IRC log of #maemo for Friday, 2011-12-02

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Siceloyes BCMM_. it does ODS. i don't know about miniGnumeric, but Gnumeric has served my needs well so far. can also read/write xlsx if u need compatibility with M$00:01
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totalizatorfosstux: are you root?00:01
BCMM_Sicelo: thanks00:02
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fosstuxtotalizator: yes00:06
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totalizatorfosstux: then try some livecd distro; I had to use one as the flasher won't work with Arch Linux00:07
Sicelon900 is switched off fosstux?00:09
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fosstuxI've burned the gparted live cd - will this work as well?00:11
Siceloi doubt.00:12
Sicelowhat os u on right now?00:12
fosstuxFedora 16, 64bit00:12
Siceloget a debian based live distro, eg knoppix, ubuntu, etc u don't need anything fancy00:13
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ZogG_laptopor use rescuecd00:15
ZogG_laptopbased on gentoo00:16
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ZogG_laptopBCMM_: hey00:16
ZogG_laptoplong time no see00:16
totalizatorfosstux: you can try the gparted livecd, why not?00:18
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BCMM_ZogG: good day00:32
ZogG_laptopBCMM_: how are you?00:34
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BCMM_i'm ok00:35
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MrOppositeI think I'm putting my n900 to the limit here...01:18
MrOppositeI'm running rlvm on it01:18
MrOppositeand playing a Visual Novel designed for desktops01:18
MrOppositeWell the sound works smoothly atleast :D01:19
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MrOppositeIt's a linux implementation of key's visual novel engine01:42
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luke-jrMrOpposite: pfft, that's nothing01:42
luke-jrMrOpposite: I'm running Gentoo in a chroot, compiling KDE on my N90001:43
MrOppositeheh, cool01:43
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MrOppositeWill kde run smooth?01:43
DocScrutinizerwill it ever finish building? :-P01:44
luke-jrMrOpposite: probably better than Maemo01:44
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: yes01:44
luke-jrDocScrutinizer: now qt-webkit, not so sure… I linked it on my desktop in qemu <.<01:44
luke-jrthat monster requires at least 300 MB RAM to link01:44
DocScrutinizerswap hell01:44
MrOppositeI just want som goddamn ingame footage...01:45
MrOppositebut it takes forever to get past the white intro screen...01:45
MrOppositeI think I've been stuck on it for like 50 minutes now01:45
luke-jr^ ingame footage of KDE/Gentoo/N90001:46
MrOppositeIt would've been okay if it didn't need user interaction01:46
luke-jrMrOpposite: you should get Steins;Gate to run01:46
MrOppositeI watched the anime01:46
MrOppositeBut yea01:46
MrOppositeI should play the VN too01:46
DocScrutinizerwell, swap hell is nothing unique to N900 - I several time brought my 300MHz P-II with 496MB RAM to a grinding halt, by simply opening some 50MB file in a text editor accidentally01:47
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DocScrutinizernot even doing this idiocy as normal user will help to keep the system responsive01:47
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aholler_change editor ;)01:48
DocScrutinizerwas some crapy Qt-based editor01:48
DocScrutinizerwhere each char is a rich text object X-P01:48
DocScrutinizerQobject QtTextEdit("richtext",...)01:49
MrOppositeSorry for yelling01:49
MrOppositeBut I'm so happy right now01:49
MrOppositeNow I'm stuck at the second part of the intro01:50
MrOppositethe BLACK intro-screen!01:50
DocScrutinizerthe memory needed by QtTextEdit is ~15 times the char count of the text to edit, and the really funny bit: on closing the amount doubles01:51
DocScrutinizerto ~30 times01:51
MrOppositeThat seems like bad coding to me...01:51
DocScrutinizersure it is01:51
DocScrutinizerthe above applies to Qt3 though01:52
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luke-jr[ 37%] Building CXX object kdeui/CMakeFiles/kdeui.dir/widgets/kvbox.o03:58
merlin1991gotta love cmake03:59
merlin1991tells you right in your face that there are still 5 hrs of compiletime to go03:59
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jonwilspeaking of things that take time to compile, Gentoo seems to thing I need to rebuild binutils :(06:22
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* jonwil wishes he didnt have so many people asking for so many features in icd-wlan-priority06:35
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jonwilright now though I just wish I could advance operator-name-cbs-widget and get that into cssu-t or whatever so more people can use it and play with it :)06:59
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* jonwil wishes he could be inspired to work on N900 stuff...07:22
