IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2016-10-16

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buZzOS on nand or OS on sd?00:18
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kerionand is supposedly way faster than the mmc00:25
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Vajbkerio: mine clics too and it happens when i touch the screen and i think it's caused by some loose screw under screen.00:33
keriono mine is constant00:34
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Wizzupparazyd: what kernel do you use on your n90001:08
Wizzupthe one I compiled, or a more recent one from pali?01:08
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t4nk303on a scale from 0 to 10 how dead is this community?01:27
kerioinvoluntary spasms01:43
t4nk303right, so has there been any success across the years installing linux as the only operating system on a n810?01:58
Wizzupn810 came preinstalled with linux02:12
Wizzupon the n900 front, I'm running gentoo on my phone at home, on a 4.1.0+ kernel02:13
t4nk303of course, but im not quite fond of maemo. i'd just like a command line interface when I boot it up, sure i can just autostart debian chroot but that's not the same thing02:16
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buZzlol @ li06:21
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parazydWizzup: tried both pali's latest (v4.6) and mainline linux (v4.8)11:08
parazydstill unlucky with booting. maybe it's just my device11:08
parazydi used rx51_defconfig and omap2plus_defconfig (just changed the cmdline to yours)11:09
Wizzupdid you diff the generated configs?11:10
WizzupI'd do make oldconfig from my prev config11:10
Wizzupand then diff it11:10
parazydhmm ok, i'll try11:11
WizzupI'm going to do it somewhere today as well11:16
Wizzupalso, do you create a uImage as well?11:16
parazydi'm setting up your config to build for arm-sdk so i'll see what happens11:17
WizzupI compile on my laptop :p11:31
WizzupI'm also considering getting another chromebook at some point - the one with nvidia tetra k111:32
parazydi only tried the acer chromebook11:34
parazydquite decent11:34
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WizzupI think that is the acer one11:38
parazydWizzup: yes i think so too11:46
parazydit's this one
parazydoh, wrong paste11:46
Wizzupthat one, yeah.11:47
parazydit's good but the battery went to hell11:47
parazydnow it doesn't last for 5 minutes without being plugged in11:47
Wizzupa friend of mine had exactly the same11:48
Wizzuphe returned it within the warranty11:48
parazydWizzup: no luck. i've still the same issue. comes to "freeing unused kernel memory" and just turns off after 10 seconds12:24
parazydused your config and accepted defaults for (NEW)12:24
Wizzupparazyd: ha!12:28
Wizzupparazyd: you need the watchdog module12:28
Wizzupat least, that is what it sounds like12:28
parazydthey all seem to be set12:29
Wizzupright, but have you installed it/them?12:29
WizzupIf they are build as module... you need the modules12:30
WizzupAnd they should be loadable at the start - which may be tricky if you have an encrypted root12:30
Wizzup(in which case it should be either not build as module, or modules should be provided in the initramfs)12:30
Wizzupactually, hm12:30
Wizzupwhat you describe seems like the kernel not booting properly, and then the watchdog will kick in, so maybe that is not an issue12:31
Wizzupok, give me some time to try a newer kernel today12:31
Wizzupp.s. Pali's latest seems to be
parazydi was trying mainline 4.812:31
parazydwill try pali's now12:32
Palido you need CONFIG_WATCHDOG_NOWAYOUT?12:34
Paliin that case make sure that some watchdog kicker daemon is running12:34
Paliotherwise you will get device reboot after 30s12:34
parazydPali: not sure, using Wizzup's config. i'll try without12:37
Paliit depends on your userspace configuration12:37
Paliinit daemons, etc...12:37
Palie.g. Maemo has dsme which with module for watchdogs autokicking12:39
Palion Debian is package watchdog with watchdog daemon which do same think...12:39
WizzupPali: I think the problem he is experiencing is not actually related to the watchdog12:54
Wizzupparazyd: do you have my kernel still? can you try it with my kernel?12:55
WizzupPali: That is, I had a feeling that the kernels he compiled didn't get very far booting, so it's not like it fails randomly during agetty being visible12:55
parazydWizzup: yeah fails very early12:56
parazydi have your 4.5.0rc512:56
parazydi'll try12:57
parazydjust want to try 4.6 now, as it finished compiling12:57
WizzupIf that one fails, then maybe your rootfs is not OK12:57
MaxdamantusYou can always disable the watchdog by putting the device in R&D mode.12:58
parazydit's tough to debug it12:58
