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rZrgitorious to be shut down01:12
PalirZr, see log from #maemo-ssu01:12
rZrPali, I see01:13
rZrPali, why not following to gitlab ?01:13
Paliit is free?01:14
Paliit is working?01:14
Palican they backup everything?01:14
Palihow many devs have gitlab account? and how many github?01:14
rZrthis is sad01:15
PaliI do not have gitlab account and I do not want to register on another site which want from me accepting another stupid license...01:16
Palibut if somebody already gitlab account... we just need read-only backup of and meego.gitorious.org01:17
rZrand dont you feel that they're buying it out ?01:17
Paliit is just to prevent disappear last pieces of maemo & meego source code01:17
rZrPali, qt moved I suppose too ?01:18
Palino idea01:18
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rZrsf,net could be an other option too :(01:18
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rZrthen github01:19
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rZrPali, didnt you backuped garage once too ?01:22
PaliI backed up garage to gitorious01:23
rZryea I remember that one can be orphaned since garage is still here isnt it ?01:23
Paliyes, it is here, but backup is backup01:24
Paliare you sure that next month garage will work for 100%?01:24
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rZrnext hour one01:25
xesPali: we have a backup of made on 20140522. About the other gitorious sources related to maemo i started a backup that sadly stopped at about 90GB for insufficient free space01:28
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Palixes: cannot infra host that backup?01:30
xesPali: we have limited resources i have to check if there is some space into the low speed storage01:34
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rZrI'm spreading the news to #qt-labs01:42
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rZrthere is also gna.org01:53
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freemangordonHi there! Anyone interested in helping me restoring facebook widget and photo uploader functionality?13:22
freemangordonthe REST API used in maemo FB stuff is long ago deprecated and will be no longer supported starting 15th of April13:23
freemangordonso even if you didn't change your password, FB will stop working for you by that date13:23
KotCzarnyanyone still uses facebook?13:25
freemangordoncome on13:25
Vegeshite_Miteis facebook like napster?13:25
KotCzarny'facebook - not even once'13:26
freemangordonKotCzarny: no matter if anyone uses it or not, I see nor reason why we don;t keep the functionality13:26
KotCzarnyfreemangordon: don't mind me, i'm just joking13:27
freemangordonsure, but I am serious :)13:27
KotCzarnymy oscp player coming out nicely13:27
KotCzarnyso i'm in quite happy mood13:27
freemangordonBTW, does jolla support FB?13:28
freemangordonI mean, is there any kind of integration?13:28
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inzfreemangordon, yes: sharing, contacts, notifications14:34
freemangordoninz: hmm? can;t parse, elaborate please14:34
inzfreemangordon, re: is there any fb support in jolla14:35
freemangordonah, ok. thanks14:36
inzalso there is an app for reading updates etc, but i guess that was beside the point14:37
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Sicelofreemangordon: i have a dummy FB account .. can  help with testing15:45
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freemangordonSicelo: ok, will remember it, when it comes to testing15:46
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freemangordonSicelo: BTW, do you have any qwebkit browser installed on the device?15:53
freemangordonlike qmlbrowser for example15:53
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Siceloon 2nd N900 I do have qmlbrowser.16:06
Sicelomy main one hasn't because it's on thumb, where it doesn't seems to be working at all16:06
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freemangordonSicelo: anyway, I found what happens, SSL handshake fails to :(16:14
freemangordonmaybe missing certificate16:14
Wizzupor you need a newer tls lib (guess)16:15
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freemangordonWizzup: yeah, maybe16:18
freemangordonit tries ssl v316:18
Wizzupthen there's a good chance that is disabled16:18
Wizzup(as it should be ;)16:18
freemangordonhmm, wait16:18
freemangordonit offers 20 cipher suites TLS_.....16:19
freemangordonlets see what happens on desktop16:20
freemangordonyeah, on desktop it sends tls1.2 hello :(16:24
Wizzupwould be good to additionally get an up to date openssl/libressl and gnutls anyway ;-)16:25
freemangordonwell, tls should be supported16:27
freemangordonfor example google uses it and microb has no probles opening gmail, for example16:27
freemangordonso it is something on the qt side16:27
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freemangordonthis is the log from device16:31
freemangordonso it is qt, trying sslv3 first16:31
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zGrrmoin :)18:07
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