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infobotit has been said that fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
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erlehmannporting task force!00:21
erlehmannMika Niinistö wrote me00:31
erlehmann> I do remember that MUI did check for ”pending messages” in the beginning, fetched them, informed telepathy they have been ”seen” and then continued on listening to incoming messages. I think messages marked as ”scrollback” might’ve had some special meaning, and there’s some magic in trying to avoid duplicate messages. If the sending resource (handle of the sender) of the message was not available on the telepathy backend, I think the00:31
erlehmann message might’ve been ignored completely. But I’m not sure.00:31
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erlehmannmerlin1991 Pali would you recompile telepathy with the „ignore messages coming directly from rooms“ part deleted?00:39
Paliif you provide patch I can try to play with it00:39
erlehmannPali okay00:42
erlehmannPali i have patch here00:44
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erlehmannPali can you apply patch?00:47
erlehmanndeleted code is debugged code00:47
erlehmanni will look for more code that should be deleted00:47
Paliwhat your patch is doing?00:47
Palican you provide more description (there is only "Unignore MUC messages")00:48
erlehmannthe comment describes what the code is doing. it is ignoring messages deliberately that come from MUC.00:48
erlehmannso i removed that antifeature00:48
Paliwhy it is needed?00:49
kongwhen i connect to n900 using ssh the connection will freeze after a few minutes, is it possible to prevent?00:49
erlehmannPali so telepathy does not filter useful messages00:49
Paliwhat are those messages?00:49
erlehmannlet me debug!00:49
erlehmannwait i collect some00:49
PaliI still do not know what it is doing and why it is needed...00:50
Paliand why we should include it00:50
erlehmannPali messages coming directly from the groupchat are filtered00:50
erlehmannlike if a message comes from maemo@conference.ccc.de00:50
erlehmannit is not relayed by telepathy00:50
Palithey are normal chat messages?00:51
erlehmannthis means for example you do not see topic messages!00:51
erlehmannthey are <message … type='groupchat'>00:51
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erlehmannonly they come directly from the room00:51
erlehmannand not from the occupants of the room00:51
erlehmannthat means that on n900 i cannot see room topic00:52
erlehmannwith my patch it will be possible!00:52
Palido you mean this ^^^00:53
Pali"7.4 Sending a Message to All Occupants"00:53
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erlehmannPali no00:55
erlehmannPali i mean messages FROM coven@chat.shakespeare.lit00:56
erlehmannnot TO it00:56
erlehmannlet me give you an example XML stanza00:57
erlehmanni am generating it now00:57
erlehmann<message from='' to='' type='groupchat'>00:58
erlehmann<body>Dieser Raum ist nicht anonym</body>00:58
erlehmann<x xmlns=''>00:58
erlehmann<status code='100'/>00:58
erlehmannPali this comes if you go to devel@conference.pidgin.im00:58
erlehmannit is mentioned in the source code00:58
PaliI found this:
Pali8.1 Modifying the Room Subject00:59
erlehmannmy jabber client warns me then that everyone can see my JID00:59
erlehmannbut telepathy clients could never do that00:59
erlehmannbecause the message is filtered00:59
Paliso without your patch all messages with type "groupchat" are dropped?01:00
erlehmannall messages from the room itself are dropped.01:01
erlehmannbut messages from occupants are not01:01
erlehmannso when you join the room with a telepathy client01:01
erlehmannyou do not see „Dieser Raum ist nicht anonym“01:01
erlehmannbecause it comes from devel@conference.pidgin.im01:01
erlehmannand not from
Paliright, now I think I understand it (its 00:02 here)01:02
PaliI should go sleep...01:02
erlehmann<message from='' to='' type='groupchat'>01:03
erlehmann<subject>Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple development headquarters</subject>01:03