Maxdamantuswell, and setting the flags that say the watchdogs are disabled in that mode.12:58
WizzupI don't think that the watchdog is the problem.13:00
MaxdamantusIt might be related.13:00
MaxdamantusMy root filesystem takes far longer to mount that it would take fo the watchdog to kick in.13:01
WizzupIt's very obvious when the watchdog kicks in - I've had it happen during openrc booting. It takes at least 30s.13:01
Maxdamantus(on 2.6.28)13:01
Wizzupand since my kernel has the watchdog compiled in the kernel, it should be fine13:01
Wizzup(I have it working fine, and I don't have extra userspace tools for it afaik)13:01
Wizzupbut I do have NOWAYOUT=y13:02
MaxdamantusI vaguely seem to remember thinking that the kernel didn't ping the watchdog during mounts under some version.13:03
MaxdamantusMaybe in 2.6.2813:03
WizzupWe're talking about 4.513:03
Maxdamantus(unless you ran something in userspace)13:03
MaxdamantusI don't know what versions I'm talking about.13:04
MaxdamantusIt's just something I think I've experienced. Presumably there are reasons for those flags.13:04
Wizzupsome day I want to load grub for fun, from the u-boot13:05
Wizzupluke-jr: I think you asked about the mainline blog post, getting closer now. doing a 'start by flashing n900 to mainline on n900' post now13:05
WizzupPali: would you recommend using your 4.6-rc4 or your 4.7-rc4?13:06
Palisorry do not know now13:06
Wizzupwill try 4.7 first13:06
WizzupIt would be good to know eventually how much your kernel is still different from the mainline one13:07
parazydWizzup: you have 4.8 from before?13:08
WizzupI haven't tried/compiled 4.8 yet13:08
parazydWizzup: freemangordon mentioned almost all pali's stuff was upstreamed13:08
parazydWizzup: i think something's not right with my device. your kernel doesn't manage to boot either. it goes further in the boot process though, then rgb stripes all over the screen and dies13:16
parazydlast message is sshd urandom read13:17
Palinot everything yet13:18
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Wizzupparazyd: I have a few spare N900 devices, and I have a sd card that works. Easy to verify if your device is messed up.13:39
parazydwe can see at TI wednesday i guess13:39
Wizzupyeah, I was thinking over going over today to play with openocd and the cortex-m debuggers, but not sure if I have the time13:40
freemangordonPali: is there something missing besides BT, DSP, cameras and SGX?13:56
freemangordonPali: iirc everything else is in 4.813:56
Palifreemangordon: support for disabling input device (touchscreen)13:56
freemangordonwell, ok, but devices support is there13:57
freemangordonthe migt be some glitches, but still13:57
Palifm radio receiver13:57
Palibut that depends on bt13:57
freemangordona prt of BT13:57
freemangordonI can't remember anything else13:57
Paliand maybe some alsa input/switches13:57
Palibut do not know now13:57
freemangordonok, but all those are details, which should not matter much in xase of devuan13:58
freemangordonthe fuck, what's with my fingers today13:58
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* freemangordon is going to try upstream 4.813:59
Palifreemangordon: wifi bt coex mode13:59
Paliand wifi permanent mac address13:59
Palimusb host mode support14:00
freemangordonhmm, yeah. what was the last status for wifi/bt coexist mode?14:00
freemangordondo you remember>14:00
Palimaintainers are not happy with sysfs attribute14:01
Palieven if exactly same is for wl127x driver14:01
freemangordonand they want it implemented how?14:01
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freemangordonhmm, this is above my level I guess14:01
Pali= totally incompatible with Maemo + totally incompatible with all other drivers14:01
Palievery other driver has either sysfs attribute or module parameter14:02
freemangordonand they are not happy with module parameter either?14:02
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Paliiirc not14:02
freemangordonI see14:03
Paliand I do not see reason to implement third different method for bt coex14:03
Paliwhich will be used only by one driver14:03
freemangordonso we will keep that patch out-of-tree?14:03
freemangordonmakes sense14:03
Palimaybe we can start discussion again how to solve both those problems (how to set permanent mac address and confiure bt coex from userspace)14:04
freemangordonI guess first we need BT driver in some form14:05
Paliit does not depend on bt driver14:05
Paliit is feature of wifi firmware14:05
freemangordonwell, lets start the discussion again then. But please, be polite on the ML :p14:06
Palithen maybe you can start it :-)14:06
freemangordonBTW, what has happened with your USB friend? how was his name...14:06
freemangordonPali: no, I lack the details for that14:06
