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jonwil2.0.22 of what?00:02
KotCzarnyprobably yappari (whatsapp client)00:03
jon_yyappari still mysteriously crashes for me at times00:25
jon_yprobably because its written in python00:25
jon_yworks most of the time though00:25
bencohdid you mean "c++" ? :]00:27
bencohwhich part is in python?00:27
jon_yisn't it using py-gtk?00:27
bencohno, it's qt00:27
jon_yor was it py-qt00:28
bencohpure c++/qt, it doesn't show python dep00:30
jon_yhmm, maybe something else is pulling the python stuff00:31
bencohmost probably00:32
jon_ysending an image caused my phone to reboot once :(00:32
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Vajbyappari crashes from time to time for me too.05:33
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Siceloby the way, regarding battery, what causes it to show "Full" too soon? Say you're charging, and then it goes 91% --> 100%11:15
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KotCzarnybad capacity data + charging curve?11:17
KotCzarnyie. chip thinks it should charge for x, then voltage gets to 4.2 sooner?11:17
KotCzarnyits just a guess tho11:18
Sicelomakes sense. i know my battery is old though11:19
KotCzarnyci==0 ?11:20
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MaxdamantusNot using multiple batteries?11:59
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MaxdamantusHow do you tell that ci==0 btw?12:01
MaxdamantusPresumably if something like dr's i2c script works, you're not using the kernel module that interfaces with that device.12:02
Sicelobq27200 registers :)12:02
Sicelono multiple batteries as well12:02
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MaxdamantusAre you reading the registers using the `i2c` command?12:03
Maxdamantusif so, are you sure the 91% figure is also coming from bq?12:04
Maxdamantuswhen I'm using bme replacement, it's using the kernel module, so the registers can't be read using the userspace i2c interface.12:05
zGrrmoin :)12:05
Sicelo /sys/class/devices/power_supply/bq27200-0/registers12:06
Sicelothe 91% was hypothetical .. the point is that there's a 'jump' ..maybe 87->100 or something like that.12:07
KotCzarnysimilar story when it goes from 30% to 0 etc12:08
KotCzarnytry invalidating CI and recalibration12:08
KotCzarnybut its almost sure that your battery is old12:12
KotCzarnyand thats the main cause12:12
SiceloMaxdamantus:  <<-- updated "bq27200" script :) it's a little slow, but works12:13
MaxdamantusHeh, I made one that was faster.12:13
Siceloshare :)12:13
Maxdamantusthen I rewrote it all in C, so it now returns immediately.12:13
Siceloi simply replaced the i2get with registers12:14
Sicelobnf did "t have enough info for me need12:14
Sicelocool. will look12:15
MaxdamantusCan also show the bash version soon, but it's still a hundred or so times slower than that C program (compiled with gcc or clang)12:15
Siceloyou use Doc's calculations or ShadowJK's? there are a few differences between them12:18
Maxdamantusthe computations were mostly converted using a bunch of sed commands.12:20
Maxdamantus(from Doc's bash script)12:20
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Maxdamantusit should also produce pretty much the same output.12:21
Siceloi also like the loopmode in Shadow's script12:22
Maxdamantusis it different to the loop mode in doc's script?12:23
Siceloi never knew that had loopmode :/12:23
MaxdamantusHm, maybe it's not doc's.12:23
Sicelo:) yes, means you're using Shadow's12:24
Maxdamantusit's the one called bq27200.sh12:24
MaxdamantusOkay, misattributed then.12:24
Sicelobtw, i see you're #including <time.h> .. what are you using it for?12:25
KotCzarnysome function maybe12:29
KotCzarnycomment out and compile12:29
KotCzarnyyou will see12:29
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Siceloheh. moving on another hiccup :/12:30
Sicelo N900 just went unresponsive, and eventually restarted12:30
KotCzarnysome chip went unresponsive12:31
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Sicelofreemangordon_: by the way how would i check when last kernel crashed on N900?12:34
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SiceloKotCzarny: i just hope my N900 isn't about to break down with hardware failure.12:40
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Maxdamantus23:25:05 < Sicelo> btw, i see you're #including <time.h> .. what are you using it for?12:46
