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Hurrianwow, so apparently... that Twitter update on Harmattan that breaks mp-harmattan-001-pr causes pkgmgrd to remove all the packages that depend on it06:46
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PaliLuke-Jr: hi! about kdepim-noakonadi... if you have idea how to fix this bug I would be happy...13:04
povbotBug 166653: was not found.13:04
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freemangordonPali: hi!13:59
Palifreemangordon: hi!13:59
freemangordoncould you rebase to 4.5-rc1 :)13:59
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KotCzarnydarn splits, fmg: tracing io block access?14:42
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freemangordonKotCzarny: trace it where?14:58
freemangordonalso, the corruption happens when a reboot/shutdown is attempted14:59
KotCzarnynot on boot up?14:59
freemangordoneverything works perfectly, until you try a reboot15:00
freemangordonon next boot rootfs is unmountable15:00
KotCzarnyand it only happens with mainline?15:00
KotCzarnyis corruption random or just overwritten beginning of the nand?15:01
freemangordonKotCzarny: mainline only15:08
freemangordonno idea if it is random on on the beginning of nand, whatever "begining of nand" is15:09
KotCzarnysector 015:09
freemangordonroot is on mtd5, so it is hardly a beginning :)15:09
KotCzarnydid you try to add mount -o remount,ro /; sleep 10; before final reboot line ?15:11
freemangordondo you know where the final reboot line in maemo is?15:14
KotCzarnynope, but i can look for it15:14
freemangordonKotCzarny: you think something is not flushed?15:15
KotCzarnyhrm /etc/init.d/minireboot15:15
ceene2KotCzarny: reboot should sync and umount everything on its own, shouldn't it?15:15
KotCzarnyit already does remount15:16
KotCzarnyceene, what if nand controler is in the middle of the write when device reboots?15:16
ceene2sync, remount or umount shouldn't exit until after the controller behind it has finished, be it nand, sata or whatever15:17
KotCzarny'shouldnt', but it happens15:18
ceene2but i'll say that sync and mount are more than probably bug free15:19
KotCzarnyyes, thats why i suggested sleep15:19
ceene2so then, we could think that it's the nand controller the one returning too soon from a sync()15:19
KotCzarnyso it has a chance to flush internal queues if it has them15:19
infobotmooooooo! I am cow, hear me moo, I weigh twice as much as you. I'm a cow, eating grass, methane gas comes out my ass. I'm a cow, you are too; join us all! type apt-get moo.15:19
ceene2at least it's worth trying it15:20
KotCzarnyfmg: try adding sleep before reboot in /etc/init.d/minireboot15:20
ceene2i can't test it today, my dev n900 is at home and i've lost access to my building machine15:20
ceene2thus the abscense of 'ceene' :)15:20
KotCzarnyalso actually checking if remount worked wouldnt hurt either15:20
freemangordonhmm, seems kernel partition got corrupted too15:21
ceene2kernel partition shouldn't be read only?15:21
freemangordonit is RO15:21
KotCzarnythen its random15:21
DocScrutinizer05well no15:21
freemangordonwell, it is not mounted at all15:21
DocScrutinizer05none of mtd? is ro per se15:21
freemangordonso this is not really a FS corruption15:22
DocScrutinizer05no, this sounds terrible15:22
KotCzarnystill, try that sleep15:22
KotCzarnyunless corruption happens even before reboot15:22
DocScrutinizer05though I miss the OP, thanks to /ignore15:22
KotCzarnybut is just not triggered before reboot15:22
freemangordonKotCzarny: this happens if I boot rescueos with upstream kernel as well15:23
KotCzarnyupstream == mainline ?15:23
freemangordonanyway, now I prepared cramfs with a couple of mtd tools to try to debug further15:23
KotCzarnyeven without mounting anything in rescueos or after mounting rootfs?15:24
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: what's the story?15:24
freemangordonmainline kernel corrupts maemo footfs on reboot/shutdown15:24
DocScrutinizer05nice typo15:24
KotCzarnyfmg, more than rootfs apparently15:24
freemangordonKotCzarny: yeah15:25
freemangordonbut this is visible immediately ;)15:25
DocScrutinizer05mainline kernel maybe shuts down too fast?15:25
DocScrutinizer05a page erase tages ages15:25
freemangordonactually it hangs because of a bug in g_nokia15:25
freemangordonbut even if it succeed to reboot, it makes no difference15:26
