IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-06-18

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Palifreemangordon: ping, see email there is pending request for developer who wants to upload package to diablo extras...00:20
Paliwho has permission for that?00:20
freemangordonPali: I don;t have permissions, it is merlin1991 afaik00:22
Palimerlin1991: ping, see email00:23
freemangordonPali: BTW, I am re-ing libplayback, will that be of any use?00:24
PaliI already tried to understand libplayback00:24
Palibut public API header files do not have any documentation00:25
freemangordonoh, so having to source code will help with that00:25
Paliand I think source code of does not help me to understand it00:25
Palibut maybe other people make it useful00:25
Palimaybe developers of OMP...00:25
freemangordonwait, there is some documentation in the headers00:25
PaliI was not able to understand it :D00:26
freemangordonah, I see00:26
PaliI think this is only one non Nokia libplayback application is OMP00:26
freemangordonyeah, I didn't try to understand it00:26
KotCzarnyhe he00:27
freemangordonPali: what about ?00:27
KotCzarnylibplayback sounds like an important thing00:27
merlin1991isn't it the mafw interface?00:29
merlin1991also checking into the garage account00:29
freemangordonmerlin1991: libplayback? it is rather the oposite - mafw uses libplayback, afaik00:30
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KotCzarnylucky me that i got away without both00:31
merlin1991no dsp for you though00:31
merlin1991and not mute on incoming call00:31
merlin1991and ...00:31
KotCzarnywell, i can use dsp via gst00:31
KotCzarnyas for muting, might be dbus doable00:32
freemangordonthis is what libplayback does :)00:32
freemangordon(dbus calls)00:32
PaliI think libplayback is just wrapper around OHM, pulseaudio and alsaped00:38
Paliand maybe prolog too00:38
freemangordonPali: actually it simply does dbus calls to org.maemo.Playback.Manager00:39
Palifreemangordon: anyway, jabber account setting plugin will be usefull to RE too00:39
freemangordonoh, yeah, you asked me about it00:40
Paliyes, I would expect some OHM exports tat dbus API00:40
freemangordonyeah, smells like ohmd00:40
KotCzarnyif its so simple, why its not opensourced/00:40
Pali... nokia00:41
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Palifreemangordon: was you able to contact fatphil?00:44
freemangordonno, he is MIA since long time ago00:45
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lamerxwhile on the mafw/dbus subject ...i have kind of relayed question01:04
lamerxwhat am I doing wrong with the set_volume() ?
KotCzarnyi just implemented softvol specifically for n90001:06
lamerxoh , found out the issue.01:06
lamerxwhat is softvol?01:06
lamerxscratch  the last question , google can anwser :]01:07
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KotCzarnywell, i had to implement one for prevent flac/aac from clipping, so just put it to use ;)01:11
infobotKotCzarny meant: well, i had to implement one to prevent flac/aac from clipping, so just put it to use ;)01:11
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bruce_leehello @all02:28
bruce_leeusing vim through ssh, the syntax-highlighting  doesn't work02:28
bruce_leesyntax highlighting works when I use it directly on the phone02:29
bruce_leeanybody a hint?02:29
bruce_leeI use a nokia n90002:29
ecc3gwhat host? TERMCAP?02:30
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jonwilDoes anyone here know anything about
ecc3gI've only used it.02:59
jonwillooks like the value I am interested in (time-to-full) is in minutes03:00
ecc3gi forgot if time to full was corrected for the annoying Li-ion charge curve or not...03:03
jonwilIt seems to charge faster as the charge percentage increases03:04
ecc3git should be, as it's coming from the chip03:04
ecc3gthat doesn't seem right03:04
jonwilhmmm no my mistakew03:04
ecc3gshould be fastest when empty and slow down03:04
ecc3gI think mine finishes about a good 70% in an hour, and takes another hour for the last 3003:05
jonwilIt seems to have hovered around 120 TTF or so for the last 5 minutes03:05
jonwilJumping from about 110 to as high as 13003:06
ecc3gprobably bad charger or bad connection to charger?03:06
ecc3gwhat's current state of charge, and how many mA going through?03:06
jonwilRSOC and CSOC are both at 8203:07
jonwilNAC, CACD and CACT are at 74203:07
jonwiland MA is around 120-125 or so03:07