MaxdamantusIt's used in the loop mode.12:46
Maxdamantus23:46 4011 91   91   -316 1451 1451 1451 65535 275   30   1   012:46
Siceloi never even realized that time was being shown even in original bq27200 :)12:47
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Maxdamantusalso, the hack to the bash version of bq27200:12:51
Maxdamantuseval "$(sed 's/^/registers[$((/; s/=/))]=/' </sys/class/power_supply/bq27200-0/registers)"; ./i2cget (){ echo "${registers[$(($4))]}"; }12:51
MaxdamantusYou just put that somewhere sensible and remove the ./i2c required thing.12:51
MaxdamantusIt's probably one of the more efficient ways of doing it (in bash) without rewriting everything.12:52
MaxdamantusYour one took 0m3.141s for me .. /me likes that time.12:57
Maxdamantusbut the eval/sed way takes 0m0.569s12:57
Maxdamantusand the C/gcc way takes 0m0.121s12:57
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Maxdamantus(the last one is the only one that's purely system bound)13:01
Sicelocool. wit try sed way. had actually inited ideas/criticism on the post, because my hack was 'quick.' desperately needed to calibrate & couldn't figure out things. :)13:03
Sicelothanks Maxdamantus13:03
MaxdamantusPractically, you should probably just skip that and use the C version.13:04
Maxdamantusapt-get install gcc; gcc bq27200.c -o bq2720013:04
Sicelodo i even have that on my N900.. /me checks13:05
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MaxdamantusI think the only difference is I added VDQ to the loop mode output.13:05
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Maxdamantusand it doesn't print the dots, because reading is instantaneous anyway.13:06
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Maxdamantusapparently I also don't have spaces before the percent signs ("91%" instead of "91 %"), and remove a column of spaces in the indented section.13:09
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Siceloi'll add "wall charger" as well.13:09
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KotCzarnyum, you should use %% if your printf %13:54
MaxdamantusIt does use %% in printf.14:01
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buZzso eh14:17
buZzhow unsupported is a N770 for CSSU?14:18
buZzsomeone is sending me a 'virgin' one, as he saw my love for maemo expressed14:18
Siceloif you think of fremantle cssu, of course not :)14:22
KotCzarnybuzz, support for new os releases for 77014:22
KotCzarnyits so.. 2007?14:22
KotCzarnyok, last one was in 200814:22
buZzSicelo: hehe no14:22
buZzah dno, i'm getting it for free anyway14:22
buZzwill be enjoyable :)14:22
KotCzarnyi was looking for 770 to port oscp14:23
buZzwanna rent it? ;)14:23
buZz.1 btc a day!14:23
KotCzarnypity its more expensive than n900 around here14:23
buZzyeah same here14:23
buZzn800 and n810 more expensive aswell14:23
KotCzarnybuzz: if i ever earn anything for oscp, sure14:23
KotCzarnyfor now its not getting any revenue, you know14:24
KotCzarnyparty because its done for free14:24
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tgis there any turn-by-turn navigation sw for n900 that actually works?20:58
*** pozitron has joined #maemo20:59
tgthere's navit but only see builds for n800 on their site.. and have no idea how stable/usable it is these days20:59
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sixwheeledbeast^tg: modrana?21:28
tgyeah just found that one, looking at it now21:30
tgand also mapperro is supposed to have routing21:30
freemangordonSygic MM works as well21:31
tgi used to have have that and it worked21:31
tgbut no longer available..21:31
freemangordonsure it is21:31
tgdo you know of a working mirror?21:31
freemangordonthere is torrent around the inet21:31
freemangordontg: or I can give you a link to my backup21:31
freemangordonactually I bought that SW :)21:32
freemangordonbut after Sygic stopped support, I have to use pirated copy, because of newer maps21:32
tghow does the pirated copy support newer maps?21:33
freemangordonthere is some config file, which is tweaked to use TA (2011) instead of Navtek(2009 iirc) maps21:34
freemangordonat least I am able to use the latest TA card for MM 10 for Android21:34
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tgokay, will have a look at that too21:39
