IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2014-10-10

arceanre systemd - "Mommy, what's Linux?" "That's what systemd used to be called, Becky."00:00
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freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: kerio: in case you want to play a guinea pig :)
freemangordonarcean: hi!01:11
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sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: mce?01:12
sixwheeledbeastinstalling it now01:13
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: yep, with latest jonwil's (and mine) fixes01:14
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: BTW, any hope for a new stable?01:14
sixwheeledbeastgreat, nokia-nm-provider has been fine.01:15
freemangordonactually it should be better that stock (nm-nav), I fixed at leas one possible memleak01:16
sixwheeledbeastwell merlin is in charge, I would worry about getting a new testing released first.01:16
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: oh, so you're still not holding the keys? ok.01:19
sixwheeledbeastI am happy to test any future mp's. I got a bit worried about breaking 1000s of devices :)01:23
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: tell me about it (breaking) :)01:25
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: difference is you know what your doing, I am trying to learn that ;)01:26
freemangordonsixwheeledbeast: well, I am not (or I was not) exactly a debian derivative maintainer :)01:28
sixwheeledbeastfreemangordon: your doing a good job :) Maemo appreciates it.01:32
freemangordonI hope so01:32
sixwheeledbeastI know so. Anyway even if they didn't, I certainly do; if that's any consolation :)01:36
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grummundbah. lost my n900 usb charging adaptor :-(08:43
grummundthe one that converts old nokia power to usb08:43
grummundit was noisy/flakey anyway;-/08:44
grummundwhat's the best replacement?08:44
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drathirgrummund: usb cable+ pc i guess is good too, but me atm using rim charger...10:55
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Sicelowhat is the best flash-card application for N90p?15:36
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drathirSicelo: /me wonder what You mean saying flash card application...16:03
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NokiabotTa da16:12
infobotit has been said that nokiabot is so damm sexy !16:12
infobotfrom memory, condom is a contraceptive used to aid in prevention of pregnancy and STD's. something your father should have worn when he nailed your mom.16:12
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, std is Sexually Transmitted Disease16:12
NokiabotMother earth and her creations ...16:13
Nokiabotbangs his head against a wall16:14
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Nokiabotno stryngs attached !16:16
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sophomoreWhen I try to play a video on my n900, the audio lags. It's as if it constantly pauses a second, then plays a second, then pauses, etc.16:38
sophomoreHow to solve?16:39
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drathirsophomore: from webstream?16:43
sophomoredrathir no, videos on the device which I scraped from Youtube16:43
sophomoreWith the built-in media player16:44
sophomoreLet me check16:44
sophomoreDoes the resolution affect the audio, though?16:44
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* drathir wonder if medianfo is in repo...16:46
NokiabotN900 plays 480p fine some high bitrate 720p videos may play asyncronisly16:47
drathirsophomore: if gpu is affected to much i guess is possible to os lagging...16:49
NokiabotSophomore:try 720p codecs with dsp 40016:50
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NokiabotDsp - digital signal processor16:51
drathirNokiabot: yes tweaking needed to play if good remember...16:52
NokiabotDrathir:yes 720p support atleast is some improvement from what n900 initaly had and having it installed helps to play a bit more videos ;)16:54
sophomoreYeah, I only have the problem with 720p16:55
sophomoreNokiabot how do I do that?16:55
sophomoreWait, that's unsafe, isn't it?16:57
sophomoreNokiabot I'm not sure if I understand correctly. Are you telling me to overclock?16:59
NokiabotSophomore:yes i am telling you to 850 mhz with dsp overclock17:01
drathirsophomore: always could be unsafe... but imstructions at forum was with fles to replace...17:02
NokiabotTry that see if the video works17:02
stryngsNokiabot: What is the meaning of life17:02
NokiabotStryngs:i love you17:02
stryngsNokiabot: >?>?<<EOF?17:03
Nokiabot~Wiki life17:03
infobotAt (URL), Wikipedia explains: "{{other uses}} {{Redirect|Life on Earth}} {{pp-semi-vandalism|small=yes}} {{automatic taxobox |color=limegreen |name='Life (Biota / Vitae / Eobionti)' |image=Ruwenpflanzen.jpg |image_width=250px |image_caption = Plants in the Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda |subdivision_ranks=Domains and kingdoms |subdivision=Life on Earth: * Non-cellular life (viruses)The 'evolution' of viruses and other ...17:03
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NokiabotSo that is life .17:03
NokiabotStryngs ^^^17:04
stryngs~rm -rf /17:04
infobot-rf / is an unperson17:04
drathiri have somewhere the files, but better - more secure 4You take zip from forum...17:04
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NokiabotDrathir isint there a dsp profile thats easy to apply as two clicks :)17:05