Palibtcoex is easy, to support both bt & wifi at same time you need to activate btcoex feature of wl125114:07
Paliand code is already here14:07
Palipermanent mac address: it is stored in CAL and currently we have userspace CAL NAND parser which can read it and do something with it14:08
Paliwhich means we need interface to set permanent mac address from userspace for wlan014:08
freemangordoncan't we read CAL from the kernel?14:09
Paliand it is stupid to implement proprietary Nokia's CAL format in kernel14:09
freemangordonI know, but still14:09
Paliand have it in kernel just for one device14:09
Paliwe have GPLv3 code14:09
Paliwhich is incompatible with kernel's GPLv214:09
Palido clean room reimplementation would be needed14:10
freemangordonlibcal code is mine, I ca relicense it as much as I like14:10
Paliplus lot of other stuff...14:10
PaliI doubt that kernel's dev accept such horrible thing in kernel just for one device...14:10
freemangordoniirc there was such an idea from the maintainers14:11
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freemangordonPali: but yes, you are right, lets restart the discussion ane what the winds are14:11
freemangordon/s/ane/and see/14:12
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss14:12
Paliif every one device starts implementing its own format in kernel, then there will be 100 different formats...14:12
Palis/... without leading slash14:12
freemangordonPali: sure, I agree14:12
freemangordonyeah, it seems today is my typo day14:13
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WizzupPali: regarding musb host mode, do you have that working in your kernel?14:50
PaliWizzup: no14:51
Palibut I think it should be already supported14:51
Wizzupok, last time I tried it did not manage to get it to work14:51
Paliwe just needs to export musb registers via /sys/kernel/debug14:52
WizzupI'll try to do it again in some time in the future14:52
WizzupI see14:52
Paliin my tree there is patch for it14:52
Wizzupok, I have a 4.5.0-rc5 kernel from your repo. I can try it again14:57
infobothmm... tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or, or
infoboti heard flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
freemangordonWizzup: use newer, 4.5 has a nasty onenand bug15:01
Wizzupalright, will go for a newer one15:02
freemangordonWizzup: what distro are you going to use?15:03
Wizzupwell, I have a phone right now with gentoo on it (for several months), I decided to turn it on again and just let it be on my wifi on a public v4, run some containers on it for fun15:04
WizzupI picked gentoo specifically for easy driver support/testing15:04
WizzupI've given parazyd that setup, and I think he's working on getting devuan to work on that15:05
freemangordonI am asking becuse I just build vanilla 4.8 wit rx51_defconfig and booted devuan to login15:05
WizzupThat's sweet!15:05
freemangordonnow I only need for somebody to tell me how to bring wifi up :)15:06
freemangordonassuming I can;t enter digits from the kbd15:06
Wizzupwell, presuming the interface is there and the firmware is loaded15:06
Wizzupparazyd: poke15:07
freemangordonhmm, no wlan0, I guess modules are not loaded15:07
freemangordonlets see for the usb015:07
Wizzupfreemangordon: if you can autocomplete, with ctrl+i you can autocomplete15:07
freemangordonlemme try15:07
Wizzupthat sentence is weird, but I wanted to say that, if you are in a situation where you're typing something from the shell, and it can be autocompleted, then you can use ctrl+i as replacement for tab15:08
freemangordonyeah, got it15:08
parazydfreemangordon: bastard! :D15:09
parazydcould my toolchain be borked in some way?15:09
freemangordoncould be15:09
Wizzupparazyd: if you need some test devices, I can give you a few, would like to get them back at some point though15:09
WizzupI have several spares15:09
freemangordonI am using gcc4.7.2 from maemo cssu-thumb scratchbox15:09
Wizzupwell, if he can't boot my 4.5.x kernel, something else may be up, since that used to work for him, afaik15:10
parazydWizzup: not necessary, we can only try one or two at TI15:10
Wizzup(that was made from a native atm system using gcc 4.7)15:10
infobotWizzup meant: (that was made from a native arm system using gcc 4.7)15:10
parazydWizzup: yes it did use to work, now it doesn't boot15:10
freemangordonnow, how to bring that wifi up dammit15:10
parazydfreemangordon: ifconfig wlan0 up?15:11
Wizzupdmesg | grep wl1251 # to see if firmware is loaded?15:11
parazydwpa_supplicant should be installed15:11
freemangordonguys, I don't have any special symbol on the kbd15:11
Wizzupfreemangordon: do you have access to the rootfs15:12
Wizzup(sd card)15:12
freemangordonWizzup: sure15:12
Wizzupwhat I did was, take it out, touch /123456789|<>15:12
Wizzupand then use autocomplete + arrows + backspace to get the right symbols15:12