jonwilas low as 115 and as high as 14003:08
ecc3gyeah you're in the slow section now03:08
jonwilwhich number indicates the actual charge percentage?03:08
ecc3gthough CSOC is current fullness as a percentage03:08
ecc3gcorrected state of charge03:08
ecc3gthen again is it calibrated or not03:09
jonwilI suspect there are issues with this battery as I have observed times when it goes from 3 green bars to red and "battery low" then 5 minutes later it goes back to 2 green bars before finally dying and powering off.03:09
jonwilSo something is definatly up03:10
ecc3gyou need to calibrate in order for RSOC/CSOC/etc to be accurate03:10
ecc3gsounds like you have an old weak battery?03:11
ecc3gwhat's last measured discharge? andcycle count since learning?03:12
jonwilwhat values do I look at for those?03:12
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jonwiloh wait I see, 904ma03:13
jonwilfor last measured discharge03:13
ecc3gyeah that battery is kind of weak now03:13
jonwilcycle count since learning is 603:13
jonwiland cycle count since full reset is 36603:13
jonwilMLI is 1038mA03:14
jonwilnac is 751mAh03:14
jonwilas is CACD and CACT03:14
jonwilaverage current is 112mA03:14
jonwilnot sure what those numbers mean exactly03:14
ecc3gso you got a fairly recent learning cycle through, so the numbers should be fairly accurate03:15
jonwilso the 904Ma is what the hardware thinks the battery can hold?03:15
ecc3gbut 900 is definitely a weak cell and if you drain it fast you could go green to read quickly03:15
ecc3g900mAh, yeah03:15
jonwilWhats strange is the fact that it will go from one level of charge indicated on the battery meter to a higher level without me doing a thing03:17
ecc3gbut you do see it charge up all the way to 900 and discharge ?03:17
jonwilThat I dont know, I will wait for it to get to full and examine it once its full03:17
jonwilIts at 84% full now03:17
ecc3git could be the GSM/wifi radio that pushes it over the edge03:17
jonwilok, now it just jumped from 84% to 100% and says TTF is at 003:18
ecc3gi've seen my battery drop from 2-3 bars to red before when using the phone...03:18
jonwilI can understand it dropping from 3 bars to red03:18
jonwilbut not why it would then magically go from red back to 2 bars 5 minutes later03:18
jonwilwithout me doing a thing to the phone03:18
ecc3goh...that's a bit weird then03:18
ecc3gmine when it goes red, it stays red....03:18
ecc3gwhich BME are you using?03:19
jonwilstock BME03:19
jonwilstock everything03:19
jonwilwell not stock everything03:19
jonwilbut stock BME03:19
jonwiland stock battery modules03:19
jonwiland stuff03:19
jonwilI am using my own MCE build though (the one I made that was reverse engineered to be identical to stock)03:20
jonwilnot that MCE is all that important for power and battery stuff03:20
jonwilis leaving the charger plugged in when the battery is full a problem?03:21
jonwile.g. if I plug it in to charge overnight and get up and its been full for the last 4 hours03:21
ecc3ghum dunno, stock everything seems to go red and stay red...dunno about other systems03:21
ecc3gyeah it's ok to leave it charged03:21
ecc3gerr plugged in... it actually will use the battery occasionally when plugged in and recharge it,seems counterintuitive but it's better for the battery that way03:22
jonwilbut yeah it seems like the fastest way to drain the battery is to pass through an area of weak cell signal where it goes to low bars or no signal03:23
jonwilsince it has to turn all the cellular amplifiers up to maximum in an attempt to get a connection03:23
ecc3gor just use the phone heh03:23
jonwilThat and using the browser (especially using the browser over cellular)03:24
jonwilCalls don't seem to be quite as bad as the browser03:24
jonwilProbably because stock microb is such a CPU hog :(03:24
ecc3gheck use calls and the browser at the same time...03:24
ecc3goh...heck... use the camera, record a video with the flash turned on as a flashlight.03:25
ecc3gat the same time :o03:25
jonwilI never use the flash03:25
jonwilwell not for lights03:25
jonwilor video03:25
jonwilI never record video03:25
jonwilI take photos and if the flash activates for that, its because the phone automatically decided to use it03:26
jonwilI never specifically turn flash on or off03:26
ecc3gdownload a flashlight app :D03:26
ecc3gthough I've noticed with the bq script that using the camera to display on the screen eats battery like mad, too03:27
