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teotwakiit's incredible that there are no recent slide-out keyboard smartphones these days14:59
FIQI would like a phone running native Linux with X, and a slide out keyboard, that is pretty recent15:02
FIQthat's my only requirements for a phone15:02
FIQis it so hard to live up to? D:15:02
FIQN900 worked perfectly, but mine has started to really break apart recently15:02
FIQguess it will just survive like ½ year longer15:02
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dsd31ghi, i want extract data from adressbook.db with perl. which dbm module do i need? (DBM_File, NDBM_File ...)15:29
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jacekowskiit's all sqlite15:36
jacekowskisqlite3 to be precise15:36
dsd31gjacekowski: ok, it is possible that i have an older version in which it is DBM15:37
LaoLang_coolCan give a minimum example?15:37
Robot101jacekowski: ? no, it's libdb of some sort15:37
teotwakiFIQ: I'm not that difficult15:37
teotwakiFIQ: I just want a simple phone that has a good application / developer ecosystem, and a slide out keyboard.15:38
teotwakiAnd something that won't suck donkey balls as soon as you throw 3 open apps at it.15:38
jacekowskii don't have n900 anymoe15:38
jacekowskibut i'm pretty sure it's sqlite15:38
teotwakiI gave mine to my girlfriend.15:38
dsd31gjacekowski: but if i try sqlite3 addressbook.db '.tables' i get the error Error: file is encrypted or is not a database15:38
teotwaki.db is not a sqlite database15:39
teotwaki".sqlite" is the extension.15:39
jacekowskinot always15:39
jacekowskilook for example for calllog15:39
jacekowskiit's .db as well15:39
teotwakijust run file on it15:39
dsd31gteotwaki: addressbook.db: Berkeley DB (Hash, version 8, native byte-order)15:39
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Robot101jacekowski: the conversation log is sqlite15:40
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Robot101the address book is libdb15:40
Robot101but, you should access it via the eds library - maybe libebook has a perl binding?15:40
teotwakiEvolution - A free/open source mail client; contacts are stored in addressbook.db using Berkley DB15:41
teotwakioh look, the same filename and the same file type!15:41
teotwakiwoop woop!15:41
dsd31gRobot101: what is libdb? where can i find information about libdb?15:42
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Robot101dsd31g: you don't really want to read the file directly - you should use libebook15:44
Robot101otherwise you will need to parse the vcards yourself15:44
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dsd31gRobot101: so adressbook.db is not a berkeley db?15:45
Robot101yes, libdb is berkeley db15:46
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Robot101but what the abook program stores there is vcard strings15:53
Robot101so you can't just access the address book fields as a table15:53
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dsd31gRobot101: how vcard strings are built?15:59
Robot101some crap with lots of semicolons I think :)15:59
Robot101libebook has a vcard parser in16:00
Robot101maybe it would help if you could explain what you were trying to do? there might be some pre-existing code you could borrow from as inspiration16:00
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dsd31gRobot101: i want just get my data out of that fucking addressbook.db, because i haven't maemo anymore.16:03
Robot101out and into where?16:04
dsd31gRobot101: in a simpler format. for example csv16:04
Robot101is your N900 dead / gone / sold / ...?16:05
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dsd31gmy N900 is dead16:05
dsd31gi actually just need the phone numbers and the names16:06
dsd31gi think my problem aren't the vcards. my problem is the *dbm, because i cant get the vcards out of it.16:08
Robot101its so hard to find the packages on the website, sigh16:12
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NIN102as last solution, simply open the file in an editor...16:14
dsd31gRobot101: which packages?16:18
dsd31gNIN102: yeah ok or with db_dump and some sed and grep. but there must be a proper way too.16:20
Robot101dsd31g: i was trying to find the package viewer (like so I could figure out the right libdb version and maybe advise something useful there16:21
Robot101my other idea was to use eg syncevolution on the file to sync the contacts to gmail or something, but actually, there's no guarantee a desktop libebook would read the same file as maemo's libebook16:21
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dsd31gRobot101: thanks for the help. i will try it with db_dump now.16:31
Robot101dsd31g: dumb question - did you try on a linux desktop and just copying addressbook.db over ./.local/share/evolution/addressbook/system/addressbook.db then killing e-d-s?16:33
*** trbs has joined #maemo16:33
Robot101then some e-d-s app, eg "contacts" might see them...16:33
dsd31gRobot101: ehmm... no. i don't use evolution16:34
Robot101so? just install it16:36
