IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2015-04-24

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M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast^: weird00:12
M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast^: but possible - there might have been some corrupted tiles/error pages downloaded instead of tiles in the old database00:12
M4rtinKmodRana now check that the data it downloaded is actually an image, but it not used to be like this in the past00:13
M4rtinKBTW, I plan to eventually split an rewrite the tile handling code to a separate module00:14
sixwheeledbeast^:nod: I believe the modRana I had on the desktop at the time was old, the Ubuntu package on your site.00:14
M4rtinKto make it more maintainable and to make it easier to support different tile storage methods with a unified abstract interface00:15
sixwheeledbeast^I have seen installed the "cutting edge" version :)00:15
infobotsixwheeledbeast^ meant: I have since installed the "cutting edge" version :)00:15
M4rtinKsixwheeledbeast^: that's ***OLD*** :D00:15
M4rtinKlike really really old00:16
M4rtinKlike maybe 4 years old, which is a lot in software terms00:16
nox-yay for appropriate naming :)00:16
M4rtinKubuntu packaging volunteers welcome :)00:16
M4rtinKeven though the modRana git repository is designed in such a way that you can just clone it and then run modRana right away00:17
sixwheeledbeast^Never packaged anything before for ubuntu, I could look if I get time.00:17
M4rtinKit also finally has tags, so you can easily check the "stable" versions00:18
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sixwheeledbeast^That's what I did in the end, you could setup a PPA for Ubuntu.00:18
M4rtinKI also have't done a Debian package in ages00:19
M4rtinKI basically have a script for making one for the N90000:19
M4rtinKand that is using some python thingie khertan made years ago to autogenerate the package :)00:20
sixwheeledbeast^py2deb IIRC?00:21
M4rtinKyeah, something like that00:24
M4rtinKpy2deb wa based on this ir was its predecessor00:25
M4rtinKBTW, I've just started new build in the modRana COPR:
M4rtinK(COPR is the Fedora PPA equivalent)00:33
M4rtinKand the build was successful :)00:42
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sixwheeledbeast^great for Fedora users ;)01:56
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ryukafalzooh, now that I have an N900 I can actually use modrana :D04:35
ryukafalzother device is a N4 with sailfish which sadly doesn't have working GPS04:36
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OksanaMy Nokia N900 reboots when I try to shut down. Regularly.05:29
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pentanoland I still have trouble with sim-card. N900 sometimes offline from 3G celular network08:30
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KotCzarnypentanol: try another card, also, you can try putting single piece of tape on the top side of the sim to push it more09:10
KotCzarnysee if the sim contacts are worn out (with grooves or pits) and you can try request changing card from your operator09:10
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pentanolKotCzarny on week ende I will try clean out all phone with screwer09:41
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scottcceene: downloaded: 11.31GB | uploaded: 32.59GB | ratio: 2.228, not bad! finally done :)11:19
nealWho is in charge of the wiki?  There are a lot of pages that I can't edit.11:25
neal(But some that I can so it seems like some conservative security setting.)11:25
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zGrrmoin :)13:04
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sixwheeledbeast^neal: i can help with the wiki if you ever reappear...14:46
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KotCzarny<sixwheeledbeast^> neal: i can help with the wiki if you ever reappear...14:57
nealI was only missing for half an hour or so :)15:12
nealsixwheeledbeast^, Please help?15:12
nealWhat do you need from me?15:13
sixwheeledbeast^more like what do you need from me...15:13
nealThere are lots of pages that I can't edit.15:13
nealFor instance the installation instructions (I'll dig up a url if you want)15:13
nealalso, lots of info is outdated on the main page15:14
neale.g., upcoming events in 2012 :)15:14
sixwheeledbeast^neal, many pages are admin only due to spam15:14
infobotmethinks maemo-flashing is, or - on linux PC - download&extract, cd into it, do sudo ./flash-it-all.sh15:14
sixwheeledbeast^will be one of them.15:14
nealI was thinking of
nealso what's the right way forward?15:17
sixwheeledbeast^neal: yes that page is admin only for good reason.15:18
KotCzarnyswb: create wiki group called 'editors' ?15:18
KotCzarnyand add everyone with positive karma to it?15:18
sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: our mediawiki is very old an need updating to do lots of things I have suggested in the past.15:19
bencohwho is sysadmin on this server ?15:20
sixwheeledbeast^neal: flashing page is locked because a) it's is the most popular page on WMO and gets hit by spam. b) very person that flashes there device thinks it should be worded differently so it was getting edited over and over causing confusion.15:21
nealthen leave it as it is :)15:21
sixwheeledbeast^techstaff are sysadmin for all.15:21
nealI don't really care that much15:22
bencohwhat about outdated info ?15:24
