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freemangordonme neither, but sub_44BA0 (which is called by ^^^) calls sub_434DC, which is div32, for sure00:01
freemangordonso I *think* this is div64, just wanted your opinion :)00:02
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DocScrutinizer51freemangordon: feed some test values to the function, see what's the result?00:34
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infobotDocScrutinizer51: thanks01:06
DocScrutinizer51oh WOW01:06
infobot- Uptime for apt -01:06
infobotNow: 1d 2h 34m 10s running infobot 1.5.4 (SVN) -- linux01:06
infobot1: 59d 8h 41m 19s running infobot 1.5.4 (SVN) -- linux, ended Sun Nov 14 18:39:57 201001:06
infobot2: 57d 3h 9m 23s running infobot 1.5.4 (SVN) -- linux, ended Fri Jun 26 20:39:27 200901:06
infobot3: 36d 20h 47m 14s running infobot 1.5.4 (SVN) -- linux, ended Tue Aug  4 17:38:59 200901:06
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DocScrutinizer51~weather gcgm01:55
infobotStation name not available; Conditions at; last updated: Conditions at; Dew Point: 53 F (12 C); Pressure (altimeter): 30.24 in. Hg (1024 hPa); Relative Humidity: 63%; Temperature: 66 F (19 C); Visibility: greater than 7 mile(s); Wind: Variable at 1 MPH (1 KT)01:55
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Vajbgood morning09:17
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zGrrmoin :)10:42
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KotCzarnyoscp on banana pi r1, taking 5% cpu to decode. @528MHz. just wow.11:38
KotCzarnyand its also armv7l. so. wow.11:39
KotCzarnyalso, taking 1/2-1/3 of the memory11:41
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KotCzarnycan we has cssu-hardfloat and gcc-4.9 ?11:42
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KotCzarnyalso, device with 5 port 1gbit switch and wifi playing mp3 taking ~0.5-0.6A @5V11:43
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KotCzarny(and 2x 1GHz cpu, 1GB of ddr3, 1x usb2.0, 1x sata2, 1x ir receiver, 1x hdmi)11:50
KotCzarnyand its ~60-70usd11:50
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Jack64KotCzarny: I envy the sata port, otherwise I'd go with the raspi 2 :)12:44
KotCzarnyyeah, that was one of the choosing points12:44
KotCzarnyi would love raspi with real sata12:44
KotCzarnynewer banpis have sucky usb--sata cheat12:44
Jack64I guess we can't have everything for 40 bucks =)12:47
KotCzarnywell, if you find tiny-cheapy-goodenough gigabiteth--sata adapter then...12:48
Jack64that cheat also goes for the raspi12:48
KotCzarnybanpi-r1 has 5 gigabit ports so should be enough12:48
Jack64wtf gigE<->SATA?! that's a real thing?12:48
zGrrthere are plenty of i/o rich devboards around.12:48
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KotCzarnyever heard about network attached storage?12:49
Jack64well yea12:49
KotCzarnyzgrr: in <100usd range?12:49
zGrrKotCzarny: yes12:49
Jack64but that doesn't use a GigE<->SATA cable lol12:49
zGrri say plenty. and there is more comming.12:50
KotCzarnyzgrr, name 312:50
KotCzarnywhich model?12:50
Jack64or whatev it's caled12:50
Jack643.0 iirc12:51
bencohcubox might have one <100usd12:51
Jack64but that's >100 iirc12:51
zGrrKotCzarny: - you'll finf 2 there.12:51
Jack64unless there was a recent price drop I'm unaware of12:51
KotCzarnyprices will drop, thats for sure12:52
KotCzarnya83 is a nice soc, pity its new and not ready for fun yet12:52
KotCzarnyyeah, odroid-xu4 is very nice (saw it before)12:53
zGrrKotCzarny: there is new, interesting mips based board on kickstarter.12:53
Jack64I wish the parallella board had taken off12:53
KotCzarnyi dont see sata on those boards tho12:53
zGrrKotCzarny: you can find alix for around a 100 usd.12:54
zGrrKotCzarny: are you talking of odroids?12:54
KotCzarnyzgrr, yes, those you linked on hardkernel12:55
KotCzarnyalso, im amazed how snappy that r1 is12:56
KotCzarnyeven with debian jessie installed (sysvinit, not systemd luckily)12:56
KotCzarnyi still have to find out how to disable display interrupts, as i havent it connected, but even now it draws ~0.55A @5V12:57
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zGrrKotCzarny: they have fast emmc socket, good ethernet link and in case of xu4 usb3.0 with optional sata adapter. i would qualify that as good i/o.12:57
KotCzarnyzgrr, my 5port gbit switch takes similar amount of power as r1, so its like free bonus12:58
KotCzarnyim amazed12:59
KotCzarnyaudio quality is good (afaict from todays tests)12:59
KotCzarnyalso, i'm not sure about stability yet, time will tell13:02
