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hyppocratehello and merry year's end !02:22
hyppocratesomebody can talk me about fiasco02:22
hyppocratewhen i want use flasher on linux for my n90002:22
hyppocrateit doesn't want02:22
ShadowJKwhat version flasher02:25
ShadowJKAnd how did you do02:26
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sixwheeledbeastdafaq? tor is being "hacked"!02:38
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ShadowJKsixwheeledbeast, old news?02:42
sixwheeledbeastShadowJK: todays news, apparently02:42
sixwheeledbeastSome collective hackers have control of a third of the nodes, apparently.02:45
hurrianit's a known vuln in Tor, anyone can spin up a few thousand VPS instances03:04
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hurrianplus with Vagrant you could probably do it in two commands03:05
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salyavinWhat tor is trying to do is not an easy problem to solve I guess.03:55
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wizbitwhat is the most efficient way to add a scheduled task on the n900? should i install cron?18:19
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keriowizbit: alarmed18:42
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bencohis there a proper way to change profile from silent to general when headphones are plugged in ?19:54
Palibehcoh: listen for dbus event (headphones plug/unlug) and then executute dbus method for changing profile20:07
Palibencoh: there is some dbus script package20:08
bencohhm, thx20:08
Paliin that UI you can configure which script to execute on dbus signal20:09
Paliinfobot is dead :-(20:10
bencohinfobot: !20:10
Palibencoh: now you have everything you need20:11
bencohI guess dbus_message_iter_next() sleeps until next dbus message ?20:13
bencoh(I'm reading dbus-scripts source)20:14
bencohhmm nevermind20:14
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bencohhmm, strange, it looks like the dbus message is the same when headphones are plugged and unplugged21:15
bencohwell I guess I can still read /sys/devices/platform/gpio-switch/headphone/state anyway, but ...21:24
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newbieAlertHi all!! my new sd card is not supporting swap. phone is getting restarted everytime if switchoff swap on emmc.21:33
newbieAlertbut dd to the same partition is not returning any error.21:33
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bencohnewbieAlert: does it reboot instantly ?21:45
bencohwhat does watch -n 1 free -m says ?21:46
newbieAlerti made two swap partitions in memorycard.21:46
newbieAlertbencoh: on one, it reboots instantly on other, it pesists till 90mb.21:46
bencohPali: actually what I was trying to achieve fits more in xpolicy.conf (pulseaudio) ... I added cutetube to the "player" group, where it belongs (with mplayer and mafw)21:47
bencohnewbieAlert: dd zeros to the swap partition maybe (?)21:48
bencoh(and mkswap afterwards)21:48
newbieAlertbencoh: on PC,  dd was succesful.. and on phone, it rebooted after sometime. but it was successfull till 10,000 records ( bs = 4096 )21:49
bencohdid you try a different card ?21:50
bencohI mean, if you cant even dd to it, it's prolly not swap-related21:50
bencohhmm, did you set oflag=direct ?21:51
newbieAlertbencoh: yeah... and swap is working flawlessly on that .21:51
newbieAlertbencoh: dd was successful when ibtried from pc.21:51
newbieAlertnope. trying.....21:52
newbieAlertbencoh: oflag is not valid. dd if  of oflag bs count didn work from phone.21:53
newbieAlertomit oflag, it copied 10,000 records again21:53
bencohoooh right, thx busybox21:53
bencohthat's a PITA21:54
newbieAlerti got bash installed, trying on that21:54
bencohbash has no builtin dd21:54
bencohit's a binary on its own but it looks like we dont have it in extras21:55
bencohon debian : coreutils: /bin/dd21:55
newbieAlertbencoh : yeah !! got that. :(21:55
bencohand ... we dont have coreutils either21:56
newbieAlertbencoh: on debian, it was already succesful.. the whole partiton was dd'ed. fsck returned no error.21:56
newbieAlertbencoh: i tried swapon on a swap file placed in mmc, it instantly rebooted.22:01
newbieAlertcreation of the file didn cause any error.22:02
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sixwheeledbeastis it because it's a swap file instead of a swap partition?23:33
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