IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2016-12-02

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PaliWizzup: qemu-system which emulates n900?00:35
Paliyes, there is00:35
Palibut musb is not emulated00:36
Wizzupokay, that was my question00:36
Wizzupthanks :)00:36
Palin900 is included only in linaro-qemu00:36
Palinot in upstream qemu00:36
WizzupI recall that00:36
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VajbMornin'. I havfe weird problem with my n900. Even if i open kbrd device is not locked to "widescreen" and screen rotates. Also some programs behave like kbrd is not slide out. How ever kbrd is still recognized. Device unlocks when i slide it out.05:22
Vajbi can name atleast two programs so far. Opera looks like it might pop up vkbrd, but doesn't and sticky notes pop's vkbrd and with many tries accepts hwkbrd.05:49
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Vajbbut strangest thing is that screen rotation. It never locks to widescreen mode, but rotates when i tilt the device nevertheless kbrd is slide out or not.05:50
DocScrutinizer05mce config or version05:53
DocScrutinizer05or hildon desktop config05:53
Vajbdidn't touch those, but how to check?05:57
Vajbi have cssu-testing. Haven't used apt nor hildon app manager in months05:58
Vajbi _think_ it started yesterday after opera hang for awhile. Device was unresponsive like five minutes. And when it revived it didn't lit back light before i changed brightness settings from brightness applet06:00
Vajbcould there be some process which died in the process and didn't respawn cleanly?06:00
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DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# status mce06:10
DocScrutinizer05mce (start) running06:10
DocScrutinizer05try stop mce06:10
DocScrutinizer05start mce06:10
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DocScrutinizer05try dbus by using the dbus commands to mce in ~phonecontrol06:11
infobotrumour has it, phonecontrol is
Vajbsh stop not found, eh06:11
Vajbah right...06:12
DocScrutinizer05dbus-send --system --type=method_call /com/nokia/mce/request string:"PatternCommunicationIM"06:12
DocScrutinizer05dbus-send --system --type=method_call /com/nokia/mce/request string:"PatternCommunicationIM06:12
DocScrutinizer05even better:  dbus-send --system --print-reply /com/nokia/mce/request int32:255 int32:100006:13
Vajbthat stop/start mce did the trick06:13
DocScrutinizer05k, happy it works06:13
Vajbscreen backlight died as with opera hang06:14
Vajband i had to input security code which was the case after opera too, but i forgot it.06:14
DocScrutinizer05comes back on lock&unlock06:14
Vajbbut it works now, thx06:15
DocScrutinizer05for some reason mce got upset in a starnge way06:16
DocScrutinizer05it was _nod_ dead, since when it's dead no screen rotation at all06:17
DocScrutinizer05seems something did nasty stuff to mce06:17
DocScrutinizer05oooh, "... with many tries..." might be dbus storm06:19
DocScrutinizer05htop is your friend06:19
DocScrutinizer05or top06:19
DocScrutinizer05also syslog06:21
Vajbi tried top but nothing seemed odd06:21
Vajbbut yeah somehow opera got mce to crash or stop because i had to input lockcode there too as i did now06:22
DocScrutinizer05yeah that explains it06:22
Vajbopera is versio 11.50.1406:23
DocScrutinizer05opera well might try nasty weird stuff to handle orientation and backlight and keyboard in a way not compatible with mce06:23
DocScrutinizer05never heard anything like that, but opera does a lot of stuff in 'its own way'06:25
Vajbyup i've noticed06:25
Vajbi have two pages whichs give me instant reboot06:26
Vajbboth of them r weater services06:26
Vajbilmatieteenlaitos and foreca06:26
Vajbweather even06:27
Vajbdunno what they do or ask opera to do but result is always reboot06:27
DocScrutinizer05I could see how they make opera go south, but *boot*? :-o06:27
DocScrutinizer05that's nasty06:27
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DocScrutinizer05aah wait, when mce restarts too often, device will reboot indeed06:33
DocScrutinizer05too often iirc = 3 times in one minute06:33
Vajbok so maybe that is the reason then? Opera mess with mce. Mce upsets and runs away thus device reboots.06:35
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# /sbin/mce --version06:36
