IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-11-15

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fishbulbhey I've never used whatsapp on anything other than an n90005:18
fishbulbhow the hell do I log into it, the webapp says to take a photo of the qr code with my phone05:22
jonwilI dont think Whatsapp will work on the N90005:25
jonwilYou will probably get banned if you try05:25
jonwilOr maybe I am thinking of some other messaging app05:25
fishbulbno it used to work05:30
fishbulbnow it doesn't05:30
fishbulbbut now it's stuck in limbo or something05:30
OksanaQrCode... MBarcode on N900 is an app which can read a QRCode05:30
fishbulbyeah but it says to do that with whatsapp05:31
fishbulbwhich hasn't worked on the n900 for a year or something like that05:31
* Oksana has never tried to use Whatsapp, so not idea how to make it work05:31
fishbulbyappari I mean05:31
fishbulbwell people use it05:32
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Vajbwell not anymore since it hasn't been working for six months05:51
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OksanaYappari sounds like extremely not working atm, going by
OksanaDoes Whatsapp have an Android app? Because I would like to make Apkenv work on N900... As maintainer said, the packaged apkenv_armel.deb may be for Harmattan, so a fremantle version of apkenv would have to be built from source code06:06
Oksanamaintainer of apkenv, I mean06:06
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OksanaAnyway, why wouldn't Whatsapp be made as a telepathy plugin? Why separate app?06:07
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ds3evil people more interested in stealing info and pushing ads06:22
* Oksana thinks it's sarcasm... right?06:26
gryyeah kick these suckers out of our repos and fork their shit06:29
gryre-release without ads lol06:29
Oksanagry: Language06:29
gryif it's not foss and ads are not cleanable up, then we have another problem...06:29
gryit's intentionally derogatory, last i saw ads was on android in our other house. i almost fell over when viewing the app store :P06:30
OksanaIt's not an ads problem afaik, it's a compatibility problem maybe with whatsapp changing its API or something?06:30
gryoh if it's changed in a foss app i am sure it can be changed in telepathy plugin if telepathy is foss itself06:30
gryjust Hard Work06:30
gryand if they don't have ads now doesn't mean they don't plan to do it later06:30
gryi remember when skype didn't have ads like 10 years ago06:31
grythen it started cause changed owners06:31
grywhatsapp can change owner as an excuse for starting to show ads, too :P06:31
Oksanayappari is open-source, even though Whatsapp server likely isn't06:31
grythat's up to them to do what they like on their server, although a proper api spec would be appreciated06:31
Oksanatelepathy is foss, do you live under a rock or on a moon?06:31
gryboth :)06:32
* Oksana points to gry and chants "moon rabbit"06:32
gryi can only moo in response because i don't know what sounds rabbits make :D06:32
gryi wouldn't waste time on whatapp though, gnu ring work sounds a fair bit more engaging as they don't have an adequate hildon client at this point :)06:33
OksanaAnyway, point is: depending on what exactly does not work in yappari, it may be easier to "fix" yappari or to develop a telepathy plugin from scratch06:33
gry(both! :)06:33
grythe more the better06:33
OksanaDoes GNUStep have a Telepathy GUI?06:33
gryI think by the time the competition finishes, I'll be finishing packaging its IDE into debian, since it's a rather slow going process06:34
grythough I did find yesterday how to get sbuild to work06:34
gryso that's a plus06:34
OksanaBecause if you work on GNUStep Telepathy GUI, and I work on telepathy plugin for ring, we will get ring working on both GNUStep and Hildon06:34
gryit's a bit engaging06:34
gryby the time I did that, my working memory was already a bit overwhelmed, so I could have moved to a next step but I didn't06:34
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gryand yes06:34
grybut on gnustep, apps are modular06:34
gryyou don't have to fit everything into the telepathy corner for it to be reasonable06:35
gryyou can write a 'im app' module and reuse it for different apps which look seemingly unrelated06:35
grywhich means tons of code refactoring and i won't do it very soon, because i don't know the language or the platform very well06:35
gryalso, i think your alarm clock is not working at all Oksana :)06:36
