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memfrobwhere is the download page for maemo now on n900? nokia tablet dev page is dead.01:24
memfrobbtw hello everybody! :)01:24
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infobot[combined] the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
infobotit has been said that emmc is is or see ~emmc201:26
infoboti heard tabletsdev is , (all defunct, thanks Nokia) or the nice site, or
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memfrobheh must be asked everyday, thanks nox-!01:31
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memfrobhas anyone here gotten upstream uboot w/ vanilla kernel working with maemo?05:14
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Maxdamantusmemfrob: with the Maemo OS (the typical userspace on N900)?05:26
MaxdamantusProbably not.05:27
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Maxdamantusthe problem is Maemo on a vanilla kernel. u-boot is irrelevant.05:28
Maxdamantusyou can run a vanilla kernel or maemo kernel from upstream u-boot.05:28
memfrobbut paired with maemo OS is another story?05:29
memfrobdoes maemo need maemo patches?05:29
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merlin1991memfrob: maemo needs a lot of maemo patches09:25
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ceeneneal__: nop, it should work09:34
ceenei'll have to take a look at the torrent file, maybe the trackers aren't working09:34
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ceeneneal: /usr/bin/screen -d -m -S rtorrent /usr/bin/rtorrent13:36
ceenethat should work13:36
ceenei've tested it13:36
ceeneit was a problem with the trackers13:36
ceeneso i've put an enormous list of trackers13:37
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nealceene, I now see 1 peer.13:49
nealceene, Hopefully I'll get the data and can help seed the torrent13:49
ceenegood! :)13:54
ceenei don't have much of an upload rate13:54
ceenebut since i'm on 24/7 it shouldn't take that much13:54
nealright now the rate is 0 :/13:55
ceenejust leave it there, as long as you see me as a peer it will reach some speed sooner or later13:55
ceenei see now 3.9kb13:56
ceeneand increasing13:56
ceeneit will top soon probably, since i have a couple other things uploading13:56
nealoh yes13:56
KotCzarnyi remember downloading avis at 10kB/s13:56
nealNow I have 263 kb :)13:56
scottci'll share it too, what's the harm13:56
ceenebut they are small and once they reach a couple copies uploaded most of the bandwidth will go to this torrent13:56
KotCzarnyfun times13:57
ceenegiven enough time it will be uploaded completely :)13:57
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Vajb15 years back over 5kbps was luxury14:01
Vajbthose were the golden ages of download accelerators :)14:02
scottcrtorrent is telling me "Timeout was reached" on the torrent14:03
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scottcthen ruTorrent says "Failure: unregistered torrent"14:04
ceeneit should definitely work, give it a little time14:04
ceenemaybe it needs to check some other tracker14:05
ceenei won't be surprised if i had happened to insert a private tracker which needs registration or something14:05
ceenei just copied a list of trackers from somewhere14:05
ceeneso some of them probably don't work14:05
ceenebut some others do14:05
ceenedepending on the client it may take a while to find the one that works for you14:06
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ceenei see now 3 clients connected :)14:06
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scottcseems to be downloading now, slowly14:07
ceeneyep, it won't be fast14:08
ceenei've only uploaded 23mb for now...14:08
ceenei'm going to try and find a server with a faster connection14:08
scottcheh, last i checked i'd download 23mb!14:08
ceenebut i don't know if i'll find it :/14:08
scottcmy server should have 100mbit up + down14:09
KotCzarnygrab a laptop, go to cafe, seed for them14:09
ceeneyou gave me an idea!14:09
ceenemy dad has a better connection than mine14:09
ceenei had forgotten14:09
ceenebut he's not online 24/714:09
KotCzarnypoor dad14:09
ceenepoor me!14:09
scottcput it on a USB stick and post it to me? it might be faster than this rate ;)14:09
KotCzarnyhis redtube subscriptions is going to choke14:10
KotCzarnyhe he14:10
ceenethe pity is... i am here in the university14:10
ceeneand we have a pretty good connection14:10
ceenebut if they see a torrent uploading things14:10
ceenethey'd shut my connection14:10
KotCzarnyupload via http post?14:11
KotCzarnysplit file in 500mb chunks14:11
ceenei may be able to upload it to mega or something like that14:12
ceeneas long as they don't detect a seeding torrent14:12
ceenebut i really like more the torrent philosophy14:12
KotCzarnyask scottc to put up some http uploader14:13
KotCzarnyand upp directly14:13
KotCzarnythose filesharing sites suck14:13
ceenei'll bring a copy on a harddrive here tomorrow14:14
ceeneand i'll see what i can do14:14
scottcceene: I can set something up with you if you want14:14
scottcnot sure how I would give you access but I'm sure we could figure it out14:14
ceenemaybe an ftp connection or whatever14:15
ceeneor even a torrent shared only with you14:15
ceenei don't think they could track that14:15
ceeneto be honest, if there are only going to be 3 or 4 of you downloading14:15
ceenemaybe i can put the torrent file on this connection14:15
ceeneand they won't notice14:15
ceenei'll bring the files tomorrow on a hard drive and will see14:16
scottci wouldn't want you to get in trouble for it, i know how universities can be14:16
KotCzarnyftp/http uploader14:16
scottci could probably set up an ftp server with limited access14:16
KotCzarnyor some custom app14:16
ceenedon't worry, will figure something out14:17
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KotCzarnypossibilities are multiple14:17
ceeneyep, it's not like the internet wasn't invented for this kind of thing!14:17
ceenewith this speed it should be up in only 10 days :P14:20
ceeneit's not that long overall14:20
bencohI'll probably publish it with some http basic access (with the login/password used by apt for the nokia repositories)14:29
bencoh"just in case"14:29
ceenethat'd be great14:30
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mirdaceene: hi, i turned on DHT in my client, so now it's running, i am downloading up to 50 kB/s according to my limit during day14:49
mirdabut generally, DHT is not good, because everybody can track who is downloading some torrent with specific hash14:50
scottcdownloading at 50kb/s, uploading at 3014:50
ceeneit goes pretty fast, given my connection14:50
ceenein a couple of days it'll be up14:50
ceeneand if i bring tomorrow a copy here i'll give it a boost14:51
ceeneso it won't be long all in all14:51
mirdai am uploading some time too14:52
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mirdabut i have a problem that i will move to another house and my old IBM xServer 235 server is consuming quite lot of energy, so i will have to turn it off and i can start it while i will have some HDD for my low-power future server14:54
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mirdaand i don't know what internet connection will i have in new house14:55
scottci can seed it from my vps for as long as is necessary14:55
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mirdaceene: does rTorrent support magnet links?15:00
scottcI believe so; I've used magnet links through ruTorrent at least15:04
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zGrrmoin :)15:42
bencohalright, published15:45
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bencoh(fremantle/ovi and fremantle1.2/ovi are password-protected with the nokia repositories creds)15:47
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