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DocScrutinizerto save time for any of you who might consider looking into thumb for "saving RAM": get chanlog of last hour on #maemo-ssu or simply believe me: thumb does not work on N90008:13
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jonwilso the OMAP CPU in the N900 is totally broken with regards to thumb?08:15
DocScrutinizerI'm still looking for a reliable way to scan *all* fremantle binaries for thumb usage - if anybody can come up with a cmdline incantation to give a true/false result that would be much appreciated08:15
DocScrutinizerjonwil: basically... YES08:15
jonwilso is the issue that stock N900 binaries contain thumb code they should not or that CSSU items are being built with thumb on by mistake or both?08:16
DocScrutinizerthat's the question, exactly :-D08:16
DocScrutinizereither #2 or #308:17
jonwilso there might be stock N900 binaries that contain thumb code?08:17
DocScrutinizerwhile I try to find out about #108:17
DocScrutinizerjonwil: tell me how to find out08:17
jonwilwhat happens if we find a stock N900 closed blob with (non-working) thumb code?08:18
DocScrutinizernot only stock but esp also extras08:18
jonwilI have no idea how to tell if a binary has thumb08:18
jonwilMaybe someone in the gcc or binutils communities might know08:18
DocScrutinizerthen we all do a magic dance to convert it to ARMel08:18
DocScrutinizerI read the cmd to switch to and from thumb mode is some BX, however I never see that opcode mnemonic in objdump -d08:19
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jonwilmaybe objdump displays something different08:21
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DocScrutinizerhmm, BX and BL both seem valid mnemonics for switching between ARM and thumb08:36
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* DocScrutinizer <--- idiot, should've made a copy of modest.launch when it definitely was thumb, for reference and test purposes08:37
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Maceris there a way to get the browser to use that zoom out grey space?08:55
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Macerit sucks when zooming out doesn't use the extra space08:59
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Sicelois it considered safe to do a dump of all my gconf keys, and modifying the resultant xml file, then reloading it?11:06
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Siceloi have entries there from apps uninstalled a long time ago. more specifically, i want to remove entries in /apps/connui-cellular that belong to custom operator name wizard11:10
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ruskieSicelo, should be11:22
ruskieSicelo, you should be able to just delete them as well I think11:22
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* jonwil is bored11:31
* jonwil just cant seem to get inspired to do any more N900 work11:31
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jonwildone everything for operator-name-cbs-widget that can be done for now11:35
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jonwilcant get inspired to do vkb stuff either :(11:41
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jonwilwow, check out
jonwilLooks like Nokia open sourced the PR1.3.1 version11:48
psycho_oreosdoubt it11:49
jonwilthey did11:49
jonwilthe code at that URL is correct for PR1.3.111:50
psycho_oreosoh wait.. you mean just the firmware upgrade right?11:50
jonwilalso read
povbotBug 12388: Missing source code of certificate control panel applet11:50
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jonwilthat bug explains exactly what Nokia has just done11:50
psycho_oreostoo bad they didn't bother releasing the firmware blobs with 1.3.111:50
jonwilthat code at that git repo IS LGPLv2 source code for the certificate manager applet as shipped with PR1.3.111:51
jonwilwhat firmware blobs do you refer to?11:51
jonwiloh and clearly says its the 0.1.4 version from PR1.3.1 :)11:52
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jonwilits good that maemo-security-certman-applet is open source now11:55
jonwilGood for the CSSU for one thing11:56
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jonwil~seen mohammadag12:27
infobotmohammadag is currently on #maemo (3d 16h 8m 59s) #harmattan (3d 16h 8m 59s) #meego (3d 16h 8m 59s). Has said a total of 26 messages. Is idling for 1d 17h 15m 45s, last said: 'icons is a valid plural, no need for an S :P'.12:27
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lizardoX-Fade: BTW (moving question to here where it is more appropriate). I see at least one package (found by "accident" which is uploaded to the "free" extras component, but does not look OSS (i.e. the source package is just a wrapper for the binary). Has been QA relaxed on this regard intentionally (due to less people working on QA for Maemo5 etc.)?12:50
X-Fadelizardo: It should not.12:51
