IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2014-10-17

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infobotit has been said that flopswap is
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capsuli come without question tonight :D01:58
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raccoon_so which swap enhancement is the recommended one... flopswap? swapset? ereswap?02:11
chainsawbikeraccoon_, IMHO if you feel the swap settings are wrong for your usage, i would recommend just changing the setting yourself ( /proc/sys/vm/swappiness )02:13
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Jef91I'm only about 5 years late, but I've ported a pandora radio player to my old N900 and figured I'd share ->
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sixwheeledbeastraccoon_: well obviously I'd say flopswap :) or alternately your own solution.09:38
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zGrrmoin :)12:24
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b1101anyone know how to export emails to text16:18
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b1101on the N900 that is16:18
Sicelono idea off the top of my head, but have you checked /home/user/.modest/ :16:20
drathirb1101: claws-mail maybe?16:26
b1101found it16:26
b1101I tried claws-mail a while back and remember not liking it16:27
b1101I'm tempted to put it back, just so I can easily use gpg16:27
drathirb1101: mutt?16:27
b1101^that I think16:27
b1101it's about time I learn how to read email with a client that sucks less16:28
b1101lol, n900 is on Microsofts site right now16:29
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infobotsystemd cabal: a bunch of people (Lennart Poettering, Kay Sievers, Harald Hoyer, Daniel Mack, Tom Gundersen, David Herrmann) who want to turn linux into their wet dream perverted version of windows-me-too. See -- Rumor has it that 2016 systemd will have replaced the linux kernel, or see, or see
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b1101and a dependency I need is not available16:45
b1101I can't seem to find it in any repo16:47
Sicelosdk repo16:49
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b1101Sicelo, thank you16:51
b1101I would have never looked ther16:52
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stryngsb1101: wait now16:57
stryngsare you building locally?16:57
stryngsok, have fun16:57
b1101I just don't have those repos available16:57
stryngsSicelo: you have a moment?16:57
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b1101considering if I should just enable them instead of hopping around16:57
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stryngsb1101: your using scratchbox, right?16:58
Sicelostryngs: yes, i am bored after having had car accident. but i fear i won't have any answer for any of your questions16:58
stryngsI wanted you to try to build something on your n900 to see if u get same error16:58
b1101scratchbox ?16:58
Sicelostryngs: no. b1101 is not developing/building anything.. he just needs a dependency for mutt16:58
stryngsb1101: So then u are building loca.............16:58
stryngsif u grab it from scratchbox, it might or might not work16:59
stryngssometimes .debs from the sdk require /scratchbox16:59
stryngsdebhelper_7.0.15-maemo2_all.deb                 dpkg-dev_1.14.25maemo3+0m5_all.deb              intltool-debian_0.35.0+20060710.1osso1_all.deb16:59
stryngsdh-autoreconf_1_all.deb                         html2text_1.3.2a-2_armel.deb                    po-debconf_1.0.8-0osso1_all.deb16:59
Siceloi've never experienced that (and i have sdk always enabled on my N900)16:59
stryngsinstall those on your n90016:59
stryngsthen try to use em =)16:59
Siceloah.. dev packages.16:59
stryngsThey require /scratchbox16:59
stryngsHence, the warning to you that the SDK repo, might -or- might not work17:00
stryngsBut, Sicelo Can you try to build something?  Shouldn't take more than like 3 mins to fail17:00
Sicelobuild on N900? i don't have it setup for that17:00
stryngsI need to figure out how to disable gtk, i think thats the issue, curious...............17:00
stryngscmake ../17:00
stryngssimple as that, nothing crazy17:01
stryngsmake fails17:01
Siceloi only have make in Easy Debian, not in Maemo17:01
Sicelowill that be fine?>17:01
stryngsnot sure17:01
stryngsheres the error17:01
stryngsmake[2]: *** [src/interfaces/CMakeFiles/ec_interfaces.dir/gtk/ec_gtk.c.o] Error 117:01
b1101Sicelo, any suggestion on where linux-kernel-headers package would be17:02
stryngsi wish i knew how to pass to cmake to not build gtk17:02
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Sicelob1101: sdk as well :)17:03
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Sicelostryngs: give me a link to the files.. i'm in front of my pc and can build in SB then17:03
stryngsi'm pretty sure i dont have a gtk dependency17:04
stryngsbut i cant figure out how to tell it not to build via gtk17:04
stryngswith rather17:04
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* b1101 considers giving his n900 access to all repos17:07
Siceloit is not generally recommended (though i've always had sdk and devel enabled on mine, at all times)17:08
Sicelostryngs: anything else besides just configure-->make?17:10
stryngsoh, are u being nice and making it for me?17:10
stryngsif it makes successfully you did good17:11
stryngsthat tells me its a dependency issue17:11
stryngsand not a bad release17:11
stryngsthere is specifically a flag for cmake, if you are building it17:12
stryngscmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr ..17:12
Sicelohm, cmake in SB is older than specified for ettercap17:14
stryngsi know =)17:15
stryngsIts why i built my own cmake =)17:15
stryngsdang, u cant test then17:15
stryngsunless u want to try my cmake .deb17:15
Sicelobtw, have you tried disabling GTK in CMakeLists.txt file?17:15
stryngsi wonder if u figured it out =)17:16
inzstryngs, I remember building cmake for maemo back in whenever I had a laptop with only 1 GB of memory; it was not fun17:16
stryngsi'm only using to doing stuff with ./configure =)17:16
inzstryngs, cc1plus was eating it like candy17:16
* stryngs built it natievly =)17:16
* stryngs does everything nativer17:16
* stryngs does everything native17:16
stryngsNokia-N900:~# dpkg --list | grep cmake17:17
