IRC log of #maemo for Wednesday, 2015-05-27

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pentanolhi there, n900 looks like supports ext2\3 but on my thats available just for reading, I can't write to the ext2 flash.09:01
pentanolor not?09:01
freemangordonext2/3 is supported09:02
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kerioext4 works for me09:34
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APickerio: Bigwig.  ;-P12:20
APicI hope i get my b0rked N900 alive again today.12:20
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APicFinishing flashing... done12:43
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APicBoots o/12:49
APic.o0(High Shoes ;-)))12:54
keriothe fuck12:56
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bencohAPic: I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve, but ... did you try rescueos ?13:05
APicNot yet13:05
APicI tried backupmenu13:05
APicBut it was b0rk13:05
APic„rescueos“ sounds like i want it13:06
APicThanks for the Hint.13:06
bencohfirst time upgrading to CSSU ?13:06
APicLike 3-4rd13:10
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APicI will try „stable“ instead of „testing“ now13:18
APicMaybe „backupmenu“ will also work then13:18
APicCan i have both „rescueos“ and „backupmenu“?13:19
zGrrmoin :)13:20
bencohAPic: you can load rescueOS (kernel+initrd) using flasher13:23
bencohand you can do everything with uboot entries (stop using multiboot ! ;)13:23
APicOh, i see.13:23
APicDoes „backupmenu“ use „multiboot“?13:24
keriobackupmenu is loaded by bootmenu13:27
bencohno, some preinit hook iirc13:27
keriowhich runs in preinit, yeah13:27
kerioit's launched *after* the kernel is loaded13:27
APicAnd with U-Boot i could select a backup Kernel?13:28
bencohyou can select the kernel, yes13:29
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drathirpali loader rocks!13:37
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APicGot the U-Boot14:52
APicNow Kernel-Power14:52
APicThen backupmenu14:52
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drathirAPic: gz...15:12
APicBackupmenu running now15:12
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APic/home/apic # chroot /d17:44
APicFATAL: kernel too old17:44
APicWhat the Heck?17:44
KotCzarnykernel too old17:44
KotCzarnyclearly said17:44
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bencohglibc ?17:45
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APic/d/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi # ./
APicGNU C Library (Debian GLIBC 2.19-18) stable release version 2.19, by Roland McGrath et al.17:48
APicHow do i downgrade that one?17:48
APicMaybe just switch to „oldstable“?17:48
APicOr has anyone a nice new Kernel for me?17:48
APicI mean, i have U-Boot now17:48
bencohI still dont understand why you're doing this17:48
KotCzarnyyou cant easily downgrade a glibc17:49
APicBut the „backupmenu“ somehow removed all the Options17:49
APicThe „kernel-power“ i meant17:49
APicI can only select ordinary Kernel, Kernel-Power and Commandline17:49
bencohwhy do you need a debian chroot to retrieve your data ?17:49
APicBefore with plain U-Boot there were more Options17:49
APicI do not need the Chroot to retrieve the Data, i generally need it.17:50
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bencohoh, okay17:50
bencohthen you should check easy-debian and the threads around17:51
bencohiirc they managed to rebase it on wheezy, somehow17:51
APicI broke easy-debian very often17:51
APicIts Unpacking overloaded the System and crashed it and Stuff17:52
APicIt has no ionice17:52
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APicI will just try to compile a current Kernel17:52
APicOr is that very hard?17:53
bencohit's not hard (actually the linux kernel is probably one of the most simple and straightforward project to crosscompile ... since there is no target dependencies apart from the toolchain)17:54
bencohbut "modern" kernels will miss a lot of features17:54
APicThen i will just debootstrap oldstable17:56
APicThanks for the Help17:56
bencohI'm running wheezy on top of a 2.6.31 kernel daily, btw17:57
bencoh(not on n900)17:57
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APicMaybe someone could tell the Easy-Deb-Chroot people they shall put in a „ionice -c3 nice -n19“ at the hot Phases.18:05
APic(I am too lazy to post a Forum Post)18:05
APicI despise Forums18:05
APic(Puking Smileys 'n' Stuff…)18:05
KotCzarnyyou can usually disable all smileys'n'stuff18:06
bencoh(I'd love a web2news gateway for TMO as well ... to have a clean newsgroup interface ;)18:06
bencoh(but I think that's not gonna happen ;)18:07
keriobencoh: why the hell would you run 2.618:17
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ecc3ggrr... was trying to resurrect my k6-233 ... linux 4.0 deprecated a whole bunch of drivers for it.  Grr...18:30
KotCzarnyjust put that thing into the museum18:36
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Wizzupecc3g: I think if you step up to maintain the drivers they can accept them again18:38
ecc3gnah not worth it.  Same problem as why the n900 will be deprecated someday too if it hasn't already been.18:39
KotCzarnyecc3g, truth is most people are forced to use 2.6.x18:40
KotCzarnyif not all18:40
ecc3gand 3.4 works fine for my k6-23318:40
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Siceloecc3g: looks like N900 will only be deprecated by its hardware falling apart (age).
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ecc3gpretty much it's already deprecated because running 4.0 and having full functionality is impossible just like the k6...19:18
ecc3gthough it's easier to work around the k6 because I can just swap the ethernet board with a PCI unit...19:18
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antranigvis updating to CSSU gonna fix the calendar problem?21:51
antranigvcz I remember it worked before.21:51
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Sicelowhich calendar problem?22:02
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webmindso uhm, any chance of getting a new kernel on n810 so I can run wheezy?22:08
Sicelo0.1% i think22:10
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antranigvSicelo: every time I try to add an event from a calendar file I get "invalid file format"23:36
KotCzarnymaybe your calendar got corrupted?23:37
KotCzarnyahm, from23:37
KotCzarnythen maybe it needs different format23:37
KotCzarnysome app log?23:37
KotCzarnystart calendar from terminal?23:37
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