IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2015-05-07

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sixwheeledbeastAPic: maybe try asking DocScrutinizer over on #neo900? I am sure it's something he would be able to help with.07:01
sixwheeledbeastAlso try ...07:02
infobotwell, usbfix is - and **NEVER** use epoxy (unless you want to seal your device for underwater), or, you will basically need two irons: a small good one (or better hot-air reflow) and a 60+ Watt07:02
L29Ahi used epoxy and it works like a charm07:04
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Sicelolol stryngs08:35
Siceloanyway, why does your guide insist on flashing?08:36
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KotCzarnyL29Ah: i think fremantle is linked to the current, and most likely you should use fremantle and not fremantle-1.308:45
KotCzarnyalso, you probably got some discrepancies in installed packages08:45
KotCzarnyalso, oscp is in non-free, so you might add that08:47
L29Ahis it trojaned?08:47
KotCzarnyyes, of course08:47
KotCzarnyand it will eat your cat too08:47
KotCzarnybut seriously, i had to patch few bigger libs to be able to control them so whole source build would be fet dozens megs08:48
KotCzarnyand i didnt want to upload it everytime i changed something08:48
KotCzarnyright now it is low on dependencies because i link them statically into binary08:49
KotCzarnycompare its list of deps against any other player08:49
KotCzarnyalso, grab the one from extras-devel if you want it, because its newer and experiment with people voting wasnt successfull enough08:50
L29Ahgears computers whoa08:54
KotCzarnyalso, read the whole quick help08:54
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KotCzarnyit answers few important faq08:54
L29Ahi'd have started a demon if i detected it's not already started08:54
KotCzarnynope, because you might want to use it to control core on another machine08:55
KotCzarnyie. pc linux connected to your stereo system08:55
L29Ahand an option for this08:55
L29Ahhow to get back to the help? :308:55
KotCzarnybut it connects to the last connected core08:55
KotCzarnyclick the help ring08:56
KotCzarnyclick the info first08:56
L29Ahoh ic08:56
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KotCzarnyk, bbl09:09
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L29AhKotCzarny: it shows garbage on nonlatin names09:10
KotCzarnymight be, iso or utf?09:11
KotCzarnyalso, ncurses or pygtk09:11
KotCzarnyi may add it to todo, but there is no easy way to detect codepage of info from tags09:12
KotCzarnygotta run, bbl09:12
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L29Ahit doesn't want to play stuff recursively09:22
L29Ahdamn i killed the tracker thing and now the stock player sucks immensely09:36
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Siceloi guess tracker is one of those annoying things that you need to just get to terms with, unfortunately. tbh, i have found that now it sucks less than before.12:09
bencohstockholm syndrom12:12
bencoh(he's not as bad as he looks)12:12
L29AhSicelo: i've made a chroot and IT INDEXES MY JUNK AS I COMPILE IT12:13
bencohL29Ah: you can make it ignore folders12:14
L29Ahi'd love to leave it to just index my music so the stock player will work and i won't have to join KotCzarny's development crew (:12:14
bencohI think you can even make it ignore mostly everything except for a few folders12:14
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Siceloat one point in time i had it not indexing all of my SD card12:28
Sicelovery handy for storing your pr0n collection, haha12:29
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KotCzarnysicelo, i stopped the tracker and im happy12:42
KotCzarnyL29Ah: describe your problem, what doesnt work?12:42
L29Ahi press ;12:43
L29Ahit does nothing12:43
KotCzarnyit might be mapped to something else, try l12:43
L29Ahi press the button in the left that supposed to do the same12:43
L29Ahit blinks screen and that's it12:43
KotCzarnyncurses or pygtk?12:44
KotCzarny1/ is core started12:44
L29Ahalso i don't like it won't remember the dir i left it in12:44
KotCzarny2/ it starts from current dir12:44
L29Ahyes it is12:44
L29Aher, no blinking12:45
L29Ahjust does nothing12:45
KotCzarnydo you press ; or , ?12:45
SiceloKotCzarny: not all of us use oscp ... the stock media & picture viewers depend on the indexes from tracker12:46
Siceloand while you can open from file manager ... but...12:46
L29Ahi press the funny button w/ three stacked file signs and a note12:46
KotCzarnyhmm, it just loaded here, loaded 5697 files in 5,97s12:47
KotCzarnyif you have many dirs from your current point it might be still listing it12:47
KotCzarnythats why it doesnt react to dir change12:48
L29Ahit does react to everything12:48
L29Ahexcept this funny button12:48
KotCzarnywhat happens if you press [9] ?12:49
KotCzarnyit should change dir to /media12:49
L29Ahit does12:50
KotCzarnyalso, ok, navigate to some dir containing music12:50
L29Ahalso it sucks that i need to press the mod key simultaneously w/ the number key12:50
KotCzarny1-2 albums preferably12:50
KotCzarnyno, expand the buttons on the left12:51
KotCzarnythere is a quick key12:51
KotCzarnythere is a 0-9 buttons12:51
KotCzarnykey navigation is configurable12:51
L29Ahye but i don't like to move to touching stuff as i'm keyboard-minded12:51
KotCzarnybut mind you, n900 has limited number of buttons12:51
KotCzarnyso you can map, 3 hotdirs to keys instead of numbers12:52
KotCzarnynow, navigated to some dir, try pressing that mrl button12:52
L29Ahand nothing happens12:53
KotCzarnyhmm, i might want to get the log if you have some time to generate it12:53
KotCzarnyand if you dont like touching stuff you might like ncurses version better12:56
KotCzarnyie. kill the core, close the gui, open terminal and run oscp.sh12:57
L29Ahi dunno what i like13:00
L29Ahnow i want a big button RUN MUZIK SHUFFLE NOW13:00
KotCzarnyok, it is13:00
KotCzarnywith autoplay13:00
KotCzarnyand virtual playlists13:00
L29Ahanyway i need to achieve recursion somehow13:01
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Tcbl50Suddenly been blocked from talk.maemo.org22:07
Tcbl50Say my number Is part of proxy
Tcbl50I'm in Ghana22:10
SiceloTcbl50: :) i'm in South Africa. nice to get someone from 'around'22:11
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Tekk_has anyone else had ower usage go crazy?23:08
Tekk_I'm not able to charge over usb, says it's charging but no led and it doesn't actually increase charge23:09
KotCzarnytry to reboot?23:09
KotCzarnymight be bad charger/cable too23:10
Tekk_maybe :/23:10
KotCzarnygot another to check?23:10
Tekk_I'm traveling atm23:10
KotCzarnycharge from computer?23:10
Tekk_yeah, that}s what I was trying23:11
Tekk_charging via charger was okay last night23:11
Tekk_couldn't charge from computer today23:11
Tekk_or from this car's usb charger23:11
KotCzarnydo you have any power usage app installed?23:12
KotCzarnybattery-eye etc?23:12
Tekk_nah, recommendations? I was just checking23:13
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KotCzarnybattery-eye is nice23:14
Tekk_installing it now23:14
Tekk_gotta give it time to gather data23:17
Tekk_but if the problem doesnTt go away I'll be sure to mention23:18
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SiceloTekk_: let's hope your usb port isn't tired23:48
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