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RzRmaemo dot org00:27
RzRDocScrutinizer05, ^00:27
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DocScrutinizer05we usually have bmo, tmo etc, not tdmdo00:30
DocScrutinizer05grr, kazy bot00:30
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siceloi was also confused :)00:35
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coderusSorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist.00:59
warfare tl;dr: half of infrastucture broken, fix expected early next week, film at eleven.01:00
coderuswell, at least one can disable spam filter for now01:00
coderusor should i use proxe? :D01:01
warfareWe've just brought talk.m.o back from the dead 2 minutes ago.01:01
coderuswell, true01:02
warfarecoderus: Also, which IP are you using?01:02
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siceloin repos there is `smartconference` application .. looks interesting, but i can't seem to make it work. anyone knows how it works?01:12
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DocScrutinizer05haha now you know his IP01:37
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gry'mir reichts; ich geh' schhaukeln' at; the http version redirects to; sysadmin help needed?10:15
DocScrutinizer05please see topic and banner in tmo10:17
DocScrutinizer05no idea why https shows this picture10:22
DocScrutinizer05anyway please see
gryok, thanks DocScrutinizer0510:28
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KotCzarnyThe certificate is only valid for kilbeggan.fourecks.de10:48
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warfareYes, that's my server doing the redirects ;) And only http, not https.12:00
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KotCzarnydgp: building 'armbian kernel' is trivial13:50
KotCzarnyoops. wrong chan13:50
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freemangordonany idea if i can install debian on BQ Aquaris M1022:03
KotCzarnyi guess as long you dont need mainline maybe?22:06
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freemangordonKotCzarny: actually I am trying to find a tablet/phone to buy to test that new "Upstream Maemo-to-be" we are trying to build22:07
freemangordonso far I have found zilch :(22:07
KotCzarnya20 based tablet?22:08
freemangordonimpossible to find it seems22:08
KotCzarnyyou might check othe chips too22:08
freemangordonI don;t reaally need ARm SoC, intel will do the job as well22:08
KotCzarnyum, thinkpad x41t/x61t then?22:09
freemangordonlemme check it22:09
KotCzarnyold ones, so second hand only, but should be quite cheap if you find them22:10
freemangordonlooks like laptop :)22:10
KotCzarnybut has touchscreen, so. :)22:10
freemangordonI'd rather use VM :)22:10
KotCzarnyhaving physical kb could help in development22:11
freemangordonI need something ~7 inches to use it as a PoC22:11
freemangordonhildon on 15 inches would not be looking good imo22:11
KotCzarnywhich features you need? just booting mainline + display/touch ?22:12
freemangordon+ wifi/BT maybe22:12
KotCzarnyt41t has 1024x768 display in standard config22:12
KotCzarnyand 12"22:12
freemangordonisn;t there something recent I can use?22:13
KotCzarnyas i said, allwinner tablets are cheap and supported quite well22:13
freemangordona30/330 doesn;t seem to be supportd22:13
KotCzarnyum, there is a30?22:14
freemangordona30/a33 that is22:14
KotCzarnyits incomplete22:15
KotCzarnyas there are plenty of white label products22:15
KotCzarnywhich are unmarked22:15
freemangordonalso see
freemangordon"Like all things A23, this hardware is not supported"22:15
KotCzarnynah, dont look at product pages, see
freemangordonand a20 are older than me and even harder to be found22:16
freemangordonKotCzarny: ok, but I don;t want to lose time breaking bootloader etc22:16
KotCzarnyits the only page that is updated regularly, and even lists patches to make it work before things get mainlined22:16
KotCzarnydont worry, allwinner boxes usually have sdcard on higher priority22:17
freemangordonI just want something I can build bootable image and play with maemo, not u-boot/kernel22:17
KotCzarnyso you can just run from sdcard and ignore nand22:17
freemangordonare you sure?22:17
freemangordonKotCzarny: so, you say no matter the manufacturer, I can just boot from the SD card?22:18
KotCzarnyask on #linux-sunxi22:18
KotCzarnyas i have only a20/h322:18
KotCzarnybut there is a thing called fel mode22:19
KotCzarnywhich is similar to flasher -l22:19
freemangordonok, thanks, will ask on #linux-sunxi22:19
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