IRC log of #maemo for Sunday, 2014-03-02

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T_Xanyone using the BackupMenu here? currently trying to reset the calibration with that one somehow03:04
T_XUSB Mass Storage Mode doesn't seem to offer the root partition, only /home/ (sdb2) and MyDocs/ (sdb1)03:06
T_Xand with ssh mode my usual root password does not seem to work somehow03:06
T_Xneither does the root console, that one doesn't accept my password either03:07
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T_Xor actually it does accept my password but seems to say "can't execute '/bin/bash': no such file or directory03:25
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merlin1991T_X: did you maybe swap the shell but uninstalled bash?03:27
T_Xdunno. if so then quite a while ago03:29
T_Xthough I think I had written some scripts explicitly using /bin/bash, too03:29
T_Xmerlin1991: but not sure about it03:30
T_Xhm, I'm going to create a backup of the root partition. maybe that'll help figuring out what's wrong03:31
T_Xand maybe I can modify and reinsert that one via the BackupMenu, let's see03:32
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Maxdamantusthe root "partition" is on ubi, not on a block device.03:58
Maxdamantusbut even if it were on a block device, you'd want to be careful sharing it if it's mounted rw.03:58
MaxdamantusT_X: there's a recovery image that might be useful.03:59
T_XMaxdamantus: careful not to break something? or careful publishing it?04:00
MaxdamantusT_X: you can boot that kernel and initramfs in RAM, so you get to a shell without modifying the flash.04:01
MaxdamantusT_X: then you can try mounting the root filesystem and chrooting into it and changing your password, etc04:01
T_XMaxdamantus: ah, awesome, that sounds great! thanks, will have a look at it04:02
Maxdamantusor changing your shell, as that sounds like the problem in your case.04:03
T_Xtotall different question: does anyone else having trouble to register on
T_XI'm always getting a "You have left a required field blank." even though I've made a tick to accept the forum rules04:05
* Maxdamantus hasn't registered, so will try it.04:06
MaxdamantusMm. Happens here too.04:07
MaxdamantusIt's before there are even any forms. Just a tickbox for the rules.04:07
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Maxdamantuson another note, is it possible to disable the menu that pops up in Maemo when you connect it to a computer using USB?04:13
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Mike11DocScrutinizer05 , sorry for disturbing , are you there?04:18
Mike11lol :D , nice :)04:18
Mike11a couple of days I wrote about my n900, which I put some paper instead of the spring fix04:18
Mike11if you remember :)04:19
T_XMaxdamantus, merlin1991: hm, /bin/bash seems to exist in the rootfs. at least it's there in the tar archive made via BackupMenu04:19
Mike11after putting the paper , the phone is able to read its IMEI04:19
MaxdamantusT_X: is it a symlink?04:19
MaxdamantusT_X: if it's a symlink, it might not be resolved.04:20
DocScrutinizer05Mike11: yes04:20
MaxdamantusT_X: if not, the "not found" probably means a dynamically linked object is missing.04:20
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MaxdamantusT_X: if you have access to another shell (doesn't need to be root), try doing: ldd /bin/bash04:20
Mike11but it cannot connect to the GSM network04:20
Mike11sorry I was searching for the exact error message04:21
T_XMaxdamantus: it's not a symlink. file ./bin/bash -> ./bin/bash: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.14, stripped04:21
T_Xok, will go hunting for a missign library then04:21
Maxdamantusyou just need to run the command I said04:21
Maxdamantusif `ldd` refers to the correct ld-linux, it should list what libraries are missing.04:21
Maxdamantusand which are found.04:21
Maxdamantusif it refers to the wrong ld-linux, it'll probably say file not found again.04:22
Mike11first of all when booting the phone up it says  "Unable to establish network connection. Contact service"04:22