NokiabotStryngs:well life is hell17:06
drathirNokiabot: i guess not because if good remember the dsp modules are replaced fom n9 but not sure for 100% that long time when modding...17:06
drathir~ videofix17:08
drathir~ 720p17:08
drathirinfobot: botsnack17:08
infobot:), drathir17:08
Nokiabot~Video fix17:08
infobotNokiabot: aw, gee17:09
NokiabotSomophore:if you are concerned just overclock when needed :)17:11
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drathirsophomore: look at that names in maemo forum...17:16
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drathiri guess... not checked...17:17
sophomoreWhat's so special about the names?17:19 ~720p_play omap3-dsp- the names of files...17:20
drathirbut files should be somewhere at forum...17:22
drathirsophomore: also i suggest open media player to install...17:24
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sophomoreNah, still doesn't work17:33
sophomoreI guess I'll just scrape videos in 480p17:33
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sixwheeledbeastdrathir: yes, ade ported mediainfo17:39
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infobotsomebody said 720p was
sixwheeledbeastsophomore: ^^17:42
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, fmg is the greatest17:42
infobotsixwheeledbeast: thanks17:42
sophomoresixwheeledbeast yeah but I'm not overclocking for this. Too dangerous17:42
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sixwheeledbeastVery sensible18:03
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drathirsixwheeledbeast: thanks a lot good to know and propably goin to install...18:04
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sixwheeledbeastHmm, very odd a random reboot.18:05
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stryngssixwheeledbeast: Don't worry, just the NSA ensuring system integrity for you is all.18:12
stryngsNothing to see here, move along now.18:12
sixwheeledbeaststryngs: but how did they find me ;)18:13
stryngsDuh, they hang out in bathrooms to watch people pee18:14
stryngsYou must have "interested" them.18:14
NokiabotThey watched sixwheeledbeast pee :eek:18:26
NokiabotReally ??18:26
NokiabotAre the alive ??18:27
NokiabotAfter the incident18:27
NokiabotSome must have gone in coma on spot some fainted on the keyboards i bet :p18:28
sixwheeledbeastI am flattered18:29
NokiabotYou should be !18:29
infobotsomebody said nokiabot was so damm sexy !18:31
* stryngs pees on Nokiabot 18:32
NokiabotI just wonder what would have happend when the clip reached youtube ._?18:33
NokiabotStryngs:why you so nasty ??18:34
NokiabotI bet youtube outage reason was that as either users op's had fainted  or were in coma !18:36
NokiabotStryngs:respond to my queries please.18:40
stryngsHow tight are you Nokiabot?18:41
NokiabotEnough to hold stryngs18:43
NokiabotEw stryngs18:45
NokiabotYou shy stryngs ??18:46
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stryngsNokiabot: Ever done a dog?18:48
NokiabotStryngs:why ? dogs feel special ??18:50
stryngsoh yea18:51
NokiabotWell i am not intrested in those flithy creatures stryngs18:52
Nokiabotyou really got no stryngs attached lol18:53
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stryngs~slay nokiabot19:02
* infobot brandishes Excalibur! "With this sword, I vanquish thee, nokiabot!" apt lops off nokiabot's head.19:02
Nokiabot~Kill stryngs19:03
* infobot shoots a magneto-ionized fluxneutrino gun at stryngs19:03
Nokiabot=/ bla bla19:04
stryngsNokiabot: I bet you could suck a golfball through a garden hose!19:05
NokiabotWell i dont suck !19:07
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Nokiabotbets stryngs is having awsome lunch ;)19:13
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stryngsIs nokiabot a real dude?20:00
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ShadowJKor a nice script20:35
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Ras_OlderDoes anyone know if Bully (WPS exploiter) would be working on N900? Has anyone tried to compile it? I'm just curious because.. reasons :320:55
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sixwheeledbeastRas_Older: its C, it needs libpcap and libssl and was designed to work on embedded. I see no reason why it couldn't work.21:19
*** sec has joined #maemo21:20
stryngsRas_Older: I specialize in all things pentestable for the n90021:23
stryngsWe should talk =)21:23
secGot a Jolla. I don't know how I feel about this after years with the N900.21:24
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stryngsGet the rope boys!21:26
* sec hides21:26
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secOi, I can now experiment with the N900 freely now that I don't have to rely on it every damn day.21:27
secIt's a good thing!21:27
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sixwheeledbeastsec: but how do you feel now you have sold your soul ;)22:01
secDon't hate me :(22:02
sixwheeledbeastsec: what do you think of it?22:04
secWell, I think it's pretty good22:04
secI think I am in love with how plain beautiful the OS is22:05
secHow good it is compared to Maemo, is something time will tell..22:06
secBut everything seems to be working fine, I haven't run into a single bug so far22:06
*** LauRoman|Alt has quit IRC22:06
secAs for the hardware, something that most people are crying about, I think it's pretty damn sweet. It doesn't feel underpowered at all. The screen is fine too. It's not fantastic, but it's fine for the price I paid atleast. The camera is utterly shit though in low light conditions.22:08