KotCzarnyand funnily enough i can connect li-ion backup battery and have portable oscp machine :)13:02
zGrrKotCzarny: you're right. it a good board. and there are even more a20 based boards13:03
KotCzarnybut not one with such perfect combination of features13:04
zGrrKotCzarny: another reason to avoid broadcom13:04
KotCzarnyi've been excited when first raspi went live, it was sad they didnt include sata13:05
zGrrit wouldn' make sense to include sata in rpi13:06
KotCzarnylots of it13:06
KotCzarnyand fast and reliable at the same time13:07
KotCzarnywould make a very nice home nas13:07
zGrrit wouldn't13:07
KotCzarnyfor me it would, and i bet for quite a lot of people13:08
zGrrsoc itself has a poor io13:08
KotCzarnythats true13:08
zGrrits the soc, that is limitation, not lack of interfaces.13:09
KotCzarnystill, a10/a20 did it, and quite successfully13:09
KotCzarnynot stellar speed, but good enough for me13:09
KotCzarnyand again, for 3W of power, it does hell of a job13:10
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bencoh3W is "a lot" btw13:14
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KotCzarnybencoh, my current setup sucks ~55W13:14
bencoh(in the "embedded" world)13:14
KotCzarny2x gbit switch, 1 router, 1 home nas13:14
KotCzarnyso 3W > 55W (in terms of goodness)13:15
KotCzarnyalso, mind you, its not mobile phone/tablet, just 'router' board13:15
KotCzarnyand again, my gbit switch eats as much power13:16
KotCzarnyif it proves stable i will be very happy13:16
KotCzarnymaybe i'll even attach some li-ion to it13:18
KotCzarnyas a power safeguard13:19
KotCzarnyhmm, with some display and few buttons it could even be a portable player13:20
KotCzarnycontrollable via oscp-remote :)13:20
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zGrr55w is a LOT13:23
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KotCzarnyzgrr, yeah, 2 x86 suck a lot of power13:23
zGrrKotCzarny: except amd geode lx13:27
KotCzarnyi have 1 via c7 machine, it draws ~10W13:28
KotCzarnythe other is regular pc with atx power13:28
KotCzarnybut not for long, muahahah13:28
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* jonwil is bored :(13:36
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jonwilnothing to reverse engineer :(13:36
KotCzarnyjonwil, relax? enjoy the weekend?13:36
jonwilthat's boring :P13:37
KotCzarnyonly if you can't enjoy with anything other than RE13:37
jonwilI got nothing else I can do either that will make me less bored13:38
jonwilat least right now anyway13:38
KotCzarnyread deadpool?13:38
jonwilgot an xmas party tomorrow so that will be good :)13:38
jonwilstill have to decide what food to take to said xmas party though13:38
KotCzarnycheese, lots of cheese13:39
jonwilAt this point I am leaning towards dips and things to dip in them13:41
KotCzarnycheese dips13:41
KotCzarnydid i mention i also love cheese?13:41
jonwildont think cheese is appropriate for this party :)13:41
jonwilbut yeah right now I am so bored :(13:42
KotCzarnycheese is appropriate for every party!13:42
KotCzarnyand if you are bored, it means you are not using enough cheese13:42
jonwilI do like cheese but no its not what I need :)13:42
zGrrKotCzarny: can i have some of your cheese, please?13:46
KotCzarnyzgrr, too late, i just ate13:46
KotCzarnyi might go get some more if you want tho13:46
zGrrcheese made from the mad cow milk.13:49
KotCzarnynever met the cow that made it13:49
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zGrrit could have been synthesized13:55
KotCzarnyby mad scientists13:57
zGrrit is enough to say scientists. all scientists are mad. if they were sane, they wouldn't became scientist in the first place.14:00
KotCzarnywhat is mad? baby dont science me, what is maaaad~~14:00
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WizzupKotCzarny: I guess there are no prebuilt scratchbox images?18:53
KotCzarnywizzup, for r1?18:55
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WizzupKotCzarny: sorry?19:11
KotCzarny<Wizzup> KotCzarny: I guess there are no prebuilt scratchbox images?19:11
Wizzupfor maemo on the n90019:12
Wizzupsomething that I can run in qemu or vbox19:12
KotCzarnythere were19:12
Wizzuphm.. /me googles19:12
KotCzarnydidnt check the links19:13
KotCzarnyboth seem to point to nokia, hmm19:15
KotCzarnygood guy bencoh has a mirror19:16
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infobotmethinks scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
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