Mike11if I go to settings->phone it freezes for a while then says "Cellular network not available"04:23
DocScrutinizer05modem defect04:23
Mike11it does not ask for the PIN when I put the SIM in it!04:23
DocScrutinizer05since that's not a valid normal operation mode, the error messages are bogus04:24
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Mike11my SIM is locked, and other phones ask for PIN04:24
DocScrutinizer05modem defect04:24
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Mike11sorry for my ignorance, is the modem responsible for reading the SIM too?04:25
DocScrutinizer05yes, sure04:25
Mike11can I try anything to fix this? something like the spring fix :p04:26
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Mike11or is the only solution replacement?04:26
DocScrutinizer05the spring fix is exactly the method that's trying to fix this04:26
Mike11would you please correct me , and tell me what CMT is?04:27
DocScrutinizer05some repair shop could *try* to reflow the modem chips04:27
Mike11I thought it was CMT fault, because I was not able to reflash04:28
DocScrutinizer05cellular modem trallallla04:28
Mike11so now part of the modem is working and other parts do not?04:28
DocScrutinizer05or rather "telephone"04:28
DocScrutinizer05or "terminal"04:28
DocScrutinizer05I don't see much indication that *amy* part of modem works04:29
DocScrutinizer05any even04:29
Mike11if I try the fix again ie remove the paper and put them again , does that have any chance in fixing things up?04:29
DocScrutinizer05a small one04:29
Mike11mmmm, thanks a lot DocScrutinizer05 :D , and sorry for disturbing :)04:30
DocScrutinizer05no problem, glad to help04:30
T_XMaxdamantus: readelf says, that bin/bash needs,, and which all seem to be there in the rootfs backup04:31
Mike11another thing is the spring fix thing just for trying to avoid reflowing the chip??04:31
MaxdamantusT_X: you should do it within the OS.04:31
MaxdamantusT_X: the ldd command.04:32
DocScrutinizer05Mike11: yes04:32
DocScrutinizer05Mike11: but actually such mainboard has to be considered damaged beyond economic repair04:32
DocScrutinizer05reflow, springs, all just makeshift desperate efforts to use the modem a few months longer04:33
MaxdamantusT_X: you could alternatively try extracting the tar then using qemu-user to chroot into it as you run the ldd command, on another computer.04:33
Maxdamantus(if the computer isn't already ARM)04:33
DocScrutinizer05well, reflow has a small chance to permamnently fix04:33
Mike11good :)04:34
Mike11is reflowing too dangerous on other chip components04:34
DocScrutinizer05but an even higher chance to damage the board completely04:34
Mike11same question :)04:34
DocScrutinizer05it's quite difficult to do proper reflow that has chances to fix stuff and not break it04:35
Mike11can spring fix damage the thing completely too?04:35
DocScrutinizer05as a last effort it's maybe worth it when you can find a repair shop that's really good at SMD BGA reflow and not too expensive04:36
Mike11I mean, can it be that I damaged my modem trying to fix it?04:36
DocScrutinizer05spring fix shouldn't damage much04:36
Mike11I don't think I can find such shops in my area :(04:37
DocScrutinizer05I can't answer that question. Modem defects caused by PCB bending, usually by pressing keys on kbd too hard04:37
Mike11If I found some shop , I would have to tell him what chips exactly to reflow04:37
DocScrutinizer05PCB can get bent by a number of activities, incl some involved in repair04:37
Mike11I have put paper under the three squares on the main board04:38
DocScrutinizer05that's the rapuyama chip. aka BB5, the one with a lobster on the printing04:38
Mike11and the couldn't be closed firmly after the paper was there04:38
DocScrutinizer05and its companion chip, next to it04:39
Mike11so I closed the whole cover with that inside metal cover still open on two sides of the square04:39
DocScrutinizer05that won't last for long04:40
Mike11do you think I damaged the PCB?04:40
DocScrutinizer05that's the reason to use springs instead paper04:40