erlehmann<body>rekkanoryo hat das Thema geändert auf: Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple development headquarters</body>01:03
erlehmann<r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:2'/>01:03
erlehmannthat is the thing you cannot see on n90001:03
erlehmannPali so will you merge it?01:03
Palifirst I would like to know, why telepathy had disabled those messages?01:03
Paliok, git commit d4d5a2f9 added that code01:04
erlehmanni think telepathy devs consider those messages useless01:05
PaliMUC: ignore non-error, non-echos from the MUC01:05
Pali(It's not clear that they ever contain useful information, and we previously suppressed them.)01:05
erlehmannbut they are sent for a reason (e.g. so that everyone notices topic change)01:05
Palicommit message ^^^01:05
erlehmanncargo culting01:05
Palido you know if this patch is still present in upstream telepathy-gabble?01:05
erlehmanncommit d4d5a2f99eb5e1a2471662c09ff04aee865dde3601:05
erlehmannAuthor: Will Thompson <>01:05
erlehmannDate:   Wed Nov 12 11:31:15 2008 +000001:05
erlehmanni see01:05
erlehmannlet me see01:05
Paliif that patch was reverted, I have no problem to revert it for maemo immediatelly01:06
erlehmannlet me see01:06
erlehmannPali if it was not reverted?01:07
erlehmanni browse tree01:08
PaliI would really like to know reason why it was added (probably it fixes some bug?) and if there are potential regressions with reverting it01:08
Paliok, looks like that code is still in telepathy-gabble git...01:10
Palierlehmann: I can revert that commit and push new version of telepathy-gabble to cssu-devel01:11
Palibut it needs more people to test that reverting that patch does not cause problems with other jabber parts...01:12
Palierlehmann: Its in git:
erlehmanndeleted code is debugged code01:19
Paliplease ping me back next day and I will upload new version to cssu-devel01:19
erlehmanni will try to remember it01:20
Palinow I'm going offline01:20
Pali(or you can ping anybody with upload rights to cssu-devel repo)01:20
erlehmanni will delete more useless code!01:20
erlehmannthank you01:20
erlehmannwho is that01:20
erlehmannmerlin1991 is it?01:20
Palimerlin1991 and also freemangordon01:22
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erlehmannthank you01:22
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povbotBug 89253: was not found.02:19
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kongis there a way on nokia n900 to view youtube or facebook video? nothing good found on google02:38
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dos1kong: there's cutetube for youtube02:41
kongnot working for me! if i try to view video on cutetube it shows up "related videos" but never the video02:42
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dos1hmm, I did have problems with it recently as well02:42
dos1I guess something on youtube side changed and it needs newer version of youtube-dl02:43
kongI also thought02:44
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kongwould be cool to view in browser, but slow02:44
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sixwheeledbeast^kong: cutetube WFM, which version are you using?09:56
sixwheeledbeast^flash videos will not work in a browser, IIRC flash faker stopped working. QML Browser (all be it a bit buggy) will play html5 video.09:59
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KotCzarnywonder if there is a way to take a source, then patch it up to higher releases10:21
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sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: IIRC that was the last available version possible for some reason.10:26
KotCzarnyreason being nokia stopping support for n900?10:26
KotCzarnyhtml5 webm was added in fx510:32
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KotCzarnydoes it mean it we can have youtub/html5 ?10:32
KotCzarnygotta try it now10:33
sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: It wasn't nokia. I can't remember the details but the death and slowness of fennec spawned embedlite and alopex projects.10:36
sixwheeledbeast^fennec was very memory intensive and practically usable from version 210:38
