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sixwheeledbeast^hmm, things aren't working well for me at the moment. :(01:04
Sicelosuch as?01:04
klopsiwhats up, six?01:04
sixwheeledbeast^mafw-lastfm is hogging CPU again, I need to find the cache and purge it01:04
Siceloany hint from logs perhaps?01:05
sixwheeledbeast^also firefox on my desktop keeps crashing, I have yet to diagnose that.01:05
sixwheeledbeast^It did it a few months ago I think it was stuck scrobbles01:05
Siceloi need some help and not sure what keywords to use. i need to get an attachment off an email i have got as a plain text file. the text file contains exactly what you'd see if you "view source" of the email. what's the easiest way to get the attachment out?01:09
Siceloi seem to think i've had this issue a long time ago, but now have no idea what i did then01:10
klopsii knew the answer back in 199101:10
Sicelojeez! so everyone's bent on sick sarcasm today?01:11
klopsii seem to recall .. no it is the truth01:11
klopsi... using "binhex"01:11
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Sicelofor those who will find themselves needing this, on N900 you can install mpack .. munpack utility does it easily01:25
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sixwheeledbeast^it appears about:crashes no longer works in FF o.O01:28
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klopsithat sucks01:36
sixwheeledbeast^Ah logs are handy :) ~/.osso/mafw-lastfm.queue01:36
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sixwheeledbeast^hopefully it's only the cache on one device that's broken. I recall issues cleaning cache from multiple programs and devices last time01:38
klopsidoes lastfm also have obscure artists?01:39
sixwheeledbeast^in what way?01:49
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sixwheeledbeast^I mean "have"02:07
sixwheeledbeast^they don't stream any more.02:08
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klopsioh ok02:13
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sixwheeledbeast^clearing cache failed to work, hm02:45
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klopsi hello maemo05:54
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KotCzarnysicelo, what were you testing yesterday?09:01
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MaxdamantusModular earphones, about 40% done.10:30
MaxdamantusThat too.10:32
MaxdamantusWell, they're already frankenphones.10:33
KotCzarnyif you think about it frankenstein is also modular, he he10:33
MaxdamantusSince the cable has broken lots of times.10:33
MaxdamantusThe most recent break is just too close to the earpiece to fix properly, so thought I'd do this instead.10:34
Maxdamantus(they're over-the-ear ones)10:34
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klopsi a bonny day to ye10:45
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vakkovi am moving to another n900 since my main one is a little bit dead now :D maemo-extras and extra-devel give invalid magic for Packages.gz when apt-get updating :(11:01
vakkovme needZ those repos :(11:02
infobotmaemo-repos is, like,
KotCzarnycheck your config11:02
KotCzarnyand maybe clean apt cache11:02
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vakkovKotCzarny: that's the link i used to configure them and i cleaned the cache before updating11:15
KotCzarnyvakkov, what is the exact error message when you do apt-get update ?11:15
KotCzarny(pastebin the output)11:15
vakkovKotCzarny: btw the mirror of the nokia ones gives some signature errors11:15
KotCzarnysignature errors are harmless11:15
KotCzarny(at least on those mirrors, because obviously mirrors dont have correct nokia keys)11:16
bencohmirros *DO* have correct nokia keys.11:19
bencohthat's not related11:20
bencohnokia gpg keys expired years ago11:20
bencohand those errors existed with the original nokia repositories11:21
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vakkovnow it is only this - Failed to fetch  Hash Sum mismatch11:48
vakkovKotCzarny ^11:48
KotCzarnybad download?11:49
vakkovi cleaned twice11:49
vakkovW: GPG error: fremantle Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 5D0E7C4F2E6D6F9A lol11:49
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KotCzarnysums are there
KotCzarnyyou can try going to apt cache dir and check o.o11:53
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KotCzarnyand, it happens only on this one repo?11:53
vakkovseems so11:58
KotCzarnychange -devel into testing, update, then change back and update11:58
infobotKotCzarny meant: change -devel into -testing, update, then change back and update11:58
vakkovthe testing repo is fine ;P12:02
vakkovstill a mismatch12:03
vakkovdoesnt matter.. updateing to cssu now12:03