DocScrutinizer05mce v1.8.12706:36
DocScrutinizer05Written by David Weinehall.06:36
DocScrutinizer05Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Nokia Corporation.  All rights reserved.06:36
DocScrutinizer05Segmentation fault (core dumped)06:36
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ls -l /sbin/mce; md5sum /sbin/mce06:36
DocScrutinizer05-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 81160 2015-04-05 16:56 /sbin/mce06:36
DocScrutinizer051edd10407336c736c0466bbcfe2084c9  /sbin/mce06:36
Vajbi have same  version06:37
Vajband same md5sum06:39
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ps aux|grep mce|grep -v grep06:39
DocScrutinizer05root       819  0.0  0.9   6232  2284 ?        S<s  Oct18   1:29 /sbin/mce --force-syslog06:39
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ps aux|grep /sbin/syslog|grep -v grep06:40
DocScrutinizer05root       716  0.0  0.2   1620   548 ?        Ss   Oct18   0:24 /sbin/syslogd -n06:40
DocScrutinizer05and yes, Oct 18 is what you think :-)06:42
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# uptime06:42
DocScrutinizer05 05:41    44 Tage 17:42 an,  0 Benutzer,  Durchschnittslast: 0,10, 0,09, 0,0206:42
DocScrutinizer05grep mce /var/log/syslog|less06:47
DocScrutinizer05there's also a problem with syslog and 44 days uptime ;-)06:48
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# ls -l /var/log/syslog06:48
DocScrutinizer05-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 12473253 2016-12-02 05:38 /var/log/syslog06:48
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# df -h /var/log/syslog06:49
DocScrutinizer05Dateisystem           Size  Used Avail Use% Eingehängt auf06:49
DocScrutinizer05ubi0:rootfs           228M  187M   37M  84% /06:49
Vajbi have 27 days of uptime, but can't recall this kind of problem even when i had 70 days uptime06:51
Vajbif only there were sane alternative for opera, but main reason i like opera is that it is very fast to start06:54
Vajbdidn't like fennec nor qml bowser because of slow start06:55
DocScrutinizer05hmm, if opera is "fast startup" then they must be cheating with preload07:04
Vajbno idea, but difference is huge07:20
Vajbalso i don't like default browser spawning that "prescreen" first and real page in new window07:20
DocScrutinizer05hmm yeah07:21
DocScrutinizer05and indeed opera starts fast, without preload trick07:21 didn't ever finish to load but didn't crash stuff for me07:22
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*** DocScrutinizer05 has joined #maemo08:08 does for me and almost instantly08:14
KotCzarnymaybe its too cold out there08:15
Vajband before u ask. No me device is not overclocked ;)08:15
VajbKotCzarny: should't be. Just -3 now08:15
Vajbhmm +n08:15
KotCzarnydevice is getting old, you know, old people get cold easier08:16
Vajbbut i have easy solution. Just add those crash sites to hosts file to prevent them loading in the first place :)08:16
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Vajbhmm old? It is just starting school. Or are thos dog years?08:18
KotCzarnyyes, phoneyears08:18
Vajbmy typing with work gloves could use some practise...08:18
KotCzarnyimo its just like human years *10 or *1508:18
Vajbyeah i guess08:19
Vajbwhat is fastest device now? Like 2.2ghz or something?08:19
KotCzarnyx86 ones?08:20
Vajbso if we count from there it is about 4, ah but 4 cores08:20
Vajbwell what ever they use in androids08:21
TheKit2.8-3.0 GHz08:23
Vajbhmm that oddness is back without anything unusuall. Rotating is not locked nevertheless of kbrd being out or not.08:35
KotCzarnywhat oddness?08:37
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Vajbthat screen is not locked to widescreen and that vkbrd pops up even if hwkbrd is open08:56
KotCzarnyno new apps installed recently?08:58
KotCzarnyreboot didnt help?09:01
Vajbdidn't reboot :)09:01
Vajbi wanted to solve without09:01
Vajbmce stop/start helped momentarily09:02
KotCzarnylatest cssu?09:02
Vajbup testing flavour09:02
KotCzarnyrun dbus monitor and log what happens after mce restart? (using tee maybe)09:03
KotCzarnyits noisy, so you might try to ctrl-c just after noticing problem came back09:03
Vajbi was thinking of trying to disable vkbrd and re-enable to see if it does something09:04
