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reinobstryngs: great! btw I think the problem-package was not pymaemo-optify but maemo-optify-once, because rdepends on the mp-fremantle-generic-pr metapackage, which CSSU installs!11:04
* reinob just wrote that as a reminder to investigate when he has some time11:05
silviofIs there somweher a page for the status of the FPTF?11:08
silvioffreemangordon: Is there somewhere a page for the status of the FPTF? (better to ping the team lead :-) )11:12
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newbieAlerthey hi. What are the requirements for getting debian900?? gcc-arm-none-eabi qemu-user-static debootstrap !! Is this all and all i need to do is to run the scripts after their installatiion ??13:23
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rZrVDVsx__, hi some action if pending from you13:28
VDVsx__rZr, humm ?13:30
rZrVDVsx__, yea you where nominated for next maemo council election13:32
rZrVDVsx__, just give us feedback it will close today13:32
VDVsx__rZr, ok, don't want to be involved, thx13:32
rZrVDVsx__, ok I update the page then thx13:33
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rZrdoes anyone knows those members's contacts :13:34
rZrToCheck : (need to confirm)13:34
rZr    danramos :
rZr    jackburton :
rZr    minimos :
rZr    Schturman :
rZr WilliePre : ?13:34
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mrcaaatttdoes Kivy work with maemo?14:36
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M4rtinKmrcaaattt: well, theoretically it should15:28
M4rtinKmrcaaattt: it uses python 2 & SDL15:28
M4rtinKboth are available on Maemo15:28
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newbieAlerthey i ran , its taking too much to clone. is there any alternate way ??16:08
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mrcaaatttI'll try MartinK16:24
newbieAlert:(  failed cloning. is it available as .zip or .tar.gz ??16:24
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mrcaaatttWhat are you cloning?16:27
newbieAlertmrcaaattt: that script clones fmg n900 kernel16:32
mrcaaatttWhat is the kernel used for?16:40
mrcaaatttBtw have you tried cloning from the git?16:40
mrcaaatttInstead of the build_kernel.sh16:40
mrcaaatttOh this is for debian900?16:41
newbieAlertmrcaaattt: no i didn try cloning. git does not have any resume facility.16:45
newbieAlertmrcaaattt: but cloning is what the script does, i think.16:45
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freemangordonsilviof: not sure, afaik there should be wiki page18:01
infobotfrom memory, fptf is the Fremantle Porting Task Force, see
silvioffreemangordon: thx.\18:10
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silvioffreemangordon: How you test your refurbished freemantle? On which board or still on n900?18:22
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freemangordonsilviof: on n90019:30
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LauRoman|Altanyone know a way to have modifier keys on the n900 have a longer lapse time? Say if i can't use but one hand at the moment it's a bit hard to do Shift+L or something. Even when i could use both hands it was a bit hard to do Ctrl+A which were too close for comfort21:20
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kerioRadio features: FM transmitter22:48
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kolpdid they buy history as well? nauseous23:27
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