IRC log of #maemo for Tuesday, 2015-12-22

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Sicelonever happened to me since 201100:09
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DocScrutinizer05peeps, routers have been compromised all over the world, probably >50% of them05:13
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DocScrutinizer05ooh, fishbulb vanished anyway05:20
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KotCzarnybencoh, fennec, microb, all of them arent bad as long you dont start swapping08:22
Vajbit seems that facebook chat is broken since yesterday.08:27
Vajbsays just authentication failed.08:27
KotCzarnyso it begins08:30
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freemangordonVajb: FB chat was supposed to have stopped since april10:40
kerioyeah but not really10:41
freemangordonit is not a surprise they finally disconnected the server from the XMPP10:41
freemangordonkerio: hmm?10:41
keriodid they?10:41
kerioit stopped working every once in a while all the time10:41
freemangordonthere is an official statement from FB that april 2015 is when chat will be no longer supported10:42
freemangordonso it was just a matter of time to happen, soo or later10:42
freemangordonand yes, there were a couple of times it stopped working that started again10:43
freemangordonbut never for more that a day10:43
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Vajbworked fine till yesterday11:28
Vajbyesterday evening that is11:28
Vajbguess i'll need to convince my friends to irc11:28
Vajbor change friends11:29
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KotCzarnybring only worthy ones11:48
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zGrrmoin :)13:13
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SiceloVajb: mine still works. try removing it completely & add again. and don't add as xmpp but use the FB option13:54
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Palihello, I have update for ipv6 support on n90015:47
Palifixed problems with icd2 daemon and connection to ipv4 only networks15:47
Palinow I tested lot of combinations (RA M, O, A bits together with DHCPv6 and DHCPv4)15:48
Paliand looks like after fixes everything is working fine15:48
Paliipv6 only networks too15:49
* drathir *announce* wave for Pali ^^ thanks a lot...15:54
Palidrathir: I'm fixing WPA-EAP support via CSSU15:56
Palisome packages are already updated in cssu-devel15:56
Paliafter everything will be updated & test by me I post into to TMO15:56
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Sicelowhat did you fix with EAP? :)16:13
Sicelostill in IPv4 world this side .. so can't teast much of the IPv6 stuff16:14
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sixwheeledbeastV6 tunnel19:54
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povbotBug 1574: Certificate Manager and WLAN EAP-TLS23:12
Paliplus fixes for wlancond when using packet injection drivers (fixes some oops)23:12
Pali... and still thinking how to fix it is not easy as I thought...23:12
povbotBug 11243: cancel WPA-EAP password, loose networking until rebooted23:12
povbotBug 6960: Wireless WPA + EAP GTC keeps re-asking for the password23:12
povbotBug 1635: Eduroam (EAP-TTLS+PAP) WiFi auth23:12
povbotBug 3399: Will not auto connect to WPA-Enterprise23:12
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The12thMonkeytopic set over a year ago anyone still active in here?23:17
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VajbSicelo: i have it added as fb already23:21
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DocScrutinizer05ugh, what?23:25
povbotBug 3399: Will not auto connect to WPA-Enterprise23:26
DocScrutinizer05aaah, povbot aggregated that :-P23:26
DocScrutinizer05actually pali aggregated his posts23:27
SiceloVajb: still no luck?23:32
Sicelo3389 is the one bug i'll really be happy once fixed :)23:33
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VajbSicelo: nope23:58
Vajbbut by facebook do u mean some facebook program from applications?23:59

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