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mermaidnever chat on my n90008:28
mermaidhello, I followed the link on maemo/IRC08:33
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LaoLang_coolI'm feeling good experiement with gtalk on N90008:34
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tralalalalohi... guys can you help me? ... today I tak me n900 and it was off so I started it but I was stucked on cycling white dots... so I reflashed it... but I still got these dots...09:51
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tralalalalofixed: hi... guys can you help me? ... today I took my n900 and it was off so I started it but n900 was stucked on cycling white dots... so I reflashed it... but I still got these dots...09:52
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jacekowskitralalalalo: emmc and combined/09:55
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tralalalalo1st over flasher-3.5.exe09:55
tralalalalo2nd over NSU09:56
tralalalalo3rd over NSU09:56
tralalalalostill dots09:56
tralalalaloafter every step just white dots09:56
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infobotmaemo-flashing is probably
jacekowskido it EXACTLY as it's explained here09:56
tralalalaloi was not flashing eMMC09:56
tralalalalosorry COMBINED only09:57
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tralalalalon900 is detected by NSU so I am making another update over NSU10:04
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tralalalalonow there is NOKIA screen with usb mark on right up corner.... NSU says 1 minute left... -> n900 vibrate and reboots... -> cycling white dots10:06
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tralalalalodo I really need to do eMMC flash? i dont want lost all my files :/10:09
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Hurrianjust keep retrying rootfs flash10:10
Hurrianfirst boot maemo-optify should fix broken things10:10
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tralalalalostill dots...10:22
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MohammadAGhow long are you waiting10:27
DocScrutinizerif boot finds a corrupted FAT32, it may decide to run fsck against it, which may take like hours to complete10:28
DocScrutinizerinterrupting that process won't have exactly positive effects on FAT32's integrity10:28
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MohammadAGwhoever made Qt SDK manager should be shot, twice10:29
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MohammadAGwhy the fuck is it a dialog that can't be picked up by the window manager10:29
DocScrutinizerof course it's worse than just a minor flaw and oversight to not show any notification on what's going on, in that case10:29
tralalalaloDocScrutinizer hm10:36
tralalalalowhat is top? ... i mean hours for fsck10:36
DocScrutinizeriirc somebody claimed it took >6h for him10:37
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DocScrutinizeractually it's a pretty poor idea to run fsck from a system that limited in RAM resources like N900 is10:37
DocScrutinizeranyway IIRC N900 boot may do it under certain circumstances10:38
DocScrutinizerand obviously it has to be done prior to mounting /home, so no way to boot up to a semi operable system when fsck is pending10:39
tralalalalowell i was thinking... last thing i did was creating ~/profile and ~/.profile with "exec bash"10:39
DocScrutinizeralternative: use backupmenu to run fsck, but that requires an already installed backupmenu10:39
DocScrutinizerthat explains a lot as well10:40
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DocScrutinizerand the tricky point in that is it won't vanish on flashing rootfs10:41
tralalalaloye :D10:41
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tralalalalobut it should do nothing because there is no bash10:41
DocScrutinizerhowever, it might be worth a shot to try and ssh in to the system10:41
DocScrutinizeras sshd might already be started at the point where such exec bash could barf up10:42
tralalalaloye probably10:42
DocScrutinizerwell, do nothing? not really as it will cause the cmd to fail10:42
DocScrutinizerI doubt this will go unnoticed10:43
tralalalaloso i need usb networking right?10:43
DocScrutinizeror WLAN10:43
tralalalalohow can i do wlan if i can see only white dots... no gui10:43
DocScrutinizerwell, my WLAN works completely unattended10:44
DocScrutinizeractually s/Mileage/Setup/10:44
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tralalalaloand n900 in default will automatically connect to wlan?10:45
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DocScrutinizermine does10:45
tralalalalowhat is your wlan setup... ap side10:45
DocScrutinizerdepends on your settings10:45
DocScrutinizerno special AP side setup10:45
tralalalaloat least it must by open10:46
DocScrutinizernormal WPA encrypted AP with DHCP and yes, some fixed IP addr for the MAC of N900, for convenience10:46
tralalalaloi see... wlan settings are not ereased right?10:47
DocScrutinizernope, not erased10:47
tralalalalobut problem is i had manual joining10:47
DocScrutinizeralso in ~user/ or sth10:47
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tralalalalowell so only way is usb networking.... does that need tome n900 setup?10:48
tralalalaloso i am fcked10:48
DocScrutinizerwell, you may want to boot nto rescue-initrd or NIN101's rescue-maemo, via flasher. Then mount the original rootfs and /home and fix it10:49
tralalalaloou nice10:52
tralalalalook i can use this on winxp too right? flasher-3.5 -k 2.6.37 -n initrd.img -l -b"rootdelay root=/dev/ram010:54
tralalalalocan run ubuntu in vmware...10:54
tralalalaloguys i respect guy who did that.... looks pretty epic10:56
psycho_oreosbut it heavily depends on your computer's specifications minus host OS taking certain resources away10:56
tralalalaloi5 2500k/560 ti/8 GB ram10:57
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psycho_oreosshould be ok to run it in VM10:59
tralalalaloomg ... i need to buy EN keyboard11:01
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tralalalaloit mounts rootfs but not home folder11:06
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tralalalalohow to quit vi if there is no ESC :D11:19
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tralalalalooh here it comes11:22
tralalalalothank you guys for help11:23