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X-Fadelizardo: I guess that should be noted on the -dev list and then we need to take action.12:51
X-FadeNot sure if the case you talk about is intentional or just a mistake.12:52
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lizardoX-Fade: my first thought is that the uploader didn't know about the difference actually, and wanted to upload to non-free12:55
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lizardoX-Fade: "non-free" sometimes sounds "have to pay" for non-OSS developers :)12:55
X-Fadelizardo: Yes, that is likely.12:55
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lizardoX-Fade: anyway, I will send a heads up to the mailing list. Do you still have access to the repository servers ?  Maybe we can do a quick script to unpack source packages from "free" component and run something like "find -type f -exec file '{}' \;  | grep ELF"  looking for obvious cases. Unfortunately some maintainers may not be following the mailing list anymore12:59
X-FadeYeah, that can be done although that is a quite extensive job.13:01
X-FadeWe can write the maintainers if needed.13:02
X-FadeMail them I mean.13:02
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fffwhere r u from?14:19
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threshthanks for CSSU and portrait mode guys. its cool.14:21
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psycho_oreoswrong channel to post your thanks, should probably do that in #maemo-ssu imo :)14:25
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threshduh :)14:26
LaoLang_coolWhat's the default root password? I need to use sudo14:26
*** bergie_ is now known as bergie14:27
LaoLang_coolI have no rootsh installed, because the bad networking, I can't install it14:27
psycho_oreosenable R&D mode through flasher then go through via sudo gainroot14:28
LaoLang_coolpsycho_oreos: thanks, I will google how to enable R&D mode, I remember the R&D mode has side effect14:29
psycho_oreosLaoLang_cool, it does but the side effects are somewhat minimal provided that you know what you're doing and you're well aware that you've enabled R&D mode instead of production mode14:30
LaoLang_coolpsycho_oreos: ahh, thanks for info14:30
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psycho_oreosSpam Detection For Pastebin ID: kNsaAF4V | Spam Detection For Pastebin ID: x7LC1zra15:36
psycho_oreosmaybe also in the wrong channel window/tab too?15:36
Sicelo_bad connectivity now15:36
Sicelo_indeed.. sorry15:36
psycho_oreosheh all good15:36
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Sicelo_xchat always beats me15:39
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Paliping X-Fade16:03
Pali~seen X-Fade16:03
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*** danishman has joined #maemo16:18
X-FadePali: pong16:20
*** Roomerlol has joined #maemo16:20
PaliX-Fade, can you look at kernel-power package in maemo package interface?16:21
X-FadePali: Ok, what should I see there?16:22
Palinew versions v47, v48 and v4916:22
Palifor all packages: kernel-power, kernel-power-modules, kernel-power-flasher, kernel-power-bootimg, kernel-power-source, kernel-power-debug, ...16:23
*** Macer has joined #maemo16:23
X-FadePali: Didn't get imported?16:23
Palimaemo package interface cannot see them16:23
Paliall is in extras-devel16:23
Paliand via HAM or apt-get is possible to install16:23
X-FadePali: Hmm strage. Ok, need to dig into the logs then.16:23
Paliand because package interface does not see them I cannot promote kernel-power to extras-testing16:24
X-FadeI wonder of your new numbering scheme evaluates as being lower.16:26
*** b1ackdeath has joined #maemo16:26
Paliprefix "1:" is for new versions16:27
Palithis working fine for other packages16:27
X-FadeYour new numbering is 2.6.28-10power49 vs 2.6.28-maemo4616:28
Palino, it is "1:2.6.28-10power49"16:28
X-FadeYeah, but epochs are not considered.16:29
X-FadeAt least not there.16:30
X-FadeBut I think I can fix this, let me try something.16:30
*** gomiam has quit IRC16:31
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*** adn770 has joined #maemo16:34
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*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake16:43
jonwilPali, did you see the source release for maemo-security-certman-applet?16:48
Palijonwil: yes16:51
jonwilits good that we got it16:52
*** jpinx-away has quit IRC16:52
*** jpinx-away has joined #maemo16:52
jonwilbut I dont see us (i.e. the community) getting any more source16:52
jonwil(which sucks because there are great things that could be done with a few bits of source)16:52
*** sat2050 has quit IRC16:53
*** LaoLang_cool has joined #maemo16:55
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DocScrutinizer51feels like headache17:01
*** xmlich02 has joined #maemo17:02
jonwilwhat feels like headache?17:05
*** dangergrrl has joined #maemo17:07
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PaliX-Fade, now I see kernel-power v47 on