sixwheeledbeast^it would be great if the issues were fixed with QML browser IMO. I would use it as my default browser then.10:40
KotCzarnyinternet says that fx7 used half of the earlier versions memory10:41
sixwheeledbeast^KotCzarny: Fennec and Firefox are different.10:45
sixwheeledbeast^  As you can see Mozilla dropped support for fennec after 4, someone on TMO built 7.0.1 for Maemo.10:47
sixwheeledbeast^dropped Fennec support for Maemo, I should say.10:48
KotCzarnyit works10:51
KotCzarnyin a way10:51
KotCzarnyyoutube detects webm support10:51
KotCzarnybut videos open in system player10:52
KotCzarnystill, works out of the box10:52
Luke-Jrdoes 7.0.1 work reasonably? or still too slow to use?10:52
KotCzarnyluke: depends10:52
KotCzarnyjust try it10:52
sixwheeledbeast^Luke-Jr: It's not usable IMO. 7.0.1 was the last version for Maemo10:54
KotCzarnyswb: still, you can browse youtube/watch videos without any hacking10:54
Luke-Jrhm, I currently appear to have 17.0a110:54
KotCzarnyluke, lol10:54
sixwheeledbeast^Luke-Jr: thumb?10:54
sixwheeledbeast^that's why10:55
Luke-Jris 7.0 better?10:55
sixwheeledbeast^there are thumb bulds about too10:55
KotCzarnyi would say newer is better10:55
Luke-JrKotCzarny: well, the 17 is entirely unusable10:55
KotCzarnyfaster js etc10:55
sixwheeledbeast^Luke-Jr: no the thumb version would be better10:55
KotCzarnyluke, you can install tar.bz2 version and run from some dir10:56
KotCzarnywithout interfering with installed one10:56
Luke-Jrwish there was a browser that worked with Uber10:56
sixwheeledbeast^I wouldn't bother IMO but if you like to experiment go for it.10:56
sixwheeledbeast^I so wished fennec to work. I used it from version 1, but it's been unusable for so long.10:58
KotCzarnywell, it's not that bad11:00
sixwheeledbeast^ thumb build thread11:00
KotCzarnyi can live with a bit of slowness as long page renders and works11:00
Luke-JrKotCzarny: I tried for 2 hours to call an Uber.11:00
Luke-Jrthat is beyond slow11:00
KotCzarnyi only browse web on n900 when i'm on-the-go11:00
sixwheeledbeast^ alopex thread11:00
infobotsomebody said alopex was
Luke-Jryeah, usually when you want to call Uber, it's because you're on-the-go… :P11:01
KotCzarnywould thumb build work on stock fremantle?11:01
Luke-JrKotCzarny: no11:01
sixwheeledbeast^doh, infobot worked for a change :(11:01
KotCzarnyluke: don't know what uber is11:01
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Luke-JrKotCzarny: cheap taxi11:01
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Kamping_Kaiserbencoh: i have collected a few. I can't list them now but I'll definitely come back and ask about them in the next few days :)12:22
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kongHow can i change n900 default media player to KMPlayer? it just support most video formats not like the standard video player13:55
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kongkong you can change default applications in /usr/share/applications/defaults.list16:09
kongthx kong!16:09
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Sicelokong: yes it's possible, BUT .. consider that the N900 has a DSP which KMPlayer cannot access/use. So when playing videos, you lose the benefit of the DSP as now everything must be handled by main CPU.16:36
KotCzarnysicelo, some mplayer builds DO USE dsp16:36
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Sicelooh, didn't know16:37
KotCzarnyat least they did in 2009 when i was playing with it16:37
Siceloi have mplayer .. you know which build versions we're talking about?16:37
KotCzarnydon't know which kmplayer uses16:37
KotCzarnyfor diablo16:38
* Sicelo is using SVN-r30099-4.2.1 on Maemo.16:39
SiceloKotCzarny: you're talking about diablo? or you also tested on Maemo? (bear in mind i'm not saying you're wrong, but i need enlightenment:)16:40
KotCzarny[root@Nokia-N800-43-7:/]# mplayer16:40
KotCzarnyMPlayer 1.0rc1-maemo.29.n8x0 (C) 2000-2006 MPlayer Team16:40
KotCzarnyCPU: ARM16:40
KotCzarnyInternet Tablet OS version: RX-34+RX-44+RX-48_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_MR016:40
KotCzarnyyou can always grab it and check if it's better than the one you have16:41
KotCzarnybut i assume people managed to improve mplayer in fremantle16:42