jonwilok so says ttf is 0 and the battery is full. Yet the charge state light is flashing orange and not steady green like it should be for a full battery03:28
jonwilWhats up with that?03:28
jonwilAnother sign that its time for a new battery? :)03:28
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ecc3git's doing topoff now... should turn green soon03:29
ecc3gbme and the bq chip can be very different unfortunately, for a stock setup03:29
jonwilSo the fact that is only listing 904mAh for "last discharge" and "NAC/CACD/CACT" means I need a new battery?03:39
jonwilAny idea what a stock fresh battery is supposed to have as capacity?03:40
jonwilThe battery I am using now is not the one that came with the phone, its one I bought loose from a supplier about a year and a half ago or so03:42
jonwilmaybe a bit longer03:42
jonwilIts possible its not a genuine Nokia and doesn't have the lifetime of a proper Nokia bl5j03:43
jonwilhence why its starting to fail now03:43
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ecc3glikely... a good official nokia cell should be around 1300mAh03:47
ecc3gMy aged nokia cell is now at 1010mAh03:47
ecc3gthe funny thing is that it hasn't dropped noticeably in a long time...03:48
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jonwilNow the hard part will be finding a trustworthy source for a new still-at-proper-capacity genuine bl-5j03:58
jonwilI wonder if using 2g vs 3g will or will not save the battery life04:06
jonwilparticularly given that the train trips I take on a regular basis have areas with low or no 2G signal04:07
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haasn“Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist. Feel free to contact our staff on irc freenode #maemo channel.”07:47
haasn(It goes without saying, that this is a false positive)07:48
befordthat's what an spamer would say07:49
befordI think chem|st is admin on the forums, maybe he can help07:50
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sixwheeledbeastAre you sure your not on Tor or Proxy on your IPv4. Search your IP for forum lists.10:09
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KotCzarnyswb: that should be added to the info message on the page10:23
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L29Ahwho do i poke for this forum "feature" to get disabled?11:53
L29Ah07:47:44]<haasn> “Sorry, it seems that you are using an IP address or a proxy that is listed in the forum anti spam blacklist. Feel free to contact our staff on irc freenode #maemo channel.”11:55
bencohoh, that11:56
L29Ahi wonder why an anti-spam measure prevents even read-only access11:56
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KotCzarnyi bet because its easier that way12:04
KotCzarnyfor the admin12:04
L29Ahnah, -j DROP is easier12:04
KotCzarnyweb admin, not host admin12:04
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wsQ: I'm a newbie to n900. I tried installing symfonie and I get an error: Unable to install 'symfonie' \ Application packages missing: gstreamer0.10-plugins-good-extra. In 'application catalogs' I only have working, the remaining three default repositories are down ('Nokia Applications', 'Nokai System Software Updates' and 'Ovi').13:17
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ws... how should I fix repositories (I tried to follow links from the first page of )?13:18
KotCzarnyif you want audio player, try oscp13:19
KotCzarnyalmost no deps, many features13:19
KotCzarnyas for the deps, you need to google for working ones13:19
wsdziekuje [ thanks ]13:20
L29Ahi wonder if it makes sense to plug an usb video card into n90013:20
L29Ahcomposite video turns out to be horrible13:20
wsKotCzarny:  the only feature I'm missing in the default player is directory-view rather than relying on mp3 meta tags with artist and album name, as they are not always present in my files13:21
KotCzarnyws: you would love oscp then13:21
KotCzarnyeither ncurses or pygtk interface13:21
KotCzarnyor even remote controllable13:21
wsthat's weird, I can't see it in 'application manager'13:22
KotCzarnyas for default player, you could also try omp (open media player)13:22
KotCzarnyits in extras-testing or -devel13:22
bencohI think a usb video card would suck too much resources13:26
wsKotCzarny:  dziekuje, I will grab a coffee and figure a way to fix my mess with repos.13:27
