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freemangordonHNY guys :)00:02
KotCzarnynot yet!00:02
kerio-1h for me00:08
jonwilMost of my family owns crApple iFail devices :P00:16
KotCzarnydo they use it for anything else than phoning?00:17
jonwilMy brother has one that he plays some sort of game with dragons in it (one of those "free to play but pay to actually get anywhere in the game" pieces of crap)00:18
jonwilOne member of the family doesn't own an iFail, they own some sort of Sony piece of crap00:19
KotCzarnyas long he uses it for audio it might be actually good00:20
jonwilI have at least one family member who does use their iDevice for music00:20
jonwilbeats carrying a car load of CDs...00:21
KotCzarnyor minidiscs00:21
KotCzarnyor casette tapes00:21
jonwilall of my music listening is done on my PC (either via my music collection or via the billions of music related videos on YouTube) so I dont need a portable player00:23
KotCzarnyportable player is still useful as a controller00:23
KotCzarny(in such case)00:24
jonwilin any case I refuse to buy any Apple product ever (even stuff as gifts for my Apple-using family)00:25
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keriothe 15" macbook pro is the best laptop i've ever used00:29
keriobut idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯00:30
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RST38hnot long now fir Apple00:49
RST38hSolid financial management is in and they are trying their best to solidly financially manage the company =)00:50
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jonwilApple stopped having genuinely new ideas years ago (probably when Jobs died, if not before)00:58
jonwilNow they just copy stuff00:59
RST38hBut they are solidly managed!01:23
RST38hResponsible, level headed decision making is the key to stagnation =)01:23
jonwilAnyone who wants an example of how NOT to run a company, look at Xerox in the 1970s. They had the laser printer, GUI-based desktop computer, local area networking and other forward-thinking technologies but the idiots running Xerox at the time (especially the money men at the top who had been hired from Ford) didn't realize what they had and as a result Apple and Microsoft took it all01:57
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DocScrutinizer05happy new year maemoites02:49
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DocScrutinizer05robbiethe1st!! long time no see :-)03:59
robbiethe1stI'm still around... ish03:59
robbiethe1stIf someone highlights me, that is03:59
robbiethe1stThat being said, I'm still running my N900 and N950. N950's glass cracked a few months back, but still works. And I'm still waiting for something better.04:02
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* jonwil is stuck :(09:58
* brolin_empey is socially isolating himself, as usual.09:59
brolin_empeyAD MMXVI has arrived in UTC -8 hours.10:02
brolin_empeyin America/Vancouver .10:03
KotCzarnyis it 2016 already? i still don't feel any different10:21
brolin_empey#include <time.h>10:24
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freemangordonPali: looks like the bug in isp1704 was present even before transition to usb_phy12:50
Palifreemangordon: ^^^^13:19
Palithis is really stupied they switches signature between 2.6.25 and 2.6.3613:20
freemangordonoh, the change was introduced between 35 and 3613:20
freemangordon25 and 3613:20
freemangordonPali: however, I already sent a patch, you're maintainer there :)13:21
freemangordonyep, 3513:21
Palidriver was itroducted in 2.6.37-rc113:22
KotCzarnyhuh, changes like that break precompiled blobs usually13:22
KotCzarnymaybe they do it on purpose sometimes?13:22
Palinope, driver is broken since inclusion13:22
freemangordonnah, they simply overslept that13:22
freemangordonyes, broken since the inclusion13:22
freemangordonPali: whom else besides you from the n900 guys to cc re rootfs corruption problem?13:24
freemangordonpavel? sre? aaro?13:25
Paliyes, also tony13:26
freemangordontony is in --to :)13:27
Paliand maybe also nishanth13:27
freemangordonhe is the author13:27
freemangordonah, yes13:27
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freemangordonPali: could you try to pint Tomi re "Re: [PATCH] ARM: omapfb: Add early framebuffer memory allocator" as well, as it seems he doesn't saw my ping13:56
freemangordon*didn't see13:57
* freemangordon needs moar coffee13:57
Palifreemangordon: hm... I do not see any yor new email13:57
freemangordonit is not new13:57
freemangordonPali: 25.12.2015 15:3613:57
Paligot it13:59
Paliping sent14:02
Palifremangordon, can you resend patch "ARM: OMAPFB: panel-sony-acx565akm: fix missing mutex unlocks" as Tomi asked?14:02
freemangordonthat's what I'm doing :)14:02
freemangordonbut I need to revert that one and make a new one14:03
freemangordonlook at the thread14:03
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freemangordonPali: hmm, looks like it *is* upstreamed14:08
Paliwhy then we still have that patch in linux-n900 and is applied?14:09
freemangordonno idea14:09
freemangordonPali: see 0eb0dafb674cd6bfac2e3204b2f8b907e26b113814:11
Paliso question is: what is applied??14:11
freemangordonseems what is applied is still correct14:12
freemangordonhowever, I've reverted those 2 patches, going to test14:12
freemangordonPali: or those 2 are the reason for non-working backlight fade, will see in a minute14:17
freemangordonat least it still boots14:17
freemangordonto h-d that is14:17
