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sixwheeledbeastwizbit: eyrie but may have dependency issues.00:27
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newbieAlerthow to compile library in scratchbox ?? how do i nknow the entries for debian/control ????05:03
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newbieAlerttotalizator: thanks :) but it does not have anything about how to write debian/control for libraries.05:31
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infoboti heard flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobottar -zxvf tarball, cd blah, ./configure, make, make install or install by hand., but for an easier way to compile the kernel, apt-get install kernel-package06:27
drathirOksana: thanks forgot which one symbol used almost alll chans have diff ones;/06:37
OksanaYes. /msg seems to work without the symbol, though. But, can /msg be used to ask bot to tell you what symbol does it use?06:38
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bencohT_X: are you trying to boot maemo with this kernel ?11:02
* Maxdamantus is about to try that kernel.11:15
Maxdamantusbtw, the SD card works with the cover off, in case anyone's unaware.11:16
Maxdamantus(just need to stop the kernel from blocking access)11:16
MaxdamantusHmm .. what's the actual point of blocking it?11:17
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MaxdamantusI don't think the block actually does anything special with the hardware.11:19
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Maxdamantusso I don't think it would avoid cycling the SD card's power.11:19
bencohMaxdamantus: prevent writes while it is being physically removed11:20
MaxdamantusI'd hope if that were an issue there'd be a cooldown or something somewhere.11:20
bencohbut it being in kernel is a bit silly (without a sysfs option)11:20
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MaxdamantusHm. Assuming the writeback cache is small.11:20
Maxdamantusso it actually does continue to write from the cache after you remove the cover?11:21
Maxdamantusor do you mean within the SD card itself?11:21
* Maxdamantus suspects that shouldn't be a problem with the SD card itself.11:22
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MaxdamantusHm. How do you turn the backlight on if it's not on at boot (without maemo)?13:43
inzI'd guess there's a proc or sysfs entry for that13:44
inzTry find /proc /sys -name '*backlight*'13:44
MaxdamantusMm, it doesn't seem to turn on the way you toggle it when it's working.13:45
MaxdamantusDo other people get that btw?13:45
Maxdamantusit doesn't seem to turn on when using flasher to book a kernel.13:46
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T_Xbencoh: yep, trying to boot that kernel14:46
T_Xtrying to boot maemo with CSSU, right14:46
T_XOksana: right, these are the last few lines I'm seeeing on the screen14:46
* T_X going to add a few more modules as built-in into the zImage. I have /lib/modules/3.18-rc-6 on /opt because the root partition doesn't have enough space14:49
bencohI guess you could lsmod on maemo on copy those in your root14:53
infobotbencoh meant: I guess you could lsmod and maemo on copy those in your root14:53
bencohinfobot: bleh14:53
infobotbleh means insert appropriate value here. see blah14:53
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T_Xbencoh: you mean only making the modules kernel-built-in which are actually loaded after a normal maemo boot?15:01
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bencohcopying them, actually15:02
newbieAlertHi.. how do i get "make" command on n900?? build-essential is not present. :/15:02
bencohbut you could also build those in as well15:02
T_Xbencoh: copying the modules from the old 2.6.28 kernel won't work. I have a modules directory with the linux-n900 repo15:03
T_Xbut unfortunately it's too big15:03
T_Xwhile /lib/modules, the ubifs only has ~70MB available15:03
bencohT_X: copying modules from the new kernel, but only those loaded by maemo15:04
T_Xah, okay!15:04
T_Xcould work, going to check15:04
newbieAlertOr is it possible to enable SDK repo on n900 and get "make" from there ??15:05
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totalizatornewbieAlert: why would you do that?16:03
totalizatordownload Lubuntu 14.04 iso and install it in Virtualbox: ~10 min, install M5 SDK ~10 min16:05
totalizatorwhat do you want to build?16:21
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user_does xplanet requires additional data?16:32
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fbnccstsince it said couldnt find moon etc16:33
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bencohnewbieAlert: ask sec once he's around16:35
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chem|stnewbieAlert: make should be in extras16:43
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T_Xhm, making a lot of the modules built-in didn't help either17:24
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newbieAlertchem|st: make is not in extras (build-essential )19:57
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newbieAlertbencoh: i have started a thread om TMO. no replies so far.19:58
newbieAlerttotalizator: tmo thread for packaging has all the details..19:58
newbieAlerttotalizator: bencoh:
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newbieAlertsec : hi20:13
newbieAlertsec : helpp with packaging libraries ???20:13
bencohnewbieAlert: I thought you wanted to build on the n90020:16
chem|stand you could also install that from the sdk-repo that is 3.8020:22
chem|stnewbieAlert: build-essential actually depends on make20:24
newbieAlertbencoh: i want to build it for n900. its working in scratchbox but i am not able to pack it in deb to transfer it to n900..20:25
newbieAlertchem|st: thanks.. optified ??20:25
chem|stno idea20:26
newbieAlertchem|st: trying... :)20:26
chem|stnewbieAlert: if you are looking for packages, they are all listed on
bencohdepending on what you are trying to package you might need more or less work20:27
newbieAlertbencoh: i went through that.. i have issues with packaging libraries.. specifically writing debian/control. i am not able to figure out how to write the name of packages like : libX.a and a few other things symlinked to same library.20:28
bencoh(if it's already packaged for debian you'd only need to adapt the debian/rules)20:28
chem|stbencoh: if you are not used to .deb... I found in quiet hard to package stuff20:28
bencohnewbieAlert: oh, ok20:28
newbieAlertbencoh: single binary thing is easy , multibinary hing, i just figured out .. but libraries, still out of my scope..20:29
bencohdebian has .install files to tell dpkg-buildpackage which files goes in which specific package20:29
bencohyou should apt-get source some-package to see how it's done20:30
bencoh(as an example)20:30
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newbieAlertbencoh: yeah.. thanks.. but thats not the issue.. issue is how will i know the output of the source package after compilation .. line i want to coompile X.tar.gz, then how ill i know what will i produce , like it may libX.a or or maybe 5 different libXYZ..20:32
newbieAlertchem|st: naah, make install wont work on n900... requires autottols ..20:32
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chem|stnewbieAlert: you wont be done by just installing "make"!20:34
bencohnewbieAlert: what do you mean by "how will I know" ?20:34
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bencohyou wont know unless you try, or read the build system (or a mix of the two) :)20:35
newbieAlertbencoh: i mean lets say , i need to compile GTK.. then "where" can i find, how many packages & what packages will it produce ??20:35
newbieAlertbencoh: thats what i amtrying :) :)20:36
bencohI'd DESTDIR=/foo/bar make install && tree -C /foo/bar first :)20:36
newbieAlertchem|st: nope. it didnot work.. requires automake, depends on autotools-dev.20:36
bencohdebian has some "default" packages that are described in dpkg/debutils and/or debian packaging docs20:37
bencoh(-dev, -dbg, maybe -shlibs, and a few others)20:37
newbieAlertbencoh:  thats what i did :) then in libraries, the symlink thing. :/ produces two packages and two symlinks to same package with sdifferent name .. like 1. & symlink
newbieAlertbencoh: thanks...going through sources now..20:38
bencohoh and, read man dpkg-deb (to check .deb afterwards)20:38
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newbieAlertbencoh: okay :) :) thanks for help.. i think i will just write steps for multiple-binary in tmo... :) btw, will it work if i simply copy paste the libs folder to /sur in n900. (libs : produced by make install ) ??20:40
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secsomeone called?20:45
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newbieAlertsec: yeah.. i did.. i was suggested to ask you my problems regarding packaging.21:17
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