IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2016-01-21

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luf_Sicelo: ping00:15
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luf_Sicelo009N: ping00:15
Sicelo009Nhi :)00:16
luf_Hello ;) I see you were looking for me.00:17
Sicelo009Nwas testing the bluetooth speaker thing. unfortunately, it didn't go well. however, i found that the speaker/headset is useable for calls, but audio still comes ut of N900 speakers00:17
luf_BTW in bluez 4.99 is DUN and NAP compiled by default.00:17
luf_Sicelo009N: Are you able to get debug from bluez?00:18
Sicelo009Nother devices see this bluetooth 'properly' and can play music via it00:18
Sicelo009Nanyway, shitty chinese thing. still going to test with other device sometime00:18
luf_I understand but I don't have such device for testing :(00:18
Sicelo009Ni'll hopefully find soon :)00:19
Sicelo009Nlet me quickly test the speaker with pc00:19
luf_Ok. Anyway I'll be interested in bluez debug :)00:20
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Sicelo009Nok. works with pc, have to specifically choose a2dp profile.00:21
Sicelo009NN900 bluez log incoming :)00:21
Sicelo009Ngot to disconnect DUN first haha00:21
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luf_Have you enabled debug logs also?00:21
infobot1 packet transmitted, 1 packet received, 0.0% packet loss00:21
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Sicelo009Ni'll enable00:22
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luf_Sicelo009N: What does it mean pc (linux - what version of bluez/win/...)?00:26
Sicelo~ii  bluez                                              4.99-2                         amd64                          Bluetooth tools and daemons00:27
Siceloah, incidentally, same version :)00:28
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luf_Are you sure you're asking the version on PC?00:28
Siceloamd64 ;)00:28
luf_Hmmmm, it's old one. Whate about kernel on PC?00:29
Sicelo3.2.0-4-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.2.73-2+deb7u1 x86_64 GNU/Linux00:29
Sicelodebian wheezy .. old stuff00:29
luf_That's different. But I can't believe it's the root cause ...00:30
Sicelo009Ni think this speaker is part of the problem :)00:30
Sicelo009Nit's both HFP & A2DP00:31
Sicelo009Nso prolly N900 chooses HFP only?00:31
Sicelo009Nbecause that worked just fine. even pc defaulted to HFP until I switched pulseaudio to A2DP :/00:31
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luf_I don't understand. Are you able to do the same on N900?00:32
Sicelo009NHFP= headset (for calls)00:33
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luf_HSP=headset if I remember correctly (I'll check).00:34
Sicelouploading log. just a minute.00:35
Siceloyep.. that's what N900 sees (and pc defaulted to that)00:36
Sicelomedia player on N900 just ignored this and played through loudspeaker (which makes sense to me )00:37
luf_Can you get the debug bluez log also on pc?00:37
Sicelo009Nok. give me a bit. how can i see on N900 what pulseaudio sinks are available now?00:39
luf_I forget it :(00:40
luf_BTW Sink is for incoming sound, isn't it?00:40
luf_Source is for outgoing ...00:40
luf_I think Sink is disabled except you enable it explicitly in config (and AFAIK you need also loopback for pulseaudio).00:41
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Sicelohmm, role of sink/source should be changing .. in case of N900->speaker, N900 should be source, and the speaker a sink. i understand sink as the "endpoint" of the audio signal00:42
Siceloanyway, got to see how Network Manager logs on PC. am on Gnome 3 :(00:42
luf_Why NM? I'm interested in bluez log :)00:43
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Sicelolol, with Gnome the whole thing is somehow integrated. but checking my syslog now00:44
Sicelodon't see how to add verbosity. i'll just test for now with default00:45
M4rtinKSicelo: aren't they just somewhere in Journal ?00:47
Sicelo009Nhow do i read that? :)00:47
Sicelo009Nno systemd here btw. wheezy was before that00:48
Sicelo009Nsyslog not giving anything useful for now :(00:49
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luf_/etc/event.d/bluetoothd ? /etc/init.d/bluetoothd ?00:50