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Wizzup12:20 < L29Ah> i wonder if it makes sense to plug an usb video card into n90013:27
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WizzupI am working on that13:27
WizzupOr at least, have all the hardware here13:27
Wizzupand usb host mode13:27
Wizzupnow I just need to get the driver(s) ready13:27
Wizzupone of them was already in tree around 2.6.18 or so13:28
Wizzupthe other one requires a much newer driver13:28
bruce_lee\(^_^)/ @all13:28
Wizzupbencoh: resources, what ones exactly?13:28
L29Ahi wonder what protocol could have been used to talk with a 640x480 lcd of some old video glasses that consume composite video13:30
KotCzarnyws: you can just grab the oscp deb and install it13:30
KotCzarnyits very low on dependencies13:30
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KotCzarnyhere is description page and also repo links13:31
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* Wizzup grep -c's KotCzarny messages on oscp13:40
WizzupL29Ah: the main thing usb vga is that I'd really prefer mainline kernel for it13:43
Wizzupbut then I first need to figure out usb host on mainline13:43
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KotCzarnywhat's wrong with using powerkernel?13:52
bruce_leehow can I dump /home/user/.osso-abook/db/addressbook.db?13:53
bruce_leeI tried: db4.7_dump -k addressbook.db13:54
KotCzarnymaybe its sqlite13:54
bruce_leethis doesn't work: "sqlite3 db/addressbook.db .dump"14:01
wsmissing libao0, python-gtk2, python-dbus, I seriously need to fix repos14:02
KotCzarnymaybe that .db is a plain vcf?14:11
KotCzarnyopen with text editor and check14:11
KotCzarnyahm, no, 'prioprietary'14:11
KotCzarnystill, someone suggested you can extract vcf files contained there14:13
L29Ahgunzip? (;14:13
bruce_leeI can see in vi/vim things like: BEGIN:VCARD14:14
bruce_leedata is available in editor, but it looks ugly!14:15
KotCzarnywrite a script to extract everything between14:15
KotCzarnyshould be fairly easy14:16
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bruce_leeI have no syntax-highlighting when I use "vi/vim" through ssh14:17
KotCzarnyuse mcedit?14:17
bruce_leewhen I use vim directly on the n900 syntax-highlighting works14:17
KotCzarnycheck your TERM variable14:18
keriothe n900's terminfo is probably ancient14:18
keriolike everything else14:18
bruce_leeecho $TERM returns "xterm-256color"14:18
keriobruce_lee: export TERM=xterm-color14:19
KotCzarnyand what terminal do you use?14:19
bruce_leeI asked this already yesterday in #vim14:19
KotCzarnyplain xterm could already work14:19
kerioplain xterm doesn't support colors14:19
bruce_leethe guys there tried their best, but couldn't help me...14:19
kerioso any program outputting colors when TERM=xterm is wrong14:19
kerioi'm not sure what's the TERM in osso-xterm14:20
keriopossibly vte?14:20
KotCzarnyhe is using ssh14:20
bruce_leewow! great!14:20
bruce_leeit works!14:20
bruce_leethank you!14:20
bruce_leebtw., I'm using "terminator" as terminal14:20
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KotCzarnyn900's TERM is 'xterm'14:25
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xkr47rxvt-unicode-256colors ftw14:50
KotCzarnyrxvt is shorter14:50
L29Ahthey all suck :P14:50
bencohurxvt <314:51
bencohbut the original xterm is more intersting on n900 (because of the char sequences / keystrokes / "gestures" remapping)14:52
bencoh(and osso-xterm just sucks :)14:52
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merlin1991st !16:38
merlin1991for those who don't know what I'm talking about:
bencohno remap unfortunately16:40
bencohI'd have moved to it on maemo16:40
merlin1991what do you mean with remap?16:40
bencoh(although I guess I could patch it :)16:40
bencohstuff to remap KP_enter, home/end, mouse actions (copypaste and the likes)16:41
merlin1991ah well it's a suckless16:41
merlin1991so that mapping is compiled in16:41
merlin1991you'd have to adjust one header and rebbuild16:42
bencohyeah :)16:42
merlin1991I was thinking about building a hildonized st16:43
bencohwhat about the hildonization ?16:43
merlin1991well menu bar for copy and paste :D16:43
bencohoh, that16:43
merlin1991and the dbus handling so it can be opened properly and stuff16:44
bencohselect to yank, 2nd+click to paste :)16:44
merlin1991not very posix ;)16:44
merlin1991there has been a patch quite recently for st that finally cleaned up the select -> selection buffer and copy -> clipboard thing16:45