Wizzup*shrug* it's painful15:12
freemangordonyep, I'd prefer to load n900 keymap15:12
Wizzupwell, touch /aaa123456789|<>15:12
Wizzuplet me see if I already did that somewhere...15:12
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freemangordonlemme try to find it in rescueos image15:13
Wizzupyou can do loadkeys on rx51_us.map15:13
WizzupI have that file here...15:13
Wizzuplet me know if you can't find it, then I can upload it15:13
freemangordon]I have n900 keymap from rescueos15:14
parazydfreemangordon: could you share your kernel and modules for me to try?15:14
freemangordonparazyd: sure, just a second15:14
freemangordonparazyd: how to autoload n900 keymap?15:18
parazyd/etc/profile ?15:18
freemangordonparazyd: ok :)15:18
freemangordonparazyd: also, what is the preferred way to contribute to the sdk?15:19
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freemangordonparazyd: shall I create a user on and fork and...?15:19
parazydkeymap not included :)15:20
parazydyou can if you wish15:20
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parazydthere is also on
*** platicus has quit IRC15:20
freemangordonah, github15:20
parazydif you prefer15:20
parazydfor me it's the same15:20
freemangordonyeah, I prefer :)15:20
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freemangordonparazyd: could you elaborate on "(15,19,59) parazyd: keymap not included :)"? was that pointed to me?15:21
Wizzup(awesome to see the devuan work - going afk for a bit)15:21
freemangordonparazyd: you want n900 keymap as well?15:22
parazydfreemangordon: yes, and yes15:22
freemangordonoh, sorry, ok15:22
parazydfreemangordon: and i'm still experiencing the same issue with your kernel :/15:22
freemangordonwhat is the issue?15:23
parazydfreeing unused kernel memory... 10 seconds ... poweroff15:23
freemangordonparazyd: switch the device to RnD mode15:23
parazydthanks for the keymap15:23
freemangordonwith the flasher, change rd flags for no watchdogs etc15:24
freemangordonyay, even reboot seems to work under devuan :)15:25
parazydfreemangordon: how do i change the flags? i don't know how to do it with 0xffff15:25
parazydfound it :)15:26
freemangordonuse flasher-3.515:26
freemangordonno idea about 0xffff15:26
freemangordonparazyd: is there a way to change the default keymap during image building? keyboard-configuration or somesuch?15:30
parazydyes it's possible to script it15:30
parazydcan be added either in prebuild() or postbuild()15:31
freemangordonok, lets first make a fork on github to see if image would build here15:32
parazydquery me if you need help using15:34
parazyddisabling RnD on mine doesn't help15:36
freemangordondoes it boot maemo?15:37
parazydkernel power and vanilla15:37
freemangordonalso, what is u-boot version you use?15:37
freemangordonparazyd: also, is you battery charged and in good condition?15:38
parazydi can charge another and try though15:39
freemangordonlemme get the flags on my device to compare with yours15:39
parazydnope, with those fails as well15:43
* parazyd sighs15:44
freemangordondoing power off is weird15:45
freemangordondo you have anything in mtdlog partition?15:45
parazydi'm starting over15:45
parazydflashing vanilla15:45
freemangordonshould not matter15:46
freemangordondevuan and kernel does not touch onenand15:46
freemangordonooh, I have dmesg log in /var/log/, sweet, now I can check what is loaded15:47
parazydyeah i realize15:47
parazydi got xorg working on devuan even15:47
parazydwas only missing 3d accel though15:48
parazydi'd kill for those blobs :D15:48
freemangordonwait, there should be driver from TI15:48
parazydyeah i had no real luck with it15:48
freemangordonwhich is supposed to work15:48
parazydbut perhaps someone more experienced can make it work15:48
freemangordonwell, I'll take a look when we reach that point15:49
freemangordonparazyd: what is your device HW revision?15:49
freemangordonsame here, so it MUST work :)15:50
parazydi've really no idea why this is happening15:50
freemangordonPali: isn't wl1251 driver supposed to be auto-loaded?15:52
Paliit is15:52
parazydnot in my devuan image yet15:52
parazydyou sould add it to /etc/modules15:52
parazydecho wl1251 >> /etc/modules15:53
Paliyou need also wl1251_spi15:53
Paliit should have DT modinfo15:53
Paliso based on DT alias it is loaded15:53
freemangordonhmm, maybe I should do depmod -a?15:54
freemangordonfrom within booted devuan when I change the kernel?15:54
freemangordonPali: ^^^?15:54
buZzcant hurt15:55
Palidepmod is needed after installation15:55
Palibut someting like modules install calls it15:55
parazydthere is make modules_install15:55
freemangordonwhen building image yes, but I just copied 4.8 modules on the sdcard :)15:56
jon_ywhoa linux 4.8 for N900?16:06