Sicelotbh i think most people have zero issues with stock player. there is OMP which is a FOSS gui front-end and is way nicer16:43
KotCzarnykmplayer most likely is just a gui for mplayer16:43
KotCzarnywhich can have gui protocol compiled in16:43
kongi got in 1 of my movies fps loss but rest is well now16:44
kongmuch better then the no video codec message!16:45
Sicelowhat format was the video? what codecs in use?16:45
Siceloif it's public, a link will also help :)16:46
kongflv, avi, mp4, mov16:46
kongmovies are on sd card16:46
Siceloyou have an example you can share publicly somewhere? want to test with mine16:47
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KotCzarnysicelo: you can grab flv from youtube16:47
kongi received a video from whatsapp, also not playable without kmplayer for me16:47
kongor mplayer16:47
Siceloi've downloaded many videos from youtube (using cutecube), and they play with stock16:48
KotCzarnymost likely cutecube downloads supported format16:48
KotCzarnyin firefox install 'youtube video and audio downloader'16:50
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KotCzarnyit will present you with multiple links16:50
* Sicelo xfers some flv from his pc (downloaded with youtube download helper .. will test now16:52
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kongfirefox on n900?16:54
KotCzarnynah, on lapyop16:54
KotCzarnyon n900 it's called fennec, but is slow16:54
Sicelo<from his pc> ;)16:54
kongKotCzarny: does it works?16:54
kongalso on youtube?16:55
KotCzarnyon youtube i have set format to html5 (webm) and it launched system player which played videos fine16:55
KotCzarnycumbersome a bit but workede16:56
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KotCzarnybut if you scroll up, someone mentioned 2 alternative16:59
Siceloi'm playing that flv right now in stock media player .. just fine :)16:59
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KotCzarny<infobot> somebody said alopex was
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KotCzarnyneeds cssu-thumb apparently17:02
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Palianything which use gstreamer for playback use DSP17:15
Paliand I think that all versions of mplayer does not have support for video decoding on DSP17:16
KotCzarnypali: ask ssvb, he was the one that hacked it17:16
KotCzarnyand probably the only one17:17
ssvbPali: MPplayer only used DSP for audio on Nokia 770 (hooking gstreamer in a very roundabout way)17:19
KotCzarnyssvb: didn't it also hack video device?17:20
KotCzarnyoh, well17:20
Sicelobtw, kong's videos play fine on my N90017:20
ssvbKotCzarny: Nokia 770 has a very bad DSP video decoder implementation, that's why the ARM core could run circles around it :)17:21
ssvbit was OK for offloading audio though17:22
Siceloif only gstreamer wasn't such a nightmare to understand :(17:25
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KotCzarnyif you like nightmares, look at pulseaudio api17:25
PaliI know some parts of PA :-(17:26
PaliSicelo: and do you think ffmpeg/libav has better api then gstreamer?17:27
KotCzarnylibav has better support for different codecs17:28
Paliand if you are really hard hacker, look at dbus API :D:D17:28
Palieven official documentation say: you do not want to use it! :D17:28
KotCzarnywriting own player with ffmpeg/libav is very simple17:28
Pali(that C dbus api library)17:28
KotCzarnypity it won't compile assembly on n800's default gcc :/17:29
Sicelowell, i'm not even at the API level .. but what i meant was from a user point of view ... trying to stream N900's camera for example ...17:29
Palithere is missing application for streaming...17:29
Paliand using low level gst-launch is just hack :D17:30
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kongthere is phonestream17:34
kongcan stream to vlc and much other17:34
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KotCzarnywoo, hoo, softvol is in17:48
KotCzarny(f*ck the pulse audio)17:48
keriofuck the plebs17:49
Luke-Jrthis doesn't appear to address the N900's special needs17:52
KotCzarnyn900 pa17:52
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