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tralalalalocan someone add this awsome rescueOS to upgrade firmware trobleshoot?11:23
tralalalalo... i mean to wiki11:23
DocScrutinizerit's a wiki11:24
tralalalalois it?11:25
DocScrutinizerso if you at least a bit know what you're doing and are capable to write a decent english sentence, go ahead11:25
DocScrutinizerto easy my workload reviewing wiki edits, you might want to register anyway - it's a lightweight process11:26
infobotDocScrutinizer meant: to ease my workload reviewing wiki edits, you might want to register anyway - it's a lightweight process11:27
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DocScrutinizernot mandatory to register, but quite convenient for you and for reviewers11:28
Hurrianugh, is gcc 4.2 absolutely mandatory to build stuff for Maemo 5?11:30
Hurrianeach vanilla kernel build i do gets bonked when using 4.6 or 4.411:31
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Hurrianoh well, getting sbox11:31
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Paliping andre__11:47
andre__Pali, pong11:51
Paliandre__, you reported more bugs with CVE patches for CSSU11:51
andre__might be, don't remember what I did weeks ago :P11:51
Palithat is all, or is there more (internal) bugs?11:51
andre__Pali, don't know if that's all, but let's say it's all I am currently aware of :)11:52
Paliok, thanks11:53
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tralalalalook i wrote something there12:01
tralalalalobut i think there should be link somewhere on top of page... to inform people that these 5 dots is not reason to reflash12:02
tralalalalobecause i reflashed... and i didnt have to :/12:03
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tralalalaloonce again thx... bb12:05
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Hurrian@Pali, is scratchbox a must for building kernel-power?12:12
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javispedroyou can certainly cross build a kernel without sbox12:16
javispedrocreating packages will be slightly harder though12:16
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Hurriandoes it need GCC 4.2?12:24
Hurrianbrb reboot12:24
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PaliHurrian, yes12:28
Paliscratchbox or madde (see kernel-power thread on TMO)12:28
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Hurrian>needs scratchbox14:32
Hurrianoh well.14:32
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peterbjornxis there any datasheet available for the lcd panel?16:53
*** Zahra has joined #maemo16:59
peterbjornxany1 here?17:00
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peterbjornxany1 here?17:10
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StyXmanpenguinbait: o/17:24
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peterbjornxstyx man any lcd datasheet?17:32
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peterbjornxi blew up my n900's GAIA chip17:34
peterbjornxso now im stuck with a perfectly fine lcd but nothing to use it for17:34
peterbjornxi thought , if i have interface specs i could hook it up to something17:34
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r00t-eeepcmight be better off selling it as a replacement part and buying a documented one from that17:35
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peterbjornxim not sure if its fine actually17:36
peterbjornxi built a fake accu and my (dumb) sister turned the voltage knob17:36
r00t-eeepchow'd you kill the chip anyway?17:37
peterbjornxthe twl4030 chip literally blew up17:37
peterbjornxtheres a miniature bullet hole in it17:37
peterbjornxfrom the inside17:37
r00t-eeepcthe magic smoke escaped :(17:37
peterbjornxa piece of silicon shrapnell must've got blown out of it17:37
peterbjornxaccording to schematics LCD wasnt directly connected to Vbat17:38
peterbjornxso chances are it might be allright17:38
*** APTX has joined #maemo17:38
*** Nitial_ is now known as Nitial17:39
peterbjornxby the way any forum global mods here?17:41
peterbjornxi posted a thread with some pinouts regarding the LCD panel17:41
peterbjornxbut the n900 sectional mod hasnt been active since january17:41
*** APTX has quit IRC17:41
*** APTX has joined #maemo17:42
r00t-eeepcand you need him why?17:45
peterbjornxim a new member17:45
peterbjornxso my posts are moderated17:45
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luke-jrpeterbjornx: how?17:58
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infobotDocScrutinizer: infobot joined!18:03
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v infobot18:03
peterbjornxluke-jr, how?18:06
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luke-jrpeterbjornx: how do you destroy the chip? :p18:09
* ShadowJK scrolls up and finds: <peterbjornx> i built a fake accu and my (dumb) sister turned the voltage knob18:14
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DocScrutinizerpeterbjornx: I'd think ypi are better off selling the digitizer and LCD on ebay, and get a LCD according to whatever your specs, that comes with proper datasheet21:15
DocScrutinizerfor N900 LCD afaik there's none21:15
*** nsuffys has quit IRC21:16
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DocScrutinizerI'd be willing to pay a few bucks for the whole N900-BBQ21:16
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jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: thing is, chinese make clones of those screens22:10
jacekowskiDocScrutinizer: so they have some sort of spec22:10
RST38hMeanwhile: At the rate we're going, cellphone screens will outgrow the average human penis length before the end of the year. October 2nd, 2012.22:10
DocScrutinizerhmm, or the copycats just disassembled one and RE'd the controller22:11
DocScrutinizerooh, for some areas of this globe I think they already did ;-P22:12
*** gn00b has quit IRC22:12
DocScrutinizerOTOH though human penis might be capable of multitouch, I'd not like to play tetris on one22:13
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maybeWTFit's all about angry birds22:13
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Hurrianwell, hopefully that TWL4030 blew up before damaging any other components23:38
*** jhb has quit IRC23:39
Hurrianiirc it is an easy part to replace, given a desoldering station23:39
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