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bencohyay, souphttpsrc needed an update ... gsthlsdemux works much better now :)00:24
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capsulwhat is fiasco ? and why i need to install him for flash my n900 ?!00:35
infobotL4-compatible real-time microkernel capable of running Linux in usermode. URL:
infobotnp, or eeeerrruuusssshhhwwwaaaaaAAAAAAAAA!!!!1100:35
infobot[combined] the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
capsulno first , i hope last one , but THANK's you nox- and happy party for your year's end !!00:39
nox-thx same :)00:40
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capsuli will back if i meet problem00:44
capsulhave nice night00:44
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bencohfreemangordon: smartreflex disabled, gstdsp_got_error: got DSP MMUFAULT01:34
bencoh(same with or without smartreflex)01:34
bencohand ... fuck, now I get a create_node: dsp node allocate failed01:36
bencoheven on a different stream, I guess I'll have to reboot01:36
bencoh(unloading bridgedriver makes it reboot so it's not really a solution)01:36
bencohoh, and01:38
bencohfreemangordon: is gstdsp supposed to handle video input resolution changes ?01:39
bencohbecause when the hlsdemux tries to chang from a resolution to a higher one I get handle_hdcodec_error: unsupported stream or invalid i/p params01:40
bencohand the higher res stream plays fine if I specify it instead of the generic variants playlist01:41
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newbieAlerthi.. does anyone know how to change resolution while recompiling ??08:05
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Vajbis there a way to enable multiple flags at once or just one by one?11:53
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freemangordonbencoh: seems you're hitting some bug in either dspbridge or in the codec node13:50
freemangordonI guess dinamic resolution change support depends on the codec13:51
bencohh264 in gstdsp :)13:52
freemangordoniirc h264 should support resolution change13:55
freemangordonunless it crosses the HD line13:55
bencohhm yeah I suspected that13:55
freemangordon(different codec nodes needed)13:55
bencohhow comes the "hdcodec" version cannot play "non-hd" stuff ?13:56
freemangordonand it can;t load another node on-the-fly13:56
freemangordondunno, you'd better ask TI/Nokia :)13:56
bencohhuhu :)13:57
bencohfrom what I read in libgstdsp, they mixed "profiles" and "levels"13:58
bencohthere "profile" variable actually looks like a level number13:58
bencohand ... I can play highprofile 512x288 but it wont play at 25fps (I think it drops some non-ref frames)13:59
freemangordonbencoh: OC DSP an it will play it :P13:59
bencohoh btw, it looks like no-one replaced gstreamer nokia binaries in maemo (?)14:02
bencohis this because of an ABI issue ?14:03
bencoh(there are gstreamer repositories in gitorious/maemo-multipedia but it looks like they were never imported in maemo14:04
freemangordonno idae14:04
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freemangordonidea even14:04
bencohis there a policy for nokia-provided binaries replacement ? should that always go in cssu ?14:04
freemangordonyep, cssu it is14:05
bencohhmmkay, I'll try and provide clean patches then14:07
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drathirhappy new year for all...21:04
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jaskahappy noobyear21:06
jaska(not quite here)21:06
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Vajbhappy what ever22:46
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Vajboh rm_work, working at n00 years eve :)23:00
rm_workVajb: still on vacation and using work laptop :P23:00
rm_workbut happy new years eve :)23:00
rm_work... though as soon as i come online i do find myself answering questions of people who ARE at work... T_T23:01
Vajbhehe, thx, for u the same23:02
Vajbmaybe u should hange ur nick to rm_using_work_laptop_but_not_caring_about_work_related_stuff23:03
Vajbchange* even...23:04
rm_worknot a bad idea :P23:04
rm_work.... not sure they'd leave me alone anyway though <_<23:04
Vajbguess not. When u think of work mates, they usually r asses, in a good way hah23:05
rm_workwhoop whoop, off to the electronics store to help my friend buy a new monitor since apparently his stopped turning on finally today T_T23:06
Vajbhappy shopping then..23:06
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stryngs~/drop# dpkg --list | grep bash23:22
stryngsii  bash                                                4.3.33                           The GNU Bourne Again SHell branch 4.x, tuned for maemo23:22
* stryngs flexes23:22
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Vajbcongrats i guess...23:34
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