KotCzarnyfmg, then its happening even before starting to reboot15:26
KotCzarnyie. even after mounting anything and doing some writes15:26
DocScrutinizer05I guess OMAP TRM has something to say about correct system shutdown15:26
KotCzarnyyou can try writing some patterns15:27
KotCzarnythen seeing if they are spotted in corrupted places15:27
KotCzarnymaybe you will see some regularity15:27
freemangordonKotCzarny: I don't have tools to trace what happens on shutdown15:27
DocScrutinizer05I also guess there's a reason why maemo proper takes some 10 to 30s to *actually* shut down. change your livelight pattern to see15:28
KotCzarnyfmg, not on shutdown, just start rescueos, write 1G of abcd repeated15:28
KotCzarnythen see if and where it starts showing (ie. in kernel partition and at which offsets)15:28
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: you still don't have serial console attached?15:28
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: no, I don;t have devel board15:28
freemangordonthis is a production device15:29
KotCzarnyif what you say is true, then regular writes corrupt random parts of nand15:29
DocScrutinizer05N900 I assume?15:29
freemangordonand I don;t have the right tools to play with connectors under the battery15:29
freemangordonn900, yes15:29
DocScrutinizer05how about getting a devel N900 and solder some wires to the UART3?15:30
freemangordonKotCzarny: or some buffer overflow which rewrites onenand15:30
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: I'd rather pester tmlind who has devel n900 on his rack15:30
KotCzarnyfmg, add printk to every nand write with debug info?15:30
freemangordonKotCzarny: and read it how?15:31
DocScrutinizer05freemangordon: why?15:31
freemangordonwhy what?15:31
Palifreemangordon, now fixing compile errors15:31
Palilooke like there were more api changes15:31
KotCzarnyif you start writing with dd directly to partition, it should be increasing numbers15:31
DocScrutinizer05what would you do with a package with a modded N900 on your door step?15:31
KotCzarnyif there will be anything with odd offsets, then you can spot the bug15:31
KotCzarnyalso, network log ?15:32
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: I guess I'll start searching for a serial cable :)15:32
DocScrutinizer05dang, it might even come with a serial<->USB adapter15:32
KotCzarnyalso, wasnt there a debug usb gadget?15:33
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo15:33
freemangordonhmm, a revert of a recent patch seems to have fixed that, lets do the full boot and check15:33
*** Smily has joined #maemo15:37
DocScrutinizer05IroN900:~# file /sbin/reboot15:42
DocScrutinizer05/sbin/reboot: symbolic link to `/bin/busybox'15:42
*** flo_lap has quit IRC15:45
Paligit rebase in automode moved omap_dispc_set_plane_ba0 function (needed for pvr) from omap2 dss fbdev driver to omapdrm15:46
DocScrutinizer05funny:  >> umount -r /;   /bin/mount -n -o remount,ro /  <<15:46
Palimaybe we should move pvr driver to omapdrm too15:47
Palifreemangordon ^^^15:47
DocScrutinizer05moin Pali15:48
*** phlixi_ has quit IRC15:52
*** shentey has quit IRC15:54
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo15:58
DocScrutinizer05OT: Trump, Oh My Gosh! I wonder if USA is a political system with just 2, just one, or zero parties16:04
KotCzarnyusa is ruled by .il, anything in the media is just for the show16:05
*** phlixi has joined #maemo16:09
Palifreemangordon: v4.5-rc1-n900 is in linux-n900 tree16:12
Paliafter patching and fixing API changes I tested it in qemu and it is working here...16:13
*** flo_lap has quit IRC16:19
Luke-JrPali: no idea, sorry. I don't use local folders at all16:23
PaliLuke-Jr: that is also for dimap or imap folders16:24
Paliif you create search view16:24
*** sparetire has joined #maemo16:29
*** flo_lap has joined #maemo16:32
*** louisdk has quit IRC16:33
DocScrutinizer05Pali: you're still suffering this indexing mess?16:37
PaliDocScrutinizer05: in kmail?16:38
Paliyes, on every startup16:38
Paliif there is stored search view16:38
Paliif I delete search view, everything is OK16:38
DocScrutinizer05makes sense, somehow16:38
Pali$ rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/search/*16:39
DocScrutinizer05the search in kmail never was really usable16:39
Palithis will delete all search views ^^^16:39