Vajbi'll try dbus monitoring after i get home. I think my boss values me working for him more than me debugging my phone :)09:06
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Vajbbtw is mce only thing responsible for device orientation lock?09:21
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: no, I think hildon desktop is also involved11:19
DocScrutinizer05dbus-monitor is a good idea11:21
DocScrutinizer05to a logfile11:21
DocScrutinizer05prolly both system- and session-bus11:21
DocScrutinizer05and get syslog!11:22
DocScrutinizer05apt-cache search syslog11:22
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: also check your slide magnet12:01
VajbDocScrutinizer05: but i it was mechanical failure then device wouldn't unlock when i slide kbrd open, right?12:06
Vajbbut if*12:06
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: right12:58
DocScrutinizer05also in syslog you wouldn't see a kernel logline for the switch12:58
DocScrutinizer05Dec  2 06:17:28 IroN900 kernel: [34586.738189] slide (GPIO 71) is now open13:00
DocScrutinizer05Dec  2 06:20:15 IroN900 kernel: [34753.980438] slide (GPIO 71) is now closed13:00
Vajbok, but my device unlocks when i slide it open. So dbus remains to be logged. I'll do that when i get home. Is there nifty command do dumb that log to file? I use mdbus2 -l13:02
KotCzarnyyou can use  | tee /some/path/file.txt13:03
KotCzarnyso it will log to file and to screen13:03
DocScrutinizer05I'd start with installing syslog13:06
DocScrutinizer05mickey's dbus? niiiice :-D13:07
DocScrutinizer05I don't get "nifty command". what's wrong with redirection?13:10
DocScrutinizer05mickey lauer wrote mdbus for openmoko :-)13:11
DocScrutinizer05or rather for fso13:12
DocScrutinizer05mdbus -l >>/home/user/sessiondbus.log&; mdbus -l -s >>/home/user/systemdbus.log13:15
DocScrutinizer05ooh, and: jobs; kill %; kill %1; kill %2313:16
DocScrutinizer05kill %%13:17
DocScrutinizer051, 2, 3, 4 % ^^^13:18
DocScrutinizer05kill %% kills the most recent job13:19
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Vajbhmm u lost me with those kills13:30
KotCzarnydisregard, just redirect with pipe to tee13:30
Vajbdo we have it in maemo terminal?13:31
Vajbwell will do in a bit :)13:31
Vajbok noticed yet another symptom. Special character sreen is no longer popping up13:33
Vajbmeh i'll just copypaste that pipe13:34
Vajbok mdbus2 is running. Now i'll just wait for the problem to appear13:36
Vajbi could bet it wont appear anymore13:36
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Vajbok it appears like few minutes after restarting mce and mdbus2 file was empty13:38
KotCzarnyadd 2>&113:38
KotCzarnybefore pipe13:38
KotCzarnymight be it spits out to stderr13:39
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: of course, kill is a shell builtin13:42
DocScrutinizer05kill % kills jobs you sent to background with appending &13:42
Vajbyes i know kill command, but i didn't see how it was connected to this :)13:43
DocScrutinizer05kill %1 kills job #1 etc, kill %% kills the last job you started13:43
DocScrutinizer05stange that logfile is empty, did you monotor both buses?13:45
DocScrutinizer05also check df -h13:46
Vajbim trying that 2 to 1 command that KotCzarny cave now13:46
DocScrutinizer05no idea13:46
DocScrutinizer05mdbus -l can't be empty:13:48
Vajb mdbus2 -l 2>&1  | tee /media/mmc1/file.txt13:48
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# mdbus2 -l13:48
DocScrutinizer05[SIGNAL] org.freedesktop.DBus.NameAcquired  /org/freedesktop/DBus  org.freedesktop.DBus13:48
DocScrutinizer05( ":1.453" )13:48
Vajbthats what i try now. Earlier i tried without 2 et 113:49
DocScrutinizer05^Z; bg; cat /media/mmc1/file.txt13:49
DocScrutinizer05echo testTESTtest >/media/mmc1/testfile.txt; ls -l /media/mmc1/testfile.txt; cat /media/mmc1/testfile.txt; df -h /media/mmc1/testfile.txt13:51
DocScrutinizer05and finally get an idea of what's in syslog, or at least dmesg!13:52
DocScrutinizer052>&1 does nuttin:13:54
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# mdbus2 -l >/dev/null13:54
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# mdbus2 -l 2>/dev/null13:54
DocScrutinizer05[SIGNAL] org.freedesktop.DBus.NameAcquired  /org/freedesktop/DBus  org.freedesktop.DBus13:54
DocScrutinizer05( ":1.455" )13:54
DocScrutinizer05quite possibly your uSD is borked13:55
