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uhhimherehi guys can someone tell me what this file does: drivers/usb/core/hub.c06:52
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uhhimheredo i need to enable USB_GADGET to get USB_OTG running on my device during compile time?09:58
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Maxdamantusuhhimhere: doubt it.11:11
Maxdamantusuhhimhere: the gadgets are the modules beginning with g_.11:12
Maxdamantusg_(file|mass)_storage, g_ether, etc11:12
Maxdamantusallowing it act as a particular sort of USB device.11:12
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Sicelois it just me, or is fennec unable to use socks proxy? i set it in about:config, but tcpdump shows fennec still sending packets 'directly'13:17
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NIN101_hmm I know that it was hard to convince the default browser to finally use proxies.13:24
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Sicelook. it was me. forgot to set network.proxy.type to 1. default is 513:28
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KotCzarnymy n800 just poweroffed because of sshfs transfer14:16
KotCzarnyin another news, anyone wants console (ncurses) player tht plays almost any audio file?14:17
KotCzarnyahm, charger is too weak14:23
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xorlyis anybody running last git kernel 3.19.0 rc5 on N900?20:23
kerioat least, he's running some linux 320:24
kerioin the sense that he booted something20:24
xorlythanks, I booted 3.19 and I have problems with BT and camera, I am curious about their status20:26
xorlyin archlinux, not maemo :)20:27
kerioi think nothing works, or something20:28
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xorlya lof of things works, eg audio with its 229 controls in alsamixer, works well :D20:31
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KotCzarnyso, anyone wants audio player that plays almost any file?20:34
xorlyprobably not, RockoBox already exists...20:38
KotCzarnyits console one20:38
KotCzarnyso you can control it via ssh for example20:38
KotCzarnyand use nit as a remote media player20:39
* KotCzarny is console freak20:39
KotCzarnywell, rockbox plays a few, my app plays more20:40
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KotCzarnyas a bonus it has almost no deps20:41
xorlyyeah, why not, but I'd like to use n900 for robot controll, unfortunately idk how to make camera working20:41
KotCzarnyisnt camera simple bttv device?20:41
xorlywhat's that?20:42
KotCzarnyi mean, last time i played with it regular v4l2 programs worked with it20:42
xorlysweet libxmp support20:42
xorlyafaik it must be configured with media-ctl, idk how, there is no /dev/video* device20:43
KotCzarnyi would have to check my old proggies20:44
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KotCzarnysee the mplayer tricks20:45
KotCzarnyapparently thre is /dev/video0 and 120:45
KotCzarnyand that's what i remember that it was 'just working'20:45
xorlyyes, I would exppect it on maemo, but my N900 runs archlinux with 3.19 kernel20:47
xorlyand it's "just not working"20:47
KotCzarnycant help then, maybe you can compile some modules20:48
xorlyimo Pali could help, he is N900 kernel guru20:48
Palicamera is not working20:49
KotCzarnydo you know any decent file sharing service?20:49
Paliand for bluetooth you need to load bt_nokia.ko module20:49
Paliand use some fancy bluez520:49
Paliand other tool for setting mac address20:49
Palipavelm should know more20:49
Pali(camera is broken since 3.5)20:49
xorlyPali: thanks, but I have no such module20:50
Paliits not in mainline yet20:50
Palisearch for lkml.org20:50
xorlyI thought, that camera is not working, but commit seemd to be meant as fix20:51
Palicamera is broken20:52
KotCzarnyxorly: my player,
bencohPali: v4l api change ?20:52
Paliv4l2 api is still same20:53
KotCzarnyfor midis you would need freepats or similar gus patches20:53
KotCzarnyhavent tested it on n900 but afair things from n800 worked there20:54
KotCzarnywhat is default n900 audio subsystem?20:54
bencoherm, strike that20:54
KotCzarnyesd ?20:54
bencohwas thinking about something else :)20:54
freemangordonunfortunately cameras and DSP are broken20:55
KotCzarnyi shall link with libao dynamically20:55
bencoh"No (removed in v3.17-rc1 broken since 3.13-rc2)" :/20:56
bencohthat's a pity20:56
freemangordonxorly: iirc sailus said there are some patches on the multimedia (clone, branch) that make ISP working again, didn't try them20:56
freemangordonISP == camera subsystem20:57
freemangordonoh, Pali alreay posted that link20:57
KotCzarnycpuidle not working?20:58
freemangordonshould be, but some trickery is needed for the UART20:58
freemangordonotherwise device never hits low-power states20:59
KotCzarnyfor a mobile device its quite essential?20:59
xorlyKotCzarny: missing libesd :/21:00
xorlyfreemangordon: so camera driver is broken and ISP too?21:01
freemangordonafaik it is the ISP driver that is broken21:02
xorlyand in 3.19 cpu freq. scaling is not working21:02
freemangordonas both cameras behave (or at least used to in 3.15) in the same way21:02
