IRC log of #maemo for Thursday, 2014-12-25

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drathirhi hi...06:28
Oksanahello hello...06:35
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Oksanalibc6-dev has version-problems with dependencies on libc6. CSSU-Testing, latest update.06:52
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rm_workVajb: yes, have considered, but use this for work on this same network and have a mandate to do it this way :P10:43
rm_worksorry for the inconvenience, you're welcome to /ignore if it bothers you (not sarcasm)10:43
rm_workyou can also turn off nick-change notifications in your client, I believe10:44
rm_workon other networks, I do not use nick-away10:45
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kerioyou're right, i can /ignore you quite easily11:36
Palirm_work: this autoaway nick change is not allowed and you can be kicked from channel11:44
rm_workkerio: i was being serious, i don't want to annoy anyone but this is kind of a requirement for me <_<11:45
rm_workI have been in this channel for about 7 years now without complaints until today though t-t11:45
rm_worki won't take offense if people /ignore me11:45
PaliI remember that operator kicked some people when they have enabled some autoaway message/nick11:46
rm_worki guess if it happens, it happens :(11:46
rm_workdon't think there is a way to fix it other than having two different networks set up on my bouncer maybe, one for JUST this channel...11:47
rm_workdunno, feels like it is not a big deal for people to handle it on their own if they don't like to see nick-changes T_T11:48
rm_workthere is /ignore and it is easy to turn off nick-change announcements altogether in most clients11:48
Sicelowithout knowing all the ins-and-outs here .. how about you connect when you're available? can use logs to find out what was said in your absence ... not sure11:49
rm_workI use a bouncer11:49
rm_workit is immensely troublesome to have it join/part from a specific channel all the time, and it is exactly the same number of messages for people here :P11:50
rm_workI just don't see it as a huge issue, nor do I remember this channel having such regulations11:50
rm_worki've been working on Maemo since ITOS2007 / 770 days, would be a shame to leave but i honestly just lurk anymore anyway11:50
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rm_workI am totally with you that nick-away is dumb, but honestly such regulations seem a bit like an admin having a power trip... if I get banned from the channel for that, I guess this isn't somewhere i'd want to be anyway T_T11:52
rm_worki'll leave it up to fate :)11:53
rm_workbut it is fun to see that people are still working on and using Maemo stuff11:54
rm_workI still wear my Maemo lanyard every day at work with my badge on it11:54
kerioand that should give you the right to act like a douchebag on irc?11:54
rm_workkerio: I really don't know who is acting like that here :/11:55
* Sicelo wants that lanyard11:55
rm_workI am not name calling, and I have explained that I can't do what you are asking me to do, but have also explained two EASY ways to have it not affect you (/ignore or turning off nick-change announcements in your client)11:56
rm_workthink what you want :(11:56
rm_workand I am not being sarcastic when I have said that I am sorry that it bothers you11:56
rm_workSicelo: where are you located? I think I still have an extra or two somewhere11:57
SiceloSouth Africa, unfortunately11:57
rm_workhmm, yeah, that might be hard11:57
rm_workthough mail goes most everywhere these days :P11:57
Siceloof course, haha11:58
Siceloi know this is not news, but i'm finding gnuplot to be extra cool, especially having it on my N900 as well12:05
rm_workyeah, I just started playing with it a bit for data visualization for my benchmarking tools :P12:06
bencohgnuplot on n900 ? what do you use it for ?12:06
rm_workheck of a lot easier to use than RRD graphs, that's for sure T_T12:06
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Vajbsurprised to see my humble question brought up so much convedrsation :)12:26
rm_workyeah, apparently some people feel strongly12:27
Vajbi wasn't annoyed or anything, but was just wondering if it's necessary12:28
rm_workunfortunately not everyone agrees on the correct method, so i'm stuck doing this :(12:28
Vajband since this is quite silent channel my screen was filled by ur nick changes12:28
rm_workyeah, people i work with get confused (and frustrated) because they don't understand all the ins-and-outs of IRC <_<12:28
rm_workthus, nick-away12:28
Vajbheh everything always comes around work12:29
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: it is just on topic at the moment. Someone has been kicked recently for similar annoying messages.12:29
rm_workyeah, i mean, hopefully it's not too annoying... part/join is the same number of messages, which would have to be my other option, and that way I'd lose logs12:30
rm_worknot to mention I'm not even sure how i'd get a single channel to part/join instead of nick-change on away <_<12:30
rm_workmight have to write my own ZNC plugin12:30