sixwheeledbeast^I am afraid to reflash my device with SMM10 on, in case I loose something I paid for :(21:46
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bencohcant you just backup/dump everything?21:46
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timclassicI have an N900 with PR1.2, and I'd like to upgrade it to PR1.3 as a step towards CSSU.21:47
timclassicWhere should I start, now that Nokia's repositories are offline?21:47
Wizzuptg: marble21:48
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infobotsomebody said maemo-repos was
infobotmaemo-flashing is probably, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh21:52
KotCzarnyuse that script21:52
KotCzarnyit downloads firmware too21:52
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timclassicKotCzarny: Ah, nice, thanks!21:53
timclassicKotCzarny: Somewhat-related question--I currently have a set of maps for Ovi Maps that I would like to preserve21:53
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timclassicDo you happen to know where they are, or where I might find such info?21:53
timclassic(It may be that I have not searched enough yet)21:54
KotCzarnyjust google: n900 ovi maps21:54
KotCzarnythere should be a script do download them21:55
timclassicI've found the script.  I was simply hoping to also preserve what is already on the device.21:55
timclassicI'll find them, I just thought you might know the path off the top of your head ;)21:55
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timclassicThanks for the links, this really helps.21:58
bencohI think you should be able to update from 1.2 to 1.3 without reflashing21:58
bencoh(that's what "SSU" was for after all)21:58
timclassicbencoh: I was hoping to do so21:58
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sixwheeledbeast^backupmenu is a possibly. I would be concerned if I couldn't get it working again22:20
bencohtarball, backupmenu, dd22:20
bencohyou should be able to recover :)22:21
Sicelotimclassic: maps are in cities directory in your MyDocs22:28
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Siceloand, if you don't have much luck with other navigation software, but for some reason like Ovi Maps, there's a tweak to add voice-nav. check TMO, and use the OMVoiceServer method. only two real flaws of Ovi maps are therefore (1) no automatic re-routing if you go off-course. manual re-routing itself isn't too reliable it seems. (2) no offline search, unfortunately, although routing is offline22:32
bencohis there any automatic re-routing solution?22:34
bencoh(marble doesn't really support it iirc)22:34
Sicelono idea. for Ovi maps i don't remember seeing such tweak22:34
KotCzarnyanyone up to create wiki page comparing n900 map options and features?22:36
KotCzarnyit seems to be recurring question22:36
Siceloi think there already is22:36
KotCzarnyup to date?22:36
bencohoh ...
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KotCzarnyhow current/correct information on this page is?22:38
KotCzarnyinfobot: #maemo maps is
infobotokay, KotCzarny22:38
infobotwell, maps is
Sicelolikely old. then again most applications haven't changed, except modrana of course :)22:40
KotCzarnycan you update most glaring oldnesseses?22:41
timclassicSicelo: Thanks!22:42
Sicelono. i couldn't use any of the 'updated' applications :) stuck with nokia maps eventually.22:42
timclassicI'm not committed to Ovi Maps, but I at least wanted to preserve the map data.22:42
Siceloso can't update wiki, sorry22:42
Sicelotimclassic: np :)22:43
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KotCzarnywould be nice to have summary table at the top22:45
Siceloactually that's what i thought to. this prose sucks22:45
KotCzarnywith fields like maps date etc22:45
KotCzarnyive never used maps on n900 tho22:46
Sicelohaha, ok22:48
bencohhmm yeah a summary table would be nice22:53
bencohbut we'd to make sure the info is up to date first :)22:53
KotCzarnybencoh, we could start with data based on that article22:55
KotCzarnythen fix one by one22:55
bencohI'd rather do it the other way around, but ...22:58
Sicelobut i'm guessing at this time modrana is simply the 'best' .. is it not?23:03
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bencohSicelo: I still prefere marble23:15
bencohpartly because of python/qml vs pure c++/qt (no qml)23:16
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