bencohit works with both primary and clipboard (for xterm at least)16:45
merlin1991hm okay march 10 is quite recently :D16:46
bencohhere I use clipboard because of gtk16:48
bencoh(I cant paste primary selection into qt/gtk apps)16:48
bencohsince we have no middle button16:49
bencohhow do you define a middle mouse button on maemo/n900 ? :)16:49
merlin1991ah so that's what you meant by here :D16:49
bencohyeah :)16:50
* L29Ah has a binding in xbindkeys to swap primary and clipboard16:51
bencohxbindkey doesnt sleep properly iirc16:52
bencoh(and I didnt want to rewrite the event-handling)16:53
L29Ahi'd see it in powertop if it wasn't sleeping, no?16:53
L29Ahon a laptop i dont see it16:53
bencohI remember not being happy with it, I dont remember to which extent :)16:55
bencohand iirc it showed in powertop/n90016:56
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infobotwell, pkg is
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sixwheeledbeastKotCzarny: I suppose, techstaff would have to do that.18:16
sixwheeledbeastL29Ah: to protect our ageing infra. (re: anti-spam)18:17
L29Ahddos over Tor? :D18:18
sixwheeledbeastws: media player on N900 uses the tracker to index your stuff, if you don't like that then you will have to try a different media player. Or open your files from a file manager like hamsterfiler for example.18:20
bencoh(hamsterfile <3 by the way)18:23
sixwheeledbeastbruce_lee: I believe the .db is berkeley not sqlite18:24
sixwheeledbeastL29Ah: most Tor IP's are in the forum spam blacklist.18:28
sixwheeledbeastWell exit nodes anyway18:29
L29Ahwhat's the problem with read-only access?18:29
sixwheeledbeastL29Ah: I spoke to techstaff and they prefer not to do that18:30
bencohhm, why ?18:32
sixwheeledbeastOur infra is old, there was a thread on TMO about it IIRC. I also asked about a captcha.18:33
bencohwe already have a captcha18:34
sixwheeledbeastCurrently there blocked at Apache and that is the 403 message18:34
sixwheeledbeastcaptcha for registering users I believe.18:34
sixwheeledbeastI meant instead of 403ing the IP blacklist send them via a captcha.18:35
L29Ahit doesn't ask me whether i'm a registered user when i get 40318:37
sixwheeledbeastNot when you are registering on TMO I believe there is a captcha. That's it.18:40
infobotsixwheeledbeast meant: No when you are registering on TMO I believe there is a captcha. That's it.18:41
sixwheeledbeastSo you can't even login, you hit the 403 first and would have to change your IP.18:42
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bruce_leemy "ctrl-key" doesn't work as expected in bash using ssh, but it works in vi/vim using ssh19:45
bruce_leeanybody a hint?19:45
bruce_leethe delete-key doesn't work in shell either but in vi19:46
bruce_leeit's a nokia n900....19:46
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*** futpib has joined #maemo21:08
bruce_leeI'm a victim of a bug:
povbotBug 7944: utilities infocmp, tic, tput etc not installed though busybox provides ncurses-bin21:12
bruce_leethere is it says: "Fixed in busybox 3:1.20-0.1+0m7, but I cannot provide any diff"21:12
bruce_leeI can't find that version on:
bruce_leehow can I find that version of busybox?21:13
*** vakkov has quit IRC21:16
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RzRhi can u tell me how to setup maemo irc cloak ?21:38
*** RiD has joined #maemo21:38
bruce_leeRzR: I don't know, but if you're using irssi you have better chances at #irssi21:39
*** flo_lap is now known as florian21:39
RzRflorian, juice is21:42
RzR juiceme requested cloaks for all Council members21:43
*** erlehmann has quit IRC21:43
RzRchem|st, ?21:45
*** Haudegen has joined #maemo21:45
RzRwarfare, ??21:45
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KotCzarnymerlin1991: i prefer mrxvt (rxvt for all around features, and m for multiple tabs)22:10
*** ArGGu^^ has joined #maemo22:20
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infobotit has been said that battery is made by Danionics, or at
merlin1991looking for the status script22:52
keriothe what22:53
merlin1991the bq27k-detail something script from joerg22:54 ?23:00
bencoherr, bq27200.sh23:00
bencohit's from ShadowJK23:01
bencohunless you mean
SiceloRzR: i thought cloak auto-sets when you identify. afaik it's not client-side, but server-side23:09
RzRyea I got an unafiliated one since23:12
bencohyeah it's server-side23:13
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