OksanaIt does, I am just good at switching it off as soon as it alarms ;-)06:36
gryok :)06:38
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Vajbgry: , Oksana , the problem with whatsap vs yappari is that whatsap implemented texsecure and yappari didn't receive any msg since that. Tries to implement it resulted a ban from whatsap servers.07:35
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ceenegry: as Vajb says, it's not that WA doesn't support third party apps, it's that they actively block them09:19
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Vajboh well all life is learning. As of today i learnt the awesome powers of 'mv -n' over graphically clicking skip.10:03
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KotCzarnyembrace the commandline luke, we have cookies10:09
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Vajbwhat puzzles me is which one is the dark side.10:33
KotCzarnyclosed source of course10:35
KotCzarnyas in, you close something, then its dark inside, right?10:36
KotCzarnymight apply to closed firmware/os too10:36
MaxdamantusWe don't have cookies. Those are the web developers.10:38
Vajbah right, but what about the cmdline vs graphics?10:38
MaxdamantusWe have tic-tacs.10:38
Vajbsomehow cmdline shows up a bit dark as default10:38
KotCzarnydepends on user config and pov10:39
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KotCzarnytext is bright, right?10:39
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* bencoh wants cookies10:52
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* ceene hates vhdl11:10
bencohit's fun though11:10
ceeneno, it is not11:11
KotCzarnywhat's vhdl?11:12
ceenedo you know verilog?11:12
KotCzarnyahm, technidesigny thingy11:13
ceenethey're both hardware description languages11:13
ceeneyou define hardware via code11:13
ceeneand hope the synthesizer infers the right piece of hardware from the code you've written11:13
bencohnot magic :)11:13
ceeneblack magic indeed11:13
bencohactually it depends on what kind of "code" you use11:14
KotCzarnyand by any magic its buggy and does things you dont want often11:14
KotCzarnykinda gcc11:14
bencohyou're fine as long as you dont use "process"11:14
bencohusing "process" kills the point anyway ;p11:14
ceeneto be honest, i don't hate vhdl as much as i hate the guy who wrote the specifications11:14
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ceenecause he didn't explain WHAT the hardware should do, but instead wrote a bunch of pseudo-almost-vhdl-code blocks, without any guidline on how to interconnect them, or why, nor timing depencies, nor anything at all11:15
bencohwell I kinda like the idea of specifying blocks in a very rigorous way and being able to build a whole system using those parts11:15
ceeneso my work consists right now of deducing what the hell this guy wants the hardware to do11:16
bencohah, I see11:16
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ceeneand work around all the code he thinks will help me11:16
KotCzarnyceene, do whatever fits the specs, worry later11:16
ceeneof course, once he sees that there's a 3 cycle delay between Input and Output will say: but that can't be!11:17
ceeneand i'll have to say: that's what your pseudocode defined!11:17
ceeneand my boss will say: it doesn't matter, make it so there's no delay!11:17
ceeneand i still don't know which my answer will be11:17
KotCzarnyand then you will get back to the board and pretend to work11:17
ceeneand then will come here to vent11:18
KotCzarnywhich works too11:18
ceenethis is an example of registers names this braindead guy defined11:19
Vajbbut if it looked good at the paper11:20
KotCzarnydos guy, apparently11:20
ceenefunny, huh?11:20
ceenethere won't be any mistake11:20
ceeneand it'll be easy as hell to read and understand11:20
ceenewhy do people believe they're gonna be charged extra for characters?11:20
bencohbecause they cant type11:21
KotCzarnycan you design names for yourself then do quick s&r when you have to show design to that guy?11:21
Vajbacronyms r so cool lol11:21
ceeneand if that's his belief, why whould he spend three chars with the suffix REG when it doesn't give any information?11:21
KotCzarnybecause it has to have a vowel11:22
KotCzarnyto pretend its speakable11:23
ceenealso, I still don't know what the initial 'D' means11:23
ceeneoh, no, i know what it means11:23
ceeneit means driver11:23
ceenebecause this thing is an RF driver11:23
ceeneso of course, all registers should begin with a D and end with REG11:24
KotCzarnyso logical, cant you see it?11:24
ceenei don't get paid enough11:24