Vajbhmm mdbus2 -l 2>&1  | tee /media/mmc1/file.txt segfaulted. Lets see if it did anything for the file13:58
DocScrutinizer05honestly, check your syslog and check `ls -l /media/mmc1/`13:58
DocScrutinizer05I only see that segfaulting when either dbus (pipe) is fubar, or the logfile filesystem is fubar14:00
DocScrutinizer05why don't you log to eMMC (/home/user/)?14:01
DocScrutinizer05df -h !!14:02
Vajbwell anyways file was empty :D14:03
Vajbbut now i did just mdbus2 -l and copied that. Pastebin coming up14:03
KotCzarnymaybe your problems arise from out of space somewhere?14:03
KotCzarnypastebin your df14:04
DocScrutinizer05I told you the file cannot be empty since mdbus *always* logs own signal14:04
DocScrutinizer05also you should probably run mdbus as user "user" since it's logging session bus and I'm not all sure root's session is same as user's14:06
Vajbthat is mdbus2 -l running while i restart mce and open hamsterfiler and problem reappears14:07
Vajbi was running it as user14:07
Vajbgetting to syslog bit now14:07
DocScrutinizer05your uSD is FUBAR14:08
VajbKotCzarny: df told me that im using 71 percent of rootfs and that is top. mmc1 is used 70 percent14:08
VajbDocScrutinizer05: i have no idea what that sentence means14:09
KotCzarnycopy some file to /media/mmc1 ?14:09
DocScrutinizer05remove your micro-SD card14:09
KotCzarnyjust to check if it succeeds14:09
DocScrutinizer05or first do what I suggested: [2016-12-02 Fri 12:51:12] <DocScrutinizer05> echo testTESTtest >/media/mmc1/testfile.txt; ls -l /media/mmc1/testfile.txt; cat /media/mmc1/testfile.txt; df -h /media/mmc1/testfile.txt14:09
DocScrutinizer05I guess your uSD is broken14:10
DocScrutinizer05works as in: shows a length of 12 bytes for /media/mmc1/testfile.txt and cat reüproduces "testTESTtest"?14:11
DocScrutinizer05I hope you have not messed up your system with thumb binaries?14:13
Vajb~ $ echo testTESTtest >/media/mmc1/testfile.txt14:14
Vajb~ $ cat /media/mmc1/testfile.txt14:14
Vajbi don't have thumb installed in this device14:14
DocScrutinizer05wow, so how can `mdbus2 -l >/media/mmc1/testfile.txt` fail?14:15
DocScrutinizer05I asked about binaries14:16
DocScrutinizer05those could sneak in when you got thumb repo in your catalogs14:16
Vajbok let me check my catalogs14:16
Vajbhmm it seems i have thumb repo, but it is not used14:18
DocScrutinizer05if you feel ultrafancy, you can try to find the thumb binaries that sneaked in14:19
DocScrutinizer05there's no clean way to identify them14:19
DocScrutinizer05and the fun part is that a thumb binary makes *other* non-thumb processes segfault14:20
DocScrutinizer05but that's not exactly something new, is it?14:23
DocScrutinizer05prolly just hyped in context of Avalanche takedown14:23
xesso far it wasn't so well organized so they never reached such numbers14:24
DocScrutinizer05I changed my ER-Pro8 logging to log *all* sessions on NAT. Dang, that android device calls home often :-/14:25
DocScrutinizer05I prolly should disconnect it14:26
DocScrutinizer05or simply shut it off14:26
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DocScrutinizer05Vajb: of course you also could _try_ this: install a thumb-patched kernel14:48
DocScrutinizer05but that's only for experts, in my book14:48
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VajbDocScrutinizer05: i think i'll pass thumb kernel :)15:44
Vajbinstalled syslogd and am collecting data there15:44
KotCzarnywhy? powerkernel is thumb enabled15:44
Vajbi have power kernel15:45
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Vajbi also installed htop. Few items r in hours, but they r the same as in top. Like xorg and pulse15:53
Vajbalso messagebus15:53
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VajbDec  2 15:55:11 Nokia-N900 mce[7270]: Cannot open `/sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/cam_focus/disable' for writing; Permission denied16:29
KotCzarnythat doesnt matter i guess16:29
KotCzarnyits a media player blocking system from fiddling with focus button16:29
KotCzarnyso you can use focus button even with screen locked16:30
Vajbyes i thought they r related16:30
Vajbthat was only mce related entry on syslog in two hours16:31
Vajbalso there r lots of glib-critical msgs16:32
*** geaaru has joined #maemo16:32
Vajbalso slide open and closed r present so i guess that definitely rules out slider magner16:32