Robot101apt-get install contacts16:36
Robot101is a simple gtk UI for e-d-s16:37
dsd31gRobot101: i'm just working on openbsd16:40
Robot101wow... er... just get an ubuntu livecd?16:41
Robot101just as a one-shot thing it might just give you all of your contacts in a GUI right away16:41
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dsd31gRobot101: where should i put the file?16:47
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo16:48
Robot101dsd31g: I just did find . -name addressbook.db16:48
Robot101in my ~16:48
Robot101I guess killall e-addressbook-factory before putting the file in16:49
Robot101then run contacts or evolution or something, it should reload the file and... maaaaybe it will work16:49
Robot101it might also just fail entirely16:49
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merlin1991some OT todo: I've got to copy a partition from one harddrive to another, I though of creating a partition identical in size and then just use dd to copy the content, but I'm stuck at creating the new partition16:57
merlin1991heaven't found the proper tool yet where I can input the partition size so that I'm sure it's as big16:57
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dm8tbrmerlin1991: just make it slightly larger, will work as well16:58
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merlin1991dm8tbr: but that feels so wrong :/17:00
*** StyXman has joined #maemo17:01
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*** dhbiker has joined #maemo17:03
merlin1991hm any ideas how big of a blocksize to use for that dd?17:04
dm8tbrmerlin1991: if it's ext2/3/4 just run a resize2fs afterwards :)17:04
dm8tbrnowadays in most cases HUGE :)17:04
*** trbs has quit IRC17:04
merlin1991dm8tbr: well I managed to fit the actual logical parition to the same size17:04
*** NIN102 has quit IRC17:04
* dm8tbr usually sets bs=10M17:04
*** Abissom has quit IRC17:04
merlin1991only the extended one is several cylinders bigger instead of 2 like on the main disk17:04
*** trbs has joined #maemo17:05
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merlin1991fucking hell this is fast17:07
merlin1991192 MB/s according to dd17:07
merlin1991time to try to mount the new partition17:08
merlin1991dm8tbr: do you happen to know how I tell grub2 to start look for it's modules over there now?17:10
infobotmerlin1991 meant: dm8tbr: do you happen to know how I tell grub2 to start looking for it's modules over there now?17:10
*** udovdh has quit IRC17:10
*** Abissom has joined #maemo17:11
merlin1991the partition I moved contains the /boot --> the modules and config for grub17:11
merlin1991now I need to tell the grub in the mbr to use this one instead17:11
*** udovdh has joined #maemo17:11
dsd31gDocScrutinizer: i have solved the problem. i've found out that the names and the numbers are in the el-v1.db in the Remotes table too.17:13
*** ArkanoiD_ has quit IRC17:14
dsd31gDocScrutinizer: so i take them from there.17:14
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DocScrutinizermerlin1991: info grub ;-)17:17
DocScrutinizeriirc <tab> enters an interactive console17:17
RST38hMeanwhile: Majority of Landmark Cancer Studies Cannot Be Replicated17:18
*** kthomas_vh_ has quit IRC17:20
merlin1991DocScrutinizer: well it drops to a rescue shell anyway17:21
merlin1991where you can locate the modules and get it running, but that isn't persistant17:21
DocScrutinizeriirc you can make it persistent in that shell17:22
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merlin1991though how? :D17:28
DocScrutinizergrub> setup (hd0)  ??17:28
DocScrutinizerinfo:/grub/Installing GRUB natively17:28
DocScrutinizer>>If you are not sure which partition actually holds this directory, use the command `find' ( find), like this:17:30
DocScrutinizer      grub> find /boot/grub/stage117:30
DocScrutinizer This will search for the file name `/boot/grub/stage1' and show the devices which contain the file.17:30
DocScrutinizer Once you've set the root device correctly, run the command `setup' ( setup):17:30
DocScrutinizer      grub> setup (hd0)17:30
merlin1991no such thing as stage1 in grub17:30
merlin1991only in grub-legacy :D17:31
DocScrutinizermaybe you use grub-II17:32
*** uen| is now known as uen17:32
merlin1991yeah grub2 though according to their page there is no such thing as grub2, only grub(2) and grub-legacy aka grub17:33
merlin1991silly devs17:33
DocScrutinizermy manpages and ##info is for grub (one)17:35
*** jlebrech has joined #maemo17:35
DocScrutinizerkonqueror: "##grub"17:36
DocScrutinizeror shell `info grub`17:36
DocScrutinizer(I really prefer konqueror for that particular task of reading info crap)17:37
DocScrutinizermerlin1991: >>Using the command-line interface, you type the drive specification and file name of the kernel manually. In the menu interface, you just select an OS using the arrow keys. The menu is based on a configuration file which you prepare beforehand ( Configuration). While in the menu, you can switch to the command-line mode, and vice-versa. You can even edit menu entries before using them.<<17:41