*** wam has quit IRC17:45
Palibut not last v4917:45
*** badcloud has joined #maemo17:46
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badcloudrepos down?18:51
*** slonopotamus has quit IRC18:53
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luke-jr[ 76%] Building CXX object plasma/CMakeFiles/plasma.dir/plasma_automoc.o19:05
*** bergie has quit IRC19:05
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badcloud_repos down?19:35
*** jhb has quit IRC19:36
*** badcloud has joined #maemo19:36
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badcloudrepos down?19:40
*** etrunko has quit IRC19:41
Corsacplease ask every five minutes19:41
badcloudalso, has anyone successfully used a usb joystick with one of the game emus?19:41
badcloudsorry for possible repost19:41
badcloudhaving connection woes19:41
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake19:42
*** bsdmaniak has joined #maemo19:42
badcloudI'm trying to use my snes usb controller19:43
badcloudrecognized by kernel19:43
badcloudbut I can't find /dev/js019:43
*** zk8 has joined #maemo19:43
*** rcg has quit IRC19:44
badcloudbut screen lights up when I press a button on the controller19:44
badcloudI installed joy2key via easy debian but running it gives me "error opening /dev/js0"19:44
badcloudany ideas?19:44
*** trx has quit IRC19:44
*** delphi has joined #maemo19:44
*** delphi is now known as trx19:45
*** ale152 has joined #maemo19:46
*** etrunko has joined #maemo19:46
badcloudCorsac: I already explained why I may have reposted. no need to be rude19:46
*** swc|666 has joined #maemo19:47
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vi___125 MHz sucks balls.19:51
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*** ghostcube has joined #maemo19:58
ahollerbadcloud: grep JOY nokia_2420_defconfig19:59
ahollerwould make me wonder if someone had enabled the joystick driver(s)20:01
*** vi___ has quit IRC20:08
badcloudaholler: I found this
*** drj_cro has joined #maemo20:09
badcloudtrouble is, usb host won't work with it20:09
*** drj_cro has left #maemo20:09
PavelWell, it looks like after almost two years of use, my N900 USB port finally gave out...20:12
ahollerbadcloud: read how to build a powerkernel amd just enable the driver before (throuh menuconfig)20:12
*** badcloud has quit IRC20:13
* Pavel is pretty sure it's out of warranty by now.20:14
*** adn770 has quit IRC20:15
*** florian has quit IRC20:16
SpeedEvil2 year warranty in the EU20:18
PavelI am in US.20:18
*** Mousey has joined #maemo20:21
PavelOther than finding another N900 owner, are there any good ways to charge the battery?20:22
*** fuz_ has quit IRC20:23
*** piggz has joined #maemo20:25
PaliPavel: buying external charger20:26
* valerius made two partitions on a microSD card. But someone constantly rewrites fstab -- how could I automount the partitions? Is that documented somewhere?20:26
* valerius reformatted eMMC in ext320:27
*** fuz_ has joined #maemo20:28
*** lardman_ has joined #maemo20:29
SpeedEvilgrep fstab in /etc20:29
SpeedEvilI forget what rewtites it20:29
SpeedEvilactually - search for genfstab.awk20:29
valeriusyes, I know, but some program always rewrites fstab -- all changes become lost20:30
*** eMHa has quit IRC20:30
PavelPali: Any recommendations? There are some very cheap ones, but extremely low quality, it looks like.20:31
PaliI have one original from Nokia20:31
valeriusah, it's awk script -- saw it somewhere...20:31
DocScrutinizerPavel: Nokia 580020:31
DocScrutinizerfor example20:31
valeriusspeedevil thanks for reminding ;)20:32
PaliPavel: Nokia DT-3320:33
PavelPali: Thanks.20:34
PaliI'm using Nokia DT-33 charger and no problems20:34
PavelI wonder if there are any cheap knockoffs that aren't so cheap as to blow up the battery.20:35
* Pavel is thinking of this as a temporary measure to get data off the phone and shop for a new one... He is thinking of switching to some Android with one of the alternative firmwares.20:36
*** vivijim has joined #maemo20:36
PavelI guess $20ish isn't too bad.20:37
PavelIt's a betrayal, I know...20:37
Paliyou need also classic charger20:38
PavelPali: Eh?20:39
PaliDT-33 is for charing battery, but it is not charger20:39
Paliyou need to connect charger into DT-3320:39
PavelPali: You mean the AC -> USB component?20:39
PaliDT-33 does not have USB port20:39
Palionly Nokia charger port20:40
Pavel$%#$^ proprietary connectors.20:41
*** sabayonuser2 has joined #maemo20:45
*** nsuffys has joined #maemo20:45
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*** jhb has quit IRC20:46
Pavel <- This one might be compatible too.20:46
*** badcloud has joined #maemo20:49
*** danishman has quit IRC20:53
*** badcloud has quit IRC20:53
PavelSo ordered.20:55
*** FIQ has quit IRC20:57
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Paliping X-Fade22:27
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Pali~seen X-Fade22:38
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