Vajbmaybe we just need some random zitchat to mask it :p12:30
sixwheeledbeastAdmittedly more annoying every 5 minute messages but I feel that has bought it to light12:31
rm_worknormally my nick-changes will be ~4 times per day -- when I come in to work, two for lunchtime, and one when I leave12:31
Vajband btw i've ignored parts, joins and quits already12:31
rm_workit's probably more often now that i'm on xmas vacation though and brought my work machine home :P12:31
rm_workyeah, it is just as easy to ignore nick-change, at least on my client12:32
Vajbi guess12:33
rm_worki generally thing of it more as a preference thing, was surprised to see someone take it as far as a bannable offense for a channel12:33
sixwheeledbeastVajb: that's fine my client does that dynamically too, but I don't think that's the point.12:33
qt_junkieyeah, this used to be a quite silent channel :P12:33
infobotrm_work meant: i generally think of it more as a preference thing, was surprised to see someone take it as far as a bannable offense for a channel12:33
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Vajbbut having those ignored has down side12:33
rm_workwell, I think we've spent more lines discussing it than my client generates in a week :P12:33
Vajbi don't have any idea of who comes or goes12:33
Vajbtho it doesn't matter that often, but sometimes it does12:34
rm_workanyway, i've said my bit, i'd rather not leave but i can't change the way my client works because of work requirements, so I'll have to see if anyone continues to care, since i enjoy being in this channel :)12:35
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Vajbrm_work: and to be honest i thought that u don't know about /away and wanted to point out a solution :)12:35
rm_workI generally like everyone here, though I think I got off on the wrong foot with some people today who didn't know me from before12:35
sixwheeledbeastcorrect me if I am wrong but doesn't ZNC mean you can have multiple clients without nick changes?12:35
rm_worksixwheeledbeast: yeah, it's when my computer goes to sleep it changes me to away12:36
rm_workhas nothing to do with what machine I connect from12:36
rm_workor rather, if all clients disconnect12:36
rm_workI *believe* i am using /away in addition12:36
rm_workthough I'd have to check the config12:36
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: nobody wanted to see you leave. I think it was a question.12:36
rm_worksixwheeledbeast: I was threated with being banned at least once <_<12:37
rm_workand called a d-bag :(12:37
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: I didn't see it as a threat at all.12:37
rm_workI really don't mean to inconvenience anyone12:37
sixwheeledbeastjust that it had happened12:37
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rm_workpossibly misinterpreted then12:38
rm_workthough I am not sure how I could misinterpret the name-calling :12:38
rm_workpeople are entitled to their opinions though :)12:38
rm_workwho are the channel ops these days?12:39
rm_worknot a whole lot of people I recognize are around anymore12:39
Vajbu can call me sergeant ;)12:39
sixwheeledbeastexactly, as I said it was on topic due to the recent kicking12:39
sixwheeledbeastre ops I have NFC12:40
rm_workheh, well cool12:41
rm_workI mean, I really hope it isn't that annoying -- was pretty surprised to hear someone was kicked for it at all -- unless they were doing it like every 2 minutes and not actually responding to pings?12:41
rm_workI have had this nick-away set up for at least a year and this is the first time anyone has even commented on it in any of the ... 20 or so channels i'm in right now12:42
Vajbwell im been here just few weeks...12:43
sixwheeledbeastI thought so, I remember someone mentioned it has been removed from the latest znc12:44
rm_workheh, i would have had to manually add it back T_T12:44
rm_workalso, I think this is the single longest non-work-related conversation i've had on a single topic in a long time :P12:47
Vajbloosen that neck tie. Open up top button12:48
rm_workfortunately it has been a couple of years since I had to wear a tie to work... and my co-workers even use IRC, no less! (instead of blocking IRC ports via corporate firewall)12:49
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: your welcome :)12:49
rm_workso, you guys use n800? n900?12:50
rm_workn810? :P12:50
Vajbconnecting from it ;)12:50
Vajbn900 that is12:50
rm_worki don't know if any of the stuff I wrote for n900 is still around :(12:51
rm_workmy bigger contributions were n800-ish12:51
rm_workand n95012:51
Vajbwould guess they r12:52
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: what n900 stuff, I would imagine they are12:52
Siceloyou mean the malware you wrote for N900? it was found, and `rm -rf`12:52
rm_workSicelo: DAMN! you're on to me!12:52
rm_workeh, all I really worked on for n900 was packaging related stuff12:53
rm_workwhich I think got tossed when CSSU came in12:53
rm_workand Packrat, which i doubt works anymore :(12:54
rm_workoh wow it totally still works O_o12:54
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rm_workwonder if anyone still uses it...