DocScrutinizer05it was about felt factor 100 slower than a simple grep16:39
Palineed to be called when kmail is not running...16:39
DocScrutinizer05alas I'm still doomed from akonadi16:40
bencohwhat about mutt or claws?16:41
DocScrutinizer05not like akonadi wouldn't have similar problems, but at least I can (and have to) suspend email indexing on every boot and every akonadi/kontact restart16:41
DocScrutinizer05virtuoso eating gigabytes of RAM16:44
*** louisdk has joined #maemo16:48
KotCzarnybencoh, having own webmail is nice too (especially on dedicated machine)16:53
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: I know there are lots of nice 'apps' like mutt or thunderbird, there are even better desktops than KDE. My problem is: I'm not willing to migrate, I got used to that stuff and tailored it to fit during 15 years16:56
DocScrutinizer05I'm definitely not one of the users who install a pristine system every 6 months16:57
*** yosafbridge` has quit IRC16:58
*** yosafbridge has joined #maemo16:58
DocScrutinizer05heck, my windows deco looks like 1990 ;-)16:58
*** louisdk has quit IRC16:58
bencohDocScrutinizer05: not telling you to install from scratch, just suggesting a solution that might fit your needs better ;)17:00
bencohbut okay17:00
DocScrutinizer05bencoh: I pondered it several times, but among others17:04
DocScrutinizer05not even starting to think about migrating a 500k mails17:06
*** xelo has joined #maemo17:07
DocScrutinizer05each time I tried to do something like this, it ended in a 4 weeks disaster where I missed or lost important email stuff17:08
ceene2why would you want to migrate half a million emails?17:10
ceene2can't you just archive them and forget about them?17:10
KotCzarnyceene, ever heard about hoarders?17:11
ceene2once i lost a hard drive due to malfunctioning17:11
ceene2and i started to panic because i had lost hundreds of gigs17:11
ceene2later on, i tried to remember what was there and i couldn't17:11
ceene2so i decided that it wasn't that important in the end17:11
ceene2i just keep a backup now of family photos and little else17:12
KotCzarnyi have different problem, i have many notes scattered over multiple drives/machines17:12
DocScrutinizer05well, everything is in those emails, and archiving them seems a flawed approach since all metainfo like threads etc tends to get lost17:13
DocScrutinizer05I however admit that kmail isn't up to handling my mails in the way it's supposed to be, anymore17:14
ceene2yeah, but those threads aren't eternal17:14
ceene2in a couple weeks, you won't have any of the old threads active anymore17:15
DocScrutinizer05more often than not I have a hard time finding mails only a few weeks old, thanks to completely broken search function in kmail17:15
DocScrutinizer05ceene2: when I want to check what a subcontractor answered to an inquiry I sent a year ago, I need threads when I only know and thus find my original inquiry but not exactly the answers17:16
DocScrutinizer05browsing though a maildir with random nonsensical filenames with grep doesn't really help17:17
ceene2maybe you can set a previous archiving date17:18
ceene2and keep last 365 days or so of email17:18
ceene2but i'm sure you don't need anything from 2004 :)17:18
DocScrutinizer05I think my active mail is from last 3 years, the rest already moved to a "archived" resp "old stuff" folder, however still in kmail. I exculded those dirs from friggin akonadi indexing, which somehow works most of the time17:19
Siceloakonadi is something like tracker on gnome?17:20
DocScrutinizer05even worse: akonadi actually is a MTA backend17:21
DocScrutinizer05the fucking idiotic thing gets started on KDE startup and starts polling my email accounts even when kmail/kontact isn't started at all >:-(17:21
DocScrutinizer05it gets started just because. everything in KDE using akonadi now17:22
*** Elleo_ is now known as Elleo17:23
DocScrutinizer05akonadi must have been invented by poettering17:23
*** Elleo has quit IRC17:23
*** Elleo has joined #maemo17:23
DocScrutinizer05 nepomuk virtuoso akonadi all one big bullshit17:25
DocScrutinizer05NB you must not disable email indexing when you want even minimal search functionality in kmail17:26
ceene2maybe you want to disable semantic desktop?17:26
ceene2i don't even know what it does17:26
KotCzarny^^^ that's why i disable all such crap17:27
KotCzarnyand autoindexers17:27