DocScrutinizer05I dunno, I can't answer that question04:40
Mike11can I put any piece of iron instead of springs?04:40
DocScrutinizer05rather use some elastic rubber foam04:41
Mike11sorry I misunderstand what springs are in my lang :p04:41
DocScrutinizer05do you know ballpen?04:42
Mike11yes, the ones with a button to get the head in and out, right?04:42
DocScrutinizer05when you disassemble it, a spring will be found04:43
DocScrutinizer05made of thin elastic wire04:43
Mike11is that the size of spring I should use?04:43
DocScrutinizer05a short piece of it, yes04:44
DocScrutinizer05~listvalues talk.maemo04:44
infobotFactoid search of 'talk.maemo' by value (19 of 45): #maemo cal ;; #maemo hot ;; #maemo mirror ;; #maemo truecrypt ;; #maemo u-boot ;; #maemo vkbd-portrait ;; 0xffff ;; alopex ;; arch-n900 ;; boot-process ;; bq-calibrate ;; bupbat ;; cssu-devel ;; cssu-thumb ;; dual-scud ;; ereswap ;; fixribbon ;; googlesyncevolution ;; hen.04:44
DocScrutinizer05~listvalues spring04:45
infobotFactoid search of 'spring' by value (21 of 685): csnes9x ;; visor ;; zip 1129 ;; zip 17372 ;; zip 17843 ;; zip 27242 ;; zip 28578 ;; zip 33923 ;; zip 34489 ;; zip 44881 ;; zip 5156 ;; zip 53961 ;; zip 60558 ;; zip 62767 ;; zip 64014 ;; zip 65803 ;; zip 68778 ;; zip 70420 ;; zip 71913 ;; zip 73082 ;; zip 76885.04:45
Mike11so a short piece of it, in the center of th?e IC ?04:45
DocScrutinizer05~listkeys spring04:45
infobotFactoid search of 'spring' by key (11 of 20): cmd: springer (.*?) ;; weathercode soda springs ;; weathercode rock springs ;; weathercode springfield ;; weathercode springbok ;; springtime ;; bruce springsteen bug ;; weathercode springdale ;; weathercode siloam springs ;; weathercode hot springs ;; weathercode springbank.04:45
Mike11each IC?***04:45
DocScrutinizer05and fix it so it doesn't slip out of location04:46
DocScrutinizer05search tmo for springfix04:46
DocScrutinizer05there are some pictures afaik04:46
Mike11I 'll do thanks , I saw some of them while putting the paper04:47
infoboti heard tmo is, or, or It's *not* T-MO (see ~T-MO) or trolls, morons, oxen.04:47
Mike11I have chosen paper because I didn't have the substance to fix it04:48
Mike11I 'll buy some and try to fix , thanks again for the help :D04:48
T_XMaxdamantus: for qemu-arm, do you know whether there's a way to combine it with some chrooting?04:49
MaxdamantusT_X: you might need to copy qemu-arm and the libraries it depends on into the chroot.04:50
T_Xalso "sudo qemu-arm ./usr/bin/ldd ./bin/bash" throws this error: Error while loading ./usr/bin/ldd: Exec format error04:50
T_Xah, it's a script, ldd04:51
MaxdamantusT_X: try: qemu-arm ./lib/ ./bin/bash04:52
Maxdamantusthough it's not going to try reading the correct libraries if it works.04:52
Maxdamantuscan you not access a shell on the device at all?04:52
DocScrutinizer05HERE WE ARE! \o/04:52
DocScrutinizer05 <-springfix04:53
DocScrutinizer05Mike11: ^^^04:53
T_XMaxdamantus: currently, not that I know of04:54
DocScrutinizer05~springfix is  and
infobotokay, DocScrutinizer0504:54
T_XI think I just found the password in ./etc/passwd again, some random chars. I swear, for ssh I've always been using a different one04:55
T_Xoh wait, that's probably the md5sum of it, hm04:56
DocScrutinizer05I think the password in etc/passwd is a hash04:56
Mike11cool DocScrutinizer05 , I followed while doing the job last time, but replaced springs with paper :p04:57
Mike11yes /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow are hashes04:57
Mike11they can be cracked with john04:58
DocScrutinizer05shadow doesn't exist in maemo04:58
DocScrutinizer05T_X: try rootme04:58
DocScrutinizer05anyway, your shell in etc/passwd shouldn't be bash05:00
DocScrutinizer05particularly not for user05:00
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DocScrutinizer05at least that's antique ferry tale05:01
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T_XDocScrutinizer05: it's not rootme. john helped me to verify05:01
T_Xit's the first 8 characters of the password i had chosen05:02