KotCzarnymaybe someone is breaking into maemo :P12:04
sixwheeledbeast^~listkeys keys12:10
infobotFactoid search of 'keys' by key (17 of 29): not xp or 98. the machine keysersoze ;; sshkeys ;; bbkeys ;; keys ;; keyserver ;; cmd: lackeyslap (.*?) ;; hotkeys ;; wmkeys ;; elive-hotkeys ;; pgpkeys ;; leafmonkeys ;; ou contraire. keyser ;; yeah, that makes sense. if keysersoze's rule ;; keyser ;; kpgpkeys ;; ssh keys ;; n800keys.12:10
sixwheeledbeast^hash sum mismatch has been around a while, hasn't it?12:12
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infobotfrom memory, extras is
infobotpkg is probably
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sixwheeledbeast^Still having issues with mafw-lastfm. Even purging/reinstalling, as soon as I put username/password in it hogs CPU. Any ideas.13:41
KotCzarnyurlsnarf or any other http traffic monitor?13:49
bencohsixwheeledbeast^: lsof -p ?13:51
KotCzarnystrace -p ?13:51
bencoherm yeah, s/lsof/strace/ :)13:51
KotCzarnybut yeah, lsof can be useful too13:51
sixwheeledbeast^Ok, had to install strace.14:00
sixwheeledbeast^same message repeated, I see both (Timeout) and (Resource temporarily unavailable). I could pastebin14:02
KotCzarnyplease do14:02
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Oksanaatracker-tag segfaults when run with -t aka list all tags of a file (in MyDocs/.sounds ). Why? CSSU-Thumb14:06
OksanaaSame for tracker-info14:08
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OksanaaAnd yes, the files is nice and playable in media player and mediainfo14:09
sixwheeledbeast^strance repeats over and over, hance CPU hogging14:11
KotCzarnythat GET is interesting14:11
KotCzarnycan you repeat with -s 256 ?14:13
KotCzarnyor 102414:13
KotCzarnyanyway, mafw-scrobbler seems to use api version 1.2.1 which is deprecated14:19
KotCzarnyso expect it to die sooner or later14:19
OksanaaAnybody else tried to use tracker-utils? 0.6.95-35maemo1 on 21.2011.38-1Tmaemo11+thumb014:23
KotCzarnyi have tracker disabled14:23
sixwheeledbeast^this is mafw-lastfm not mafw-scrobbler they are two separate packages.14:23
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KotCzarnyswb, anyway, it tries to communicate using 1.2.1 protocol14:24
KotCzarnyif you use -s 1024 you will see what it tries to post and what it gets in response14:24
SiceloOksanaa: tried other players? non-tracker-based, i mean14:25
OksanaaOr what should I use to change artist+album for tracker+media player? For example, I record Audio with Orecchiette, how do I write down what song and what performers I was recording?14:25
KotCzarnyhere you have protocol description, if you want to debug it yourself14:25
OksanaaWhat would other non-tracker based players use to identify metadata ? You cannot fit all of it into filepath14:26
* Oksanaa likes the idea of metadata, just not lack of editors for it14:27
SiceloOksanaa: use tagging software? tracker is good for reading, not setting tags.14:27
KotCzarnyyou can fit quite many things in the path14:27
Siceloyou can do that like "everyone" seems to do nowadays :/14:27
Siceloif you insist on tags, at least for MP3 there is mid3v2 available and working on N90014:28
Sicelonever tried with AAC (which I think Orecchiette records)14:28
KotCzarnyswb: but in your case i think it fails at handshake stage, maybe it was banned for some reason14:29
KotCzarnythats why you should see what it posts and what it gets in response14:29
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KotCzarnyalso, check if your system time is set correctly14:35
KotCzarnythat could also make the request fail14:36
sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: thanks I seem to have fixed it14:37
KotCzarnywhat was the problem?14:38
sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: would you believe system time14:38
sixwheeledbeast^2 minute out14:38
sixwheeledbeast^I have no idea why it wasn't on auto14:38
Oksanaamid3v2 ? I cannot seem to find it in repositories14:40
Sicelolet me check where i got it .. have had it for a long time now .. or i took it from debian repos ... just python script. hold on14:41
* Oksanaa dreads python. Is there a non-python version? but can live with python version as long as it works14:42
SiceloOksanaa: python-mutagen14:42
KotCzarnyfor one-off jobs python is good enough14:43
KotCzarnyas is any other scripting language14:43
sixwheeledbeast^I still get some errors in strace, but it works, I have scrobbled tracks now :)14:43
OksanaaWell, it's not the first or the last time I want to make audio files have neat metadata...14:43
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KotCzarnyoksanaa: tags are nice when they are 100% correct on 100% of the files. and because of that i prefer just directory/filename organisation14:44