KotCzarnyxorly, i'm still brushing it up for n800, will probably test/brush on n900 tomorrow21:02
freemangordonxorly: hmm, freq scaling should work21:02
freemangordonthough I didn't check :)21:02
bencohfreemangordon: does rotation work ?21:03
freemangordonlast time I tried it was broken, DSS driver was bailing out21:03
freemangordonbut that was some time ago21:03
bencohstill a long way to go :)21:03
freemangordonbut still, it is way better than it was21:04
freemangordonPali: BTW, did you merge my rx51_defconfig changes?21:04
freemangordonlike NOEN stuff in the kernel etc.21:04
Paliwhich changes?21:04
freemangordonin 3.16 branch21:05
Palido not know21:05
KotCzarnyxorly: i think libesd is in extras-devel for n90021:06
KotCzarnyfor a quickie21:06
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KotCzarnyas a bonus my player supports zip archives and treats them just like regular dirs21:06
KotCzarnydo you can have your module collection in one tidy place21:07
xorlyKotCzarny: I am afraid, that libesd is not last missing lib, let me check it21:07
KotCzarnyor play your zipped torrents21:07
Palifreemangordon: do not know, you need to check it21:07
KotCzarnyit is, as the rest are just regular system libs21:07
xorlyyup, looks to be doable21:08
KotCzarnythat was my idea, lightweight, no deps, fast and handy21:09
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Paliwho the fuck want to zip music collection?21:15
Paliits totally useless21:15
KotCzarnypali: no, it isnt21:15
KotCzarnyif you have 10000 files and 65k block size21:16
KotCzarnyas is the case for n900 vfat21:16
Palithen I use tar or similar format21:16
Palinot deflate compression for audio...21:16
KotCzarnypali: modules/midis zip quite efficently21:16
KotCzarnyim not talking about zipping mp3s21:16
KotCzarnyhvsc has 47000 files21:17
bencohhvsc ?21:17
KotCzarnyhigh voltage sid collection21:17
Pali~wiki hsvc21:17
KotCzarnyso yes, i do compress my 'audio'21:17
infobotI couldn't find a matching article in wikipedia, look for yerselves:
bencohthis chan is full of insane people <321:18
KotCzarnyone does not buy linux based phone if one is not special21:19
KotCzarnyshall i say i integrated song leghts db in the player ?21:20
KotCzarny<insert evil laugh>21:20
KotCzarnyalso, libav, libxmp and few others21:20
KotCzarnyand no additional deps needed!21:20
KotCzarnyalso, pali, zip is better for random access than tar.gz21:22
Paliyes, for random access21:23
Palibut why not some LZMA based compression?21:23
KotCzarnybecause i want it to be fast21:23
KotCzarnyzip decompression is v.quick and light21:23
PaliI think that some variant of LZMA is also quick21:24
Palimaybe 7z archive (which has also fs structure for random access)21:24
KotCzarnyalso, zip is readily available via libz and libzzip21:24
Palimaybe I should do some tests of compression ratio, pack and unpack time...21:25
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Paliof more aglos21:25
KotCzarnyzip works for me, and most people that have archives of old tunes usually have them in zip or rar21:26
xorly"The great benchmark"21:26
Palirar is one of the worst archives (in usage)21:27
Palithere are couple versions of rar and nobody know which version packager used for creating rar archive21:29
Paliand only *last* version of winrar sw allows you to unpack any rar archive and only on windows...21:29
KotCzarnypali: most likely rar321:30
KotCzarnyas rar 2.x was open sourced i think21:31
KotCzarnyon my todo i have network controller for my player21:32
KotCzarnythink about it, old n800 connected to stereo21:32
KotCzarnyand used as a media player21:32
KotCzarnyand controlled via ssh or tcp21:32
KotCzarnyi shall get me some nfs modules21:33
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KotCzarny  |> enjoy the silence (enjoy.mod) (20234, 1, Protracker M.K.)21:41
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Palifreemangordon: when you have a time, can you look at tidspbridge?21:44
Paliin git are reverted all commits for driver21:44
Palibut it does not compile (when you enable it in defconfig)21:45
Palibecause some parts of kernel code was changed...21:45
Palibut in branch v3.18-rc6-n900 it was compiled successfully21:45
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freemangordonPali: ok22:00
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bencoh20:33 < KotCzarny> i shall get me some nfs modules22:12
bencohkernel modules you mean ?22:12
KotCzarnyunless i find fuse based nfs implementation22:12
bencohhm .... :]22:14
Palithere is some fuse nfs implementation...22:15
KotCzarnypali: opening/listing zip archive with 8814 midis takes less than 1s on n80022:18
KotCzarnyi think doing ls would take more22:18
KotCzarnyand this also includes time to sort the list22:18
KotCzarny  |> Beethoven_Sonata_29_Op_106_HammerKlavier_Adagio_Sostenuto_3.mid (52758, 8mbgmpat)22:19
KotCzarny17 minutes of music in 52kB22:19
KotCzarnyand with good patchset its decent (ie. no compression artifacts, as the instruments are lossless22:20
xorlyfreemangordon: maybe frequency scalng works, but cpufreq-info reports "no or unknown cpufreq driver is active on this CPU"22:50
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