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freemangordonPali: well, backlight fade still does not work, but it boots, so those 2 patches seem to be not needed14:20
freemangordonPali: ok, what now?14:26
Palineed to figure out what that patch is doing :-)14:26
freemangordonwhich one?14:26
Palithose two in linux-n900 tree...14:33
freemangordonmaybe nothing, they patch files no longer needed14:33
freemangordonbut ok, do it14:34
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freemangordonPali: who was monitoring the slide gpio?15:11
Paliand hald-addon-omap-gpio15:13
freemangordonPali: we can bindmount in /sys :)15:22
Paliand, how you create dynamic content with poll support?15:22
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freemangordonno idea :)15:22
Palirather fixing mce other libs to use new api15:22
Paliwhich is in upstream kernel15:23
freemangordonwell, ok15:23
Paliand for sscd create LD_PRELOAD library15:23
Palior check if sscd really needs to touch gpio... (if configuring externally is not enough)15:23
KotCzarnyfunny thing those rdepends:
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PaliKotCzarny: because of provides16:53
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KotCzarnypali: i find it quite hilarious that mc is a dependency for qml-browser etc18:51
Palimc provides mcedit which is able to view text files18:56
Paliand some of those qml-browser dependency packages depends on something which nees to view text files18:56
*** erlehmann_ has joined #maemo18:57
Paliand so you mc via mcedit is one of alternatives for that dependency18:57
KotCzarnyso its not a 'required' but might be 'suggested' ?18:57
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*** erlehmann_ is now known as erlehmann18:59
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Siceloi once had qml-browser on both my N900, but it never pulled mc. that's "new" dependency?19:03
KotCzarnysicelo, it might showed in 'suggested'19:04
KotCzarnyor 'recommended'19:04
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DocScrutinizer05md ~/c3torrents; for x in `wget -q -O- | grep '\.mp4'|sed 's/.*<a href="//' |sed 's/">.*//'`; do  wget -q -P ~/c3torrents -c$x.torrent; done19:33
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freemangordonPali: and what is the problem with gpio-switch driver?20:37
freemangordonI mean - why not continue to use it, until there are no more stuff to fix and then migrate the userspace to the new interface20:38
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Palifreemangordon: because it does not work :-)20:48
freemangordonany idea why it does not work?20:48
Paliit just export static data so mce and other stuff does not crash20:48
Palibecause only one driver can use gpios20:48
freemangordonI know, but why not make it wokring?20:48
Paliyou cannot make it working without rewriting linux kernel module subsystem20:49
freemangordonok, and who uses slide, cam_focus, etc?20:49
Paliother drivers, gpio event input20:49
freemangordonPali: there is gpiod_export_link20:49
Paliwhich export them to /sys/class/gpio/<num>/20:50
freemangordonno, ^^^ export it in your driver dir20:50
freemangordonor wherever you make symlink to point to20:50
freemangordonPali: see
Paliso it just create symlink20:51
Palithats now enough20:52
freemangordonI know20:52
Palisee format of gpio-switch20:52
Paligpiod_export_link is useless here...20:52
PaliI do not see any advantages for it20:52
freemangordonPali: the other option is to create (daemon, driver) that bindmounts what is needed by maemo while doing  poll()20:53
freemangordonisn;t it possible to use fuse or somesuch?20:54
Palihow do you want to simulate poll()20:54
Palierr.. how do you want to check if application is doing poll()?20:54
freemangordononly divers can do it?20:54
Paliall this is just more work as rewriting existing code to use new api20:55
freemangordonand all the code that needs to be rewritten is foss?20:55
freemangordonalso, keep in mind we should keep backwards compatibility as well20:55
Paliexcept sscd... yes20:56
Palirather create LD_PRELOAD lib20:56
Palithis should be easier20:56
freemangordonthen there is no need to fix mce, hal, etc20:56
freemangordonif we're going to LD_PRELOAD20:57
Palirather use LD_PRELOAD just for sscd20:57
Paliand fix other stuff20:57
freemangordonbut I still think LD_PRELOAD is very nasty hack20:57
Paliyes, reason why only for sscd20:57
freemangordonPali: well, I'll check if there is a way to create poll()-able files from userspace20:58
Paliyou cannot do that20:58
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freemangordonPali: what about ptty?21:00
Paliehm... all this sounds like worse hack as LD_PRELOAD21:01
freemangordonor it is char device?21:01
Paliit is char device21:01
freemangordonwon;t work then21:02
Palianyway, if you create such thing somehow, you have one big problem21:02
Paliyou cannot call mkdir in sysfs21:02
freemangordonwhich is?21:02
Palion which you do mount --bind21:02
freemangordongpio-switch doe it for me already21:02
Paliso you still need kernel changes for it21:02
Palisounds bad21:03
freemangordonbut this is just a small driver we have to support out of the tree21:03
Palitoo much work21:03
Paliand no idea if it works correctly21:03
Palireally it is easier to patch existing applications21:04
Paliand for sscd check if it really needs to use gpio21:04
Palie.g. if external daemon for configuring cmt gpio is not enough21:04
Paliand if not, LD_PRELOAD for sscd21:05