buZzis N900 is mainline?16:07
jon_yI suppose everything except modem/telephony16:08
buZznobody needs those :P16:08
freemangordonwell, not exactly - cameras, BT, DSP and SGX are missing, while modem is supported :)16:08
jon_yrip phone16:08
freemangordonparazyd: there is no loadkma in devuan, as it is part of busybox, any idea how to loda that keymap?16:10
freemangordonnot found, I guess I need  package installed16:11
parazydapt-get install kbd16:12
parazydtry that16:12
freemangordonno way - there is no '-' symbol and network ;)16:12
freemangordonI need to include that in the image16:12
parazydadd it to the extra_packages array in the script16:13
parazydalso add the wifi modules to custmodules then16:13
parazydspace separated16:13
freemangordonno need to do it, depmod fixed it16:14
parazydah ok16:14
freemangordonany common place in the sdk for device specific files?16:14
freemangordonwhere to put n900 keymap in16:14
parazydmake a n900 dir in extra/16:15
parazydthen call it as $R/extra/n900/n900.kmap from the script16:15
freemangordonok, thanks16:15
parazydoh my! vanilla maemo. haven't seen this in a while16:16
parazydgonna put a fresh uboot and see where it goes16:16
buZzwhat are you guys doing anyway? putting devuan on a N900?16:16
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buZzget it ready, i'll have a N900 soonish ;)16:20
CatButtssame I hope16:20
CatButtsbut I'd rather something tried and tested16:21
CatButtsI'll stick to Maemo16:21
buZzshould port as many maemo parts away from maemo and into n900-devuan ;)16:21
buZzas possible16:21
CatButtsalso, from what I remember, the N900/maemo don't have proper OpenGL, yes?16:22
buZzneither does maemo ;)16:22
buZzonly OpenGLES , i would assum16:22
freemangordonyep, gles216:22
CatButtsI was thinking of SDL216:22
CatButtsthat might be obstacle in porting it, I think16:23
buZzlibsdl2 is in devuan :)16:23
CatButtsok, you have my interest16:23
buZzdoubt you can find any linux distro without that really16:23
buZzbut i guess many maemo parts lack source16:24
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freemangordonparazyd: how to add rx51_defconfig to the sdk, besides copying it in kernel-configs dir?16:51
freemangordonI can't figure out what is the "sdk" way of copying it to kernel source directory16:52
freemangordonoh, got it16:57
freemangordonit should be called n900.config16:58
parazydsee lib/helpers17:00
freemangordonyeah, saw it17:01
freemangordontrying to build it now, for 4.8.1 stable17:01
freemangordonoh, I forgot to reload the build script after modifying it :(17:02
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parazydfreemangordon: going well?17:12
freemangordonstill rough on the edges, will needs some more time :)17:13
freemangordonit turned out copy-kernel-config needs to be called explicitly :)17:14
freemangordonalso, console-config wants me to select keyboard :)17:15
freemangordonwell, keyboard-configuration that is17:15
parazydis it possible for me to connect in a tmux and see?17:15
parazydi can show you what to do exactly17:15
freemangordonI already figured it out17:16
parazydadd -E to any sudo calls that chroot or do something in the rootfs17:17
parazydit will export necessary env vars17:17
freemangordonbut now it seems kernel make doesn't like my rx51_defconfig, it seems it is not the .config it expects17:17
parazydyou should use a complete config17:18
parazydcopy n900.config to arch/arm/configs/rx51_defconfig and call it that way17:18
freemangordonwell, I copied it, did make rx51_defconfig and copied the resulted .config back to kernel-configs directory as n900.config. That should do the job, no?17:21
*** krnlyng has joined #maemo17:21
freemangordontrying it17:21
freemangordonparazyd: ok, kompiles compiles17:23
freemangordon*kernel compiles17:23
*** florian has joined #maemo17:32
freemangordonparazyd: hmm, I don;t see uImage copied anywhere, weird17:36
parazydit should be either in /root or /boot17:36
freemangordonthere is "sudo cp $CPVERBOSE uImage $strapdir/root/"17:36
freemangordonno, it is not there17:36
parazydif not, i think you're using the master branc17:36
parazydi have 2-3 branches17:37
freemangordonyes, which branch shall I use?17:37
parazydwait, letmesee17:37
parazydhere's my current version on my machine17:38
freemangordonhmm, no such branch on github17:38
parazydok let me commit what i have then i'll push17:39
*** heroux has quit IRC17:39
freemangordonok, thanks17:39
*** heroux has joined #maemo17:39
freemangordonparazyd: where is upstream git repo?17:39
freemangordon(I lost the address)17:39
parazydmy real upstream is git://
parazydbut anyway17:40
parazydbranch is now pushed to GH17:41
freemangordonparazyd: hmm, uImage is supposed to be copied in /, not in /root17:50
freemangordonunless i am missing something17:50