Sicelothere was Mussorgsky or some similar name .. maybe it would work for you. i didn't like it14:45
OksanaaHeard of it, did not see it yet.14:45
KotCzarnyi wrote myself tiny util to quickly set tags based on folder/filename and some user provided input14:46
KotCzarnyalso nice14:46
KotCzarnybut could be too big for n900 screen14:46
OksanaaThank you. Will look up. Oksana: Mussorgsky , EasyTAG, puddletag14:49
KotCzarnyof all of them only mussorgsky is ported to n90014:50
sixwheeledbeast^I thought mussorgsky stopped working a while ago14:51
KotCzarnyhow can id3 tagger to stop working?14:51
sixwheeledbeast^I recall having issues, it needed internet connection IIRC14:51
bencohonline tags14:51
sixwheeledbeast^for album art I believe14:52
Oksanaaexiv2 sounds neat, but not for audio14:56
Oksanaaarename is not to my tastes in sense of narrow-mindedness of its purpose14:58
Siceloconnect your N900 to computer via mass-storage mode and tag your files there .. may be quickest, painless way :/15:00
KotCzarnyor download properly tagged torrents15:00
Sicelohe's recording15:00
KotCzarnyshe's she15:00
OksanaaMass storage mode is not an option, yet (and being not skilled at soldering, I do procrastinate with repairing it)15:01
KotCzarnyoksanaa, install tiny-smb15:02
KotCzarnyor nfs export it15:02
OksanaaWhat is tiny-smb? Is it in repositories?15:04
KotCzarnyshould be15:05
KotCzarnyits tiny smb implementation ~200-300kB15:05
KotCzarnyso you can export files via network15:05
KotCzarnyyeah, ported15:05
KotCzarnyalso this one:
KotCzarnymakes configuration/starting/stopping easy15:06
OksanaaOkay, tinysmb15:06
Oksanaagui is qt4 /me not like/ but idea of tinysmb sounds nice15:07
KotCzarnyerm, qt4? i thought its gtk15:08
Oksanaaapt-cache depends tinysmbgui15:08
KotCzarnyanyway, config is trivial15:12
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sixwheeledbeast^it's very difficult to have not use qt on maemo15:50
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bencohhas anyone tried (opengles webkit port)18:41
bencoh(for maemo/n900 I mean)18:41
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bencohhmm, I forgot recent webkit requires c++11 ...19:23
KotCzarny60+ items - GCC 4.7 and later support -std=c++11 and -std=gnu++1119:28
KotCzarnyand we have gcc 4.7.2 for scratchbox available19:28
KotCzarnyyes, and working19:28
KotCzarnyat least compiles oscp and libs ok19:29
bencohyou build as static19:30
KotCzarnylibs yes, oscp uses system libs19:31
bencohiirc there is some compat issue with libgcc1-4.219:31
bencohso that means I'd to either force users to install libgcc1-4.6, or build as static as well19:31
bencohand I wouldn't be able to upload source package to extras anyway19:32
KotCzarnyno, 4.6 miscompiles code19:32
KotCzarnyat least the one in repos19:32
KotCzarny4.7.2 works fine19:32
bencohI didnt say gcc-4.619:32
bencohbut libgcc-4.619:32
bencohoh, and ... I dont really understand why we have gcc-4.6 in extras19:33
KotCzarnybecause someone put it there?19:33
bencohand libgcc1-4.6 in extras, that tries to override system libgcc1-4.219:33
bencohsure, but that just sounds .... wrong19:33
KotCzarnyit shows that voting doesnt prevent bad packages19:33
Sicelodpkg -l | grep libgcc19:38
Siceloii  libgcc1                                             1:4.7.2-0+cssu0                            GCC support library19:38
Sicelothat's only libgcc on my N90019:38
KotCzarnywhich cssu flavour?19:39
KotCzarnyi wonder if it could be installed in scratchbox too (without creating new target)19:39
bencohyeah, but that's -thumb only19:39
bencoh(and mandatory because of the thumb fix)19:40
KotCzarnythumb is nice19:40
Siceloand my non-thumb one (cssu testing) has 4.2.119:40
bencohKotCzarny: I'm not saying that it's not, just that I cant assume everyone has it19:41
KotCzarnyif you can make it working at least in -thumb, it more than one reason to upgrade to thumb anyway19:41
Siceloi think that 4.2 is pinned? surely 4.6 is not overriding anything .. people who have it likely installed it themselves19:41
bencohSicelo: hmm ... where?19:42
bencohit doesnt automatically upgrade to libgcc-4.6 because package depends on gcc-4.6-base19:44
bencoh(and apt-get upgrade doesn't upgrade packages that depend on not-yet-installed packages)19:44
KotCzarnybencoh, compile it for thumb, then test19:45
KotCzarnyif it works better than anything else you can think about nonthumbers then19:45
Siceloso whoever uploaded 4.6 may have simply harnessed that behaviour of apt :)19:46
Siceloon another note .. for some reason cutetube decides to put arabic hits first when i search :/19:57
Sicelorussian actually19:58
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