sixwheeledbeast^neal: I have to get back to work, if you have any suggestions or you feel some pages need to change. I will be available in ~4 hours, I can have a look at each one. However, I believe it was agreed changes to firmware page are best to go through council.15:25
sixwheeledbeast^Feel free to list pages you have issues with here and I will check them out later.15:25
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nealthat's so 1999 :)15:26
KotCzarnysome things are best done in old fashioned way15:26
KotCzarnyofftopic and unrelated and nsfw:
nealKotCzarny, I find it hard to believe that editing a wiki is one of those15:27
KotCzarnyIt's part of a french animated short made by students for their university final15:27
KotCzarnyneal: see 'spam' part15:27
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scottcKotCzarny: i don't know if i can watch 6 minutes of this15:35
KotCzarnymind you, they did it for their uni final15:36
KotCzarnyso they might have to work on it day by day for a month or more15:36
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al1981can smdy help me15:58
KotCzarnywho knows15:59
al1981I have a strange bug - calendar widget not showing "today" events - only "next days" events15:59
al1981this bug appeared after Tmeaemo9.1 or later update15:59
al1981yes o.O16:00
KotCzarnywhat version?16:00
al1981now Tmaemo11 - latest thumb16:00
KotCzarnyahm, thumb16:00
al1981but still have this bug16:00
KotCzarnycant help, im on stock fremantle16:00
al1981sorry for disturb16:01
KotCzarnyno worries, if there is a thumb thread on tmo try posting there, or wait for someone using/devving it16:02
al1981thumb thread?16:02
KotCzarnywell, thumb firmware/software16:03
Sicelothere is such a thread. when did this new thumb come out al1981?16:03
al198121.2011.38-1Tmaemo11 (11.04.2015)16:03
Siceloal1981: am on that version16:04
Siceloso stock widget?16:04
al1981yes it is16:04
al1981if I have evebt tommorow - i see it - but next day it is not showing as "today" event as it was before16:05
KotCzarnymaybe some new option?16:05
al1981settings - the same - nothing new16:05
al1981maybe #maemo-ssu channel is better?16:07
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KotCzarnyssu != thumb16:08
Siceloit is also appropriate channel :)16:09
Sicelobut al1981 .. this works fine on mine16:09
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al1981hmm, wierd, Sicelo  - is your event is hand made event or notification about birthday&16:11
al1981'cause mine bug is about birtyhday noptifications16:12
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Siceloi don't have birthdays today, but i did have some last week, and they worked fine16:13
KotCzarnyborn again?16:13
al1981ok - seems I have to reinstall16:14
al1981thx anyway16:14
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ryukafalzI just got my N900 yesterday and... why can't all phone software be this nice? T_T18:59
KotCzarnyyou mean, simple?19:06
ryukafalznot even that it's simple19:08
ryukafalzbut that it has so much functionality19:08
ryukafalzlike, when I open the dialer, it asks me which of my accounts I want to use, whether SIP, XMPP, or PSTN19:09
ryukafalz*nothing else does that* and it's amazing19:09
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KotCzarnywell, it was made with people networking in mind19:12
* ryukafalz nods19:14
ryukafalzwhich is what you'd think a communication device should be for19:15
sixwheeledbeast^Ok so was it decided what issue there was with the wiki?19:15
KotCzarnyi bought it because i can compile/run linux apps tho19:15
infobotKotCzarny meant: i got it because i can compile/run linux apps tho19:15
ryukafalzthat's a big plus as well19:16
KotCzarnyi still prefer it over any current device because of this19:16
ryukafalz(also nice bot heh)19:16
ryukafalzwell, as far as Linux GUI apps go, yeah - Sailfish can run CLI apps just as well though19:17
ryukafalzand it's mostly just a matter of toolkit libraries not being ported to the platform19:17
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KotCzarnywell, n900 can run x apps19:20
KotCzarnywhich is much better19:20
KotCzarnybtw. do you listen to music?19:21
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ryukafalzyeah, some19:34
ryukafalzand it's nice that it can run X apps but at the same time I don't particularly like X11 :P19:34
ryukafalzwayland is very welcome19:35
KotCzarnyryukafalz: you can try my oscp player, it's built with server-client model in mind19:46
KotCzarnyie. you can run core on pc and control from n90019:47
KotCzarnyor run core on n900 and control from n900, or pc19:47
ryukafalzI've been looking into groovebasin for that recently19:47
ryukafalzI used to run an MPD server for that19:47
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KotCzarnyyeah, but i wrote my app the way to have fewest of dependencies19:49
KotCzarnyand maximum of features19:49
KotCzarnysee here if you want to read more about it19:50
KotCzarnyand if you like ncurses interface it has it too19:51
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owenhIs anyone interested in this StarTech mic/earphone splitter: <>20:07
owenhI also have stock CA-75U video-out cable, USB cable, and AC power adapter.20:12
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KotCzarnypretty expensive for a piece of metal/plastic20:24
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