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Jef91Anyone know if I can still find a functional copy of Sygic maps for the N900 somewhere? I bought a copy of the NA maps forever ago, but the installer download no longer works :-/05:45
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OksanaHeh... Not working.05:50
OksanaWe have stopped selling Sygic: GPS Navigation for Maemo via Ovi Store in May 2011. The reason for our actions is that Nokia has abandoned Maemo and merged it with Moblin to create MeeGo.05:51
OksanaWe have stopped selling Sygic: GPS Navigation for Bada via Samsung Apps store in March 2012.  The reason for our actions is that Samsung has abandoned Bada and will fold it into Tizen open source OS.05:51
OksanaWe have stopped selling Sygic: GPS Navigation for Symbian via the Ovi Store in April 2012. The reason for our actions is that in February 2011 Nokia has announced to move away from Symbian to Windows Phone on their devices.05:51
OksanaWhere is Sygic for MeeGo and Tizen, then?05:52
OksanaSygic Aura for MeeGo : Beta, unfound.05:56
OksanaJef91 ? ^05:57
Jef91Oksana: yea :-.05:57
Jef91Guess I need to dig around on my old laptop05:57
Jef91for my backup05:57
Jef91I *think* I have one05:57
Jef91Here is hoping05:59
Jef91all the torrents I tried for the softare I paid an arm and a leg for05:59
Jef91didn't work05:59
Jef91so :-/05:59
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OksanaFound? Unfortunately, I did not use Sygic, ever. So I cannot share it with you. ;/06:04
Jef91stupid closed source software06:05
Jef91Last thing I need my old n900 to do is GPS to use it again06:05
Jef91just ordered a fresh battery for ti06:05
OksanaHn... I have two batteries, but the new charger has not arrived yet. Old-cheap charger has broken down, so I have ordered Nokia's original battery charger, and the parcel is one week late.06:12
OksanaOne battery is original Nokia's, another is Polarcell. Both are empty now, and waiting for the charger to arrive.06:12
OksanaI am used to Modrana, but I wish for Marble to be more user-friendly.06:13
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OksanaNavit is interesting, but I have not tried it, yet:
OksanaUsed OSM2Go, from time to time, too.06:16
Jef91yea Oksana if I can't find my sygic backup going to give that a try06:19
Jef91the UI just looks very crude compared to Sygic06:19
Jef91Sygic is very professional06:19
OksanaThen look up Navit ?06:20
Oksana2d and 3D view option , turn-by-turn voice instructions ,  the only navigation that works without internet access, reroutes, speaks, and has a good interface with a bit effort06:21
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Jef91Oksana: is there a repo I can just apt-get navit from?06:24
Jef91Or do I need to edit a bunch of fies like the wiki says?06:24
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OksanaOne moment...06:36
Jef91this post looks promising ->
Jef91but like, where do I get maps from?06:36
Jef91Doesn't list that06:37
Jef91found the map part06:38
OksanaThere are packages and repositories:
OksanaYes, yes, this same repository. Package updated 08-Sep-2014, should be good enough.06:39
OksanaIf you need to edit desktop shortcuts, there is a GUI:
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Oksananavit-gui-qml :) Nice06:41
Jef91is the qml stable?06:43
Jef91there is a note that it is fairly unstable06:43
OksanaMaybe, somebody will put navit 0.5.0 into 'usual' Extras-devel repository for Maemo06:43
OksanaYou can choose  navit-gui-internal , instead, if you wish to :)06:43
Jef91kk going to give this a go06:45
Jef91US map is almost done downloading now06:45
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OksanaGood evening07:22
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zGrrmoin :)10:23
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CR0WThere was a virtual machine image with latest maemo SDK. Anyone has a link?19:45
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, scratchbox is a cross-compiling system that uses binfmt_misc, rpc calls, and an nfs mount to make a cross-build appear to be 100% native, and is found at, hosted by maemo now. Also at
NokiabotCr0w:get it19:46
CR0WThanks :3 Is this a the newest I can get? I'd ideally want one with the latest kernel included in cssu, as I want to use cssu anyway. Currently I only need to modify the kernel to make it ignore the hal sensor.19:48
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bencohI think you'd only need to fetch kp-52 (is it 52 now ?) source package, patch, and rebuild from sb19:51