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merlin1991yep I know all that, but all that stuff gets lost upon actually booting an entry17:42
DocScrutinizeroops, the "edit menu entries" doesn't imply persistence17:42
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CyFus seems to be down?19:46
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TofeHello !20:35
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*** tadzik has joined #maemo21:02
tadzikhello there21:02
*** nsuffys has joined #maemo21:10
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*** shamus has joined #maemo21:36
Macerdamn synology tls smtp stuff isn't working21:37
Maceris there some other port used for smtp using tls?21:37
PaliMacer: 465 or 58721:40
*** vizzy has joined #maemo21:41
vizzyhi there. how about compiling an existing application for use on n900? do i need the whole scratchbox stuff? madde or sdk? its just a small vpn daemon called tinc. no need for qt and all that gui stuff21:43
NIN101i would go with scratchbox21:44
vizzyi read through the 'howto' and it looks a bit complicated to me21:46
vizzymaybe i try, i really miss tinc on the device21:46
tadzikis there a working C compiler on n900? The gcc-4.6 package is empty, it would seem21:47
*** shanttu has quit IRC21:48
NIN101iirc, for that you have to activate some special repos. another way would be to use a chroot.21:49
tadzikI think I have them all, up to extras-devel. No -testing though21:49
Macerthere doesn't seem to be a 465 or 587 opened on the synology21:50
Macerthis must be some sort of sick joke. but then again there isn't much in way of smtp configuration either21:50
Macermaybe the update for the dsm will be better21:51
Maceralthough i always thought that tls allowed for keeping stuff on standard ports21:51
MacerPali: is that for ssl ?21:51
vizzywhat special thing is Scratchbox Hathor ?21:52
PaliMacer: 25 is standard SMTP port, 465 is standard SMTPS (SMPT over SSL) and 587 is port for transmission (urd?) but now used for SMTP via TLS21:56
Macerhm i see21:57
tadzikwhat do people use for IMAP in n900?21:57
Maceri'm not seeing a port 587 on the synology21:58
tadzikthe standard email client does not seem to support it21:58
Macerthat sucks21:58
*** tank-man has quit IRC21:58
Maceri should be able to connect to it with telnet and see it correct?21:58
Macerif tls is active?21:58
Maceri can see postfix on 2521:58
* RST38h is impressed by how many C-grade movies have been inspired by the Da Vinci Code21:59
Macerdamn. i was hoping to avoid having to make my own email server but i guess i am going to have to since the synology based one seems limited21:59
Maceri was messing with fengoffice heh21:59
Macerit is pretty nice21:59
Palitelnet does not support TLS21:59
Palialso port 25 is used only for standard SMTP21:59
Palifor testing SSL/TLS layer use openssl: openssl s_client -connect host:port22:01
*** tank-man has joined #maemo22:01
ShadowJKI'm using the standard email client for imap22:06
ShadowJKyou only see subscribed folders though and can't subscribe/unsubscribe stuff.22:07
RST38hTry it for pop3 and suffer!22:07
*** dm8tbr has quit IRC22:08
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*** dm8tbr has joined #maemo22:11
MacerPali: but at the least it would connect to the port22:18
Macerand show garbage ;)22:18
Maceri'm not getting that22:18
Paliyou can use nc for testing if you can connect to port22:18
Macerbut like i said. the config on a synology box is rather basic22:19
Macerit is just a tick for "enable smtp" there aren't really many more options for it22:19
*** piggz has joined #maemo22:19
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Palithat you have bad email client ;)22:34
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[1]Hockmeisteris it possible to install Maemo on non-Nokia phones?22:46
[1]Hockmeisterwhy not?22:48
*** vblazquez has quit IRC22:50
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo22:50
SpeedEvilBecause maemo contains binary copyright elements22:50
SpeedEvilthat will ony run on the n900/n950/n922:50
SpeedEvilIn principle, you could make replacement for all the closed bits.22:51
SpeedEvilBut it's man-years of work22:51
DocScrutinizerand almost impossible as there's no docs about what those blobs do22:52
[1]Hockmeisterok. this may notbe the best place to ask this question. How would I install a different OS on a phone like LG T300? What are my options?22:52
SpeedEvilIf you're replacing _all_ the nokia copyright - then it sorta gets easier22:52
DocScrutinizerSpeedEvil: indeed22:52
SpeedEvil[1]Hockmeister: It's an enormously complex task.22:52
SpeedEvil[1]Hockmeister: Firstly, you start out working out if it will boot your desired OS.  Then you work out if drivers support all your hardware.22:53
DocScrutinizeragain manyears of work22:53
SpeedEvilThen, the software part.22:53
*** vblazquez has joined #maemo22:56
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