parazydyes i remember, this was before we talked about it :)17:50
parazydchange it to /boot17:50
freemangordonah, ok17:50
freemangordonboot is vfat partition?17:51
parazyd/boot is the root of mmcblk0p117:51
*** florian has quit IRC17:51
freemangordonparazyd: it boots :), now I need some help on how to set default keymap18:00
parazydadd "loadkeys /path/to/keymap" to /etc/profile18:02
freemangordonloadkeys does not like the keymap file :(18:02
parazydhmm why?18:02
freemangordon"syntax error"18:02
freemangordonparazyd: it is binary keymap :)18:03
freemangordonso I guess I need loadkeys -b18:04
freemangordonhmm, no, it *kreates* a binary keymap18:05
parazydso what about loadkmap?18:06
freemangordonit is part of busybox iiuc18:06
freemangordonand there is no bb in devuan installed18:06
parazydtry installing busybox, loading the keymap and then try to dump it with dumpkeys maybe?18:08
parazydsee dumpkeys(1)18:09
freemangordonhmm, right18:10
freemangordonor I can do it directly from maemo18:11
freemangordonno dumpkeys in maemo18:12
parazydfreemangordon: sorry was having dinner18:37
*** valeriusL has quit IRC18:37
parazydhere's dumpkeys from maemo:
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo18:38
parazydnow you can have < > instead of pound and euro sign :)18:38
parazydalso add the pipe char somewere18:38
freemangordonparazyd: I have that already, sorry for not telling you :)18:41
freemangordonI was trying to bring wlan1 up18:42
parazydmmm yeah i need to put in the udev hack18:42
parazydbecause wlanX will keep ++18:42
freemangordonwhat is the problem with that ++?18:49
parazydwifi changes mac address on every boot18:51
parazydso udev increments the number because it looks like a new device18:51
freemangordonthis is problem with the driver, we discussed it with pali ^^^18:52
parazydecho "#" > /etc/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules18:54
parazydthis is the solution18:54
parazydyes the driver generates a new address every boot, as mentioned18:55
freemangordonparazyd: where to put keymap file?19:00
parazydin /usr/share/keymaps/dir-of-choice19:01
freemangordonno such dir exists, also it is for text keymaps, not binary19:01
freemangordonas busybox seems to be installed anyway, I'd better skip kbd package19:02
parazydok, in any case i can play with it later19:02
freemangordonand use "busybox loadkmap < $kmap" from a script in /etc/profile.d19:02
parazydsounds good19:03
freemangordonI will do it, the only thing I am missing is where to place that kmap file19:03
parazydmaybe simply in /etc19:04
parazydor /root/19:04
freemangordon"/etc" seems better. will place it there19:04
parazydfreemangordon: fantastic! merged :) big thanks!19:31
*** shentey has quit IRC19:32
freemangordonparazyd: does it refuse to boot on your device still?19:32
parazydi will build yours now and see19:33
freemangordonparazyd: also, which packages do I need in order to try to bring X up?19:33
freemangordononly lxde working?19:33
*** herekun has joined #maemo19:33
*** japa-fi_ has quit IRC19:35
parazydxserver-xorg xserver-xorg-video-omap xserver-xorg-input-evdev xinit should do the trick19:35
*** japa-fi_ has joined #maemo19:35
parazydxserver-xorg-video-fbdev also won't hurt19:36
freemangordonok, lemme first try to connect to my home wifi :)19:38
freemangordonparazyd: no wl1251 firmware?19:42
parazydhmm? it's there in the config19:43
parazydthe driver. you need separate firmware?19:44
freemangordonyep, firmware-ti-connectivity deb it seems :)19:44
parazydthat exists only in testing19:45
parazydrather include it manuall19:45
freemangordonput it in extra?19:46
parazydget it from fremantle19:46
freemangordonno such package there iirc19:46
freemangordonI can get firmware files though19:47
freemangordonPali: is wl1251 nvs fw device specific?19:47
Palino, device specific19:47
freemangordonPali: hmm?19:47
Palinot firmware, but device specific19:47
parazydthe meego package should be used if possible19:48
parazydtheir license permits redist19:48
freemangordonPali: every device has different nvs?19:48
Palinvs is stored in CAL19:48
parazydi'll just include the debian .deb19:48
Paliwl1251-fw.bin -> firmware19:48
Paliwl1251-nvs.bin -> device calibration data19:48
Paliwl1251-fw.bin in linux-firmware repository exists and contains "example" file19:49
infobotPali meant: wl1251-nvs.bin in linux-firmware repository exists and contains "example" file19:49
freemangordonPali: are you sure? as what I see on my device is that nvs file has the same date as fw file19:49
Paliit is not used19:49
Paliwl1251-nvs.bin is "example" file19:50
freemangordonaah, I see19:50
Paliwl1251_cal reads REAL data from CAL and send it to kernel driver19:50
Palibut... only on maemo kernel19:50
freemangordonI guess we'll need to build that for devuan19:50