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Vajbtimeshop[7310]: GLIB DEBUG mafw-dbus - send: [method]
*** ced117_ has joined #maemo16:45
vectis3Is there a way that I can get a micro sd card reader to work directly in the usb port on an N8*0? It doesn't draw much power but the device has MaxPower set at 200mA.16:57
KotCzarnyjust buy bigger sd card16:57
KotCzarnyn800 has 2 full size slots16:58
vectis3I have n81016:58
KotCzarnyif you put big sd card in internal one, you have second free to use16:58
KotCzarnyi pity you :P16:58
KotCzarny2 full size slots baby16:58
vectis3200gb card in device16:59
KotCzarny2x200gb cards in device? ;)16:59
vectis3n810 has only 1 slot16:59
KotCzarnyi know16:59
vectis3I have a hub that has MaxPower set at 100mA and I can plug the card reader into that and It works without any issues (without adding any additional power to the hub)16:59
KotCzarnydoes n8x0 support host mode?17:00
KotCzarnylast time i have tried it, i was getting device reboots17:00
vectis3I believe so17:00
vectis3I've tried: "echo -n 1 > /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1/bConfigurationValue" once and somehow got it to work, but now I can't reproduce it.17:01
vectis3Is MaxPower set in the kernel?17:05
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MoeIcenowyhi ;-)18:00
freemangordonso, clone h-d from
KotCzarnyand make notes for futre h-d'ers ;)18:01
freemangordonthen start pulling the dependencies from
freemangordonfrom here
freemangordonyoul'' need to pull libhildon3, libmatchbox2 and libhildon from
MoeIcenowyI built a hildon-desktop on my PC several hours ago...18:02
MoeIcenowybut when I run it, it gives me a black screen with a pink left-top button18:02
freemangordonnot libhildon, but libhildondesktop318:02
MoeIcenowymaybe lack of a theme?18:03
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: this is expected, a kind of18:03
freemangordonyes, lack of theme18:03
infobotfrom memory, repos is "deb ./ ;; deb ./", or see, or see ~jrrepos18:03
freemangordonjust a sec18:03
MoeIcenowyshould I check out the theme from my N900?18:03
freemangordonthis is the theme, you have to install it with --force-all18:04
MoeIcenowyI will try to extract and copy it, as my distro is not debian-based18:04
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: also, you need to create 2 symlinks18:05
MoeIcenowyalpha -> /usr/share/theme/default ?18:05
freemangordon/usr/share/themes/default -> alpha18:05
freemangordonand /etc/hildon/theme -> /usr/share/themes/default18:06
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: keep in mind that this h-d "fork" is broken in several axpects18:07
freemangordontask navigator is broken, there is some problem with application focus, etc18:07
MoeIcenowyhow to get the wallpaper?18:08
freemangordonthat is why we started porting to gkt3 from scratch a couple of days ago, see the thread from
MoeIcenowyI saw it try to read /home/icenowy/.backgrounds/background-*.pvr18:09
freemangordoncopy backgrounds folder from your n90018:09
freemangordonit actually wants pngs18:09
freemangordonit is in /home/user/18:09
MoeIcenowyit them different pages' wallpaper?18:10
freemangordoncan't parse18:10
MoeIcenowymaybe I should say "different view"18:10
freemangordonsorry, stil can;t get the question18:11
freemangordonbut, just copy .backgrounds folder from your n900 to the home directory of the user you run h-d as18:12
MoeIcenowythx, saw it ;-)18:13
KotCzarnyshe asks if it will be those multi page wallpapers, scrollable18:14
freemangordonyes, there should be18:14
MoeIcenowyok got how the wallpaper works18:15
MoeIcenowyand will you make h-d a desktop environment that suits every distro? ;-)18:16
freemangordonthis is what we try to do, though it is a distro by itself I guess18:17
freemangordonh-d is not exactly a desktop pc environment :)18:17
MoeIcenowyI want to pack it up for my distro ;-(18:17
MoeIcenowys/ ;-(/ ;-)18:18
freemangordonwell, it is debian based18:18
freemangordonbut once we have it fully working on de**an, I don;t see why it couldn;t be ported to other distrox18:19
MoeIcenowyde**an? you care also devuan?18:19
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: all my tests so far are on devuan ;)18:19
freemangordonand btw you can build devuan image for n90018:19