ceene2yeah, it all sounds just like trackerd :)17:27
DocScrutinizer05when I do this, nothing works anymore17:27
ceene2several years ago I also used kmail17:27
ceene2but didn't have so much email, of course17:27
KotCzarnyi mostly use webmail17:27
ceene2in the end... i just use gmail :/17:27
DocScrutinizer05disabling sematic desktop implies disabling email indexing for example17:27
ceene2it has its problems, but it also has the best searching capabilities, and labels are very nice17:28
KotCzarnyceene, also, they have much better hardware17:28
DocScrutinizer05no way. If I sell my ass to google, I don't do it for any less than google glass extreme17:29
DocScrutinizer05and even then I wouldn't disclose my email to google17:29
ceene2i can understand that17:29
DocScrutinizer05I even replaced the standard search from google to https://ixquick.com17:30
ceene2i'd be happy to have a gmail-like system on a server of mine17:30
ceene2but it doesn't exist, that i know of17:30
*** nistirappu has quit IRC17:31
DocScrutinizer05prolly will change from ixquick to
sixwheeledbeast^ here17:33
KotCzarnyfile:///usr/local/share/index.html here17:33
DocScrutinizer05try startpage, it's great17:33
DocScrutinizer05note the "proxy" option which allows to even visit result sites anonymously17:34
sixwheeledbeast^the thing is startpage uses google services, ddg don't they are yandex bing etc17:35
DocScrutinizer05sure, you "trust" the startpage company, but I do trust them more than I trust in google's "do no evil" which is only blabla17:35
DocScrutinizer05yes, startpage explicitly uses google, but that's the argument to use startpage instead of google17:36
DocScrutinizer05if I want search results that are _not_ biased by google's point of view, I explicitly use a different search engine17:37
sixwheeledbeast^I would prefer not to support Google at all, Youtube is prolly the only Google service I can think of I use.17:37
DocScrutinizer05if you want "without google", use https://ixquick.com17:38
KotCzarnyswb: actually 'uses bing' is anti-cool imo ;)17:38
DocScrutinizer05note how they are almost identical17:39
sixwheeledbeast^anti-cool? meh!17:39
DocScrutinizer05the search results however differ17:39
DocScrutinizer05hmm? anti-cool?17:39
*** NIN101_ has quit IRC17:41
*** NIN101 has joined #maemo17:41
*** flo_lap has quit IRC17:41
DocScrutinizer05startpage makes money from google :-) I think this is a very reasonable business model17:46
freemangordonPali: great, thanks17:50
*** vectis3 has quit IRC17:52
*** nistirappu has joined #maemo17:53
*** vectis3 has joined #maemo17:53
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*** KotCzarny has quit IRC18:01
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*** EgS has quit IRC18:01
*** EgS has joined #maemo18:02
Palifreemangordon: we will need LD_PRELOAD library for sscd to use new /sys/class/gpio instead gpio_switch18:15
Palibecause will be probably removed :-(18:15
*** handaxe has joined #maemo18:32
*** handaxe has left #maemo18:33
*** handaxe has joined #maemo18:34
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*** RedW has joined #maemo18:43
drathirddg rulez...18:47
drathirhave proxy too but by default anonymize search trough google is available throught tor too if needed...18:49
*** Vajb_ has quit IRC18:53
*** nistirappu has quit IRC18:55
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freemangordonPali: yes, I know21:57
freemangordonPali: TBH it makes sense, no matter how much me and you dislike it :)21:58
PaliI do not see reason for removing that support, now after long time from kernel21:58
freemangordonPali: the other option is to introduce an API to gpiolib that creates symlinks to exported gpios21:59
freemangordonPali: because, by default you need patched kernel to export those gpios22:00
*** veikko is now known as rastinippu22:00
*** rastinippu is now known as veikko22:00
freemangordonalso, we can always unexport those, afaik22:00
freemangordonPali: also, I guess I can RE sscd22:01
Palisscd is big22:01
freemangordonis it?22:01
PaliLD_PRELOAD for sscd will be easier22:01
freemangordonsscd is 100k22:02
freemangordonyes, big one22:02
freemangordonPali: BTW, that onenand corruption happens if you mount in rescueos as well22:03
freemangordonI wonder if it will happen in qemu too22:04
*** futpib has quit IRC22:15
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