IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2016-10-04

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chomwitthi. how can i insert a horizontal bar in n90016:50
chomwittwhich has maemo5 if i recall correct16:50
KotCzarnyquestion didnt parse, try again16:50
chomwitthi. how can i insert a horizontal bar in n90016:51
chomwitthi. how can i insert a horizontal bar in n900's keyboard16:51
KotCzarnyyou mean underscore _ or minus - ?16:51
KotCzarnyyou mean pipe | ?16:51
chomwittmy english need improvement16:51
KotCzarnypress two keys on the top left16:52
chomwitti want to execute pipe commands in terminal and cant find it16:52
KotCzarnyie. fn-sym16:52
KotCzarnyshould popup on screen kb16:52
KotCzarnyif you want you can also remap hw kb16:53
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, kb is KnowledgeBlue, located at 3007 South West Temple, Suite L, South Salt Lake City, Utah 8411516:53
infobotfrom memory, keyremap is
KotCzarnyi have remapped mine so i have fn-z == ~ and fn-c == |16:54
KotCzarnyreally useful if you use them a lot16:54
chomwittthe ' press two keys on the top left' worked fine16:54
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_maniac_bless n900 seems to write broken jpgs when capturing in 'HQ' mode.18:29
_maniac_well, not broken, just made of 3 parts.18:29
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sicelomodrana ... i do not understand the download mechanism for map tiles ... +1 up , +1 down .. what are the differences/effects?18:59
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jogasicelo, it's the zoom levels19:22
jogaie. make note of the min and max for the levels you want (for example if you don't need small paths etc and just main roads, you don't need many detailed tiles)19:23
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siceloyes .. i want level 6 upwards19:43
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siceloso i have zoomed to level 6 .. and chosen download this view. problem starts with the +1 up +down settings .. can't figure out what to select19:58
jogaI don't recall exactly how it looked but I think it means that from the level you're currently on, how many levels above and below you want20:01
jogaie. say you're on level 6 and want levels 4-9, then you would get +3 above and +2 below, or something like that20:02
siceloi have tried it that way .. results are not too clear :-/20:02
sicelolast try my N900 ended up rebooting :)20:02
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jogaI think it wasn't the most intuitive of things20:02
siceloany way to get this stuff via pc? i want to use the sqlite method20:03
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siceloKotCzarny: yay!
sicelothanks a mil :)20:30
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KotCzarnyhe he20:30
KotCzarnyhave fun20:30
KotCzarnyfor me it was too unstable to use20:30
KotCzarny(travel situation, on the lap)20:31
kerioi have one of those \o/20:31
KotCzarnyand it lacks numbers row20:31
kerioand yea i think that the stand never really worked for the n90020:32
kerioKotCzarny: it's got two Fn20:32
siceloit is a little too light maybe that's why .. but i love it.20:32
siceloat least the number row works exactly like on N90020:32
KotCzarnykerio: entering numbers makes it wobble20:32
siceloonly a few things will need remapping here20:32
KotCzarnythat was my main gripe20:32
keriook actually20:34
kerioi just tried it20:34
kerioif you extend the stand a bit20:34
kerioso the n900 is at like 45°20:34
kerioit's not even bad20:34
kerioKotCzarny: i don't notice any wobble with fn+number20:34
KotCzarnykerio, put it on your lap20:35
keriolmao no20:35
keriothat's not how it works20:35
KotCzarnyie. simulate car/bus20:35
KotCzarnyit's still better than many nonames available20:35
keriooh absolutely20:36
sicelomost definitely! i've tested the 'android' ones .. meh20:36
sicelokerio .. did you maybe have a nice mapping for N900 wit this keybd?20:38
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kerioiirc no20:46
sicelookay. just need to figure out @ and a few other keys. the android seems to seem see them just fine. i love that Pg(Up,Dn), and Home/End work ootb20:48
KotCzarnyit has plenty of fn combos20:49
KotCzarnyso it's just a matter of trying20:49
KotCzarnyas you can see i got mad with Fx keys ;)20:49
sicelowill have a lot of fun with this20:49
siceloattending a PyCon on Thursday .. so will play with the keys more next week20:50
Vajbbtw i used to use n900 as keyboard+mouse for android tablet21:00
Vajbvia bluemaemo21:00
Vajbworked great after i got it to work21:01
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sicelo_maniac_: mine still working as expected (blessn900)21:35
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