bencoh(we should get more sarcasm signs)11:25
ceenei've decided this thing is gonna stay this way11:26
ceeneif someone comes back later asking for their three latency cycles, so be it11:26
ceenei still need to code a hell lot of things11:26
ceeneand this is Good Enough (TM)11:26
KotCzarnyare you paid by hours?11:26
ceenei'm a standard employee11:27
KotCzarnyahm, then dont worry11:27
ceenei'll still get paid if nothing of this shit ever works11:27
ceenealthough i guess if don't at least try, i could be fired11:27
KotCzarnyif specs arent specific enough, its not your fault for dumb client11:27
ceenethat's true11:27
ceenenot that it matters much11:27
ceeneahycka and I already told our boss this project was inviable with the time we were given11:28
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ceeneso we're already almost two months late of partial deliverables11:28
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Vajbis it going to be new shiny android rf client :D12:28
ceenebut ahycka's gonna route neo90012:31
ceenei don't wanna work anymore12:32
ceenei wanna go home12:32
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Paliwhats a problem?23:43
freemangordonis dh_ stuff really should be part of upstart?23:43
freemangordonhardcoded perl path23:43
Palithat part is upstart specific, so whould be part of upstart23:44
Palihardcoded perl path... yeah23:44
Palisee perlrun about this problem...23:44
freemangordonI see nothing in perlrun related, could you elaborate?23:45
Pali"Parsing of the #! switches starts wherever "perl" is mentioned in the line."...23:45
Palihow to write it correctly23:45
Paliit is ugly hack23:46
Palieval 'exec perl -x -wS $0 ${1+"$@"}'23:46
Paliif 0;23:46
Paliiirc that should work also in scratchbox with its own rewrite mechanism...23:47
Palior use /usr/bin/env23:48
Paliwhat you need to ensure that in scratchbox script dh_installxsession is started by native x86 perl binary23:49
Paliand not armel binary emulated by qemu23:49
freemangordonPali: but what is the problem if emulated perl is started?23:49
Palibut in /usr/bin/perl is that armel one23:49
Pali2 problems:23:49
Pali1) slow23:49
Pali2) threads are not (properly) supported by qemu23:50
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freemangordonok, but we talk about some dh_ script, so speed should not be that much of a problem23:50
Pali1 --> decrease compile time, increase cpu usage; 2 --> crashes23:50
freemangordonthe same goes for the threads23:50
freemangordonI doubt we have multithreading in dh_installxsession script23:51
Pali1 --> you need to compile & install all dependent perl packages for armel23:51
Palias some perl modules are written in C, you need to install armel binaries23:52
freemangordonhmm, I see23:52
Paliand 2 --> need to ensure that all dependences will not have those qemu thread problems...23:52
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freemangordonok, then it seems we'll have to branch that to make it compatible with missing scratchbox23:53
Pali/usr/bin/env will be probably the best solution23:53
freemangordonok, will look at it23:53
Paliabove I wrote "hack" with shell and eval23:54
Palienv looks like:23:54
Pali#!/usr/bin/env perl23:54
freemangordonPali: btw, we have another problem with some of the Makefiles (dsme and one more) - in dash echo is posix compliant and does not support -e parameter23:54
Pali-e is not POSIX compliant23:55
Paliyou need bash for -e support23:55
freemangordondo you have any better idea than if [-x /bin/echo]; then ECHO=/bin/echo; else ECHO="echo -e"; fi?23:56
freemangordonthere is no bash in SB, but still -e parameter is accepted23:56
Palibash is in scratchbox23:56
Paliand it is used23:56
freemangordonhmm, so sh==bash in SB?23:57
Paliwhen I start scratchbox I got bash shell23:57
Palianyway you have two options for those Makefiles: 1) add SHELL := bash or 2) use printf23:57
Pali/bin/echo does *NOT* have to support -e param23:57
PaliPOSIX echo does not support it23:58
freemangordonhmm, right - lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 4 Aug 27  2009 /scratchbox/tools/bin/sh -> bash23:58
Paliuse printf "%s" ...23:58
freemangordonwell, /bin/echo --help lists -e as acceptable parameter23:59
Palialso echo -n is not part of POSIX23:59
freemangordonon my ubuntu that is23:59
Palibecause you have GNU echo??23:59
freemangordon-n as well23:59
freemangordondunno, lemme check23:59
Palino -e or -n param...23:59
freemangordonpart of coreutils23:59

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