rm_workah looks like it lost most of its repos12:56
sixwheeledbeastyes it seems so12:56
rm_workbet i could fix it up again, but i'm sure there's a better package indexer around by now12:56
rm_workat least, I hope so :P12:56
* Vajb has no idea12:59
rm_workhow do you guys search for packages these days?12:59
rm_workand how many private repos still exist? do the nokia repos still exist even?!12:59
Vajbi just use ham13:00
bencohI use apt-cache search13:00
rm_workheh, i guess that works13:00
Vajbor google if i need more details and info13:01
bencohand ... yeah, the nokia repo are still working, at least for fremantle stuff13:01
rm_workyeah, there used to be a ton of tiny private repos that standard tools didn't index (and apt wouldn't know about unless you added them)13:01
rm_workso it was useful to have an indexer13:01
Vajbbut not getting too frequent updates....13:01
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: ~pkg13:02
rm_workpeople could post their repo on a wiki page and packrat would pick them up and index them13:02
infobotwell, pkg is
rm_workyeah, it doesn't look like this indexes private repos?13:02
bencohI still dunno how large extras are13:02
sixwheeledbeastnope, upload to extras instead of private repos13:03
Vajbis extras the rabbit hole?13:03
rm_workyeah, guess that opened up a bit more13:03
rm_workused to be more locked down, there were only a few with access to do so13:03
sixwheeledbeastyou have to apply but devs push everything to extras-devel13:04
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: mBarcode is still about ;)13:04
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rm_workI never ported advanced-backlight past diablo since the fremantle statusbar changed so much13:04
rm_worki had a development version that worked but no one cared13:05
rm_worklol, I even remember quim walking up and asking me "why do we need this, it works fine" :P13:05
rm_worki did a ton of optimization testing with mplayer around video / a2dp too13:06
rm_workbut I think they eventually fixed that stuff upstream13:06
Vajbso if u quit using maemo what is ur choise of device now rm_work?13:06
rm_workrooted android devices, as close to AOSP as possible <_<13:07
rm_workI wish using the n950 was still a viable choice13:07
Vajbi see13:07
rm_workmy n900 battery started flaking out13:07
rm_workor possibly the mainboard13:07
rm_workit reboots a lot :(13:07
sixwheeledbeastquit maemo :013:08
sixwheeledbeastI wouldn't touch android with a long stick13:08
rm_workn950 is great but has essentially no support since nokia dumped the whole department after Elop13:08
Vajbjust what happens with my other device13:08
Vajbdid n950 work as phone too?13:09
rm_workand since not many of them actually exist T_T13:09
Vajboh i read somewhere that it lacked phone modem :o13:10
Vajbor something13:10
rm_worknah, it worked fine13:10
rm_workunfortunately the phones are not viable anymore due to lack of 4G and no way to handle secure email as required by most corp exchange policies :(13:12
Vajbhmm i've absorbed false information then...13:12
rm_workI still use the n900 in my car for music though (FM transmitter, woo!), just have to put up with reboots randomly13:12
rm_workmostly it works as long as it's plugged in13:13
Vajbmaybe fresh battery13:13
sixwheeledbeastneo900 should have 4G, get a new battery polarcell's are good.13:13
infobotwell, polarcell is BL-5J Replacement13:13
rm_worklooks like work has continued :P13:13
sixwheeledbeastobviously you may need a link for your region13:14
rm_workI remember getting a crazy custom-made battery shipped from somewhere in germany13:14
Vajbi have polarcell, but could use mugen13:14
rm_workfor the n80013:14
rm_workit was... kinda funky :P but this looks legit13:14
rm_workI followed neo900 for a while, didn't know they were still making progress... that's docscrutinizer's thing, isn't it?13:15
Vajbi read that someone made dual polarcell battery with mugen backcover13:15
rm_workor am i mis-remembering13:15
Vajbi think so too13:16
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: that is correct13:16
rm_workdoesn't look like it's available yet :(13:16
rm_workwhen it is, I will definitely be interested13:16
rm_workha "plus sturdy USB"13:17
infobotwell, neo900 is at, or at
rm_workthat totally happened to my first n900 T_T13:17
rm_workpop, no more microusb port T_T13:18
* sixwheeledbeast has amazingly not had huge uUSB issues.13:18
* Vajb neither13:18
Vajbbut i never danced with my phne13:18
rm_workI swear it was just from normal use (charging)13:19
Vajb+i mostly charge it while i sleep13:19
rm_workthough I had one of the first production run, I heard they made them sturdier in later batches13:19
Vajbi thought that was just users who did that13:20
rm_workand it has not happened to my current one *crosses fingers*13:20