bencohand I kinda remember someone telling me that cssu repositories shouldnt go in a sb env, at least not to release binaries, but .... I dunno19:51
NokiabotCr0w:i dont know that stuff but the vm should have things needed19:51
CR0WOK, I'll do that.19:51
bencohI ended up adding those as well because I only target my phone when building binaries (I can still use extra-devel to release to others), and because apt-get source is handy19:52
bencoh(instead of manually grabbing source packages)19:52
CR0Wbencoh I'm not sure what you mean. CSSU is a filesystem image with imporved versions of some Nokia's apps like hildon, correct?19:53
NokiabotCr0w:btw what are you building? just out of curosity ;)19:53
bencohno; afaik there is no cssu image19:53
bencohit's a repository with a set of packages meant to upgrade maemo packages19:54
bencohlike ssu, but community-driven (since ssu isnt updated anymore)19:54
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CR0WNokiabot firstmost I'd like to be able to build hello world. Then I'll break the kernel so that everything thinks the cover is always on (in the sd card driver). Because I had the misfortune of buying a used phone with broken hal sensor.19:55
CR0WAnd next, I want to buy AD54 and port ECI/ACI from android-n900 kernel.19:55
CR0WBecause I really need a way to skip songs/pause when I'm on the go.19:56
bencohnice roadmap :)19:56
NokiabotCr0w:good luck on that btw i remember some workarounds of that sort search tmo maybe am ri819:56
CR0WAnd next I'm thinking of making some apps that don't suck, like an image viewer that can navigate directories, has a native feel and doesn't hang up when it sees 10k images.19:57
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bencohsounds cool19:58
bencohI've been thinking of patching marble to support case-insensitive offline search, but this code really is ugly and I didnt build the courage to patch it :/19:59
CR0WAnd maybe if I'll somehow get the time, I would love to write a NEON-optimized JIT compiler for MIPS for the purpose of playing some of the greatest games in the history of computing.19:59
bencohhaha <320:00
CR0WThough I honeslty haven't yet tried the psx emus for maemo. But I've seen the movies on yt and it's terrible. I think you can squeeze more out of that OMAP.20:02
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SiceloCR0W: check carefully on TMO.. i seem to remember something of ECI/ACI has been implemented already.. not sure how good it is20:33
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CR0WSicelo TMO?20:56
CR0WI booted the image, ran maemo5 sdk and the virtual envirioment doesn't have a terminal. Heh.20:57
bencohseriously ?20:58
bencohtmo is btw20:58
bencohsee if you're not happy with this vm btw20:59
CR0WI have Archlinux, which is not Debian based.20:59
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CR0WBut anyway, will do.21:00
CR0WI don't want to run that script not even knowing what it does exactly, especially since it's ran as root. I need to study it first.21:01
Siceloit sends your credit card info to M$, who then sends statements to your wife of all the lapdances you get ;)21:03
CR0WSicelo I don't assume it's harmful intentionally.21:04
CR0WBut firstly, it installs some software completely ignoring the package manager, and secondly, it's designed to work with Debian/Ubuntu, not other distros.21:05
CR0WI need to go, thanks guys!21:10
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Vajbi have new error filling up my syslog21:36
Vajbcellular: csd[805]: ISI_SMS .255829> ind_reg_status(): Net registration (ind) status:1 rc:021:41
Vajbcellular: csd[805]: ISI_SMS .256226> set_timeout(): Timeout 3063 s event type:-121:41
Vajbi tried google searching but didn't got much.21:42
Vajbany ideas?21:43
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Vajbphone works just as before, but it annoys me coz it wasn't there before and it's flooding my syslog21:45
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stryngsVajb: NSA21:47
Vajbah then i don't have anything to worry21:47
Vajbi just squeeze my foil hat a tad tighter :p21:48
bencohCR0W: I'd run it in a vm (I have a qemu/kvm here)21:49
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bencohfcam-drivers have been broken for a while with recent kernel-power, but it just needs a rebuild (tested here in scratchbox)23:54
bencohis there a way to force a rebuild in extra ?23:55
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