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w30I upgraded my 770 and now I have no icon for an xterm. How do I get that back?04:30
w30or better yet How do I get a terminal?04:31
daccdo you just need to reinstall xterm?04:31
daccflashing overwrites everything04:31
w30dacc, yes probably but how do I install any yhing without a terminal?04:32
daccoh, using the application manager04:32
w30dacc, where is that at? I can't find it?04:33
daccclick through on the repository link04:33
daccor rather04:33
daccapplication manager is under "Tools"04:34
daccits an application04:34
daccopen it up, and you can add a repository to /etc/apt/sources.list using it04:34
daccits kind of like synptic, or what have you04:34
w30dacc, ok I found that and it shows several themes and that is all. How do I point that to a .deb?04:35
daccwell, you have two options04:36
w30osso-xterm_ is on my pc how do I get that on the 770?04:36
w30dacc, and let the app manager find it?04:36
dacchere, just hit this link with the browser on the 77004:37
daccit will prompt you to save / open. chose open and it will load up in the app manager04:37
w30dacc ok thanks04:37
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w30dacc, thanks again for your help, I now happily have my xterm back!!!06:12
w30dacc, the check is in the mail.06:13
daccw30: hah, cheers. enjoy.06:20
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dwdAnyone else likely to want pyOpenSSL for maemo?12:24
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PuppyNoobhello, did anybody manage to synchronise kontact and kmail with GPE applications?20:05
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