Paliupstream kernel does not have support for loading via maemo specific interface19:50
freemangordonmissing interface in the upstream?19:50
Palibut upstream kernel can load wl1251-nvs.bin via firmware_request function19:51
freemangordonok, so we can generate it on-the-fly?19:51
Paliand so you can hook up udev to supply own script which provide those data19:51
Paliinstead reading it from disk19:52
freemangordoncan;t we just write the file with the data from CAL?19:52
Paliit is stupid to oeverwrite files in /lib/.... to something device specific19:52
freemangordonI guess we can ln it to a file in /var and create that file if it doesn;t exist19:53
freemangordonor just create it in /lib on the very first boot19:53
*** shentey has joined #maemo19:54
Palicorrect way is to write that udev script19:54
Paliwhich read nvs data from cal and then send them it to kernel19:54
*** shentey has quit IRC19:54
freemangordonok, ok :)19:54
Paliparser is already written:
freemangordonparazyd: what is the "politically correct" way to include device specific packages in devuan?19:56
parazydyou mean custom debs?19:56
freemangordonparazyd: also, is building packages a part of the sdk?19:56
freemangordonparazyd: yes19:56
freemangordonsee ^^^19:57
parazydi had it implemented in legacy branch, but not yet in master/next where i'm now using libdevuansdk (which i'm also writing)19:57
*** shentey has joined #maemo19:57
parazydgive me a few minues and i'll implement it19:57
parazydpackage building, not yet19:57
parazydbut soom(tm)19:57
freemangordonok, but here it is supposed to be build?19:57
freemangordonon the device itself?19:58
parazydyou do it yourself i guess19:58
freemangordonhmm, ok19:58
parazydthe debian directory is already there19:58
freemangordonparazyd: can't parse, could you elaborate on that debian dir?19:59
freemangordonoh, sure19:59
parazyddebian dir is the files needed19:59
freemangordonyeah, got it now19:59
freemangordonI know I can build that in maemo SDK, but what about devuan SDK?19:59
parazydnot yet19:59
parazydi'm the only one writing the stuff, so time management isn't quite good :D20:00
freemangordonI know ;)20:00
*** norly has quit IRC20:04
freemangordonparazyd: how to install a deb?20:08
parazyddpkg -i package.deb20:08
freemangordonI mean - during image creaton :)20:08
parazydi'm implementing it right now20:09
freemangordonoh, ok, sorry20:09
freemangordonok, wireless is up :)20:16
freemangordonparazyd: also, X seems to work, unfortunately there is no enough free space on /. How to make root bigger?20:34
parazydyou should do it from maemo/your computer20:35
parazydunmount the root partition20:35
parazydrepartition it with parted/cfdisk, resize2fs on the partition and finally e2fsck on the partition20:35
freemangordonparazyd: I was asking about the image20:36
freemangordonhow to create an image with bigger ext4 partition20:36
parazydah you want to include it when building?20:36
parazydjust change the size variable20:36
parazydin the script20:36
parazydnow is 66620:37
freemangordonhmm, good number :)20:37
parazydi pushed deb support btw20:37
parazydjust drop .deb files in extra/$device_name20:37
freemangordonthanks, will do20:37
parazydupdate libdevuansdk also20:38
parazydgit submodule update or whatever it's called20:38
*** dafox has quit IRC20:41
parazydfreemangordon: the new image still doesn't boot for me. i'll see what's up when i meet Wizzup20:53
parazyddumb reason, could the sd card be too big?20:54
parazydit's 32G20:54
freemangordonshould not matter, though, who knows20:54
parazydyeah... i'll see wednesday and report back20:54
freemangordonWizzup: do you want me to upload devuan image for you to test if it boots on your device?20:55
freemangordonparazyd: hmm, dropping the .deb in extra/n900 kade no change20:56
parazyddid you pull the latest commit?20:58
parazydyou should see install-custom-packages function20:58
freemangordonat least I think so20:58
freemangordonlemme check20:58
freemangordonhmm, no such function20:59
parazydpull again20:59
parazydfrom github20:59
parazydgit pull && git submodule update did the trick for me on my server20:59
freemangordonah, I see, it is not "just drop .deb files in extra/$device_name", it seems I have to list them, right?21:00
freemangordonor not21:01
parazydlist? no21:02
parazydit's supposed to automagically find them21:02
parazydunless i missed something21:02
freemangordonok, I pulled again, seems it was still not pushed when I pull it early21:02
parazydit works21:05
parazydjust tested21:05
freemangordonyeah, seems your latest changes were not pulled 10 minutes ago, now everything seems in -place21:05
freemangordonwill try to make an image with lxde pre-installed21:06
freemangordonBTW for some reason TS y axis is inverted :)21:06