rm_worknah, it was an actual design issue13:20
rm_workthe solder that held it on and the pins they used were not up to the amount of force used regularly just to plug in and remove the usb for charging nightly13:20
rm_workthey beefed it up later13:20
Vajbi c13:21
Vajbtho i filed those lock pins from plug also13:21
Vajbbut never opened my device13:21
rm_workyeah, the lock pins on the oem nokia cable were pretty intense :P13:22
Vajbtho been planning to open that rebooting one13:22
Vajbquite long indeed13:22
rm_worki had to open mine once to fix the display ribbon that came loose from being in a car crash and it flying out of my hands and hitting the dash O_o13:22
sixwheeledbeastIt was a poor idea being surface mounted13:22
Vajbmaybe inspired be wolverine =o13:22
rm_work(I was not driving, by the way)13:23
Vajbgood save :)13:23
rm_workhopefully that was clear by the n900 being in my hands at the time :P13:23
rm_workbut maybe not so clear these days <_<13:23
Vajbi agree13:24
Vajbseems to me that most truck drivers have phone on their ear13:24
Vajbor at least it seems so when they drive pass13:25
rm_workin many states (I am in the US) they are passing "distracted driving" laws now13:25
sixwheeledbeastwe have truck camera vans over here to catch that.13:25
rm_workso it is illegal and a primary offense to be texting/talking while driving (though hands-free bluetooth or whatever is ok)13:26
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Vajbwe have law already, but it's kinda hard to keep up13:26
sixwheeledbeastpenalty points and fine13:27
Vajbi think here it's just fine13:29
Vajbnever had one tho13:29
Vajbfrom that matter that is...13:29
rm_workyeah, my car has bluetooth built in, so I just use that, and "ok google" on android lets me dictate text messages... <_<13:30
rm_workmaking me feel bad for using android again <_<13:30
Vajbbtw for me it's strange that in us they have lots of android phones with kbd and in europe none13:31
rm_workwould probably be possible to write an app to do the same on maemo, though probably still using the google voice recognition API...13:31
rm_workVajb: well, there are a few, but not many13:31
Vajbhaven't seen any in fland, tho not been that actively looking13:32
rm_workmostly hardware keyboards (which I used to swear by, and almost rioted when the N9 didn't have one) have gone away in favor of Swype / voice recognition13:32
rm_workeven N9 came with Swype and it actually worked ok13:32
rm_workstill doesn't help when you need to do terminal work though T_T13:32
Vajbwould sound a bit strange for by standers13:33
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: someone started a project like that. Not sure of it's status lately13:33
rm_worki use the google voice API for my home automation work, and it tends to work nicely13:34
sixwheeledbeastAh found it
Vajbis there an app for carrying wood in and lighting a stove?13:35
rm_workah he went with sphinx13:35
sixwheeledbeastVajb: woodchuck? :)13:36
rm_worki checked out sphinx but it was a PitA compared to just shipping the audio to google (though much less bandwidth :P)13:37
bencohI wonder how Swype would perform as a term input after some training period :)13:37
Vajbah missed that coz were looking for beaver13:37
rm_workalso tended to be way less accurate in my tests :(13:37
sixwheeledbeastrm_work: yes development disappeared when python was getting heavy and a switch to C++ was to be done IIRC13:37
sixwheeledbeastalso yes, bits had to be hard coded for accuracy13:38
bencohsixwheeledbeast: does this thing actually work ?13:38
Humpelstilzchenpocketsphinx is pretty easy to use13:38
sixwheeledbeastbencoh: when I tested it yes, but it was still very "devel"13:39
sixwheeledbeastfunniest bit was the chuck norris questions :)13:39
bencohcan it call contacts now ?13:40
sixwheeledbeastnot that I remember.13:42
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Vajbi always found it a bit odd to use voice commands13:47
rm_workI have pretty much only wanted to use voice commands for everything, since the first Iron Man movie :P13:47
rm_workJarvis was too cool :)13:47
sixwheeledbeastmh, I have many buttons that will do13:51
Vajbi had forgotten that even michael knight spoke to kitt13:55
Vajbmaybe, just maybe i should give a go for voice...13:56
sixwheeledbeastKit could have a conversation back tho...13:56
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Vajbbut there is a chance for it to be nagging b...13:58
* sixwheeledbeast remembers making knight rider lights for his school electronics project many years ago...13:58
Vajbif it just obeys...13:58
rm_work"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave..."13:58
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Luke-JrMerry Xmas, Daveā€¦14:15