MoeIcenowyhow do h-d acquire the applications list?18:21
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: /usr/share/applications/hildon iirc18:21
MoeIcenowyon my testing environment it has only a tana_ap_user_guide18:21
MoeIcenowyoh it needs a subdir...18:21
freemangordonnot 100% sure though18:21
freemangordonbut you can always export DISPLAY and start whatever you want from the shell18:22
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: cant it suck the window names from DE ?18:22
freemangordonKotCzarny: from DE? it *IS* DE18:22
KotCzarnyi meant from the DE standard way of acquiring window/app list18:23
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: do you use Zephyr to run h-d on?18:23
freemangordonKotCzarny: don;t know what is the standard way :)18:23
KotCzarnyfmg: when app creates x11 window it usually calls it with some params/env settings18:24
freemangordonyevery day seems to be typo day lately18:24
MoeIcenowyfreemangordon: yes Xephyr.18:24
MoeIcenowyand my mouse cursor seems to be eaten by h-d ;-)18:24
freemangordonKotCzarny: and? do you mean are application titles visible in task navigator?18:25
freemangordonor in status bar?18:25
KotCzarnycheck: xwininfo -tree -root18:25
freemangordonnot now18:25
freemangordonbut it has window manager, so I guess it does all the stuff needed18:26
MoeIcenowyand I think I need a gtk+3 plugin...18:26
MoeIcenowyGNOME applications is shown very ridiculously under hildon...18:26
freemangordonKotCzarny: ah, I think I get it now - yes, it takes ownership on all applications started so far on that xserver18:27
MoeIcenowyIt try to use the GNOME header bar to replace the hildon titlebar18:27
freemangordonyou can't, afaik18:27
freemangordontitle bar is build-in in h-d18:27
MoeIcenowy this picture shows the situation18:28
freemangordoncool :)18:29
MoeIcenowyand how to deal with the Gtk menu bar is also a problem...18:29
MoeIcenowyin fact, not only GNOME apps but all applications who want to draw its own titlebar may face the titlebar problem...18:30
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: I think is what you're trying to do is similar to forcing unity to use xfce's panel18:31
MoeIcenowymaybe I should say force xfce to use unity's panel ;-)18:31
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: you can just grab a random application and expect it to behave correctly under hildon18:32
MoeIcenowyyes apps without headerbar works fine18:32
freemangordonit needs to be "hildonized"18:32
freemangordonthere is a whole big doc on hildon UI18:32
MoeIcenowyI think we should make some general toolkit automatically hildonized18:33
MoeIcenowylike maemo-gtk did on real Maemo18:33
freemangordonno way IMO18:34
MoeIcenowywe can use gtk modules to inject into Gtk+18:34
KotCzarnyhmm, isnt h-d taking whole top row?18:34
freemangordonunless you find 5 more guys18:34
KotCzarnylast time i remember available area isnt from the top of lcd, but under status bar18:34
freemangordondepends if the application is fullscreen or not18:34
KotCzarnyand WMs have a way to enforce apps to specific allowable size18:35
freemangordonin fullscreen it takes, well, the full screen area :)18:35
KotCzarnyie. see fluxbox' option 'maximizeover'18:36
MoeIcenowyhave you used original matchbox?18:36
MoeIcenowyI mean the matchbox that is now managed on yocto18:36
freemangordondo you thinks it is better to use it than the one in maemo?18:38
MoeIcenowyit's very simple18:39
MoeIcenowyor I should say "too simple"18:39
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MoeIcenowyoh I forgot to mention that when building on newest Gtk+ and Clutter, I met lots of deprecation Werrors18:49
freemangordonbut anyway we won;t use that code18:50
MoeIcenowyso that I had to sed all and delete -Werror18:50
MoeIcenowyyou will re-port it, right?18:50
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freemangordonMoeIcenowy: what did you mean by "we can use gtk modules to inject into Gtk+"?22:17
freemangordonhmm, I think I got it22:22
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MoeIcenowyfreemangordon: yes23:51
freemangordonMoeIcenowy: do you have experience with that?23:58
freemangordonas there is almost no info over the net on what is the correct way of using stuff in gtk_module_init()23:59

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