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freemangordonPali: could fuse do the job?21:29
Pali... but this is even worse as all above ....21:29
freemangordonisn;t that upstreamed?21:29
freemangordonfuse I mean21:29
freemangordonseems like no21:30
Palifuse is in upstream...21:30
freemangordonoh, great then21:30
Palibut this is really stupid...21:30
Paliand also harder21:30
Palibecause it does not solve original problem21:31
Palijust add another layer of other problems21:31
Palirelated to fuse21:31
freemangordonwe'll just need to implement gpio-swith by using fuse, ain;t?21:31
PaliI really want to avoid all those layers and hacks...21:31
freemangordonPali: and what you'll do on neo900 or any other device, which has different gpio for proximity, for example. Again, fix mce and whatnot?21:32
WizzupBrewster had daar geen problemen mee21:32
Wizzupoops. darmn. sorry.21:32
Wizzupwrong channel.21:33
freemangordonPali: we should somehow split mce from the HW21:33
freemangordonmce and the others21:33
freemangordonok, make some kind of "impedance matcher" between mce and the HW21:34
freemangordonwhat if your camera "button" is not a HW switch, but soft button?21:34
freemangordondo you get me?21:34
freemangordonwe simply cannot hack mce for every possible HW config21:35
freemangordonthus we need some layer to translate21:35
Palido not know...21:35
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freemangordonPali: my idea is - gpio-switch functionality looks reasonable. Implement a piece of SW, in userspace if possible, which can be tuned for various HW platforms that implements gpio-swicth functionality21:37
*** realitygaps has joined #maemo21:38
freemangordonPali: the point is - the existing kernel interface that exports gpios by number is really stupid IMO - what if you have 2 HW revs of one and the same device, 1st using gpio1 for some function, the 2nd using gpio10 for the same21:40
freemangordonyour userspace simply have no way to find which is the correct gpio to use21:41
freemangordonthe other option is to extend the kernel interface gpio export functionality, to attach some meningful "name" to the exported gpio21:41
freemangordoninstead of that cryptic gpioN21:42
freemangordonPali: what do you think? ^^^21:42
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ceenei'm not up to date with your discussion on this, guys, so forgive me if I propose somehing stupid22:01
ceenebut the standard way wouldn't be to prove /dev/input devices?22:01
ceenethose could use gpio driver but provide a common interface to user space22:02
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freemangordonceene: gpio could be output as well22:04
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*** louis_ has joined #maemo22:05
freemangordonand there *is* a standard interface in /sys, just not smart enough IMO22:05
*** ssvb has joined #maemo22:05
freemangordonI am going to send an RFC on lkml for providing a way to export gpio via sysfs under an user-provided name, instead of gpioN22:06
freemangordonthis should be easily doable, struct gpio_desc already has a member called "label"22:06
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DocScrutinizer05((make some kind of "impedance matcher" between mce and the HW)) that's called HardwareAbstractionLayer22:23
*** louis_ has quit IRC22:24
DocScrutinizer05((what if you have 2 HW revs of one and the same device)) then you regularly use some hardwired hw revision keying that kernel or userspace reads out22:25
DocScrutinizer05or even flasher does, and chooses the right version of firmware to flash to device22:26
*** FlameReaper-PC has quit IRC22:26
DocScrutinizer05see N900 ;-)22:26
DocScrutinizer05there's a version that swaps blue and red (iirc) LED of LP5523 indicator light22:27
DocScrutinizer05check lp5523.ko sources, I think it's in there22:27
freemangordonDocScrutinizer05: or board support package, or whatever you want to call it. the point is that we *must not* hardcode paths like /sys/i2c-2-15/blabla22:34
freemangordonthe same goes for gpios22:34
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Palifreemangordon: those events are export by other drivers, like input driver, etc23:00
Paliinput kernel subsystem has for this purpose special "switch" events23:01
Paliwhich perfectly match this needs23:01
Paliand they are already in upstream for n900!23:01
*** Vajb has quit IRC23:08
jonwilit seems like it would be helpful to document everything on the system that touches /sys/*23:34
jonwiloh wait I think I did that before23:34
jonwilor not23:38 --> Porting --> Kernel23:43
jonwilyeah thats a great start, this one will be more comprehensive though :P23:44
freemangordonPali: who exports "slide"?23:46
Palifreemangordon: input23:50
freemangordonPali: see, if there is an existing driver classes for all the various switches and sensors on n900, I am fine with reusing them23:50
Palifreemangordon: should be23:51
Palibecause other kernel drivers uses those GPIOs already23:51
freemangordonhmm, ok23:51
Paliexception is CMT part23:51
freemangordonCMT should be fine, as it is Nokia specific23:51
Palibut there is (export via /sys/class/gpio/) you knwo23:51
* freemangordon boots 4.4 to see where in /sys/class/input is exported "slide"23:54
Palifreemangordon: no /dev/input/event*23:55
freemangordonso, we should create a driver to export it?23:55
freemangordonsoory for the maybe stupid questions23:55
Paliyou need to use /dev/input for it23:56
Palibut now going to look into source code23:56

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