT22:09
Vajbi still use a computer that i bought 2001 ;)22:10
KotCzarnyi love old thinkpads22:11
KotCzarnycurrently on t50022:11
KotCzarnyand the best part? its faster than many new ones, and 10x cheaper22:12
Vajbwhat os r u running on them?22:13
KotCzarnyslackware and win7_6422:14
Vajbother box i use it old acer aspire 5315 laptop and for last week i've struggled to fix windows vista update problem22:14
KotCzarnyuh, oh, you've used impossible combination 'fix, vista'22:15
Vajbhmm i think those t500 r a bit sophisticated than this old "price starting from" model...22:15
KotCzarnyi bought it used for ~60usd22:16
Vajbwell my gf got this brand new ten years ago :D22:16
Vajband recently she bought a new laptop and i scavenged this old rotten corpse of a laptop22:17
KotCzarnyyou should definitely check fo used good condition thinkpads (t6X or t500)22:18
KotCzarnyacers werent know for build quality ;)22:18
KotCzarnydrat. too many typos. *known22:18
KotCzarnyor x series if you like them more portable22:19
Vajbyeah i've had my share of this acer and i would gladly smash it to pieces...22:20
KotCzarnyi've had one thinkpad (that was made by acer really), i1300, hated it a bit too22:20
Vajbi once tried linux livecd on this and it failed miserably. Now i've learnt why it did, but still am kinda lazy to fix it and switch coz i need some stuff which works only in windows :/22:21
KotCzarnyever heard of virtualbox? assuming it's cpu has some vt extensions22:21
Vajbno, and it was something to do with cpu fan not working without some special signal somewhere22:22
Vajbi vaguely remember something like that...22:23
sicelo-KotCzarny: my X40 is showing its age ... but now i'm converted to Thinkpad too ... if I get a laptop near future, it's definitely going to be a TP22:25
sicelo-but the T are huge :-/22:25
KotCzarnyi still use my x40 (with msata samsung pm830 ssd)22:25
KotCzarnysicelo, huge == big screen, good for big amount of code at once on the screen ;)22:25
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KotCzarnyfor portability there is x series as you mentioned22:26
Vajbwell if im about to log in to facebook i rather do it in n900 than in that acer22:26
KotCzarnyt was meant for productivity22:26
Vajband if im about to check some video from youtube i rather use ps3 than any computer i've used22:26
sicelo-that problem with hibernation is still giving me a difficult time on the x40, and my cardbus USB adapter is suddenly not working, and i suspect the x40 is actually at fault, not the card itself22:26
sicelo-and X230 seems nice .. but still pricey22:27
KotCzarnyi also have x60 and x61 and t61 and 560x and 760l22:28
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KotCzarnybut x40 is very nice midpoint for a console/firefox22:28
sicelo-i love it to bits :)22:29
sicelo-very practical little machine22:29
KotCzarnyyes, very cool too22:29
KotCzarnyand slim and sexy22:29
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KotCzarnyand with ultra slow hdd changed to ssd it just flies22:30
KotCzarny(as much as single core can fly)22:30
sicelo-yes it's got ssd, and for my purposes is super fast. i'm completely satisfied with it22:31 wants to sell me t500 @150e basically22:48
KotCzarnynah, look for your local classifieds sites22:53
KotCzarnyfrom your city etc22:53
sicelo-looks like local sites here are giving similar price for me .. if that's Euro22:53
KotCzarnyhum, too pricy then22:54
KotCzarnyit makes sense when they are <100 eur22:54
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KotCzarnyjust browse ads eevery week for a deal22:55
Vajbwell if i look my local sales they r +100e for
Vajbbut t500 with any hw is worth less than 100e?22:56
Vajbi'll keep that in mind and keep my debit card ready22:57
KotCzarnydepends. its worth as much as you can value it. im just saying you can get a better deal22:57
KotCzarnyand yeah, they come in diff. configs, i've grabbed mine with radeon 365022:58
KotCzarnyand p8600 (2.4ghz)22:58
Vajbwell used laptop for over 100e is total overkill for me22:59
sicelo-especially as you'll more than likely have to get a battery as well22:59
Vajbi was offered asus g75vw with 700e, one year old22:59
KotCzarnyyou know, those good deals won't last long usually22:59
WizzupI got some x200 laptops for around 100 eur22:59
Wizzuplibrebooted them22:59
Vajbwell im fast to buy when i have target clear in my mind23:00
KotCzarnyo, steam winter salee23:00
KotCzarny(wrong channel. ugh)23:00
sunshavi then i want an x220.  But  shipping is almost 50 bucks to south america ;)23:01
Vajbwell why wouldn't "steaming winter sale" make sence with laptops too :)23:01
Wizzupsunshavi: x220 doesn't do libreboot though23:05
sicelo-x200 is 200EUR here .. steep23:08
sicelo-x220 i mean23:08
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KotCzarnyits intel core though23:09
KotCzarnyi think23:09
KotCzarnyi5 probably23:09
VajbKotCzarny: if u make working imgur client for n900 i promise to share my cats photos. One of them is KotCzarny ;)23:09
sicelo-ah, it comes with docking station too, seemingly23:10
Vajbbbl nite all23:13
KotCzarnynite nite23:13
sunshavivajb: that's a good offer for kotczarny23:18
sunshavisicelo: on the past i have found one unit on USA without hdd and battery for almost 100 bucks23:19
sunshavikotczarny: It is i5 and 12h battery life23:19
sunshavisicelo: x220 even has a manual for disassembly. it was the last of his type23:20
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sicelo-i will be on the lookout for an x220 for sure. the size is good23:26
sicelo-that one for sale is actually a good deal, considering the dock goes with it .. but am broke atm .. perfect timing23:27
sunshavisicelo: which one is ur continent?23:33
sunshavihow much is the shipping to there?. also23:33
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sicelo-Africa .. I'm actually in South Africa. shipping tends to be costly in general23:37
sunshavisicelo: then we are in the same situation. ;)23:40
sunshavisicelo: I am interested on the x220 also. who knows perhaps you would get one unit before than me23:51

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