Siceloi'm trying to look there00:50
Siceloluf_: maybe you can see faster than me where to add verbosity:
Sicelothat's my /etc/init.d/bluetooth00:53
luf_SSD_OPTIONS="--oknodo --quiet --exec $DAEMON" --debug='*'"00:54
luf_I guess00:54
Sicelo009Nguess i must remove --quiet as well?00:55
luf_BTW let's try MPEG12Sink=1 in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf00:56
luf_It seems I mixed source and sink :(00:56
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Sicelo009Nokay. debian unhappy with changing that line. bluetooth won't start00:57
luf_I'm not so familiar with debian.00:57
luf_isn't there some /etc/default/bluetoothd or something like that?00:59
luf_(on PC)00:59
Sicelothere is. nothing 'fancy' going on there either :(01:00
luf_My mistake. It should be MPEG12Sinks=1 in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf in N900 (section [A2DP])01:00
Sicelo009Nlog coming now now. still audio coming out on N900 speakers01:00
Siceloah, Sinks :)01:01
luf_Is there still "Unable to select SEP" in the log?01:01
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luf_Is it from N900 with MPEG12Sinks=1 ?01:05
luf_(restarted bluez after the config change?)01:06
Siceloonly MPEG12Sinks=1 active in [A2DP] section .. should anything else be active?01:07
luf_MPEG12Sinks=1 is everything what is interesting for this.01:08
luf_I want the log from PC :_01:08
Sicelohold on  :)01:11
Siceloi have two N900 .. but 2nd one has been asking for non-existent pin.01:12
Sicelojust tried again now, and A2DP working fine on 2nd N900 (with 4.60 bluez)01:12
Sicelowould that help?01:12
luf_case SIGUSR2: __btd_toggle_debug();01:13
Sicelohaha, i'm no dev. what does that mean?01:14
luf_it should be enough on PC: kill -USR2 `pidof bluez`01:14
luf_it's safer to find the pid of bluez manually01:15
luf_I'm not 100% sure with pidof bluez01:15
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luf_Also log from 4.60 could be interesting.01:15
luf_I don't understand :(01:15
luf_And feel free to comment/remove MPEG12Sinks from audio.conf01:16
Sicelo009Nlol, damn gnome :p01:21
Sicelo009Nlogged me out01:21
luf_why? I hope not because of kill command.01:24
Sicelobuggy gnome i guess. any easy command line way for me to connect?01:27
Siceloi've tried DAEMON=/usr/sbin/bluetoothd --debug '* in my conf .. that also didn't help.01:28
luf_You can enable debug on running bluez.01:29
luf_find the pid of the bluez (maybe pidof bluez)01:29
luf_and run kill -USR2 <pid of bluez>01:29
luf_This should enable debug while it's already running.01:29
Siceloah. didn't understand you earlier01:30
SiceloSSD_OPTIONS="--oknodo --verbose --exec $DAEMON" seems to have made some difference :)01:36
Siceloluf_: ^^ .. but all those lines are there 'before' i connect speaker. on connecting, only the last line is added01:37
luf_It's not debug ... :(01:39
Sicelothe kill didn't do anything either01:39
Siceloi'm not sure how to do this01:39
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Sicelolet me find command line way to initiate connection. gnome is probably hiding lots of the log01:40
luf_Can you get debug log from N900 with bluez 4.60 ?01:40
luf_There is disconnect in the log ...01:40
Siceloi restarted at that time01:41
luf_But there is no connect ... it seems it was in debug mode before restart.01:41
luf_4.99-2 in wheezy seems to be different from N900 ... Strange.01:43
Sicelo009Nokay. my bad. you're right01:43
luf_Ops, my mistake :)01:43
luf_I was looking for file in wrong directory :)01:44
Siceloif this is not it, then nothing ever will :D01:44
Siceloa lot more is happening on PC log than on N90001:45
luf_This seems ok.01:45
luf_Weird almost same as N900 :(01:45
luf_It seems I have to prepare more verbose bluez 4.99 for you.01:45
luf_I have to compare those 2 logs first.01:47
luf_And I'm sorry I'm almost out of time today.01:47
luf_I'll try to reach to you next week (it seems).01:48
luf_Definitely thank you very much for your cooperation and help in catching this bug.01:48
Sicelosure. thanks. i'll return the speaker in the meantime. will get it again when i hear from you01:51
Siceloalmost 2AM here too, haha. work at 7:45AM01:52
luf_Damn the logs are completely same. The only difference is Unable to select SEP.01:54
Sicelohmm, i see that part01:55