rm_workwhelp, bedtime. guess you get to see my nick change again momentarily <_<14:20
rm_workand yes, merry christmas to those who celebrate it :)14:22
*** rm_work is now known as rm_work|away14:24
Vajbomg he did it :p14:30
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sixwheeledbeaststill not sure I understand the whole nick change/ZNC issue anyway.14:49
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trumeeWhere can i get a decent replacement battery in the US?14:56
Vajbebay i guess14:58
trumeeCant find anything in stock of the ones listed at
Vajbtry ebay -> n900 polarcell14:59
*** M4rtinK has joined #maemo15:06
trumeeVajb: only one listed is shipped from germany!15:06
*** RiD has quit IRC15:08
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo15:16
sixwheeledbeasttrumee: is that a problem?15:18
bencohto the US, it could be :)15:18
trumeeShipping would be slow. I was hoping to get from a local source.15:19
sixwheeledbeasttrumee: they where pretty quick shipping to the UK 3-4 days IIRC. I suppose it is the wrong time for shipping things about.15:23
*** florian has quit IRC15:25
sixwheeledbeasttrumee: ?15:27
bencohhmm, reminds me I should buy a few of those ... in january maybe15:27
bencoh(end of december prolly isnt the best time for efficient online shopping / delivery :)15:28
sixwheeledbeast:nod: exactly15:31
trumeesixwheeledbeast: is that battery reliable?15:32
sixwheeledbeastMaybe some US folk could pool a shipment of polarcells.15:32
sixwheeledbeasttrumee: no idea, it's advertised as "OEM"15:32
sixwheeledbeastWhat's it like shipping lithium batteries about over there at the moment?15:33
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Vajbwhat about mugen batteries?15:47
Vajbthey r in us15:47
trumeeToo expensive for me :(15:49
Vajbyes they r expensive15:50
bencohhmm, do you guys notice video tearing with cutetube ?15:53
Vajbsometimes i have some shattering, but i think that is because of video packing stuff15:55
bencohshattering ? macroblocks ?15:56
Vajbmore like lots of vertical lines15:56
*** sixwheeledbeast has left #maemo15:56
Vajbhmm no horizontal15:56
Vajbfrom left to right15:56
bencohthen we might be referring to the same thing15:56
Vajblike video is made on thin stripes15:57
bencohslight horizontal lines appearing when in fast motion ?15:57
Vajbany movement on certain videos15:57
Vajbbut some videos r fine15:58
Vajbbut it doesn't matter since mostly i just listen music through itt15:58
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Drevkevacjust got an n810 for xmas. Already found the extras and extras-testing repos. any other must have things?18:05
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Drevkevachey, I'm trying to follow these instructions:
Drevkevaceverything works fine until step 8, when my n810 complains that gcc does not exist20:02
Drevkevacafter running "find / | grep gcc", I have determined that the gcc binary is not present on the system20:03
Drevkevacany ideas?20:03
*** japa-fi has joined #maemo20:12
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fmunozsdpkg -i doesnt complain during instalation Drevkevac ?20:51
Drevkevacfmunozs, it was not20:51
Drevkevacfmunozs, for the record, my end objective is to get tmux running... I cant find a working binary anywhere20:52
Drevkevacfmunozs, so I decided compiling from source would be nice20:52
Drevkevacfmunozs, would also be nice to have newer python and whatnot20:52
fmunozsDrevkevac, you probably will need more than just gcc to compile python, but getting gcc to work is a start, I remember there used to be a VM with the maemo SDK preinstalled, maybe that's an easier way?20:56
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thomasjfoxthe N900 SDK also contains the toolchain for the N81021:11
Drevkevacthe wiki did mention something about a cross compiler... maybe i could statically link those things21:14
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hyppocrateMerry christmas22:40
hyppocratewho can give me link for flashing my nokia n900 ?22:40
hyppocratewith last maemo version22:40
infobotit has been said that flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobotsomebody said emmc was is or see ~emmc222:42
*** protem has joined #maemo22:42
bencohsomething's missing but I cant remember the alias ... check the wiki :)22:42
infoboti heard nand is the basicly a binary operator that negatates the effects an and operation (see and); also nand gate builds all other gates22:42
bencohhm, nope22:42
infobotL4-compatible real-time microkernel capable of running Linux in usermode. URL:
*** norayr1 has joined #maemo22:45
hyppocratethank(s bencoh22:46
hyppocrateand merry christmas22:46
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ReqGamen900 money for x-mas :)23:47

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