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T_Xactually, that's always been bogging me. the password I had set was 10 characters long. and for ssh logins I was always able to use the first eight chars of it -05:03
T_Xplus any other random characters appended :(05:03
T_Xmaybe the ssh-server in backupmenu isn't that nice, let me check05:03
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DocScrutinizer05man crypt05:04
DocScrutinizer05man 3 crypt|less +'/Traditional DES-based'05:07
DocScrutinizer05Maximum password length05:07
DocScrutinizer05              8 (uses 7-bit characters)05:07
T_Xso, now DocScrutinizer05 I don't have that in my man 3 crypt (Debian Sid)05:08
T_X-so now05:08
T_Xjohn was telling me though: Warning: MaxLen = 13 is too large for the current hash type, reduced to 805:10
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T_Xanyways, I have the correct password for the root account. /bin/bash is set in passwd. /bin/bash exists05:12
T_Xthe root partition seems to be mounted, too, at least backupmenu can loads it's stuff from /usr/share/backupmenu05:13
Maxdamantustry something other than /bin/bash in the ssh command.05:13
Maxdamantusssh root@foo /bin/sh05:13
DocScrutinizer05you SHOULD NOT set /bin/bash as shell in /etc/passwd05:13
infobotThe key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED",  "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this document are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.05:13
Maxdamantusthough I have a feeling that might just be run using the default shell.05:13
T_Xhrm, still "permission denied"05:18
T_Xwith things like "ssh root@ /bin/bash" or "ssh root@ /bin/lsmod"05:18
Maxdamantuswait, permission denied now?05:19
T_Xor /bin/sh (which is a symlink to busybox05:19
T_Xyep, permission denied05:19
Maxdamantusthat probably means the executable bit isn't set.05:19
Maxdamantusbut .. how would you have booted the system?05:20
T_Xthe executable bit is set for /bin/bash05:20
T_X-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 599K Jan 11  2010 ./bin/bash05:20
T_Xdoes backupmenu use some alternative sshd_config maybe?05:22
T_Xwhich might have a "PermitRootLogin no"?05:22
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DocScrutinizer05backupmenu uses its completely own set of executables06:00
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hxkaBackupmenu copies some files into tmpfs and chroots into it09:11
hxkaSo it doesn't have "/bin/bash"09:13
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int_uaWhere is that f***ing osso-backup stores the backups?10:00
hxkaIn MyDocs10:02
ApicOr on the microSD10:02
ApicYou can select that AFAIR10:02
int_uawhere exactly&10:02
hxkaIn the "backups" subdirectory10:02
int_uanothing in here10:03
int_uaboth in MyDocs and /media/mmc110:03
int_uait's here, thanks a lot10:04
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solofighthello guys, i was earlier adviced here to update my kernel  ... [00:53:19] <solofight> whats the package name that i need to look for in the application manager [00:53:20] <solofight> ? [00:54:00] <DocScrutinizer05> Kernel for powerusers10:55
solofightwhen i search for 'Kernel for powe" in HAM, it gives me 3 options... Linux kernel for power user - with description "Linux kernel updater(kernel power other two with the same name but one says (boot image for u-boot) and another says (settings and overclock)10:57
solofightwhich one should i install ?10:57
solofightwithout breaking my system like last time (where i installed the power kernel and my phone almost got bricked :P)10:57
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Siceloinstall the other 2, except u-boot one..11:20
Siceloyou can leave the settings unchanged11:20
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alien2003Can somebody help me to compile this for Nokia N900?
*** eMHa has quit IRC14:32
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* andre__ passes his compiler to alien200314:58
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