parazydfreemangordon: here's Wizzup's advice
*** valeriusL has quit IRC21:10
freemangordonyeah, makes sense21:10
parazydanything you wish, just drop in extra21:11
parazydi keep the dist images minimal, but everything can stay commented in the script21:11
parazydfor ppl to have :)21:11
parazydsidenote, i tried a class 4 4GB microsd, still the same21:12
parazydit's some hardware issue now21:12
freemangordonwell, I think a tool to bring wireless up on n900 is a must21:12
parazydhas to be21:12
*** valeriusL has joined #maemo21:12
parazydadd this to prebuild() to stop wlanX incrementing on boot btw: print "#" | sudo tee $strapdir/etc/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules21:14
parazyddo you like this concept of the sdk in general?21:16
parazydi call it "simple distro kit" :)21:16
freemangordonyes, the fact it took me less than an hour to build my first image (with upgraded kernel) means it is usefull21:17
freemangordonit only lacks custom debs build functionality aiui21:17
parazydthat will come21:18
parazydi'm still learning how to make debian packages21:18
* parazyd is not really a debian user21:18
freemangordonI can try to make devuan based maemo distro21:18
freemangordonlxde install takes a while :D21:19
freemangordonparazyd: BTW, who provides those funny notes while image is being build?21:23
parazydi got them from mailpile, then just reimplemented in shell :)21:24
parazydsometimes they're called21:24
parazydsee bottom of lib/helpers21:25
parazydactually libdevuansdk/zlibs/helpers21:27
parazydsorry :D21:27
freemangordonno problem, it is not important, I was just curious. Actually it is a very good idea to have some fun while waiting21:28
Wizzupfreemangordon: sure, I can test that21:31
Wizzuplots of backlog to catch up with, too. might not manage to do it tonight21:31
freemangordonok, I will put it on my web server and will query you to test it when you have time21:32
freemangordonparazyd: "install-custom-packages:14: command not found: install-custdebs"21:32
parazydyou didn't do git submodule update21:33
freemangordonI did21:34
freemangordonhelpers file is updated21:34
parazydwhat about libdevuansdk21:34
parazyddid it checkout to origin?21:34
freemangordonhmm, what?21:34
freemangordon git submodule update --recursive --remote21:34
freemangordonSkipping unmerged submodule lib/libdevuansdk21:34
freemangordonwhat is that supposed to mean?21:34
parazydthe commit should be d28e0a93f4561099adc6c270027ed3331ce4448921:34
parazydi dunno21:35
parazyd--recursive --remote isn't really necessary21:35
Wizzupfreemangordon: did you figure out how to load keys?21:40
freemangordonWizzup: yeah, through busybox21:41
freemangordonthough it doesn;t work in X21:41
freemangordonparazyd: somehow I managed to update libdevuansdk to latest version21:42
Wizzupyes, X is different21:42
parazydthat's setxkbmap21:42
WizzupX needs its own mapping21:42
parazydfreemangordon: what was the reason?21:42
WizzupI didn't do that yet21:42
infobotparazyd meant: freemangordon: what was the solution?21:42
freemangordonno idea, some git weirdness21:42
freemangordongit reset --hard on the submodule21:43
freemangordongit reset HEAD that is21:43
parazydok :)21:43
freemangordonand then git submodule update21:43
parazydanyway, it will do the thing if you `git pull && git submodule update`21:43
freemangordonwhy it was thinking the submodule was modified is beyond my understanding :)21:43
parazydbeats me21:44
parazydWizzup: btw, if you ever feel like baking gentoo images, feel free to try out arm-sdk. should be a lot simpler to do gentoo than devuan actually21:44
parazydthere is 12 devices already21:45
freemangordonok, custom .deb seems to be installed now21:46
Wizzupparazyd: hm - what would I use it for?21:47
parazyddon't know really. just a thought since you like to play with ARM boards21:48
*** RedW has joined #maemo22:01
*** Smily has quit IRC22:30
*** Smily has joined #maemo22:35
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo22:49
*** ced117 has quit IRC22:53
*** flo_lap is now known as florian22:53
freemangordonparazyd: lxde works :)22:58
parazydawesome :)22:58
parazydfreemangordon: will you submit the wifi firmware blobs to the repo or should i?23:19
freemangordonparazyd: I just installed firmware-ti-connectivity_0.43_all.deb23:20
parazydthe one from debian?23:20
parazydall right. and modules autoloaded?23:20
*** geaaru has joined #maemo23:20
parazydcool :) many thanks for your work today!23:21
freemangordonwell, modules are auto-loaded without firmware as well, but when you try to connect with wpa_supplicant it complains because of the missing FW23:21
*** shamus has quit IRC23:41
*** norly has joined #maemo23:45
*** geaaru has quit IRC23:57

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