*** LauRoman|Alt has joined #maemo22:08
secI am not much of a picture taker so I don't care about that.22:08
Humpelstilzchensame camera as n900? ;)22:09
secYou could say that Humpelstilzchen :P22:09
secI DO miss the keyboard. Oh god so fucking much..22:09
secI do love the fact that I don't have to wait for browser to render pages anymore hah22:11
Sc0rpiusyeah definitely22:11
Sc0rpiusI actually bought another phone just for that22:11
Sc0rpiusI couldn't bear the slowness and the incompatibilities issues of the browsers (microb and all the alternatives)22:12
secI was using Opera for a while now22:12
Sc0rpiusI tried it, but I think it was even worse22:12
secBut even then, I had to wait a while for stuff to pop up22:12
Humpelstilzchensec: didn't they wanted to make a keyboard?22:13
secHumpelstilzchen: last I read somewhere, it's getting ready for production soon enough22:14
secI am not sure how it works though, since it will cover the camera?22:14
secHumpelstilzchen: This is the latest render of the planned thing
secLooks sweet imo.22:16
Humpelstilzchennot bad22:16
sixwheeledbeastSc0rpius: qml-browser?22:18
*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:19
Sc0rpiusdidn't try that22:19
Sicelosixwheeledbeast: didn't work at all for me. pages stopped loading after i opened 2nd one. :(22:19
Sicelomaybe i should have submitted bug report or something.. but yeah22:20
sixwheeledbeastSicelo: there are a few bugs at the moment that need ironing out, mainly in thumb version IIRC22:20
Siceloi'm not on thumb though22:21
Sicelojust cssu-testing22:21
sixwheeledbeastyou must be one of the only ones...22:21
secI am not on thumb either xD22:21
Siceloonly ones on testing? :O22:21
secI think he meant the only ones not on thumb22:22
sixwheeledbeastIt seems either CSSU-Stable or CSSU-thumb is the norm, why not take advantage of the extra memory22:22
sixwheeledbeastif your on testing anyway22:23
Siceloi been on stable for a long time. still have doubts about thumb because this is my daily and only device. i seem to read there's still a couple of things to be fixed in thumb .. not sure22:24
sixwheeledbeastit may even make the browser render quicker ;)22:24
sixwheeledbeastthumb == testing, with many binaries replaced for thumb versions22:25
*** cuda has quit IRC22:25
Sicelook. will try it (then again, i'm not so worried about speed). only commented about qml-browser in connection with the fact that i can never load pages after the second one.. weird22:26
Sicelobut yeah, will look at thumb22:26
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, cssu-thumb is <Doc_Scrutinizer05> [thumb2 microb] indeed seems to render like mad, subjectively, or, or
*** km52 has joined #maemo22:28
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:28
sixwheeledbeastif your on stable obviously this is a step up to testing before you can take advantage of thumb.22:29
*** vibe_ has joined #maemo22:32
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*** LauRoman has joined #maemo22:33
km52Hi, I flashed my good-old-n900 thinking it would swipe all data, but seeing /home. What was wrong? Image or flasher options -F .bin -f22:36
Siceloyou flashed only rootfs22:36
Siceloflash emmc as well22:36
secWhile we're on that topic, anyone have links to the images?22:37
km52oko, but does it really matter if I only delete everything from there22:37
km52 had those while ago, but wait a se22:38
km52my keyboard full of bread crumps22:38
km52i think that was image that downloaded22:41
secIs that PR1.3?22:42
secCan't make any sense of it from the file name22:43
secBecause of the 21.2011.38?22:44
km52it should be, but how was it checked? havent been using long time22:45
secShould be 1.3.122:45
secThis is good!22:45
secSicelo: How do you see if this is the international/asian/espanol, whatever version?22:45
km52jep version 21.2011.38-122:46
km52thast international22:46
secAlrighty, thanks mate. Got a link to the emmc image as well?22:46
km52have to look22:47
infobotextra, extra, read all about it, emmc is is or see ~emmc222:47
infobotwell, emmc2 is, or, or see emmc322:47
secWell that's convenient, thanks Sicelo22:47
infoboti guess emmc3 is
*** LauRoman has quit IRC22:55
km52Whats your n900 favorite optimizations (overclock min/max, thumb/thumb2)? Something else to think about?22:59
*** Wikiwide has joined #maemo23:13
stryngskm52: This will sound insane23:13
stryngsBut it seemed to speed up my n90023:14
stryngsI completly filled the n900 on all partitions with dd, then i deleted everything23:14
stryngsthen i flashed23:14
stryngsfor WHATEVER reason, the box is snappier23:14
stryngsi was trying to forensicely wipe it23:14
secThat doesn't even make sense ..23:15
sixwheeledbeastsec:  yes 21.2011.38-1 == PR1.3.123:17
*** vakkov has joined #maemo23:17
WikiwideIt is snappier than in the case of simple-reflashing, without any forensic wipe?23:17
*** konelix__ has quit IRC23:18
secsixwheeledbeast: I have PR 1.3 lying around. If I recall correctly, CSSU contains all the patches for 1.3 -> 1.3.123:19
sixwheeledbeastsec: :nod:23:19
km52it sounds insane, but maybe there is point.23:19
seckm52: No, technically, it shouldn't be affected .. at all ..23:20
*** xes has joined #maemo23:20
km52yes, but it sounds so gooog23:21
sixwheeledbeast20.2010.36-2 is PR1.3 BTW23:24
secYep, got that one23:25
kerio1) you flashed23:34
kerio2) there's no 223:34
*** xes has quit IRC23:35
*** xes has joined #maemo23:36
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