stryngsii  cmake                                               2.8.4                            A cross-platform, open-source make system17:17
Siceloso what happens when you change option(ENABLE_GTK "Enable GTK interface" ON)17:17
Sicelo to off?17:17
stryngsim finding out17:18
stryngsI take it that is like configure with -- options?17:18
stryngsThe file Sicelo ?17:18
* stryngs crosses his finger17:20
* stryngs crosses his fingers17:20
Siceloshould work17:20
* stryngs puts his N900 on his custom built cooling rig17:20
* stryngs presses enter17:20
stryngsHere we go...17:20
Siceloi've edited it to use cmake 2.6, and it's already trying, at least :p17:21
stryngsI literally built a fan rig for my n900 to cool it during building17:21
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stryngsI'm pretty sure it needs gtk317:22
stryngswhich i dont have17:22
Sicelolol. just buy a Beaglebone if you insist on not using cross-compile environments. apparentlys it's close enough to N90017:22
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stryngsnope, evidently 2.2.2 =)17:22
stryngsI think this will work!17:23
stryngsI don't use the damn gui anyways, realestate is too small17:23
stryngsSicelo: you stateside or foreign?17:23
Sicelowhere is that coming from? :D17:23
Siceloanyway, Africa17:23
stryngsholy shit!17:25
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stryngsnot the west i hope?17:26
Siceloebola? at least it's not transmittable via IRC ;)17:28
Siceloam in the south17:28
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stryngsI met a dude from south africa at defcon17:28
stryngsnice guy17:28
stryngsI forget what part, i have his business card lying around somewhere17:28
Sicelothat's where i'm at. but i'm a citizen of swaziland17:29
stryngsIs there a lot of Ebola fear goin on?17:29
Sicelono. there are a few suspected cases, i think17:30
stryngsO Lord our God, bestower of the blessings of the Swazi;17:31
stryngsWe give...17:31
stryngsDang, Swaziland doesn't seem like a nice place to visit17:33
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stryngsSicelo: p.s.  IT WORKED =017:36
Sicelook. great17:36
stryngsThere are some other configurations I have to figure out, but still17:36
stryngsyYou da man =)17:36
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Siceloglad it works17:38
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stryngsAlright Sicelo, maybe you can go 2 for 2.  So in the Makefile created, there is no DESTDIR variable17:48
stryngsI've got to mod this in the CMakeLists.txt evidently17:48
stryngsany ideas?17:48
stryngsPretty much, i want it to pretend that /root/foo is the /17:49
Sicelono idea. i don't know how cmake works17:52
stryngsIf i figure it out ill let ya know17:53
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Sicelotried to specify DESTDIR after running cmake?17:56
Sicelocmake --> make --> make install DESTDIR...17:56
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, nokiabot is so damm sexy !17:58
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stryngsSicelo: that doesnt work if DESTDIR is not present in the Makefile =)18:08
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b1101I can't believe I'm using a 5 year old phone, but at least I have it. All other options suck sadly18:45
b1101I wouldn't trade my N900 for any new phone18:49
* Sicelo loves it 100%, even with borked USB18:50
b1101I purchased a second one a few months back18:50
b1101it doesn't look like there will be a good option for a while.18:51
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b1101before rebooting just now after installing libraries I had almost a month of uptime18:52
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b1101I haven't seen an Android pull that shit ever18:53
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Siceloi'll be honest mine doesn't manage it anymore.. random issues with GPRS which i can't seem to 'fix' without a reboot18:55
b1101I know nokias contract with ms ends in 2016. I hope they get their shit together18:56
Sicelohaving old battery doesn't help either18:56
b1101get the polarcell one18:56
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Siceloi will look19:00
Vajbb1101: i got over one hundred days with mine. Had to turn it off for flight.19:04
Sicelocould you not have put it on Offline? :O19:05
Vajbluckily i havo two coz other one can't manage even one full week :(19:05
Vajbwell i could, but my power finger was faster than brain19:05
freemangordonwhat about Neo900, don;t you consider it as an option to N900?19:06
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Sicelofreemangordon: i personally would like Neo.. but things going bad financially, lol.. so that dream not likely to be realized19:09
Vajbwhats up with neo anyway?19:15
Vajbcan it be bought somewhere?19:15
Sicelonot yet.. but you can order, iirc19:15
Humpelstilzchenpre order19:16
Vajbah so it's the same as before19:18
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infobotextra, extra, read all about it, polarcell is BL-5J Replacement21:39
NIN101~seen DocScrutinizer21:40
infobotdocscrutinizer <~jr2@openmoko/engineers/joerg> was last seen on IRC in channel #maemo, 611d 17h 38m 32s ago, saying: '~nuke akonadi'.21:40
sixwheeledbeastNIN101: you won't find Doc here.21:41
NIN101he left maemo?21:42
sixwheeledbeastleft #maemo I believe21:42
Sicelofind him on Neo channel21:46
NIN101ok, just wondered.21:48
infoboti heard emmc is is or see ~emmc221:50
infobotfrom memory, flasher is at (also .exe!), or or generally   HARMattan(N9):, or -- list of filenames/md5sums:, or
infobotrootfs: the content of the storage volume mounted under /, on NAND mtd5 partition. Also called "the system", since it's all the files forming the linux core system (except the kernel itself). Reflash rootfs from COMBINED (see ~flashing). Also see ~bootloop21:50
infobotL4-compatible real-time microkernel capable of running Linux in usermode. URL:
infoboti heard combined is the rootfs fiasco image of maemo. For N900 latest (PR1.3.1) see, or
NIN101in general seems I missed some drama in the last couple of months22:00
NIN101i. e. this thread:
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Sicelohehe, NIN10122:12
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NIN101to be clear, I mean, missed as in "haven't noticed", not as in "wanted".22:23
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