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antranigvvahe: what do you want from python? + maemo is debian, not *ntoo06:43
vaheantranigv: hi, my friend I just want to install pyobd06:46
vahebetter to say install and run)))06:46
antranigvvahe: python?06:47
antranigvvahe: pyobd?06:47
vahe for funtoo it's easy))06:48
vahebut I have a problem in Maemo lib python-serial06:49
vaheit is installed but will not start, sicelo it assumes that it is because of old version06:50
vahemaybe just download the python-serial deb?06:51
vaheantranigv: didn't sleep last night?)))06:51
antranigvvahe: the point is, maemo is not funtoo, and funtoo is not maemo, if you want it in maemo, you have to build it for maemo; did you check the repo?06:52
antranigvvahe: what "does not" start mean?06:52
vaheantranigv: installing apps is not hard and it is now installed but does not start06:54
vahewhen trying to start it does not start06:55
vaheI run in the terminal but do not understand the error06:56
antranigvvahe: paste the error?06:56
vahehaha how :P06:56
vahemin i try06:56
antranigvvahe: copy from the terminal, paste it in a pastebin?06:57
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vaheantranigv: repo maemo extras,extras-devel,extras-Testing07:03
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infobotsomebody said supaplex was a classic and fun game from the msdos era.10:52
CatButtsI'm curious how well dosbox runs on an n90010:54
CatButtsprobably not all that well10:54
KotCzarnynot well10:55
KotCzarnydiff. architecture, no virtual helpers in instruction set10:55
CatButtseh, sod it10:58
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bencohactually dosbox doesn't run that badly11:51
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fishbulbdoes anyone use the n900 as their only phone?15:07
sicelotyping this on N90015:08
fishbulbis it possible to have rootkits and shit?15:08
fishbulbI mean if you can "hack" a linux computer can't you do the same with this thing15:08
siceloyes. it is possible15:09
fishbulbhow would I check for that then15:09
sicelosame way you check elsewhere15:09
fishbulbespecially if I tell everyone "oh my phone is linux" and some of those poeple are fucking pieces of shit15:09
fishbulbI don't know how or what to check for15:09
siceloleave it :)15:10
tillisn't this problem more or less independent of the operation system, since almost every phone is a "computer" today?15:10
fishbulbprobably, android is "linux lite"15:10
tilland almost every complex system might be "hacked"?15:10
fishbulbbut honestly I don't fuck with other people15:11
sicelointerest in compromising No00 is close to zero15:11
fishbulb's information15:11
fishbulbinterest in compromising your one?15:11
fishbulbor my one?15:11
fishbulbindulge me :)15:12
siceloN900 official died in 2011 .. so ..15:12
fishbulbtruthfully I've kept this because it's not android15:12
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siceloand it isn't like it was even ever popular/mainstream15:12
fishbulband it's not iphone, it has a keyboard, and it has gps15:12
fishbulbif I need a computer I use a computer and if I need a phone, I fix this one15:13
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fishbulbbut I'm not hardcore into sniffing other poeple's underwear so to speak. digitally15:13
fishbulbI don't mess with their information but I've had some real creeps do that with mine15:14
fishbulbpeople I once trusted. strangers can do what the fuck they like, it's not relevant to them15:14
fishbulbstrangers would never usually bother15:15
siceloyou can secure Maemo in the same way you would your Linux system15:15
fishbulbI don't know if my linux system is secure15:16
siceloe.g. configure iptables (i assume your friends attack you via network)15:16
fishbulbI don't know what I'm configuring15:17
sicelohow did you secure your computer?15:17
fishbulbI basically use simple firewall tools and set them to "public"15:18
fishbulbset up the router15:18
fishbulbthat's it. try to make passwords hard15:18
sicelodo the same on N900 then15:18
fishbulbwhat's a firewall tool15:19
siceloi use iptables15:19
sicelothere's genwall to make it easier (never used it)15:20
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sixwheeledbeastufw on a desktop17:21
sixwheeledbeaston gufw if you want gui17:21
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: or gufw if you want gui17:22
_maniac_well, whoever gave me advice to buy video out cable instead of soldering it - you were probably right.18:01
_maniac_I'll never going to solder trrs again.18:02
_maniac_the next question - how do I enable tv out?18:05
_maniac_wait, it works. but I have bad contact somewhere along the video output18:11
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_maniac_protip: don't add heat shrik to already stiff connector coating from the inside. especially before screwing it on metal jack. I opened plug and it was all twisted inside, shorting every wire.18:49
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lolcatWhat is that project ot make a new n900?19:11
bencohare you talking about neo900, or about that recent thread on TMO?19:12
lolcatbencoh, Which is cheapest and which can I buy today?19:13
bencohneo900 isn't out yet19:14
bencoh(and it wont be cheap either)19:14
lolcatHow come they dont just make them?19:15
lolcatLike, the OQO had chineese ripoffs19:15
lolcatthey still do19:15
lolcatthe chinese19:17
lolcator the people with neo90019:17
lolcatthey have been on this for years19:17
bencohgo ahead, try and make a modern phone with decent battery life, proper architecture, and FLOSS support :)19:17
lolcatbencoh, oneplus 3 did it19:18
lolcatUbuntu phone did it19:18
bencohno, they didnt.19:18
bencohthey're just reusing closed layers from android19:19
lolcatUbuntu phone is using closed layers?19:19
lolcatBut even so19:19
lolcatI just want the form factor19:19
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_maniac_to be honest, I can't even type properly on n900's keyboard - buttons are too small.19:21
KotCzarny_maniac_: there is tvout widget, but usually its enough to connect it to enable19:23
_maniac_KotCzarny: yeah, it was cable problem, works fine. except this tv has only mono in and I have to apply pressure to socket on tv side to make it connect.19:28
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_maniac_now I need to find out if n90019:29
_maniac_*if n900's IR can receive signals19:29
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freemangordon_maniac_: it can't, it is TX only19:37
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_maniac_there goes my dreams of turning dead n900 into youtube box for CRT tvs.19:41
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KotCzarny_maniac_: you can connect radio remote via usb19:58
KotCzarnyor bt19:59
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_maniac_I was going to say that I have IR -> headphone jack thingy from old tv tuner, but then I realized what's wrong.20:15
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_maniac_I can probably solder it instead of built-in microphone, but that's the easiest thing. Comparing to writing all the software to make it work.20:16
bencohI kinda suspect it already exist20:16
bencohmaybe someone even wrote a lirc plugin20:17
_maniac_don't give me this ideas20:17
KotCzarnyjust buy bt remote20:18
KotCzarnyeasier, best range too20:18
KotCzarnyand keep in mind, constant audio monitoring == battery/cpu drain20:18
_maniac_If I were going to *buy* something, I wouldn't be doing all this20:18
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KotCzarnybt remote will be reusable in any further project20:19
lolcat_maniac_, I can type perfectly on it20:19
_maniac_I thought it's impossible to type with cat claws20:21
KotCzarnyseen any secretary?20:22
_maniac_good point20:22
KotCzarnyalso, cat's claws are retractable20:23
KotCzarnyin contrast with secretaries20:23
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