Siceloluf_: 1st time pc didn't play either, until i manually chose a2dp (in pulseaudio) .. after that, all reconnects result in 'correct' connection.01:57
Sicelocould that be where the difference comes from?01:57
* Sicelo checks what's SEP01:57
luf_I'm not sure.01:58
luf_pc didn't play could be only wrong pulseaudio source ...01:59
luf_And also it works nice with bluez-4.60 ....01:59
Siceloour pulseaudio<->bluetooth module? correct for our bluez version and pulse version?02:01
Sicelo  <<-- part of "Unable to select SEP" thread02:02
Siceloanyway :)02:03
Siceloyou know this stuff better02:03
luf_It works with other ... e.g with my notebook.02:06
luf_Interesting reading.02:08
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luf_But which side you have to tune pulseaudio?02:08
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Siceloluf, Enable Sources in audio.conf does it :p02:09
Sicelogot A2DP on my main N900 now02:09
Sicelothat bug was never responded to however02:09
SiceloSocket rather02:10
luf_So it works with 4.99 now?02:10
Siceloi'm playing music right now :)02:10
Sicelolet me get log02:11
luf_Ugh. I remember someone reported problem when I enabled Source by default.02:11
luf_So I disabled it again :(02:11
luf_Strange it works with 4.60 (can you check the audio.conf there?)02:11
Siceloyes, i have no Socket there02:12
luf_BTW I wasn't playing with it for 3 years. I forget a lot of things.02:12
luf_Wait. The problem is that Socket is there? Or Source is missing?02:12
Sicelo4.99 needs socket.02:13
luf_Strange it's not there by default.02:13
luf_Let me check.02:13
luf_N900 should have Enable=Gateway,Socket,Source by default in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf02:15
luf_Maybe you chose stay with old config during upgrade ...02:15
Sicelohmm, it was a long time ago. can't remember02:16
Siceloso self-inflicted pain? :p02:16
Sicelopebkac hehe02:16
luf_Have you had Enabled= in audio.conf or not?02:16
luf_Was there Enabled= in audio.conf few minutes/hours ago?02:17
Sicelo009Ni've had it, yes02:17
luf_I don't see it in bluez-4.60 ...02:18
luf_What was there?02:18
luf_What exact version of bluez-4.99 do you have in your N900?02:18
Sicelo009N| Status=Not/Inst/Cfg-files/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/trig-aWait/Trig-pend02:18
Sicelo009N|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)02:18
Sicelo009N||/ Name                                                Version                                    Description02:18
Sicelo009Nii  bluez                                               4.99-2maemo1+0cssu1                        Bluetooth tools and daemons02:18
Sicelo009Nugh. sorry02:18
Sicelo009Nat some time in the past i've played with setting up N900 as audio sink for other devices. maybe i mangled my audio.conf at that time02:20
luf_What was your Enable= line?02:20
Sicelo009Nsorry to take you on wild goose chase.02:20
luf_No problem. I'm learning again things ;)02:20
Sicelo009Ni had Enable=Source only, but it was commented out02:20
Sicelo009Ni learned too, haha02:21
luf_That's great you find the reason.02:21
luf_What is your Enable= line on pc?02:21
luf_I'm just curious.02:21
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luf_Hmmm. I have Enable=Gateway,Socket,Source02:24
luf_I see in the bug report that maybe it02:24
luf_it's not good idea to have both Gateway and Source02:24
luf_Sicelo009N: Can you please write the result to the tmo?02:30
luf_Thank you very much once again.02:30
Sicelo009Nlong done :P02:30
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luf_I can go to the bed with nice feeling ... one less bug :D02:39
luf_I have to make ready several memory leaks fixes fir eds and obexd ...02:39
luf_But definitely next week.02:40
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luf_Now I need to contact impeham from tmo or someone else who is able to reproduce the problem from (end of streaming because of PBAP or iRMC).02:41
Sicelo009Npity i don't have access to something that can use that02:42
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luf_That can use what?02:58
luf_You can try PBAB from pc ;)02:58
luf_There is pbap-client in obexd-client or obexd-test package ...02:59
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